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  1. If I could make a suggestion and this deal with probe core re-textures... I was wondering if it is at all possible for the probe core to put a little "Arrow" or something like they do on Decouplers ) to show you the way the probe core is facing.. in short the probe core should be facing up on that the rocket (if it uses Mechjeb will act Properly.. Else we might get this happening a lot without that mark.. So a tiny little arrow or something to show us "Which way is up" on the probe core would be nice. Space_Coyote
  2. Try the SpaceDock One and go to the Change log tab in the page and then go down to the 1.81 verison which woul dbe version previous to this one.. (at least I think there has been no updates.. No speaking of updates and what not, here's a good suggestion to the Dev, and I'd Like To propose it..1.3 Remember a set of Hubs called "Ginger Corp Stock Alike station hubs " for 1.3? I think if these were updated for the sttion Sock redux pack and released they would basically make a nice addition to thoase who want like a six way hub.. Any thoughts on this one? Space__Coyote
  3. The 3rd Most famous line in the Apollow Program was in fact on Apollow 12.. The first of course was "The one small step for man " line With Apollo 11 The 2nd was "Houston, we have a problem." With Apollo 13 But perhaps the line form this one was "Flight, ECON, tell them to take the SEC To Aux" It's this one line uttered by ECON controller John Aaron that took thie from an Apollo 13 style event to an Apollo 11 style event.. Even Pete Contrad laughed his way to orbit on this one. Space_Coyote
  4. For the Mechjeb and engineer for all might want to try this link the latest version they have is 1.5 for version 1.722.. but it could be upgraded to the latest version (I've tried it and apparently it still works.. amazingly) Space_Coyote
  5. Quick question.. back in the older 1.8.1 verison the mod allowed you to actually turn all the pods to mechjec usable pods.. I was wondering if the code has changed or not.. and if not what is the code ot make it all work again? Space_Coyote
  6. Well it could be as something as simple as a recompile to solve the issue. after all this is 1.9 you know.. not 1.8.1. But if it works then it's just tht simple. Space_Coyote
  7. Aaaaannnnnddddd... here we go again Just as the Kopernicus Developerss get the 1.81 version going, here comes 1.90.. sigh.. can't the folks at Private division give us gamers a few weeks rest and especially the mod makers.. it seems we just got 1.8.1 in and working and here we go again.. hopefully 1.9 won't be a back breaker for you mod makers out there.. Like 1.8 was.. Ah well back to the Drawing board Werner.. Space_Coyote
  8. Right and that is what i am trying to figure out I believe it is this @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { !Body[Dres]{} } Now let's dee if I am righ tor now.. (After all I think a lot of times, Dres just isn't a plant (or rather an asteroid) worth exploring! Space_Coyote
  9. Well I'm back and I'm scanning al lot of threads where I asked about a simple question and that is removing dres... As I recall the format for removing a planet is this, (and hope i did it right as I did save it as a .cfg file) but the syntax is this !Body[Dres]{} Or is it? @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { !Body[Dres]{} } And yes i saved this in a folder called --Ppatches-- and the file name is Planet NoDres.cfg So hopefully someone can tell me if I got this right nor not.. Space_Coyote
  10. @JadeOfMaar See what a little good common sense advice form a guy who used to live near KSC (IRL) gets you? The thread of the month, Good job Space_Coyote
  11. I have an intersting question.. and this involcves other structures.. How easy or hard would it be to add in say a navigational beacon like a lighthouse style building into KK? I mean if you want an example of what i am refering to, just do a look for Cape Canaveral Lighthouse.. or better yet here's a ep series of pictures of said lighthouse. Just a thought Space_Coyote
  12. And now, the news: Kerbal Newscaster: "No Kerbals were lost during this flight.. and what is were the kerbals response ?" Jebidian: "Now that is an E-ticket Ride!" Bill: Kerman "WHEE!EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bob:Kerman "Uh, Is this thing safe? .. Yeah, Guess it is!!!! (Chuckles) Gene Kerman: Pak it in boys, we're back in business! Elon Kerman: "See told you the Game would say it would work... and it did!" Me: "Oooooh pretty explosion, Rocket Go BOOMSKI! and look it lloks fine to me YAAAAAYYYY!" Space_Coyote
  13. Am I doing something wrong? I just downloaded the new 1.1 version deleted the old version, and in fact wiped the cache on my module manager as well Restarted the game and the harbor is sitll in the 1.0 position and not the new 1.1 position , that plus the roads don't show up.. Any thoughts as to why this would happen? Space_Coyote
  14. And here's the final piece of the puzzle for this project.. Namely.. this Yep.. it's a lighthouse.. (and yes guys this is the one that is located at guess where, yep Cape Canaveral) Space_Coyote
  15. Well if you check the thrad I start in the Add on discussions thread I came up with a proposed base complete with roads and a 2nd run way not to mention a harbor and a light house.. And yes Please give me feed back.. But here's the propsal..