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  1. Strategia scratched my itch for proper progression honestly. Though some parts of the contracts I had planned would still be a nice addition. I can send you a link to the ones I finished if you are interested in looking it over.
  2. By default the mod comes with a cfg that mimics the base game. Several mods do check for Custom Barn Kit and apply changes if it is detected.
  3. I have frequently thought of reviving it in the last several months, but with Strategia and the improvements to stock contracts, I haven't seen quite the need for it as I did back in 1.0.x/1.1x @SirBriguy What is missing in contracts that you want? Have you tried using Strategia?
  4. Just wanted to say thank you for this mod. Between this and editor extensions, the editor is perfect!
  5. Hmm, ok so with this new version I haven't been able to reproduce the issue so far. Also, apparently KSP 1.2.1 moved the Output log file to under the user profile... Took me a while to find it. So if I have another crash I will include that.
  6. @allista I've experienced this issue as well. I'm unable to click on the scroll bar (not sure if you are supposed to?) but the main issue is that the scroll wheel on the mouse only works if you are hovering directly over text. If you are off to either side or in-between tank types, then it won't scroll at all.
  7. I have run across a crash to desktop bug. I'm not 100% sure it is your mod, but the crash stops when I remove your mod. Basically I made a large plane (370t), take off and once I hit a hair over 200m/s the game crashes. I had recently added Time Control so I tried removing that first and no more crashes. I do have a rather huge mod list, so it could simply be a incompatibility. Here is a zip file with two crash dumps and the ksp.log - I can't seem to find the output log anywhere.
  8. Nori

    [1.7] Hangar

    Yah! You've been busy!
  9. @allista AWESOME! Thanks for the update!
  10. I looked and all the contracts have a science reward of 25. Depending on your difficulty settings, the Mun would get 50 science for high orbit and 75 for low orbit. Which is indeed a lot. Personally I would say the science reward should be reduced to around 5. If you want I can make a pull request.
  11. Oh cool. Didn't know that they added that.