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  1. Built a jet, the ‘vlermuis’ (Bat), a panther, an intake, and some spars to fit the wheels on. No pics, since I am not at my laptop, but afterburner takeoffs are fun, also I landed on the runway. also I did an unmodding spree, so now it’s mostly stock, with waterfall, eve, and scatterer, and also atomic age, kas, and a few others.
  2. No sir, I do not, though I do know of the massively overbudget problem. Maybe, hired gun would be a more appropriate nickname.
  3. The F35 needs a nickname, lightning 2 doesn’t roll off the tongue, and it currently has two nicknames: the Panther, from the US marines, and the Fat Amy, from the navy. I just wondered, what would we nickname it, so, what would you? Personally, my pick is the Sniper, since it is built to see the target before it sees it, and attack from range, and not to dogfight, which is not it’s skill.
  4. Try building atmospheric planes and copters and such. Consider getting mods, even something like KAS, which is relatively small, is ridiculous fun, others such as atomic age, mk2 expansion, and Kerbal base systems, are loads of fun.
  5. Forgot about that, sorry. Naturally, of course it was too expensive. Forgot about market size, there is a market, just one so small that you basically need to run out of other markets first.
  6. Why can’t we outfit old supersonic bombers (Boeing B-58 hustler, Tu-22, etc.) as passenger planes, it would probably be a not too bad ride for passengers, and I could see a market for getting somewhere ridiculously fast with reasonable seating, emergencies, politicians, so on. It would have a much smaller upfront cost than building a concorde, even though fuel would be expensive.
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