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  1. Space_Coyote

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    Now all we need is a way to render roads and cities and this game could literally come alive.. But hey at least I do give a dam about this new model.. might get rid of the Tundra Space Center in ordder to bring back KSR into 1.5.1 Space_Coyote
  2. It seems that There is a small bug that I found in the Konstruction cection it involcves something about "This part is the root part" I was trying to dock a seciton of my station together and when I went to "Compress parts" This stated that this is the root part and the pieces did not compress to lock into place.. I'm just curious as to why this is happening Any ideas Space_Coyote
  3. Space_Coyote

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I figured it out, seems the issue is with the Community Category kits and the Community resource pack (as I had used the latest. Reinstalled the USI LS with their life supports (No over writes and this swoks.. So note to self don't use the lates CRP CCK that is offered as it seems not to work.. yet.. Space Coyote
  4. Space_Coyote

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Is it me or has anyone else had this problem with the update? I've installed USI-LS correctly and I noticed in my list that there are only three parts .. all of them the green houses. There are no canisters to hold supply mulch or anything like that. and not even the single supply packs that you can attach to the side of a vessel. I'm just wondering what is up with aht.. or how it can be ramified. to work. and yes i am planning to use Extraplanetary launch pads 6.5 and Planetary base system (latest version as well and not even their parts are showing u.. So what is the problem here? is this just a half completed USI -LS or is it something else? Space_Coyote
  5. Well everyone knows about LC 39 A and LC 39B, but do you know of LC 39C? This one is a new pad the added at the Kennedy Space Center this last July and it will be used for smaller rocket launches.. Her's a Video of this event and what it looks like Well there's a new Project for you.. seenms forlks gotta keep up with tthe times And speaking of which I can see if I can dig up other launch sites from aorund the world and maybe these too can be laced on Kerin.. Just a thought Space _Coyote
  6. Space_Coyote

    [1.6.x] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (Jan 17)

    Well time to go back to work building stations for Elon n Musk. Space_Coyote
  7. I can confirm this as I too use this Mod a lot. Everything that is stated is true. including the change neame feature. Since I don't use CLS the stock transfers work perfect and of course the pesky "You're using 1.6 and it's designed for (Whatever version this is for) is also true. SO I think it's time for a recompile here to bring it up to 1.6.1 standards and also we need to girue out why the Kerbal name change feature is acting the way it is.. Just my thoughts Space_Coyote
  8. Space_Coyote

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well for those who wondered how the Falcon 9 First Stage went from an uncontrolled spin to a nearly perfect splashdown (and yes, I would call this a splashdown of sorts as I hae done this a few times in Kerbal , the video Elon Musck released shows the entire thing.. Too bad we didn't get to see the splash down.. Until Now Now where the original video cuts out the actual vehicle was in fact going trans sonic when the feed cut out, so in a manner of speaking this evhicle was a 16 story tall telephone pole hurtling towards the ground at about 3230 meters pers econd (or 11 km /h or 640-700 MPH. yet as it got into teh thicker parts of the atmosphere the spinning decreases and in the end the spin was almost neutralized by the face that the air friction and drag helped slow it down.. In the end the computers knew what to do, and in the end instead of an earth shattering kaboom we get a nice soft sqishy spalash.. Shows really how reliable the craft is without a pilot or SAS on board . Not even Mechjeb can pull off a ggeat like this Space _Coyote
  9. Space_Coyote

    Black Friday!

    No No, the Cabbage Patch Dolls are the real joke here, cause they started this whole Black Friday mess off.. Or have you ever seen, the Black Friday Cabbage Patch doll Riots? Now that, that is black Friday and ever since we've been like this in America.. But here in Russia comrade, we believe in this Exploding rockets Now that is more like Kerbal Black Friday. Space_Coyote
  10. Testing in 1.51 atm, it appears it might work too. But I will give an update if it does. UPDATE: Apparently it works here too. UPDATE : After testing some of the functionality here's what It can and can not do. UPDATE 2: After testing this a bit further, here's what it can and can not do: Re-spawning a Kerbal that goes MIA or is killed? Yes that works however,Renaming a Kerbal? Nope doesn't work., also you can't change a career apparently. Just banging up the mod maker to speed on this one. Space_Coyote
  11. This is definitely a must have. and for good reason.. If you want to maneuver Kerbals around your space station or planetary bases, you need this mode to handle it quite well Also the renaming feature and the creation of new kerbals with new names is way more positive. So yeah this one needs to be upgraded to at least 1.5.1 in order to have the best time ever. Space_Coyote
  12. Space_Coyote

    [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    Go to page 207 of this thread and y90u can find them there. The poster you are looking for is located on taht page under the poster known as gc1ceo. Space_Coyote
  13. I would like to throw out a suggestion to Rover dude about the docking ports.. as I like them for the welding of space station parts.. Now some modders out there have station parts that are in the 3.75m mode and I noticed that there is no 3.75 meter weldable constuction part for a dockign port.. I was hoping that in the future that part would become avaiable .. also a 5 meter port might be an option as well Also why is it that the Konstruction ports are not even adjustable with Tweakscale I mean it would be perfect to make a ability to have the chance to use a couple of 23.75 parts together to get the desired effect.. Just a thought. Space_Coyote
  14. Space_Coyote

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    So wait.... "Constellation" is the New MKS or js t the old one upgraded to 1.5 with a few new bells and whistles? I'm kind of confused about "Constellation" Space_Coyote
  15. Space_Coyote

    [1.3.1] [TRR] Diverse Kerbal Heads v1.1 (11/05/2017)

    How would you install this mod into Texture Replacer (TR) instead of Texture Replacer replaced (TRR) ??? Space_Coyote