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  1. Download MMSSTV. https://hamsoft.ca/pages/mmsstv.php?dwn=3b3b6335d2902541 HERE Lmaoooo UPDATE: F*** U B****** LAIR ITS RICKROLL
  2. It's the hardest without NO doubt. Maneuvers didnt appear in this version. So does Target mode and AN and DN.
  3. Part5: Rescuer Launch&Laythe arrival The rescue craft was launched with a smooth ascending curve, due to its bad TWR. Jool Aerocapture, Again. Another Aerocapture shortly after the picture was taken
  4. Why update! I enjoyed playing this version!!
  5. edPart3: Lander Laythe Descent (Continue) Engine ignited to slow down further, preventing the lander fall apart. Lander detached its chutes.
  6. Part3: Lander Laythe Descent Laythe encounter Laythe aerocapture Lander first entered an oval shaped orbit with low inclination, waiting the landing spot rotate to the bright side. Descending in Laythe atmosphere
  7. Part2: Lander Jool Capture Ronfrod with his lander floating peacefully, waiting the impending Jool encounter. A successful Jool aerobrake. Note that jool have its own normal map for its clouds. The spacecraft is lack on fuel and because of the lacking maneuver nodes, I have to spend more fuel on tweaking and trying. So an aerobrake is needed in order to lower the periapsis to Laythe orbit. The proper braking height is about 118500 meters high. No heat shield is needed, because in 0.17(and every pre-1.0 versions) atmosphere don't give any heat.
  8. Part 1--Launch&Transfer Lander The Lander was first launched into a LKO, Waiting for transfer window. Note that Kerbin in 0.17 is yellower than present Kerbin. Kerbin escape burn Jool transfer orbit The transfer phase angle of jool is ~95 degree, due to Jothe periapsisol's huge SOI, it is impossible to miss it unless you didn't get the angle right. Jool transfer is easy, although there are no maneuvers. Just accelerate to sun prograde, wait until the apoapsis reach jool orbit. To align orbit incline, just align your camera to your orbit plane, make your orbit and target's orbit both turn into two lines.Their crossing is the place of your align acceleration.(No target locking in 0.17)
  9. Once upon a time(Read:2 years ago), When I am reading Moho article, i found a picture about a Red moho.This picture show me a totally different moho that is red, hot, and have an atmosphere. So i became interested about this version, determined to find this planet that ''vanished''. After 2 years of carpet searching, I finally found a 0.17. But before reaching my ultimate goal(moho return), I looked up Youtube to find some easier interplanetary returning mission to help me plan my moho return. Then I found a Laythe return mission trial, showing a successful laythe landing and orbit returning and a failed Kerbin returning. I tweaked his craft then started the exploration of 0.17 Ver.
  10. anyway lava planet with no lava is weird, assuming that devgroup had imagined sth. weird. plus moho have its own atmosphere and high temperature that can make engine glow.
  11. lavaplanet-nolava00 That means that this planet might have a ''lava'' state.
  12. Oh, do you know? Moho in 0.17 is red. You can find its pictures in my posts and wiki(I edited its article). There is a volcano on it. What's more???! I hacked ksp0.17 data and found a file named ''lavaplanet-nolava00'' which is moho's texture. This means that timing events is a PLANNED feature that later scrapped. Moho might have a planned "lava" event in that version, which can explain moho's hot, engine-ruining atmosphere in 0.17.
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