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  1. One of these guesses is correct.... You'll have to wait and see which one it is
  2. I haven't forgotten about this guys don't you worry ! Me and my terrible jokes will return in a final chapter that will be delivered within the next few weeks or so
  3. @Kane Kerman thank you for your kind words! I would really recommend trying a career without reverts or quicksaves it makes the end result so much more satisfying @miguelsgamingch here's the craft file : Right here
  4. @kspnerd122 I'll do my best ! May I place the badge in my signature section?
  5. @Vanamonde it was pretty terrifying to fly this mission without a safety net but in the end it was really enjoyable
  6. @kspnerd122 I humble present my submission for this challenge. The details of the mission are enclosed in the mission report below Score layout: 3 Kerbals (+20) Flag (+5) Abort System (+15) Free Return (+10) Dispose of the MEM (+5) Two Stage MEM (+20) Land on the Bright Side of the Mun (+10) MEM in fairing (+5) MEM behind CSM (+20) Splashdown (+5) Dock to MEM with CSM (+10) SubSat (+10) Decouple Docking Port (+5) Saturn Alike (+10) Total Score: 200
  7. I've undertaken this mission as part of @kspnerd122 's wonderful Apollo Style Redux Challenge. To give some extra challenge I decided to do this mission in my career mode which had all of its reverts and quicksaves turned off. Takeoff from Kerbin Here we have my approximation of the Saturn V. The dimensions of the 1st and 2nd Stage are slightly off because I'm working only with pure stock 1.10.1 but other than that it still possesses the essential 3 stages Here we have the whole assembly on the launch pad. Our intrepid crew for this mission are Valentina, Bob and Bill. Val and Bill will head to the Munar surface while Bob will await their return in the Command Service module . Liftoff! Artemis I is on its way to the Mun... First stage separation is achieved and the five engines on the second stage ignite pushing the launch stack closer to orbit The third stage makes it way into orbit with the launch escape tower being discarded due to now being redundant in purpose A free return trajectory is plotted and is successfully executed! Munar Operations The ship reignites the third stage engine to enable it to slow down into Munar Orbit After achieving Munar Orbit the fairing is jettisoned to enable access to Munar Excursion Module located below the CSM. The CSM docks to the lander and the third stage of the launch vehicle is placed on a collision course with the Mun creating a pretty explosion. Valentina and Bill board the lander and Bob settles down for a nice game of Virtual Chess in the now roomy Command Service Module The lander slows down towards the surface heading towards a relatively flat piece of Munar surface Success! Kerbalkind has touched down on the Munar surface. The crew head out to conduct experiments and carry out the ceremonial flag ceremony required by agency regulations. After a bit of waiting around for the Command Module to swing back around the second stage of the lander blasts off and heads for orbit A rendezvous course is successfully plotted and executed. The ascent stage of the lander manages to redock with the CSM. Bill and Valentina transfer back into the capsule with their precious cargo of science experinents The ascent stage of the lander is placed onto a collision course with the Munar surface providing the crew with a brief amount of fiery entertainament Heading Back to Kerbin Before heading back to Kerbin a small satellite is released in order to further study the Mun. Bill quickly EVAs outisde to deploy the antennae on the satellite After a lengthy mission the Command Module burns for home The service module is jettisoned and the capsule reenters into Kerbin's "gentle" yet fiery embrace The docking port is jettisoned and the three main parachutes are deployed enabling the craft to slow down to acceptable speeds A successful splashdown and nice chunk of science! Extra Picture: The descent stage of the lander remains in the darkness..
  8. My Science mode Jool mission slowing down as quickly as possible
  9. I have an infinite supply of these sort of jokes don’t you worry
  10. @Superfluous J Here's my Jool Mission report This one was so fun! But was really time consuming in terms of planning and execution..
  11. Chapter 8: Jool-5! In today's edition of Journey to the Planets the valiant Kerbals of the Kerpollo Program headed out to Jool and visited not one but all five moons! (NOTE: This was my biggest mission to date and required a lot of testing and planning hence the delay in posting this chapter ) Blueprints: Orbiter: Landers: After a bit of fiddling around, I managed to squeeze everything into this enormous rocket, which turned out to not as big as I thought! Kerbin to Pol: Heading to Bop: Vall, Valentina Kerman's favourite destination...: Watery Laythe: Tiresome Tylo: Heading Back to Kerbin: After Mission Results: Even without bringing any science experiments, the mission was able to retrieve around 1900 Science, an impressive measure by any count. Weekly Joke: Q: What do you call a spacecraft that drips water? A: A crying saucer... As usual thanks for reading and get ready for the last chapter coming soon! We'll be visiting Eve and Gilly..
  12. Mohollo completed! This one was a bit of a time consuming mission
  13. Chapter 7: Cursed Moho Today we visited that cursed delta-v gobbling rock called Moho... (NOTE: This took a lot of long boring nuclear burns!) Blueprint: I present this mega-Behemoth of a rocket called the Moho Flyer it's essentially the same vehicle I've been using for the past couple of missions but with a lot MOAR boosters and some additional liquid fuel reserves for the nuclear engine. It's crew will be Bob and Valentina Kerman who will try not to be fried by the close proximity to the sun. (NOTE: It can't be seen here on the blueprint but I did add some radiators because I thought that the ship would heat up, but that turned out to not be an issue) Leaving Kerbin: Here we have the obligatory tech tree picture and a nice view of the launch vehicle in all of its mega-ton glory! Liftoff is achieved relatively smoothly thanks to the addition of the large fins located at the base of the rocket to keep things nice and steady. The first pair of boosters are dropped having expended all their fuel. The other two boosters and the central core continue to push the Moho Flyer to orbit The second and final pair of boosters are jettisoned leaving the central core to push the spacecraft into Low Kerbin Orbit. The vehicle is one of the biggest ever built for the Kerpollo program even larger than the previous Eeloo mission that flew all the way to the edge of the Kerbol System. The departure burn begins and boosts the spacecraft towards an encounter with Moho. Moho Operations: NOTE: I didn't have much pictures of the transit and capture burn because it took so freaking long! The capture burn gave me enough time to leave my computer and read a book Here the Moho Flyer can be seen part of the way through its insertion burn with the nuclear burn with the discarded side liquid fuel tanks in the background. After what seemed like an eternity the spacecraft finally slows down enough to be in orbit around Moho. Bob heads out to do some Science! experiments using the equipment on the lander. The lander separates from the orbiter leaving Bob bound for the surface and Valentina patiently waiting in orbit. (NOTE: The redundant radiators can be seen on the orbiter. Oh well...) The lander is a proven design having been used on several missions now and has shown to be useful and versatile spacecraft. It required minimal modification for this mission requiring only a little bit more fuel and two retractable solar panels. Touchdown! Bob heads out and plants the flag of the Kerpollo Program and plunders this cursed rock for as much Science! as possible. Returning to Kerbin: After a successful surface excursion Bob heads back up to orbit and redocks with the orbiter. He then proceeds to EVA over to the crew capsule of the orbiter carrying his precious cargo if Science!. After Bob is transferred over the remaining liquid fuel from the lander is pumped over to the orbiter to give an additional delta-v boost. After waiting for an appropriate window the lander is discarded and the orbiter blasts it way out of Moho's orbit. Thankfully the burn time was a lot shorter this time or I would have lost my sanity.. After a mercifully short transit period the orbiter encounters Kerbin's atmosphere. The ship had to aerobrake because it was low on fuel thanks to Moho's greedy delta-v stealing schemes. The radiators were extended in an effort to ensure that the crew didn't blow up, so they turned out to have a use after all Bob and Valentina splash down in the ocean and await rescue. After Mission Results: The mission's haul of Science! points was used to unlock the remaining nodes on the penultimate tier of the tech tree. Weekly Joke: Q: How do you plan a space party? A: You planet..... As always thanks for reading! Next target is a Jool-5 mission. I'm gonna need a really big rocket....