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  1. aesthetic The devs have talked about coloring. Is this what you meant? I do see what you mean about the different materials, but I think you could make a nice aesthetic.
  2. Absolutely, but I don't think it will be done in the Kerbol system. That solar systems physics have already been established, and are relatively "simple". It's a good training ground for the rest of the universe.
  3. Luigi confirmed! You know, Link is also generally green, and if they have a partnership with Nintendo...
  4. It has a nozzle that pulls back over the engine. This could be used for volume constraints, sea level / space modes, or a combination of the two.
  5. Okay, that's not too bad. We can do this people! Thank you, Nate!
  6. My guess is between Q4 - 2022 and Q1 - 2023. We have had no indication of it coming sooner then that.
  7. I'm glad I left out the origin of species. I was going to go into it like Andy Weir's book "Project Hail Mary". That is something I did think about though. After the broken story that was KSP 1, they (hopefully) will have more.
  8. Random thought for a possible story, could Kerbals have come into contact with a civilization of Krakens (not big and ugly ones)? The Krakens sent their own Arecibo message that the Kerbals intercepted. That could also be why they advanced their technology so fast. Something along the lines of Contact by Carl Sagan. A few of my Kerbals are a hundred years old, and nothing new has been created ( ).
  9. We gotta be getting close to either an release window or a delay. It did make me nervous to still see "Pre-Alpha" status. It all looks amazing. I got chills.
  10. I was surprised to learn it happened "only" 17,000 years ago at a "mere" distance of 52,000 AU. That would have been a sight to see. Probably won't happen in KSP-2. Doesn't happen nearly often enough.
  11. I don't want micromanagement for large ships and large colonies (starting out and early colonies would be fine, just to get them started). Expanding them would be nice, but resource management would be a pain when you simply want to explore. Ideally after set-up, one could just leave them be until you want to expand.
  12. I wonder what this survey is for. As for the "wish-list" I know what I want. Squad, can you quickly add bigger landing legs in 12.2?
  13. I'm glad that KSP has helped you out. With that said, it's a game built in a very old engine. With how far tech has come (real time ray-tracing, real time up-scaling), using a new engine could make this game look inconceivably great. Those feature videos look night and day better than it does in the current game. Something as small as the moon reflecting light makes the landscape almost real. Why wouldn't this happen? I haven't seen the other posts, but imagine having an indoor racetrack on Duna. Differences in Gravity would seemingly make it difficult if you were coming from Kerbin, but that's the fun in it.
  14. I kinda doubt it will be like the Minecraft "sleep". With the scale of distance in this game, that would be unpractical. 5 years to another star system IN REAL TIME as other people are doing their own thing would be terrible for almost every party involved. My own personal bet is that they already have a decent plan in place, and everything that this entire thread has guessed is wrong. There have been good ideas, don't get me wrong. But most of them are either far too simple or far too complex.
  15. I really like this idea. It certainly would make things easier if there was a "notes" area with the proposed mission for the craft. Of course it would have to be able to be updated, because I get sidetracked a lot. Shoot for Duna, realize that your in an optimum trajectory for a slingshot maneuver to go to Dres. That is really the only reason I have been to Dres.
  16. I really like that one. Perhaps the backstory is that they were at a Halloween party and took inspiration from an exploding pumpkin?
  17. I started downloading 1 minute after the new update came out. I am very excited to play the last version of KSP-1!
  18. I just saw a while back (I don't remember where) that they were having a few issues with it. N-Body physics are tough, but I after giving it as much focus and hype as they did, I'm pretty sure they will have them in. There is really nothing unstable in KSP-1 unless you want it to be. To get a space station into the Rask and Rusk Lagrange point would be fantastic.
  19. When they say that what they were creating was "not weird enough", who else REALLY wants to see their new weird and obscure stuff? *Crosses fingers* Rask and Rusk still in the game?
  20. I bought KSP-1 one week before KSP-2 was announced. I was (and still am) excited for the sequel, but the first game completely changed my life. To many more years with an upgraded sequel!
  21. Why wouldn't it run on Linux? I personally think it will for 2 reasons: 1. The original game runs on Linux. KSP-2 is built using the same engine (Unity), and I can't see why they would drop support. 2. Cheating slightly, but Proton compatibility is getting very good. Multiplayer is up in the air (Proton often does not agree with DRM), but the single-player is confirmed to be DRM free. I hope it supports Linux. I daily drive Pop!_OS, and only use Windows when I need to, such as playing Star Wars: Squadrons.
  22. Personally guessing there will be at least 10 star systems at launch, could see upwards of 15. We probably haven't even seen 20% of the planets that weren't in the original, and we know of 8-ish new planets and moons (that is without going back over everything they have released, though). My hope is that they will add a new star system each year.
  23. "Due to the continued research by KSP's dedicated quantum physics department, we are excited to announce that we have discovered parallel universes! These alternate realities are more or less the same as ours. A recent breakthrough allows us to be transported through the 5th dimension to 'sync' up with these alternate dimensions to team up with the Kerbals that live nearly on top of us!" This won't end up happening in the game (although it seems none of us quite have an idea that would fill every dependency), but my thought process is that each player has its own universe, with a new device that allows you to sync up with other realities when necessary to work together. You do your part, then click "SYNC", where your progress appears everywhere. Perhaps a "main" reality? Still, there are a tremendous number of holes in this idea.
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