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  1. The new scatterer can cause crashes if you removed the kerbin folder inside of it, just saying after i was trying to fix it for 5 hours...
  2. yeah so scatterer did this, it didnt find a specific file so it crashed.
  3. It loads the ship for 0.5 seconds, shows the gui and the ship and 1 second later it literally crashes ksp log:https://pastebin.com/UqArP7F3 mod list: i posted last seconds since a "null" chain formed so i couldnt fit the entire log
  4. i guess this is cool. 125k tons 10k delta-v, just enough to get into orbit of Tyepolbynar note: this system is harder than stock 4k into the burn for Tyepolbynar, 2k for slowing down into orbit, 2k for Homeworld burn
  5. this planet pack without the scatter looks like the most disgusting thing you can imagine, like any other planet pack, even the stock one
  6. your computer loads it in like 15 minutes right? i suppose its the texture replacer or scatterer atmosphere cache (unlikly) that causes it, i have it too
  7. well alr, gotta ask what Sky Kerman uses and look at his mods and compare them with mine Can you please screenshot the list of your mods and send it here? i gotta compare mine list vs yours to see what could cause the maar bug
  8. Well, do you have hyperedit? i found out it broke my planet order in this planet pack ( other planet packs too, perhaps it is the one whos causing small moon instability) also since computers dont make a diffrence i just kinda think its something with graphics card
  9. i have the latest windows so i suppose its NIVIDA's fault Sky Kerman do you have NIVIDA Graphics Card???
  10. Non on the topic but the amount of badges you have makes you look like that one soviet solider who had hella alot of medals KSP way too brutal man
  11. Could the bug be caused by having Windows or a specific graphics card?
  12. Use this mod, it allows you to plan transfer windows and its alot better than the stock one https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/84005-112x-transfer-window-planner-v1800-april-11/
  13. didnt work ;( well thats the last time i visited Maar so i kinda wont care afterwards
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