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  1. Part 11: First landings, first hiccups The Laythe lander succeeds despite some bugs, but La coscienza di xenon has too low thrust to get away from Laythe effectively, forcing some reevaluation. Meanwhile, Bop, Pol and Tylo landings proceed as planned.
  2. Part 10: Spreading out The various landers are launched towards their destinations. Some complexity was caused by having to make sure the long burns didn't overlap. Day 226: The various landers each rushing to its destination
  3. Part 9: Gotta go even faster! Going to Jool in 218 days. Yes, it's a long time , but the planetary alignment is unfavorable. The last maneuver to Jool
  4. Part 8: Up with challenges, down with burocracy! The challenge is revamped, with a modified objective: instead of landing everywhere, a single Jool 5. La coscienza di xenon, ready to launch
  5. no idea, but i always used electric rotors. which consume a pittance and are basically endless with just a few rtgs
  6. if there is, i'm not aware of any. still, having to press T or R doesn't seem like a big deal
  7. Part 11: Introducing Priax Starting the circumnavigation of Priax, to the north pole.
  8. what happened to @JacobJHC? he was always reviewing new entries in a few days, and now mine has been unanswered for one month
  9. you can use imgur. go to https://imgur.com/upload and upload your pictures. then you can right-click copy the pictures there and paste them on the thread.
  10. oh, I see. when expressed like this it feels like bug exploiting though, just a step short of kraken engines. I will build something else.
  11. I completed the circumnavigation of Polta, my fifth OPM world. Though technically I won't complete it until I return the crew on kerbin, which I won't do for a while because I'll be circumnavigating Priax and Tal first. So, besides being the first to circumnavigate a modded planet, I'll also be the first to complete a whole modded gas giant subsystem. whether @18Wattdecides to add this on the leaderboard now or later is up to him.
  12. Part 10: My rover will go on Dancing Porcupine finishes the circumnavigation of Polta. I decide to also circumnavigate Priax.
  13. I was experimenting with a lightweight laythe rocket, but was twarted by an abnormal drag on the aerodinamic fairing. I see people with aerodinamic fairings all the time, and I heard that if you make it the root part, it will have very little drag. well, I tried to do just that, here's the result. drag is 4 times greater than gravity drag, and it's all on the fairing. i tried by comparison with a mk1 pod, which is almost frictionless only 0.08 kN, 250 times less drag than the fairing, despite having the same speed at lower altitude. there is still a significant drag, but it's mostly the flat bottom. i experimented with a more pointy fairing, and with changing the root part, but got no improvement. what's the issue with fairings and drag? I see people flying vehicles made of an external chair inside a fairing all the time, they wouldn't do that if there wasn't a way to reduce drag.
  14. I can confirm that OPM changes antenna settings
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