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  1. I've already fixed that and it will come alongside two cockpits(!) in 0.3.0
  2. Just the dll, so you can delete the rest of Firespitter while keeping the Plugins folder
  3. More Engines 0.2.0 released! Adds 4 new engines, including two piston engines (Requires Firespitter!)
  4. So I just ran a few more tests and for some reason when an aircraft I made exists on one team the other team won't attack them at all
  5. It was (apparently) nothing? Team A managed to shoot down one of the Team B planes when I was debugging. It was just that Team A didn't shoot enough for some reason
  6. Researched this even further and discovered that the problem can affect either team at random. Has anyone had this problem or is it just me?
  7. Does anyone have a problem where Team A won't fire anything, ever? It's ruining my dogfights because Team B would win by walkover 100% of the time.
  8. I absolutely want this integrated into MREx! I'll obviously include a disclaimer so that people know that SpaceDust only works for the Kepler-186 system.
  9. More Airplane Parts [WIP] Download Here: Spacedock Currently contains 10 parts: A low-bypass turbofan with reverse thrust, a ramjet, a pulsejet with custom sounds, two piston engines (Requires Firespitter Core), a TF-34, a VK-1, a J-47, and two cockpits: One for the Tu-154 and another for the F-111. License: MIT
  10. You could do that and release that as a separate mod with this as a dependency, as I don't know how to code SpaceDust yet.
  11. The only way to fix this would be moving Silan closer to Eeloo but it breaks the difficulty. Or you can change Kerbol's curves in GU's config.
  12. Most likely GU changed Kerbol's parameters so that Silan receives almost no light at all. Try it without GU.
  13. MSK-010 Decoupler crossfeed problem: I will fix it immediately on the next release MSK-B flight profile: You'll need a stock antenna for now. I'll add an internal one for the next release. Thanks!
  14. With Iranian rocketry progressing quickly (they're planning to launch a human into orbit by 2030), I was inspired to create this mod. This is my second mod, so feedback is appreciated! Safir: Salman: Download on SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3550/Kermanshah Rocketry Dependencies: Waterfall License: CC-BY-NC-SA (Configs) and All rights reserved (Textures and Models)
  15. Have you ever thought of launching rockets the wrong way? Retrograde Launch Systems gets you covered! They provide several rockets for you to launch westwards. This is my first mod, don't expect great textures or models for now. Download (SpaceDock): https://spacedock.info/mod/3545/Retrograde Launch Systems License: CC-BY-NC-SA (CFG), All Rights Reserved (Textures and Models)
  16. Hello Jacob, can you give me permission to review your pack? It looks pretty good for a review.
  17. What is More Real Exoplanets? More Real Exoplanets (MREx) is a series of mods that add confirmed exoplanets to KSP. Similar to Andi's Real Exoplanets (REx), MREx puts each star at their correct right ascension and declination, albeit with their distance from the Sun shortened to avoid game-breaking bugs caused by large distances. Each planet is based on their real-life properties with some artistic liberty. Series 1 adds two star systems, Kepler-186 (with Space Dust configs) and CoRoT-7. Series 2 adds two star systems, K2-18 and Luyten's Star. Each series will add two new star systems. Download: GitHub Follow the development of MREx at KerbalHub's Planet Emporium's Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hYTjzJzyFZ Thanks to: Squad: The developers of KSP @Andi K.: For inspiring me to make MREx @Pkmniako: For making Niako's Kopernicus Utilities, a dependency of all packs in MREx Kabram: For making the sunflares used in MREx's scatterer configs and making them free to use @AbnormalVenegrade: Space Dust configs for (now so far) Kepler-186 License: All Rights Reserved (ARR)
  18. Sigma dimensions is broken with mods who are listed alphabetically after it, including Squad apparently.
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