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  1. Yeah but when the carrier is as wide as your airplane it's kind of impossible.
  2. My first mund landing was with Ion engines from a old, old, old really old mod.
  3. The little star between "Blog this Post" and the triangle with the ! inside it
  4. Yay just got my first rep point in a year or so from this
  5. Hey, I uploaded the wrong file by a mistake. Now the download is fixed, please redownload the file.
  6. Did I really fail so hard? EDIT: Fixed
  7. Okay. It should be up now. Shouldn't have linked it throught AdFly.
  8. Description So, 1.01-1.02 rebalanced the aerodynamics quite a bit. The atmosphere is not soupy compared to 0.90 but it is in comparison to 1.0. It made SSTOs harder, rockets harder and most importantly it broke my stock Ranger which now can't aileron roll at all. So I've modified Physics.cfg to the 1.0 values. The original file was made by Squad, I take no credit for it, I've just modified some values. Installation 1. Download the file 2. Go to the folder where KSP is installed 3. Copy it inside the folder with KSP.exe 4. When asked, replace 5. ??? 6. Profit! Download Changelog: [B]1.1[/B] -Fixed Download
  9. Day 1 : We've spent multiple weeks fine tuning the new aerodynamics Day 2 : JEB SMASH!
  10. It's kind of dissapointing for me. For some reason the game just doesn't feel finished. It feels rushed a lot. The resource system feel uninspired and cheap. Just one resource which can be converted to fuel. The engine names seem tacked on and forced. Seriously, Rhino? Mammoth? Spider? Kickback?
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/games/220200/announcements/detail/123063972325987395
  12. I know it's kinda early, but it would be nice to let Squad know what we would like in the next update. I personally still want the ability to build more buildings, and have maintanance costs, salaries and such. The game would feel like an actual simulator then.
  13. My shot would be at Jool. Super large SOI. Easy to get a capture. A large atmosphere so you can aerobreak easily, and save a lot of fuel.
  14. Heh, that's nice sal, heh, I remember you hitting 5k posts.
  15. Oh dear. The memories. Remember turning your patched conics up so you could see where you would arrive on the planet or something like that in the map?
  16. Would be awesome to be able to select a space center location at the start of the game. And be able to add more buildings, like you start with a VAB, Launchpad, Basic Tracking Station only tracking things on kerbin, R&D and Mission Control. You have to build the rest. For Example, to unlock strategies, build the administration building. To unlock spaceplanes, build the Hangar. And etc. Also with multiple space centers, and multiple building per space center. For example. With one VAB, you can only build one craft at once, also, add a craft building mechanic, where you have to build rockets/planes before you can launch, and it will take some time, week or a month at the start of the career mode. Each VAB adding 20% to building speed, and the ability to be able to build one more craft at once, with a amount of max 3 VAB's or SPH's at one KSC, so having more KSC's with each being specialised at one thing would be beneficial. Let us place the buildings wherever we want. Also, add benefits to having multiple R&D's at once and like that. Like a larger research speed (also add a progress bar to research) when paired together. What do you think?
  17. Hmmm.. Maybe install Bahamuto Armory? Or what was that thing called.. Would make for some interesting gameplay when you would be like fighting in space.