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    Shuttle enjoyer, and KSP madlad.
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    On the Salam space station, LEO.
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    Anything that flies or shoots pretty much.

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  1. I have revived myself, brought myself back to the forums simply to mention how unexplainably excited I am
  2. RWS-1, An absurd alternate history tale from the depths of Project: Ad Astra. Coming soon!
  3. Bruh Still, Early 2023 is better than 2023
  4. XKCD? More like Xenon! *The diner lights up with a blinding blue glow* Ill have the Daily special
  5. Simple answer YES Maybe with some Angara parts as well as improved soyuz
  6. Its a glitch as old as time, however, this is a mod to fix it.
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