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  1. Bob: Is it a little hot inside this habitation unit? or is it me? Okay while I like the Models there is one issue I have found, and that is if you hit Function Key 11 ( F11) to show off the Thermal image of any of the units.. They're a tad too warm..(The outsides are glowing red hot and even with Radiators on, I can't seem to get the temperatures down to an Acceptable level if The Kerbals Is this just an issue with the parts coding Or is the outside supposed to be hot? (After all Cross Compare this to the PPD-10 Hitchhikers pod and you can see what I am talking bout. Space_Coyote
  2. Jeb: yeah thatso new station parts are cool Bill: yah at least you can now expanding the station if you want.. Look at all the science areas I have now! Bill: Though, it would be nice if we had somewhere to sleep, and well, to do our business Bob: There's still one thing missing thugh, and that is a place werhe we can nap out.. or sleep, or "Do our business..." Jeb: "Do our business?" Bob: yeah I mean don't you wish you could get into that nice Shower closet we have here on Kerbin and shower off after a nice long day after an EVA? After all I doubt the Kerin Space Agency wants to pay for our smelly suits to have them dry cleaned.. Bill: Yeah I'm on par with that Bob>, After all I hate sitting in that PPD 10 pod and I cant lay down.. I mean Look at those boys at CX Aerospace, They got the Right idea.. Bob: yeah, and let's not forget those fellows from the Eastern Kerbal Union, what was that one Contractor? Dum Bum Industries? Bill: yeah those ar ethe gus.. They have such Roomie Sleeping quarters, and well all those nice amenities.. *Jeb Begins to think..* "Maybe.. It's time to up the ante, and get some of those things into our space program Bill and Bob nod their heads in agreement.. (Yep that's all those stock alikes need some playce to go sleep and maybe a small interior which has some sort of Shower closet (Just do a search for ISS Bathroom and you'll see what I mean. Space_Coyote
  3. [1.3] NASA CountDown Clock Updated

    Now here's a hypothetical question dealing with the countdown clock and Mechjeb regarding "Timed" launches" (For example in order to meet up with a space station or a luanch window. to say another planet (Say DUna For example) Would it be hypothetically easy or hard t do something like that? Just a thought Space_Coyote
  4. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.1

    I had a couple of questions about "Skyboxes" (Most notably the location on wher eyou place them and also if there are any out there that I can use.. Now that the whole of TRR has occurred the real question is that you put it in Default? O in EnvMAP? and also were there any thing else that needed to be done.. after all I'm trying to figure out how to replace the deault Skybox with one of the more spectacular night skies. Any ideas?
  5. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    Houston, Go for Command Pod
  6. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    Here's my thoughts on this.. and here we go.. It's Mojang's Minecraft gettting bought out by Microsoft all over again.. But I do remain optimistic, provided we are not being forced to pay money for new DLC.. Also I'm optimistic if modders are still allowed (That's what happened with JMojang and the Minecraft Community is happy.. Now a word of Advice to you guys at Take Two Interactive.. and I'm going to do this as Gene Krantz..(Cap com of Apollo 13) (Gene Krantz Voice Monologue) Please by all means listen to what I just commented.. and remember what I said inwhen Apollo 13 occurred.. "Failure is NOT an option.." So no mess ups, no screwups, and let the devs be able to create the interesting and fascinating content.. Else when KSP 2 comes out, I won't buy.. Also Take-Two, maybe you need some fresh Game desv in there to help, some of the folks at the community are biting at the bit to get a crack to make this game a lot better.. and I mean.. A LOT better.. Now.. Do I make myself clear? No? Then read the laast 15 pages of comments before this one, and rmember The Customer is the bottom line..and they're always right, even when they are wrong.. Oh and one more thing.. Try to listen to us, some of us have good ideas, and in fact I'm one of those.. Carry on... (End Gene Krantz Voice Monologue) Space_Coyote
  7. I may have found an error when you are running and in fact this involves the Crew Roster Page.. I'll try and get a screen shot but I'm trying to find the file for the logs (But since I saved the log once I find it, then I'll send it.. The Issue is where the Crew Roster is a bit truncated and in fact you only get "Half the screeen (Also I am running this in Windowwed mode, and not full screen. (And if someone can tell me where to find the log, I'll send it.. (and yes, I did turn the debug/Errro logging on Space Coyote
  8. [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    Well after installing thismod, and the latest version of Kerbal konstructs (V 0.9.95 Soon to be 0.9.96) the issue I have noticed is a decrease in frame rate and I might have figured th s one out, it seems to be an issue of "Draw distance" (let me explain). Draw Distance is the point where an oobject, like a building or a launchsite, in this case) fcan, be seen..if it is seen, the the computer tends to draw itin, thus causing a decrease in frame rate.. It seems that when I tested thi sout further , if the draw distance (which can be modfified in KK) can be changed to say 70 or so KM) then the frame rates go up..(I noticed this becauwse I always tend to place a station at 201 Km above kerbin.. Therefor maybe the Kerbinside mode might have to be taken a look at for Draw distance issues.. Just my thoughts Space_Coyote.
  9. So since I am using Just three Mods (MKS, Life support an Konstruction the order is shown up above.. in that specific order. Okay not too hard to do as I do have the latest Up to date files currently) Anyway Thanks for the help. Space_Coyote
  10. Okay I have a question, and maybe the mod dev can answer this.. But everytime I use Umbra Space Industries Kolonization, Konstuction, and Life Support, I always seem to have issues. and it gets wrose when There's an Update for USI Tools I'm just wondering what is the correct way to install these m mods? I mean, what is the correct way to install these mods in Order? Should it be The Tools first, then the colornization then the Konstruction, or is there any particular order in General? Any insight would be helpful.. Space_Coyote
  11. Who needs a level runway anyway?

    Hello, I got a few editing question about editing terrain. and how you would go about importing it into the Unity Game engine (version 5.,6) I mean, is there a way to do this or is the mTerrain mesh hardcoded into the game and can not be edited? I mean is there a way to edit terrain if you wanted to say edit in roads? I'm just curious as I've been fascinated by this game and have wanted to build some sort of infrastructure system. I mean iis it possible to do this and if so, how? Space_Coyote
  12. MechJeb Embedded Universal

    HEre's a question.. The "Ir's Free Version" is used for The Science Mode of the game Right? And I know that the Career Mode is such.. But then the real question is.. Is there soine for Sandbox mode and can we incorporate it into all pods (including the Seats?) (I Know it sounds liuke a stupid question, but I just had to ask to see what ths is all about.)
  13. [1.3.1] Kerbal Konstructs - 1.3.1 - 07.10.2017

    I was curious as to why in KK there's no real Rotate Function for an item (or is there? I'm still rather new to stuff like this and was wondering how you could Rotate an item in order for it to blend in with the Terrain (I've been fiddling around with Kerbin Cities City block and if there were a way to rotate an item then it would be easier to blend the Object with the scenery. Just my thoughts. Space_Coyote
  14. Kerbal Cities Pack

    Sorry for the double post but I thought of an idea just now, and it involves Road building and of course Splines.. (I'm not a modeler but rather a gamer who thinks kind of outside the box here) But wouldn't it be easier to actually use the tools to create roads using Splines rather than "Physical models?" (Granted the idea for what is going on in the city pack, is great but we do need to look into the connecting roads (so that way we can build roads/Freeways to each city in the future. (And yes, I could actually look at the terrain and start planning out cities if folks want me to try.. Like I said I'm not a guy who can build models but place them down so that they can look fairly good. (But please get back to us on the idea using splines. It might be feasible to turn the city pack into a full blown Kerbin City development kit. Just my Thoughts Space_Coyote I think the devs here could look into this and get
  15. Kerbal Cities Pack

    Now, this is a mod that is sorely needed, but then I do have a couple of issues when I ran a test with this.. First, off the roads, while maintained gave me a bit of a headache when it comes to driving. Seems the road into Maryville was in fact too steep to lead into the town..(I know that there are tools there to sort of flatten the road, so that's the one thing (Though I personally would like to see things like interchanges and what not. (I'm just wondering what I could have t do to lower that one high bridge section down to a more reasonable level. (If this uses Kerbal Konstructs and there are tools to flatten the terrain a bit, then I'm all for it.. Roads are supposed to be like that, (and yes while some sections could be transition table, it shouldn't be too steep.) second, I was thinking about Road signs. Now, this was an improvement but then I think we need something like real roadsigns in this mod as well (and I bet there are ways to modfiy the exisiting road signs.. (This was a bit of a plus, as if you have the right to do this. Third... Well considering that Kerbal Space Center and Kerbin side work hand in hand, it would be I feel okay to ove the Kampus of the Kerbinside Mod, say to the outskirts of Marys ville (Provided AlphaAsh will giv eyou his blessing. I mean the position is nice and the city is, in fact, worth its work. I'm hoping to see more updates to this mod in the future.. (And yes the KK Destructibility should be on, or implemented, after all it would be fun to have mock battles and wars I feel..) Anyway, Keep up the excellent work.. (Also here's an idea, you got a bad right next to KSC, why not put a city there and in fact put in a harbor (Complete with Docks and ports.. Just a thought). Space_Coyote