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    Proud Canadian and Buran Enjoyer
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    The lakebeds of Minmus trying to figure out why my lander isn't working.
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    Currently 13 years of age, Interesting in anything that flies really. Avgeek, Military enthusiast and future fighter pilot. Proud owner of CASO.

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  1. Because the Brazilian Cowboys ate the ISS Why do the socks go melon in the oven
  2. 10/10 Cool person. @Souptime When BuranAce meme
  3. Granted, I am now a swordfish. I wish for the Avro CF-105 Arrow to be revived.
  4. Just found out the SU-75 Exists, and it looks damn cool, though I will say the intakes are a bit weird. The Halifax is pretty neat as well And the MiG-21 is just pure concentrated soviet awesomeness.
  5. On my way to Duna The engine went kabooma Poor Val drifts out of sight The KSC erupts with fright My duna ship has meet its dooma
  6. Nice! So, I also landed a Duna lander yesterday, and today I started doing science with it. Enter Odyssey 1 Life on Mars blasting.
  7. Would you perhaps be willing to make a KSP lore video Wink Wink Nudge Nudge
  8. Let me get rid of them before they start calling every advancement in aerospace narcissistic and complain how we should use the money to feed the poor, maybe if they had braincells they wouldn't be poor Aggressively squashes the media Sorry about that, here's a free soup with no extra cost! Waiter! There is the entire Kerbol system in my soup!
  9. Here is my theory There was once a lot more Kerbals but an asteroid hit Kerbin (hence the crater) and only a handful survived, so they are trying to find another habitable planet to colonize and abandon there scarred Kerbin. This is a rough theory but someone could go into it more in depth, maybe even make a lore series like Minecraft's Deep Dives.
  10. Granted but there is now there's War Thinside and War Thbeside
  11. 32 Containers of Goo on the wall 32 Containers of Goo Take one down, Report it around 31 Containers of Goo on the wall
  12. I did my first Duna Probe! Also my first screenshot show to the community! but I'm very proud of myself, my first interplanetary mission. After a few celebratory pringles its time to start scienceing!
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