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  1. KSP 2 Feature Videos Episode 5 is here! In this video, devs discuss what interstellar travel means for players, how it changes the gameplay experience & the challenges associated with bringing this feature to the game with scientific accuracy.
  2. It pains us to say goodbye, but after careful calculation, we've decided to remove Dres from Kerbal Space Program 2 so we can focus on other celestial bodies instead.
  3. And the winner of the #NovaCChallenge #Contest is.... @Bubbadevlin Congrats! Out of a total of 160 points, Bubbadevlin scored 157. We had really amazing entries, and points were close! We wanted to give a shout out to these great submissions as well: @N9 Gaming - 150 points @AlchemistZ7 - 150 points @nova-neritum - 149 points Thank you to all the Kerbonauts that participated. You really impressed us with your skills! And now a message from one of our judges: "I have to say, judging the Nova-C challenge was really hard, but in a really fun way. There were so many great submissions! I have to congratulate everyone that participated. I am truly impressed and inspired by what you all did, and it was an honor being part of it. Thank you!" - Jim Peck aka @Just Jim
  4. To log bugs/issues please utilize the Squad bugtracker.
  5. A new part is born! To keep our toasty interstellar vessels cool, we've created an all-new procedural radiator system that allows you to make radiators of all shapes and sizes.
  6. And that’s a wrap for the Intuitive Machines #NovaCChallenge #Contest! Thank you and good luck to all the Kerbonauts that participated. We'll announce the winner on March 31st.
  7. Today is the final day to submit your entry for this contest. Please make sure your submission aligns with the contest rules, and submit your entry before 11:59pm PT today! Good luck!!!
  8. Introducing the Drop + Kerbal Space Program Artisan Keycap! Choose between Jeb or Val in an orange or white space suit for a total of four different 1u keycap options. Now available for pre-order ► https://bit.ly/kspkeycap
  9. The minimum age is 18 (or the age of majority in their state territory of residence if it is greater than 18). Anyone that does not meet the age requirement can not win. (They would be disqualified) Official Rules As long as you're within that 1 degree range, you'll get the full 40 points. Points will be deducted for those outside of that range.
  10. I've noted your feedback and will share it with the team.
  11. Q: Is there a min/max duration requirement for the video? A: There's no hard min/max for this, however if you can submit something in the 5-15 minute range that would be ideal. What's important is that all of the key points for this challenge are fully shown, most importantly the actual landings, and that we get a good look at your Nova-C craft. Q: Cuts vs a single continuous take required? Or is video formatting up to us? A: Formatting is up to you, but make sure that you include all of the important key points from launch to landing to ensure you get all of the points you're eligible for. You can refer to our Perseverance Landing Challenge thread if you'd like to see some examples of how people formatted their videos specifically for that. Q: Is hiding the UI acceptable for producing video clips? It'd be nice to include cinematic shots of the F9/Nova-C throughout the various stages of the missions. A: We prefer to see the UI, but hiding it here and there to get some nice screenshots or video clips is ok. Q: For landing the Falcon 9, does it have to be on the same save, or can we save, land the rocket, then reload the save to before we landed so we can pilot the second stage / lander? A: It's ok to save, land the lower stage/booster as best as possible, then reload and continue, but massive props and respect goes out to anyone that is able to do it (and prove it) without saving and reloading. Q: Can we use breaking ground parts? A: No, no DLC is allowed for this challenge. Q: I would assume that using the Innovative Machines logo within the video via the use of custom flags is permitted. Would this be allowed? A: Yes, this would be allowed. Custom flags are allowed.
  12. Hello all. The ONLY official Facebook page for Kerbal Space Program is https://www.facebook.com/kerbalspaceprogram This is the only page that we will use to communicate any news, announcements, etc.
  13. Here's a couple additional images from Intuitive Machines. I'll add these to the original post for better visibility as well.
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