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  1. Hi there Kerbonauts! We are looking for a Part Designer to work alongside our design and art teams to create aesthetically appropriate, highly detailed, and well-researched parts for both vehicles and colonies in Kerbal Space Program 2 . You can learn more about the position and apply HERE!
  2. Some things have been edited. I also moved the topic as I previously had it in Announcements instead of here, so I fixed that!
  3. Happy Friday! There's no Show and Tell today, but we do have a brand new feature video for you. In Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 3 - Next Gen Astronauts @Intercept Games devs talk about their mission to onboard the next generation of space industry experts with KSP2’s new tutorials, UI/UX improvements, quality of life features, and more.
  4. Artist Illeanne Bodon (aka itzillin) has been transforming various members of the KSP team into Kerbals, and we're loving it! Here's some of the team members she's done so far... Art (QA) Brenda @St4rdust (Community Manager) David (Developer) Jaime (Developer) Jim @Just Jim (QA) Manuel (Tech Support) Mariana (Production) Patrick (Software Engineer) Tito (Developer) Trejo (Developer)
  5. Hello everyone! 4 brand new photovoltaic panels are arriving at the KSC in the upcoming 1.12 PC update, including enhanced versions of the SP and OX-4 series, but also two large circular retractable solar panels to let your craft travel in the vacuum of space with style! Check them out!
  6. Due to the feedback received, we won't be asking the team to create a replacement emoji. While we are happy that everyone is excited for Show and Tell posts, we also want to make sure that we're not creating any issues for forum members, nor the mods. It's also important that we keep threads focused on the topic, and the emoji spam has been causing distraction from the conversation.
  7. Thank you for your concern. I have forwarded the feedback to the team. The emoji has been removed so that it can no longer be used.
  8. Agreed! Prior to this post we've shown: New power generation modules for colonies, colony fuel factories, new engine exhaust effects, a Kerbal materials experiment, clouds, and Pol terrain work and we've got more non-ground content in the works as well.
  9. Oh no. What'd I miss? @Starhelperdude
  10. I am always keeping an eye on what the community is talking about/asking for. If there is an opportunity to follow up on those conversations with a Show and Tell or by replying with more information, we will do so.
  11. We'll share more details later. Keep an eye out for more KSP Loading posts!
  12. Can I personally provide that? No. But that's because I'm not the one making the game. :p I'm just the one snagging and sharing the cool dev team content. Nice!
  13. Eeloo is getting a visual overhaul in the upcoming 1.12 PC update. Check it out!
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