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  1. "Keep it simple, keep it dumb, or else you'll end up under skynet's thumb." - Isaac Arthur.
  2. Today we have a school sport day, when everybody sang a cheer at the start (in a complete violation of all covid rules, though barely anyone but me seems to follow them), I was sitting with my hands over my ears. (I have sensitive ears, and general senses to be honest.) After that I scrammed and hid in the bathroom, I had to duct tape the door closed, none of the locks work. After I left because they started cleaning the bathroom, I just walked around, finished some homework, and now I’m just sitting around. Today is a demonstration of the first law of school, any attempt to make school fun will result in exactly the opposite. (The second law is: a student’s appreciation of a teacher is inversely proportional to the amount of homework given by said teacher.) I also met someone who is thinking of getting ksp, I gave him some tips (sas), told him about the fact that it is hard but rewarding, and recommended he get ckan and install scatterer and eve, I think it would make it much more awesome to land on say, the mun, for the first time with visuals like that.
  3. “They do say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but sometimes, the tree is on a hill.” - @Hyperspace Industries, in real life.
  4. "...as rare in nature as a yeti playing a banjo." -Integza (the tamato hating youtuber), describing laminar flow.
  5. Today I finished all my homework at school, so, I played a bit of ksp. I also tried multiple times to make a career save, but, every single time, kerbal renamer refused to give me Jeb, Bob, Bill or Val! @AtomicTech You have a surnames mod, do you know what to do?
  6. Yes. I also have sunkworks by angel125 installed, I can then use scuba suits and propellers.
  7. It can only sink, the sinking comes from the sink em all mod. As for the clipping, it's less than you might think. The three Junos are clipped into a line in the cabin, and the hinges into the side, other than that it's just the two rtgs.
  8. I built a Go Utterly Anywhere* VTOL Amphibian, or GUAVA for short. *Limited to kerbin's atmosphere. Also, I found my first orbital rocket in my first save file. Like that, only without restock, or any other mods. The upper stage is a vector.
  9. Aluminum used to be really expensive, as in the super rich would use aluminum cutlery instead of regular rich people's silverware.
  10. @Angel-125Could this work with simple construction and not EL installed? It provides all the same resources (metal, rocketparts) and uses EL's plugins. Just curious as to whether I would need to install EL too.
  11. Built and "landed" a balloon base on eve, it was going to be a one way trip, Konstantin fell off, so I went back to a quicksave with Tycho in eve orbit, then I cheated it back to kerbin orbit. Technically this never happened from the kerbals' point of view: Also, the terrain is now high res (all it needed was a restart) here are some pics from please ignore 1 (the please ignore probes are small probes that I use to test visuals, then revert to vab.) Pretty.
  12. I timed my load time today, and it came out as an astonishingly short 11 minutes, 39 seconds!
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