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  1. Oh my, sounds uh deadly. I'll have to play around then.
  2. Hey all, I just tried for the first time with this mod to land a spaceplane. I was testing a sub-orbital maneuver and was going about 2800m/s. Unfortunately, there was no way to bring it back down without it exploding from overheating. Most of the parts were Mk2 plane pieces and I tried many angles of attack... Anyway, I'm posting this because I'm wondering if either A) anyone has tips on this and B) do part max temps need to be raised in certain circumstances to reflect the higher orbital speeds or am I looking at this wrong?
  3. I have a rather large list of mods, but the main ones are the entire Near Future pack (including Atomics and Cryo), JSNQ, Allista's mods (Global construction and such). Also got deep freeze, KCT, Stockmining Expansion, ScanSAT and TacLS. JSNQ has this mod as a requirement and so I checked it out. All sounds great. Well I have been playing career and looked at the tech tree and was surprised to see everything still uses ore as the main resouce. You can get some resources that NFP uses from Atmo, but otherwise everything else uses Ore. I don't see parts to extract or use any other resources. Anyway, I am just wondering if there is any integration mods or something else I should be installing to fully utilize this. Thanks!
  4. So I've tried using trajectories to land close to KSC but currently I am always coming up very short with the standard settings. I've tried prograde and retrograde. If I put the red X over KSC I undershoot by a lot. This last time I put it about 170km past and I ended up landing about 80km short. I am using a 2.7x system and the atmo is at 85k. Is there something I should be doing differently?
  5. I was hoping this was the issue, but I checked two rockets and made sure the root was very near the top and they both show very off numbers. It seems to have something to do with the SRBs, it oddly gives them a extra 1k dv in the case of two rockets. Oh well, at least I know now.
  6. Huh, now that you point that out. Even in vacuum KSP is showing 5k dv whereas KER is showing 6.5k. That's a pretty huge difference. I wonder why it's so off. Though, in a weird way it makes me feel better. I'm not going crazy... Now that I think about it, I've been running into this this whole save. Trying to do escape trajectory contracts and I need 1500 more dv than I thought I'd need. Thanks for the responses and the help! I'm guessing the in flight HUD dv for KER is wrong too which explains some oddities.
  7. For this rocket I'd probably have to upload more than a single craft file. I have a extensive mod list and a few custom tweaks. In atmo it says 5700dv and in vacuum its 6496dv. I tweaked it abit since my post and my last test launch did in fact make a 90km orbit, but yeah.. I tried going 5 degrees tilt right away and kept leaning more and more and went straight horizontal when my AP hit about 80km. I suspect my not overly aerodynamic rocket combined with a irritating TWR range is at fault. I think I may be losing a lot of DV to drag. I would design differently, but... I don't have the parts. Maybe i should skip using the Hangar for this and try a fairing instead for the whole top. ~edit: what do you mean by "going ballistic"?
  8. I'm not sure if this is a bug in your mod @allista, a weird mod interaction, or something else. But I'm having some major slowdowns when I am working with ConfigurableContainer parts. Especially if I try to do symmetry. It more or less locks up for a 10+ seconds. The tank type I'm using is a Cryo for a cryo engine. If I use a cryo tank that doesn't use configurablecontainer there is no slowdown at all. One thing that gets spammed is: [LOG 20:53:14.224] [PartSet]: Failed to add Resource -1154601244 to Simulation PartSet:1246 as corresponding Part FL-T100 Fuel Tank-3420459039 SimulationResource was not found. Also had a bunch of these on loading a relatively simple craft (maybe 60 parts including a hanger): [WRN 20:47:24.051] [Part]: PartModule ModuleSwitchableTank at fuelTankSmall, index 3: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for ModuleSwitchableTank in other indices... I started trying to eliminate mods to see what the issue is, but I'm really not sure where to start. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lm5djbx3vk1bch0/Kerbal Space Program.zip?dl=0 In anycase, thank you for your mods! I always use all of yours when I play and I have fond memories of using Hangar to launch entire RT2 systems in one go.
  9. I might just suck at optimal DV for stuff... but just to check, is the DeltaV chart still accurate? In particular the one for ascent from Kerbin? It says 4900, but I have a launcher that has close to 6k (depending on atmo) and I'm a few hundred short. I've tried launching several times using different ascent profiles and while I have improved a bit, I'm still not at 4900 (or even close). Maybe I'm wasting a lot on drag?
  10. Really? Man I love career mode. I never play the other modes. Monetary concerns force me to be smarter and more creative with designs and makes me actually want to recover stages. Anyway, thanks for updating this. I just started using it a few days ago after being annoyed by being able to send a Kerbal to space with no science spent...
  11. Yeah that's what I'm trying. It seems to be working fine. Uh, well I have a 1.2.x install, but I don't know that I actually played it as I don't see a save game. Therefore I think 1.0.2(4?) was the last time I really played it. So 5ish years. Although I was looking through my KSP mod folder and I have the installer and all the mods I used for, 0.16, 0.17, 0.20, 0.21, 0.22, 0.23, 0.24, 0.25, 0.182, 0.191, 1.02, 1.04, 1.2.x... I wish I had saved my crafts and save files from all of that..
  12. I haven't played KSP in many years and I'm starting up again and sometimes I realize I forgot stuff, or mechanics have changed, etc... Anyway, I'm trying to build a early airplane and I have Wing Connector E. I want a wider wing then it gives, so I thought, well maybe I just turn it sideways, but if I do that half the wing clips into the next part. Is there a way to change where you attach the part from? I also have editor extensions which may or may not help.. I may just try and use the move gizmo to try and do this as I think I can make it work with that, but figured I'd ask for future reference.
  13. Ahh, yeah i have one of those for Near Future Aeronautics. Thanks!
  14. So, I have probably too many mods and one of them adds a button that is a picture of a helicopter. Clicking on it brings up flight operations and the settings gear has hover control setup. I have no idea what mod adds this. Anyone know?
  15. Strategia scratched my itch for proper progression honestly. Though some parts of the contracts I had planned would still be a nice addition. I can send you a link to the ones I finished if you are interested in looking it over.
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