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  1. From what I know, the same systems used to build stuff on orbital construction docks (most certainly confirmed) can be put on interstellar ships, which will basically be giant stations with giant engines.
  2. This is, you guessed it a thread for posting your ksp head canon, bits of lore you made up about ksp and so on and so forth... Rules: 1. Forum friendly only! 2. If you want to add or change your head canon posted here, edit your post. My head canon: 1. Jeb has a twin sister named Katrina (used the create kerbals cheat to name her), and she also wears an orange suit, which she stole from Val. 2. Kerbals function on radiosynthesis, possible on kerbin due to its small magnetic field (less matter in kerbin than earth), but is much more efficient in space, due to higher radiation levels, allowing them to function fully without needing to eat. 3. Kerbals can hibernate, allowing them to sleep through long space missions.
  3. Greetings fellow kerbonauts, I've fixed my transmitter! Here's an update:
  4. If I may suggest a kerbal name: Heinrich Kerman, ESA, reporting for duty! (Heinrich is a German, and occasionally Czechoslovakian name, (found a moon crater named that on google moon))
  5. So, my guess was correct that the plumes we saw in the tutorial shader test were placeholders, good! PS: in another thread nertea hinted at collaboration with the ksp2 team, I can only assume he had something to do with this, being the kreator of waterfall and all!
  6. I kinda have the opposite problem, I'm spending so much time reading ETS, that I don't have time to read this report, but I'm pretty sure this will have spoilers (currently in spacelab 7 area). Thanks for introducing me to this awesome story/alternate history!
  7. Should we decrease the Pentaborane-Argon26 being pumped into the negative improbability crystalline stasis fields of the quasi-critical Plutonium239 magnetic confinement fusion system as well?
  8. False: Never been in a caravan in my life. The user below me eats at least 4 bananas a week.
  9. Fellow kerbal engineers, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create the most distilled, purest, and densest technical jargon kermanity has ever known! Rules: 1. As always: normal forum rules apply. 2. Your technical jargon is under no obligation to make any sense to anyone. Example:
  10. Greetings fellow kerbonauts! Have I got a story for you! (answer = yes) The story:
  11. A bad sandbox, or even worse, no sandbox mode, I love playing sandbox, it’s more fun for me.
  12. Sandbox, but I may restrict myself a bit in the beginning, especially stopping myself from using the torch drive until I have gone interstellar at least once, it just feels a bit too cheaty (and that’s coming from a guy who uses the cheat menu more often than not ) to use it from the beginning, but I always play sandbox, ‘cause I can do whatever I want, from basic planes to massive ships, the freedom sandbox gives is just awesome! And I’ve never gone interplanetary in a science mode playthrough, I always give up and go back to sandbox, because it is more fun.
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