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    Proud Canadian and Buran Enjoyer
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    The lakebeds of Minmus trying to figure out why my lander isn't working.
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    Currently 13 years of age, Interesting in anything that flies really. Avgeek, Military enthusiast and future fighter pilot. Proud owner of CASO.

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  1. Im not sure how to use mods, but once i figure out ill join for sure!
  2. Jokes on you my school chrome book cant even handle browser games without dropping too 20fps
  3. We could also use this forum as communications if you are unable to use discord.
  4. Nope. Also would like to mention that admiralfluffy has joined Kosmos! @Stormpilot?
  5. Its a campaign sort of, Just make semi realistic rockets for the time the story/roleplay is going on at, launch it and write some stuff to go with it. Join and you will see.
  6. @peridoot @ColdJ @Admiral Fluffy Not to disturb you, but as some good friends of mine, would you be interested?
  7. SE: But every song you whistle becomes backwards forever SP: I can fly any aircraft
  8. All of it looks epic! UI looks easy to use. Physics look impeccable! Huge props to the KSP team for working on this revolutionary new sequel! Edit: Lmao wise words
  9. Probally something weird like i name most of my vehicles. Churchill sounds cool but I might also go with Nomad
  10. Ive been thinking for a while of making an anarchy career server where there are no rules. Mostly to generate conflicts and a player driven economy, Plus who wouldn't want to fire missiles onto other spacecraft >:). Sounds cool, If your willing too I would love to join, CASO has had planes on arming their shuttles for a while.
  11. 2332: A CF-105 Flies by, and in an attempt to follow it you run up to the next level.
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