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  1. The MOIST mode builders should be happy that there is another mod out there for them called " Water Launch sites." (Of ocurse you do have to have the latest Kerbal Konstructs Mod for that one to work.) This mode will allow you to launch either a surface vessel or an Underswater vessel from a launch site set up jut off the coast on the breach.. you might want to check that mod out and down load it.. saves you a lot of time with Vessel mover.. Just my obbservation.. Space_Coyote
  2. Hey there Space_Coyote here with a quick question.. Now I love heavy lift vehicles and in fac one f the mods I used to download and use in KSP was in fact SpaceY Heavy-Lifter Parts Pack by @NecroBones. Now I just checked both his profile and the last posts and both of these are talkinng about an issue with a verneer thruster and the parts pack as well as Version 1.5.1. The last time he visited this site was in fact June of 2018, and since no response has been made by anyone.. So the question is.. is this a dead horse/ Is this one of thoe mods where no one can take it over and make it better? In short it's almost as if @Nectorbones has literally dropped off the radar.. well I guess I'll have to start reconsidering building smaller more fragmented parts and in fact I think he best thing for me to do is start considering this project as a dead horse.. Which is sad really.. ah well back to the drawing boards.. Spac_Coyote P.S. Also if anyone has heard from Necro, please let him know there are still some folks who are interested I guess.
  3. Ah yes Konstruction.. the space station builders best friend.. Now if I can only get it and USI Life support working in Harmony that would be nice.. (Though as I recall @Roverdude was working on a update to that mod as the USI tools are out of date for 1.7.3) but then I could be wrong. Space_Coyote
  4. Well I found the first little bug at Harvester Airport (Of course I am using alongside Kerbbinside Remasters,, the KSC extended mod, but this isn't at KSC itself but rather Harvester Airport) It seems that the main Runway you start on at Harvester is slightly buried in the ground (at least half of the main runway is in the gorund but still it's not a bad airport to fly out of, provided yu can get over the mountains..) Anyway Just a heads up.. I'lls tart testing the other airports Also KSC Exteneded and KSRM (Kerbinside ReMastered) work very nicely together. no overlaps or what ever.. but like I said just wanted to give a bit of a heads up.. Also some of the launch sites/airports are showing up as the infamous Black squares..) Will investigate this further. Space_Coyote
  5. So wait this is for 1.7.3 KSP? If it is Consideer a download. Space_Coyote
  6. Okay here is what I got and I made sure i had all the dependencies and the WAS Camera editor installed first off you talk about the Tool bar controller, (The Yellow wrench that should show up in the st of icons in the tabs at the bottom when you enter the VAP 9or the SPH) and instead.. No wrench) Also because of this the WASSD Camera editor icon doesn't show up.. The only tother thing that I ahve are these folkders and here they are 000_ClickThroughBlocker 000_Toolbar 001_ToolbarControl WasdEditorCamera and unBlur.0.5.0.dll Now if I am missing something here I am curious as to what it is Also I am running this in the latest Version 1.7.3 But like I said the yello wrennch (The Tool Bar Controller is not showing up on the "Taskbar" and thus the WASD camera editor doesn't show up either.. that's at least my thoughts on the subject Space_Coyote
  7. @linuxgurugamer might want to do a recompile for 1.7.3 as it seems the WASD Function button isn't showing up and yes I do have both the Click though blocker an Tool bar as well as Unblur working atm. Space_Coyote
  8. Thanks for the information. I crated the file. saved it as a .cfg and rand th program once ddropping it into the config folder of Kopernicus (and yes i called the file (NoDres.cft) .. SO I take it that can be done quite nicely if you want to get rid of planets without having to call in the Death Star.. Of core I'll have other questions as I am thinkingaboug wrking on a star system that I would like to put into game.. got a lot of data I can share so I can try and get this sto work.. but again thanks for the heal Space_Coyote
  9. Okay when you say Module Manager patch (As I know what MM is) I mean how you would go about this? I mean create this configure file an then how would you implement it? See that's the timy bit of confusion I have.. so any insight would be helpful Space_Coyote
  10. 1 I have 1.73 installed I also have Module manager and Kopernicus installed and all i want to do is delete one planet (Dres) (Never going there!) and that's it.. so tht's what i am wornding as i trie dit the old way which was deleting the body of Dres.. what it did was give me a error.. and said tht Kopernicus could nto work.. tha's the cuiousity herebecause if this was because o the update of the Breakig DLC (And yes i have that and Making History installe too) then the issue is that it's something i am doing to try and remove Dres.. any insight wold be helpful Space_Coyote
  11. Now we are in 1.7.3 and I bet it still works.. or no? Space_Coyote
  12. I had a question about customizing your asolar system without crashing tthe Kopwernicus mod.. For example If you wanted to remove a planet like Say "Dres" and you wanted it not in your solar system.. how woul dyou do it..(If it is at all posssible? I mean what lines of code would you wanted to remove if you want to even add a planet.. I'm just scurrilous as up to 1.72 you could do this so easy.. but now? Hard to say.. So .. how do you edit a solar system? any ideas? Thanks (Oh and yes i upgraded to 1.7.2 since 1.7.2 didn't have a backport. Space_Coyote
  13. Well this is a pleasnat surprise that I will download but I wanted to make a comment here As yo know most people I think like the USI Kolonization mod suits and in fact there probably could be a way to take the stock code of those suits and thrun them into add ones for this mod.. if you want to see what I am talking about here is the Link right here Anyway just a thought Space _Coyote Additional note for the USI thogh I think the Pilot colors should be Orange and the Medic colors should be red..(After all that's what the colors should be shouldn't they?
  14. Noted: Tested the pods without enhanced and it works, so removed the mod and saved me a lot of frustration in the future (Thank you). Space_Coyote
  15. Okay just did a quick test with the new (2.8.4) Mechjeb and a mod called MechJeb2Embbeded1.4+For KSP 1.2 and earlier and it seems this mod surprisingly works with the new Mechjeb in 1.7.2 So yeah this is definitely a plus for those who want to automate their pods.. (it's rurpsing ti's still works after all this time!) Space_Coyote