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  1. CS2? Is that real or just a joke? I am hoping the hardware requirements for KSP2 are low enough so that a simple upgrade will allow me to run it.
  2. It's summer here so I'm in vacation for holidays and I'll be away from my pc 15 days afterwards so maybe in february I'm sorry for the lack of content
  3. Needed to dock a return capsule to a mothership in my duna mission but the docking port was obstructed by a fuel tank so I smashed my F5 button and my return ship. It worked
  4. 10/10 you are everywere in the forum games
  5. 10/10 I see you very often in forum games and less in other places
  6. Yes at some point but I recommend that If you really want to play them you buy the game on PC since It allows mods and It's up to date
  7. Chapter 3: A 3rd competitor [classified] [year 1 day 126 since the first rocket ever was built] [Komunnist Kerbal Alliance] [Crater launch complex] Orbital attempt 1 Mission status: failure [Engineers comments: isn't space supossed to be upwards?] [Scientists comments: ...] ----------------------------------- Valfreda was flying when she heard the news. The K.K.A. reached orbit. How? She didn't even know they had a space program, everyone knew that the Kempire had one and was competing with the Republik silently but so far both of them were still launching suborbital flights. Val was headed towards the test site in the dessert and had at least still an hour of flight so she listened closely to the radio. Turns out the K.K.A. was pretty silent with their testings and it's possible many attempts were made before but remain classified. The guy in the radio described the satellite as "A small cube with four legs" the orbiter 1 in all it's glory! (I made it similar to the sputnik because I really love the sputnik design) Val landed her new jet plane in the airfield and ran towards the main buildings of the launch complex. Val (running towards Lucas):"Hey Lucas!!!!!!" " Did you hear the news?!!!!" Lucas: "I did!!!! and I'm in total shock" Val: "It's really weird we didn't know anything at all!!!!!" Lucas: "stop screaming we are a meter away" Val: "oh sorry" Lucas: "we'll have to work fast so we can come back up" Val: "well then, let's get to work!" ------------------------------------------------ The small orbiter one took two photos: one during ascent and one while in orbit. They were printed by every newspaper in Kerbin End of chapter 3 Quick recap of the nations involved The Republik The Kempire The Kerbal Kommunist Alliance K.K.A. I thought it would be interesting to have a space race with three competitors. Correct my english if Im wrong it always helps. Have a great day!
  8. Hello everyone im back from my vacation and I already have the pictures for the next episode! If nothing goes wrong it will come tomorrow. I love it when this happens debris of debris of debris...
  9. Thanks! right now Im in a vacation without access to KSP I'll be back with more episodes soon.
  10. Start by verifying game files on steam and maybe reinstalling the game (make sure to make a back up by copying your save files somewhere where steam can't reach them like the desktop)
  11. Today i started desigining a new space station to replace my old E.E.S.M. in LKO. Pictures coming soon
  12. Could you send a screenshot of the problem? It may be a problem with resolution so check if that is the same as yout monitor in the settings.
  13. well the IRL Space Race was a mix of arms/space race due to the cold war and discoveries made with rockets helped the developments of ICBMs so you could expect a little bit of weapon development throughout the series. Have a great day!
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