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  1. Fantastic stuff @Angel-125 keep up the great work!
  2. Apologies for the lack of updates guys. I've been really busy with studies recently and haven't had much time for KSP .... I will definitely complete this challenge by hook or by crook! It's just taking a bit longer than I anticipated. Thank you for your patience and I hope to see you soon for the Final Expedition to Eve.....
  3. One of these guesses is correct.... You'll have to wait and see which one it is
  4. I haven't forgotten about this guys don't you worry ! Me and my terrible jokes will return in a final chapter that will be delivered within the next few weeks or so
  5. @Kane Kerman thank you for your kind words! I would really recommend trying a career without reverts or quicksaves it makes the end result so much more satisfying @miguelsgamingch here's the craft file : Right here
  6. @kspnerd122 I'll do my best ! May I place the badge in my signature section?
  7. @Vanamonde it was pretty terrifying to fly this mission without a safety net but in the end it was really enjoyable
  8. @kspnerd122 I humble present my submission for this challenge. The details of the mission are enclosed in the mission report below Score layout: 3 Kerbals (+20) Flag (+5) Abort System (+15) Free Return (+10) Dispose of the MEM (+5) Two Stage MEM (+20) Land on the Bright Side of the Mun (+10) MEM in fairing (+5) MEM behind CSM (+20) Splashdown (+5) Dock to MEM with CSM (+10) SubSat (+10) Decouple Docking Port (+5) Saturn Alike (+10) Total Score: 200
  9. I've undertaken this mission as part of @kspnerd122 's wonderful Apollo Style Redux Challenge. To give some extra challenge I decided to do this mission in my career mode which had all of its reverts and quicksaves turned off. Takeoff from Kerbin Here we have my approximation of the Saturn V. The dimensions of the 1st and 2nd Stage are slightly off because I'm working only with pure stock 1.10.1 but other than that it still possesses the essential 3 stages Here we have the whole assembly on the launch pad. Our intrepid crew for this mission are Valentina, Bo
  10. My Science mode Jool mission slowing down as quickly as possible
  11. I have an infinite supply of these sort of jokes don’t you worry
  12. @Superfluous J Here's my Jool Mission report This one was so fun! But was really time consuming in terms of planning and execution..
  13. Chapter 8: Jool-5! In today's edition of Journey to the Planets the valiant Kerbals of the Kerpollo Program headed out to Jool and visited not one but all five moons! (NOTE: This was my biggest mission to date and required a lot of testing and planning hence the delay in posting this chapter ) Blueprints: Orbiter: Landers: After a bit of fiddling around, I managed to squeeze everything into this enormous rocket, which turned out to not as big as I thought! Kerbin to Pol: Heading to Bop: Vall, Valentina Kerman
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