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  1. @ShadowDev Thank you for confirming that and the future outlook of KWP. @djungelorm I installed the kRPC2 mod to KSP2- and installed the kRPC python libraries from KSP1 and successfully got a connection and the SpaceCenter2 data out to a Terminal Window. First Success! Though when starting a game in KSP2, the kRPC2 Server Setup Window never came up. I see the kRPC2 in my mods list. Though it must be running regardless cause I was able to get the below output on the client side. Now that I know how and that I can get the data out of KSP2, I'll work on figuring out how to get it to a formatted webpage UI. One small step......
  2. @schlosrat - LEEEEROYYY JEennnkins!. I edited the swinfo.json to "0.4.0" and restarted KSP2. The Mod still did not show up in the Mod Manager. So it does not look like its compatible with 0.4.0. I updated SpaceWarp to 1.0.1 and now working fine. Thanks
  3. Thanks, then its more like KWP, so I wonder how Kerbal-Telemetry does on bandwidth as well. kRPC still seems to be the best for performance for multiple streams of data. I am thinking ahead for Colonies & Multiplier. One may have multiple colonies spread across Kerbal Space that they want to monitor concurrently at Mission Control.
  4. I "think" it was a mod for KSP1. I never used it since I was on xbox for KSP1. I thought I saw it referenced in a thread, but I am not finding it either. I may have misunderstood and misspoken. Sorry. @ShadowDev would know for sure, he seems to be leading the KWP for KSP2. Though I did find this for KSP1, which is very very similar to the project I am envisioning. https://github.com/yagiziskirik/Kerbal-Telemetry. It a Server-client setup (similar to kRPC?), but is in JS.
  5. @schlosrat For some reason I can not get this mod to load. I've download v0.1.2, extracted and place the folder into the KSP2 game's /BepInEx/plugins folder. Started the game, it does not show up in the Main Menu Mod manager list. I am on KSP2 - Windows 11. Am I missing a step during the install? I do the same install process for other mods, and I have no issues. Thanks for the help in advance.
  6. @djungelorm KWP I think is more developed for KSP1, the spacedock link I provided is the Modders start to migrate it to KSP2, so less developed. That was my same concern about KWP was the simultaneous multiple streams of data bogging performance down using the REST APIs. Good to know that kRPC can do websockets, but the standard kRPC server stream seems to be the best. Its more like what I am used to at work for telemetry displays. Thanks! @Computerizer Great, I'll share a link to my work as well. Yeah, in am in the high level requirement and architecture of the backend stuff, so no flashy GUIs yet. kRPC is looking more and more the best for my objective. So I will be watching its development for KSP2 closely.
  7. I see the same issue. Both in orbit and landed. When I have a Munar Module landed on the Mun and a Command Module in Munar Orbit, the lander goes unstable. When I control the CM, then switch back the the landed Munar Module, its no longer standing still. It bounces around, or even has rolled. Even though it was stationary when I last controlled it.
  8. Roar of Approval from Chewbacca!
  9. Been working on the Weekly Challenge Wk #4 - Apollo Redux. I have a Command Module (CM) and a Munar Lander Module (LM) on the same ascent vehicle. In lower Kerbin orbit the CM detaches, rotates 180deg and docks with the LM. Just like the real Apollo missions did. At this point I still have 2 Kerbinauts in the CM and one in the LM. Then they get into Munar orbit, the LM detaches and descends, lands on the Mun. Ascents and rendezvous with the CM in Low Munar Orbit. At this time the 2 Kerbals that were the CM are gone. No EVA, not floating.. just GONE. Poof-vanished without a trace. I can't control the CM to re-dock with the returning LM. I've repeated this several times. And the two in the CM keep disappearing after the LM lands on the Mun. Has anyone else seen this? Are Kerb-aliens abducting my Kerbinauts?
  10. @schlosrat I see the same broken link to the github repository for the source code, referenced in the OP above. @kennyc222 if you looking to just download the mod to install, the SpaceDock page is still active here - https://spacedock.info/mod/3332/Resonant Orbit Calculator
  11. @Computerizer 400Hz!! wow that's fast! how many data points? Most we did was 60,000 @ 60Hz. I never thought about MFDs, but those would be so cool. I'm a private pilot and have flown with the G1000 glass cockpit, that would be interesting as a spaceship control system. My efforts are more focused on Mission Control views for multiple missions. The below image. I would like to base my web GUIs off of AstroUX, but not sure on the licensing or international use. I am looking at kRPC, though not sure if the Kerbal Web Program Mod (https://spacedock.info/mod/3275/Kerbal Web Program) might be better for my project since it will come with a front end architecture already built. Just don't know what limitations it has compared to kRPC2 yet. I'd be happy to collaborate across projects, I am sure we'll run into similar issues. Also, if there are others out there that would like to help with the project, I'd welcome it.
  12. @The Aziz - Its got to flap those wings to fly don't it?
  13. @djungelorm That was a HUGE help. I understand that how this works in KSP2 is TBD as IG devs evolve it. Understanding how it works in KSP1 and your Vision for kRPC2 helps me map out my plan. 1) Got it. Create a Vessel::object for each item in SpaceCenter::Vessels(), then access the methods I want. Perfect. 2) Understood 3) I'll have to investigate how to do stream wrapped expressions events. But thanks for pointing me in that direction. I'll look into it. Awesome that we can set the rate for the stream. No need to poll something every cycle if it doesn't change much. We do this a lot for S/C telemetry. Somethings that are binary and don't change often, we'll only transmit its data 1-10sec (1-0.1Hz) , where others that are floats and change rapidly we would send up to 60 Hz rates. No sense sending everything at 60Hz and taking up bandwidth.
  14. It's not a legal requirement, as pertaining to some law. But its an issue of liability. Either a lawyer in IG or PD, or higher up, sees this as a liability to the company. If some player has a seizure while playing the game, the companies could get sued (the liability). Hence the companies put this disclaimer to legally protect themselves from this liability. "We warned you ahead of playing the game" so the responsibility is on the player. Though I agree if I click an "Accept" button once, I shouldn't have to see it again. however, that still leaves the company open to liability, due to if you have a friend over and they play the game, after you accepted the warning, and it does not come up for them, and they have a seizure, they were never warned. So again the company can be sued. hate to say but that warning screen is really not to protect the players, its to protect the company from lawsuits. If it has to stay, shorten the verbiage and time its up. Or at least let the player skip over it with an ESC key. it still would satisfy the lawyers I think. PS - You can thank the lady who sued McDonald's and won, cause her coffee was hot and she burned herself. Oh my god, fresh coffee is HOT?!? No way! Now we have to have commonsense warning labels on everything.
  15. @djungelorm - Been reading up on the kRPC documentation (krpc.github.io/krpc/index.html), specifically the SpaceCenter APIs. Before i get into the full control console hardware design, I want to make a GUI interface representation first to be a stepping stone as I learn this stuff. I'll start with receiving telemetry from KSP2 and displaying it before creating buttons to send commands to KSP2. Kind of like the Telemetry Health and Status Displays we use in Satellite Mission Control Centers (See image at bottom of post). I have a few questions about the APIs capabilities. I'll be referencing C++, since that is what I know 1) I see how I can get the orbital parameters of a vessel by calling Vessel::orbit() and its sub functions. Does this return the parameter values for the active_vessel() only? I ask, cause I'd like to be able to display all the current vessels (in flight) orbital parameters at once. Would I have to cycle through all the vessels in std::vector<Vessel>vessels(), by setting each one in the list as the active vessel (using set_active_vessel(Vessel Value)), getting its orbit parameter and then repeating for each vessel in the array? 2) Are Vessel::Orbit() telemetry only available while KSP2 is in Flight View? Or can I continue to poll the data while in VAB, Map and Tracking Station Views? If there are current missions flying, while I am building a new rocket, I'd like the external Telemetry GUI to keep updating. 3) Under Alarms API. The current alarms are based on time, time offsets, or time to Pe, Ap or Planned Maneuver Node Points. I'd like to see if I can create Alarms for other things. For example: If a spacecraft (s/c 1) is on a long flight mission, and I am working on another spacecraft (s/c 2), I'd like to be alerted if s/c 1's EC goes below 10% of capacity. That way I don't have to keep swapping active views and checking on s/c 1's health and status, while working on s/c 2. If this not in the scope of kRPC2, I could make alarms as part of the external GUI, but then I'd have to make a DB and inference engine to track the each new current value to the set alarm limits. When we fly spacecraft we usually have four limits the system tracks for telemetry. Red High, Yellow High, Yellow Low and Red Low. Also I'd have to create a persistence and hysteresis check to ensure that if the the value is toggling back and forth over a limit, it doesn't consistently repeat the alarm every sample. Thanks for the help. This information well help me plan the architecture. This is a very basic Telemetry screen (old school style). The newer ones are more graphic and color coded.
  16. @ShadowDev Been using this a bit and wanted to provide some feedback and suggestions: (Disclaimer, I am NOT a fully versed programmer, never created a mod, nor coded in C#, so please take my suggestions with a kind heart). 1) At Launch pad, after selecting the "Countdown" button in the apps menu it pops up and immediately vanishes. I'd suggest it stays up, and only goes away after the user toggles the Countdown App button or with launch countdown is complete. -GUILayout.BeginVertical(); if (GUI.Button(new Rect(windowRect.width - 23, 6, 18, 18), "<b>x</b>", new GUIStyle(GUI.skin.button) { fontSize = 10, })) { showUI = false; <--- Change that to true? } 2) The number displayed doesn't need 13 decimal places (see image). A typical count down format T- HH:mm:SS.s. Though here HH;mm doesn't hold value. You could set it to T-00:13.5 for esthetics. Keeping at SS.s, will help with the window resizing every time the last decimal place is zero. Timer = float.Parse(Timer.ToString().Remove(4)); <-- This line of code may be trying to do remove all the decimals. Based on reading up on Remove(), this should be removing everything after the fourth digit, so SS.ss? 3) The voice countdown to the numerical countdown is off by 1 sec. The voice says the numbers (in kerbinese) when the whole number is new, eg 2.9 is 'two', 1.9 is 'one' This should be shifted to 2.0 is 'two', and 1.0, is "one". I couldn't find in the code where this is set. It could be how you are offsetting the StartTimer variable from Game UT. StartTimer = GameManager.Instance.Game.ViewController.universalTime + 13.53; <-- change this to 12.63? I'd go into the src and try to do this myself, but I don't want to mess up the git repo by not knowing exactly how to do things. I hope this helps.
  17. The consumables menu in the upper right hand corner of the fight view does not convey the full status of Electrical Charge (and MP, but that'll be a different post). It only provide how much power is stored. It does not show rate of discharge or charge. One has to go into the parts manager and look at each individual Solar panel or other Electrical generators to see the rate of Charge/Discharge. A total sum of discharge/charge rate should be on the summary status display. Then one should be able to click on the EC status bar and get an expanded detailed list of all the electrical sources and consumers and their individual rates. This can help quickly figure out where power issues lie within the vessel's design. A Status and Sequential Drill Down Menu Structure Layout something like: There is a discussion about Electrical Units (U and EC/s) and what it really should be for a storage (battery) and generation (Solar Panel, Fuel Cell), here: I agree it should be Watts and Watt/sec or Watt-hr, depending on capacity scales.
  18. KSP2 Version Info: OS: Windows 11 (10.0.22621) 64bit CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor (32) RAM: 130992 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 (24340MB) SM: 50 (Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]) RT Formats: ARGB32, Depth, ARGBHalf, Shadowmap, RGB565, ARGB4444, ARGB1555, Default, ARGB2101010, DefaultHDR, ARGB64, ARGBFloat, RGFloat, RGHalf, RFloat, RHalf, R8, ARGBInt, RGInt, RInt, BGRA32, RGB111110Float, RG32, RGBAUShort, RG16, BGRA10101010_XR, BGR101010_XR, R16 Description of the bug. Expected Behavior - When pressing the Solar Panel Action Button on upper left menu, all solar panels on vessel are deployed or retracted (if able to be retracted). Observed Behavior - The action button does not do anything. Does not deploy panels or change color state when pressed. Steps to Replicate - Built a vessel, attached deployable solar panels to it, launch and while in orbit, press the action button. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) - Select the Solar Panel part directly or via the parts manager and deploy.
  19. @djungelorm and @Kerbart, Thank you both for that info. I am looking to build a control panel to replace most of the keyboard mappings and trying to figure out the best way to get telemetry from KSP2 and Command into KSP2. This helps.
  20. Will the ability to Enable/Disable Installed Mods from the ModList Manager at the Main Menu Screen, be added to SpaceWarp/BepInEx? It would be helpful to have for Debugging issues in game. To help determine if it is an issue with the Mod or the Base Game. Instead of having to delete/move the plugin folder in the install drive. I know that some Mod Devs include, mod configuration menu to enable/disable some options of their mod. But I am looking for a enable/disable of the whole mod. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
  21. @ShadowDev Thank you for this! I suggested this to the KSP2 Devs.
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