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  1. Jeb and co have decided to take an early retirement from the space program and take up fishing! Download https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KerbalSports/releases https://spacedock.info/mod/3349/KerbalSports Source Code https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KerbalSports/releases License Kerbal Sports is licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. This is a continuation of KerbalSports by @nightingale, original thread here:
  2. Hey all, KSA IVA Upgrade was just released with a brand new IVA for the SOCK orbiter. Note this IVA depends on FreeIva. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/208598-ksa-iva-upgrade-adopted-mk1-stock-parts-bdb-apollo The IVA layout matches the real shuttle fairly closely, with some concessions to functionality and simplicity here and there.
  3. Version 1.6.5 is out, with brand new IVAs for the SOCK shuttle and the stock Mk2 Inline Cockpit! Notable Changes Added support for SOCK orbiter cockpit Added support for Mk2 Inline Cockpit Fixed some issues with Reviva and PCR Both new cockpits feature swivel seats and a dedicated docking interface.
  4. Yeah looks like @Gotmachinepushed an update to the .version file, which makes AVC etc think there's a new version available. Probably just committed the file by mistake.
  5. Ah gotcha. This does sound similar to the landing gear issue, where their lights don’t turn off when retracted.
  6. You can choose to just not install the BDB parts. Or else I would suggest making a backup of the bdb directory or zip file so that you can restore it in case the FreeIVA stuff messes something up. If you installed bdb through ckan then it will have already cached the zip and you can just reinstall it through ckan if you want to go back.
  7. Each light decides if it should cast shadows, and each mesh gets to decide if it should cast and/or receive shadows. It's certainly possible to write a mod that changes this behavior but it's probably outside the scope of KSPCF and it would be useful if you were more specific about what the problems are - because I've definitely seen part shadows cast from lights.
  8. FreeIva is now available as a prerelease. Please test it out and let me know about any issues! https://github.com/pizzaoverhead/FreeIva/releases/tag/ Dependencies ModuleManager is required. B9PartSwitch is recommended for passable variants of some of the stock parts. Reviva is recommended for even more passable variants of some stock and modded parts. RasterPropMonitor and ASET Consolidated Props are recommended for the stock inline docking ports. CommunityCategoryKit is recommended to see all FreeIVA-supported parts at once. You can also type "freeiva" into the stock search box, but may get some false positives. Notable Changes Added support for KNES Added preliminary support for Bluedog Design Bureau. Note this must be installed manually on top of your BDB install, replacing any files as necessary. Eventually this will be included in BDB itself. Added support for Mk3 Mini Expansion Added support for Starilex's mk1pod Needle IVA Added support for SABS IVAs Added support for ReStockPlus Added localization support (thanks to @tinygrox !) And thanks to all the translators! If you'd like to translate FreeIva into your language, please get in touch on discord. Bug Fixes Etc. Fixed m2x Angler seat config Added a bunch of missing textures Adjusted the restriction for unbuckling to support probe cores/ProbeControlRoom Fixed some visual issues with habtech docking ports Changed top hatch configuration for Artemis Construction Kit Orion pod: the docking port should now be attached to the parachute cover (should now work with the included craft file) Added passthrough support to Near Future Spacecraft's orbital engine Added EVA support to structural tubes. The 1.25m structural fuselage no longer has an IVA but you can EVA through it. Fixed some bugs where other internals would disappear on vessel changed events or switching kerbals Fixed planetside adapter part preventing opening hatches on the other side Added support for old mk2landerCan internals Prevent double-clicking on camera colliders when unbuckled Increased the acceleration threshold for orienting to the horizon when not landed
  9. Yeah, the IVA layouts that are in RPM are very, very old. Other people have made better IVAs and more interesting props, like DE_IVAExtension and ASET props. The OP of this thread explains a lot about what you're asking.
  10. Hey, yeah this is a known issue: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/RasterPropMonitor/issues/89 However the ASET MFDs work just fine - you seem to be using a very ancient IVA layout there. I'd suggest getting DE_IVAExtension (and its dependencies).
  11. I'm not sure I totally follow what you're saying about the hitchhiker pods....is it that if the pod wall moves past you, you don't get pushed by it? Yeah the domes are pretty janky because it's a weird mix of internal and external rendering. There's not a lot I can do.
  12. Yes, you can see the list of planned supported mods here: https://github.com/pizzaoverhead/FreeIva/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A"Mod+Support" Yes, as you can see here and on the OP of this thread, SOCK is supported.
  13. FWIW, I’ve seen the duplicated toolbar buttons occasionally on twitch plays KSP and I’m pretty sure it was related to people issuing scene switch commands without waiting for them to finish. That’s not exactly a situation that I would expect most people to even be able to do (but did I see that someone with this issue was using krpc?) but maybe there are other mods causing similar issues.
  14. You said “your speculations.” I hadn’t made any, so I assumed you were getting me confused with someone else. Sorry for the assumption :p
  15. I hadn’t posted in this discussion yet so I don’t know what you’re talking about.
  16. That wasn’t a bug report. It was speculation and assumptions.
  17. The new version just pushed also now has a transparent background by default.
  18. BDB is in progress. It'll probably actually get rolled into BDB itself since I had to make a lot of IVA shells from scratch. Tundra hasn't been started - you can track most of this stuff on github.
  19. Make sure to install NearFutureProps, and you'll probably want FreeIva too (shameless plug)
  20. Physics doesn't run on the GPU. What you're likely seeing is the GPU sitting around with nothing to do because the CPU is taking too long for the larger more complex vessels.
  21. Ah yes this has already been fixed in de_iva but I haven’t put out a release yet.
  22. Hi, please provide your ksp.log and player.log files.
  23. OK, that's around the time that I was working on RPM optimizations. If you could find the *first* RPM version where it broke, that could be helpful.
  24. Hm, someone who doesn't have the dlc wouldn't have the IVAs, so where do the models come from? Maybe it's just a replacement. In either case I opened an issue to look into it. The tubes between hatches are procedurally scaled, so without any code support whatever texture you make would be scaled to fit the correct length (usually squishing it a lot!). @Icecoverywas going to work on a system to procedurally generate the tube, its textures, and other stuff like lights and railings but I don't know where that has ended up. If you're decent at modeling/texturing, there are a LOT of models that could use some love in the FreeIva support for SSPX - all of the crew tubes and hubs of various sizes are just placeholders I made.
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