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  1. Th hard part is done.. Thought I'd nevrrer see this happen again in my life time.. But.. BOOYAH! We're back in Business! Space _Coyote
  2. To quote a famous Kerbal: Jedidiah Kerman: "You will not go to space today, Blue Origin." But it took 23 times before this did happen.. which is kind of impressive for an upstart company like Blue Origin. I mean how many failure has another company had before its' rockets failed? But when you have 22 perfect (or near perfect) flights and you finally get a failure, the real question is.. "How far will this set you back?" It's hard to say in the case of Blue Origin.. But I'm guessing at least a year maybe? But then this is the tenacity of privatized space flight.. You trip, you fall, you pick yourself up again and you keep going... Space_Coyote
  3. I'm curious on why NF Construction hasn't been updated for 1.12.3. I was thinking the issue here is the fact that they had that bug dealing with Docking ports and the "Drift" they had in 1.12.1 and 1.12.2. But I'm just curious as to why this one has not been updated. Just asking. Space_Coyote
  4. Well after seeing the teaser for "Lightyear", I have to say this and this is for the upcoming KSP 2 that is also coming out (Hoepfully) in 2022. But do you know what we need? Buzz's test ship in the trailer as a model to be put into KSP2. No joke.. Complete with "Warp / Hype-rspeed" Technologies (Crystolic Fusion anyone?) included. Anyone want to build something like that for KSP 1 as well. Cause I know a certain "LGM" by the name of Jedediah Kerman who wants to try that ship out! I mean I'd love to see what we as engineeres (the LGM's as it were), could come up with in order to make a faster than light ship.. After all we do have the mod technologies so why not make it happen? Seems only fair enoough to go to Infinity.. and Beyond! (I just had to say that). Space_Coyote
  5. I tend to agree wit the observation given and in fact it would be back to lose a lot of "Probe Cores" of different sizes from 3.5 to 7.5 meters wide (I use a 3.5 one to do a controlled re-entry of the 2nd stage of an old rocket I still am upgrading constantly , so losing those cores because of the fact that someone just left, would be a real heart break.. which then brings up an intersting question for the upcoming KSP 2 and the modding community. And that is of ocurse, are some of these modders going to continue or give up and let their mods die? There's plenty of good mods out there, the only issue is that some go back as far as 1.3.x and some could be re-instated. But I guess to each modder his own. that's what makes KSP great.. the ability to go in and improve on a product.. and in the case of SpaceY Lifters and it's add-on, it is worth the effort. Space_Coyote
  6. It's funny that @NecroBones hasn't done a major update (or even a mior one to this mod, since 1.4.x and I've hardly seen him comment about any plans for updating this to our final release (1.12.2), and in fact I was wondering if anyone has tried to contact him in order to extend the "Shelf life' of this mode and the Spacey Heavy Lifter add-on. I mean it's kind of odd to have a mod last for so long, nad not needing an update due to some update of KSP "Breaking" the mod" so to speak. So has anyone tried to talk to him in order to extend the "Shelf" life of the SpaceY series? Anyone? Space_Coyote
  7. Well if I can make a suggestion, how about moving the water launch site start points from it's current location to the bay to the north side of KSP After all I do have a valid arguement here , and this is really more a bit of logic than anything else.. Ever see a rocket explode? Like this one? The simple logic here is really nothing more than Safety (and wince we have KSP 2 coming and we'll have Multi player modes, This is good practice to put a water launch site in a safe and secure location rather than having flaming debris falling onto your boating Kerbals heads.. It's just simple common sense.. After all sometimes to convince a person is to actually show what the issue is.. (and provide a good argument here), and thus there's my argument. Safety concerns that's all. Besides at that location you still have access to the open ocean.. much like Cape Canaveral harbor has in Real life.. So there is the argument, I'd like to see a logical rebuttal here. Space_Coyote
  8. Hello, Space Coyote here, I've been a bit of a Kopernicus fan and I know that there used to be a way to remove certain planets so you could make you Solar System look different as I recall the old coding (pre-1.12.x) the code looks a bit like this: @Kopernicus:BEFORE[Kopernicus] { !Body[Name of Planet] {} } for exampel here's this code as I rememeber if if I remove say Dres @Kopernicus:BEFORE[Kopernicus] { !Body[Dres] {} } I'm just wondering if the coding is correct or not. Because in 1.12.x (1.12.2) the code I use seems to not work Is there something I am doing wrong or am I misspelling something? Any ideas? Space_Coyote
  9. With Flight Tracker being updated (as of 12 August, 2021,) is Earn your Stripes now 1.12.2 compatible? If so then expect a download... Space_Coyote
  10. Well, I am having other issues and this involves the docking ports (Most notably the Clamp-o-tron Port Sr. Now when I create a station I use Clamp-otrons on all points include the seciton that is connected to the until that helps get the station part into orbi.. Now then, I get to the station and try to stick this part onto another part where another part also has had a booster attached to it.. Now these two parts should be able to be welded togather and I've tried both the compress parts as well as the Multi-weld with no suck luck.. Also what does the "Reset Acquire do. Hat I'm wondering is really how to put parts onto a station so that you have one long line.. (Apparently It seems either the parts are bugged/Broken or something is up as I can't attach a part to the back end of a station. It's getting rather fustrating as it seems that there's a bug somewhere ein the coding.. but what it is.. I haven't the clue.. Maybe @RoverDude Can enlighten us all on how to work around this issue.. Space_Coyote
  11. I'm having an isue with the "Konstruction" part of the mod and this involves weldable docking ports.. The Problem: I'm buidling a space station and I get two arts docke now one of the joints is a primary joint where the booster to the station was in fact moved away and thus freed up the port , now I want to bring in a new part (Say an extention to expand the station), and in fact now I dock and want to compress weld and... 'Nothing" no weld no smoky poof or whatever.. Okay posible misalighnment maybe? So I try to undock the part to try again and surprise! It won't undock either.. So what now/ how can I unock the part and then redock it if th edocking port won't let go..(This seems to be an issue with every version I've played with ince this mod has come out.. Also now with the fack that we have "Some assemby required" Wouldn't be be easier for a kerbal with a welding tool go out and start welding in order to remove the locked welds (thus weling it into place.. Might be something to look into when it comes with the Konstruction Side of the mod.. Space_Coyote
  12. And if I don't mind asking , which "Dependencies" should I be looking for?" After all I went front to back on this thread to look for them. and I could find none . So if it is at all possible , could someone please pointme to said "Dependencies" and I will be more than Glad to install them Space_Coyote
  13. I just installed this into 1.11.2 and apparently the parts that are in the set are now reverting to a basic PPD_10 type with extneded node point. So I'm starting to wonder if 1.11.x has broken something with the mod. Which is kin of odd, considering tha bird worked all the way up to 1.10.x. Any ideas as to why? Space_Coyote
  14. As long as we don't have P.A.P.P. * I've liking this mod But what about LEMON? KIWI? TOMATO? but please no P.A.P.P. I just don't want this song running though my head again! Space_Coyote
  15. I'm just curious if Restock and Restock + work in 1.11.2 or not.. simple quetion. Space_Coyote
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