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  1. I'm curious (and rather puzzled ) by the fact that I am first off using 1.81 an in fact I even have the latest Kerbal Konstructs ( and it's rfunny that none of the pads are opening..or are open i nsand box mode. I mean I've tried opening them though the base manager and they won't even open.. I'm hoping that this will be fixe din an upcoming verison of tTundra Space Center.. anyway will stick with 1.7.3 until it happens. Space_cOYOTE
  2. Yep and if that is the case it would never work as the two would clash with each other... and in fact this is wher ethe incompatibility lies.. just saying Cause if you try to introduce one type of coding which uses one mehtod with another the conflict would cause more crashes than a fog covered freeway. Which then brings up an interesting point.. since we have Eve.. what about.. weather? I mean thunderstorms and stuff like Hurricanes and even tornadoes.. I'm thinking it can't due to the fact of the same thing.. After all there are other games out there that use the Untiy game engine.. but because of there imcompatbilites you won't see this stuff happening.. Space_Coyote
  3. I think I know which line you are refering to and this is in teh config (.cfg) folder.. it's this line: ],#CrewCapacity[>0]],AFTER[TacLifeSupport] so You change it so it reads #CrewCapacity[>0]]FOR[TacZLifeSupportAfter] if I am reading you correctly on this. Space_Coyote
  4. It's rather interesting to point out that yo have a good point here as both US2 and KSP both use Unity. However i think it might be that the two are incompatible because of the fact that it could be that these two games have two different versions of the same game engine. either that or the coding is somehow different.. tha's the curious thing.. You would think that you could port one game to another if they ar ethe same game engine which they are.. yet you don't see it happening.. without a mod called Kopericus.. so yeah this is indeed a puzzle to ask and answer. Space_Coyote that's
  5. If you deploy the chute too early, then you become is K-F-C Fried Kerbal.l (You walked (or rather flew) into that one!)
  6. Well , if no one had tried it, and you want to I feel go ahead, just be sure to send a log file to the dev so they can look at it and report it. (or if you want, I might be the test subject.. sign me up ocach! I'm going in!) Space_Coyote
  7. Going to test Hyperedit with 1.8.1 and see if it wworks will edit this post if it does.. or if it doesn't.. Edit 1: Okay so far no errors to speak of will let you know if we got full functionality next.. Edit 2: Works no problems Space_Coyote
  8. Well that's the issue.. I tried using the VAB KK tab and opened the launch site selector and I went to select TLC 39 and when I clicked "Open" nothing happened.. Same for the rest of the launch sites as well.. which means that something isn't interfacing with either the launchpads themselves and thus they are not allowing me to open them or something has changed in the KK which has changed this.. I fyou guys want, I can show you what I did and you'll all get the same results.. 1 Went to VAB 2. Opened the KK Button 3 Went to the launch site selector went down to the tab Marked TLC 39 4. then went to the open button on top clicked it, and .. nothing. And this is where the issue lies as Either KK or the actual launch padds are not "Talking to one another" Space_Coyote
  9. Houston we have a problem It seems that with the 1.8,.1 update (and the recent update we with Kerbal Konstructs the launchpads that come with this mod somehow broke. They are not showing up in the launching site options nor when you go to them they are highlighted in Red.. I'm figuring it has something to do with the new coding with Unity or something but I cant put my finger on it, at least not yet. will have to investigate further.
  10. Some times by hunting the clues down you come to a solid conclusion on what to fix.
  11. I've done a bit more digging on the 4 errors I have got and 2 of them are in the USILS Patch and the other 2 are in the MKS-Extra's patch.. so @Nertea I think the errors like in the patches with the Centrifuges (and @Idleness from waht the patches look like one has to deal with the 1.25 M centriguge and the other with the 2.4 (I believe tha is the Coriolis one, but i could be wrong.. but that's what my thoughts on all of this is.. it's the Inflatable centrifuges that might be the issue here. Just my thoughts Space_Coyote
  12. One of the issues I have found is tht if you incorporate it into a station or a rather large flight vessel the 2.5 m unit tends to wobble a little . whether this is due to the flight dynamics or the lace of strutting is uncertain.. will test further. Space_Coyote
  13. And.... This is why I do manual installs of all the mods... BTW for those who think this mod is broken.. well, it's not.. works like a charm in 1.81. Space_Coyote
  14. There is one.. Crew manifest.. but ti too is out of date and eithr one or the other or both need to be brought up to date.. @linuxgurugamer, I think your services are needed..