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  1. Boris became afraid. He expected the safety inspector to appear before dark. The Doctor thought that massive rollers might counter the lack of punters and dockers on Kerbin. The mission would gradually devolve into wheels, something revolutionary to Kerbalkind. How extraordinary that is, considering the effort required to make big ol' pitch forks and feather dusters with large torches, and wiggly tentacles playing the piano for fun. Exactly one week later, the inspector woke to find a great disturbance in the
  2. Not that part of Africa. And by the way, I’ve only seen snow up close once, in 2012 or so.
  3. It’s finally starting to heat up! Sure it’s only about 24*C now, but it means spring is coming! (Southern hemisphere) Hopefully this means we’ll be getting into the 30’s relatively soon, then we can stop wearing winter clothes. Maybe even swim in our pool! (No, we aren’t rich, land and labour is (and especially was) cheap) Though I should probably wait until the 35-40 range. If you’re wondering about the high temperatures, welcome to Africa!
  4. The tragedy of military engineering, as always, the jets and tanks and ships and guns are always cool until you remember what they’re shooting at. In thread related news: the Cirrus SR20 has a parachute for the entire plane.
  5. Trying to set the record for most Geneva convention breaking weapon, are we?
  6. Goodness gracious great balls of fire - If you don't already know that song, don't look it up, nothing explicit, just a whole lot implicit.
  7. Yeah, around here hunting is big too, my dad's colleagues from the engineering company went out to the grasslands a while back and came back with meat for everyone in the office. We got a juicy square meter of meat, everything from Koedoe to Springbok to Wildebees (buffalo) in there. Salami, sausage, biltong, droëwors, steak, maalvleis (mincemeat), ribs and everything. Still probably have some left in the freezer. Uh oh, now I'm hungry.
  8. Someone probably posted this, but:
  9. We drove to the sea and are staying at the house of a (absurdly rich) pair of friends of my parents for the long weekends, today, while my parents were looking at the whales in the bay, after I made lunch on the braai (South African barbecue), I started watching the ships. Skip here for if you want the interesting bit : I watched slightly, but later I got the binoculars, and the fun began. I watched and tried to see as much as I could about the ships, later I got to the internet and found this: Ship 1: the MSC Aido, going between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, and passing by us on the way, container ship, giant one. One of MSC's 570 strong fleet. Ship 2: the Hellas Aphrodite (boy, that's one cool name), also departing from PE and coming here to, according to my dad's guesses on what she (yes, I know she's a ship, but she's too cool to be referred to as a mere object) is and has been doing, bringing diesel for 'backup' generators. She's a tanker, much smaller, built in 2016, flying under the flag of Malta, and she's a beauty. Got a picture through the binoculars, unfortunately I can't send pictures to imgur on my phone, should probably send it in a while. We're going back home in a few days, no ships there, though we do live under the landing course for the airport (and definitely the yearly air-racecource).
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