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  1. 1.11? Well.... If you want my opinion on what should be done, I personally think we don't need another expansion to tie the game into another space company.. Instead 1.11 should be more about "Quality of life" updates.." and whhere's a couple of good examples.. First off I'll be honest if you look at the mod pages there's a wide swing betgween some of the modders like Linux Guru Gamer who can keep up with the updates every time a new one is released and some who don't update for weeks/months till after an upate has come out.. Guys like Kerbal Konstructs and Environmental VVisual Enhancements are couple of good examples, and others that go back prior to 1.8.0 To be honest, it would be nice to see something called 1.11 "Weather or not" and this one would be more about environmental visual enhancements like Clouds and updates like that .. after all that would be one option.. Another would be an idea called "Expand the universe" which would help out the guys like Kopernicus and the planet builders a lot.. I think these two areas the environmental ones for Kerbin and planet/Universe building is overlooked.. Because every time the game gets an update some of the gamers fall further and further behind the curve until they just finally give up and in some cases if they don't leave an opening to let someone to readopt the mod the mod falls by the wayside and disappears only to show up a few years later when someone discovers it then tries to revive it only to fail.. I think it's not about the modders not being able to program it's just that now that these updates are coming in every six months or so, it seems more and more modders are falling behind, and by the time the modders do finally get around to getting their mods updated the next Update has come out and has made the game mod obsolte again. and for the gamerr who loves mods like myself this can be rather frustrating having to wait up to six months and then when the next new update hits, you're behind the curve again.. So yeah I think it's time for some folks to either start learning to keep up with the curve or abandon projects and if you think I'm kidding just go take a look at the mudding section of the forums and you'll get an idea of what is going on.. So yeah this is what 1.11 should be about updating the Kerbin environment with Clouds being allowed to mod the Universe to our own likings or maybe come up with an idea to start creating worlds outside the Kerbin system or giving the players enough time who do mod to bring the mods up to speed (with KSP 2 due out later next year or so), it's amazing that these features haven't been included and each time the unity game engine updates it seems that somebody are falling more and more by the way side as the mudding community is gettnig more and more frustrated at being able to keep up.. So yeah that's where 1.11 should go.. to address these issues and to help the mudding community along.. not to hinder them and to let palyers go back to the good old days when you didn'thave to wait too long to get a mod update.. or incorporate it into the game.. Look at what they've done in the last couple of updates and you'll get an idea.. In fact why not call 1.11 the "It's a mod mod mod world update (a play on worlds of a famous comedy movie..) after all itf things don't star changing soon mor ena dmore modders will fall by the way side and slowly the mudding community will fall apart faster than a poorly built rocket designed by Bob Kerman So that's just my thoughts on the matter, I'd like to hear some feedback o this.. Space_Coyote P.S. I am still a fan of SPaceX don't get me worng but I think eveyrtime a space company gets involvedf the modders get left further and further in the dust.. and some of these mods are rather important to help build the game not destroy it.
  2. Well back to building Space Stations . Space_Coyote
  3. Long story short, if you keep bugging the Developer about when this next version is going to come out, expect a 1 day delay as he has to stop and answer all your silly questions.. Now, back to the regularly scheduled conversation Space_Coyote
  4. And has this been tested in 1.10? (Since I fond that it works in 1.9 and 1.9.1) Space_Coyote
  5. I had a question about the Comets and if they are already turned on or if not , how do you turn them on especially in Sandbox mode? Any Ideas? Space_Coyote
  6. Now if we could only make each kerbal' face unique that would be fun to see
  7. Well it seems the virus can jump between humans and animals now.. Case in Point, from the Bronx Zoo. One of the tigers in the Bronx zoo got tested Positive to COVID-19 The reason I say this now is because of the fact that if it can be transmitted to other animals , then this world might lose a few species of animals if it gets into the endangered animals.. So yeah, way to go Humans, we're now wipping out sentire speicies of Animals.. Space_Coyote
  8. If I could make a suggestion and this deal with probe core re-textures... I was wondering if it is at all possible for the probe core to put a little "Arrow" or something like they do on Decouplers ) to show you the way the probe core is facing.. in short the probe core should be facing up on that the rocket (if it uses Mechjeb will act Properly.. Else we might get this happening a lot without that mark.. So a tiny little arrow or something to show us "Which way is up" on the probe core would be nice. Space_Coyote
  9. Try the SpaceDock One and go to the Change log tab in the page and then go down to the 1.81 verison which woul dbe version previous to this one.. (at least I think there has been no updates.. No speaking of updates and what not, here's a good suggestion to the Dev, and I'd Like To propose it..1.3 Remember a set of Hubs called "Ginger Corp Stock Alike station hubs " for 1.3? I think if these were updated for the sttion Sock redux pack and released they would basically make a nice addition to thoase who want like a six way hub.. Any thoughts on this one? Space__Coyote
  10. The 3rd Most famous line in the Apollow Program was in fact on Apollow 12.. The first of course was "The one small step for man " line With Apollo 11 The 2nd was "Houston, we have a problem." With Apollo 13 But perhaps the line form this one was "Flight, ECON, tell them to take the SEC To Aux" It's this one line uttered by ECON controller John Aaron that took thie from an Apollo 13 style event to an Apollo 11 style event.. Even Pete Contrad laughed his way to orbit on this one. Space_Coyote
  11. For the Mechjeb and engineer for all might want to try this link the latest version they have is 1.5 for version 1.722.. but it could be upgraded to the latest version (I've tried it and apparently it still works.. amazingly) Space_Coyote
  12. Quick question.. back in the older 1.8.1 verison the mod allowed you to actually turn all the pods to mechjec usable pods.. I was wondering if the code has changed or not.. and if not what is the code ot make it all work again? Space_Coyote
  13. Well it could be as something as simple as a recompile to solve the issue. after all this is 1.9 you know.. not 1.8.1. But if it works then it's just tht simple. Space_Coyote
  14. Aaaaannnnnddddd... here we go again Just as the Kopernicus Developerss get the 1.81 version going, here comes 1.90.. sigh.. can't the folks at Private division give us gamers a few weeks rest and especially the mod makers.. it seems we just got 1.8.1 in and working and here we go again.. hopefully 1.9 won't be a back breaker for you mod makers out there.. Like 1.8 was.. Ah well back to the Drawing board Werner.. Space_Coyote
  15. Right and that is what i am trying to figure out I believe it is this @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { !Body[Dres]{} } Now let's dee if I am righ tor now.. (After all I think a lot of times, Dres just isn't a plant (or rather an asteroid) worth exploring! Space_Coyote