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  1. Things that they are doing for rendering aren't that heavy on GPU and Unity actually has decent rendering optimization. Focus on making sure you have a CPU that can handle the game. As previously discussed, they will probably be targeting gen 9 console performance as benchmark, so you should be aiming for something that at least matches Ryzen 7 3700X. And ideally, something a bit beefier if you are big on mods. That alone will probably be a big dent in your budget, especially with CPU prices being where they are. Waiting a bit might be wise if you can. Either way, probably don't buy a new grap
  2. Scattering can create smooth attenuation in spectrum. To a human eye, yes, this can cause the light color to change, but when we measure the red shift, we aren't looking at spectrum overall. We are looking at spectral lines, which are rather narrow gaps in spectrum due to absorption by various atoms in the star's atmosphere. Since it's a sharp gap, even if the overall spectrum is distorted, the gaps will still be quite identifiable, and their position cannot change due to scattering or absorption in interstellar medium.
  3. Does look that way. I was expecting something precise based on the fact that everyone's pretty confident that collision will happen, and that parallax methods have garbage precision at intergalactic distances, even for close neighbors, and indeed, best figure I found is 80km/s ± 40km/s from this ref. And with the outside result of 120km/s transverse, -300km/s radial, it's a lot less "straight on collision" than I was picturing, but I guess, it's close enough for gravity to do the rest. I'm disappointed, though. I was hoping for something like second-order red shift measurements, based on
  4. Not directly, but we have measurements of Andromeda's movement relative to us that are fairly precise. It's moving towards us at about 300km/s, and this we can measure very precisely using red shift. Well, actually, it's one of the rare cases where it's actually blue shift, since it's moving towards us. I'm not sure what methods are used to estimate tangential velocity, but while they are definitely less precise in general, it's known that Andromeda is heading for us pretty much straight on. We can use our measurements of our own velocity relative to CMB and use this information to get Androme
  5. Yeah, the trailer was all an externally rendered animation, but we have had some good quality shots from in-game. My only complaint about these has been the frame rate, and I hope it's just them running dev build with a lot of debug code, because otherwise, yikes. These two videos have some good examples. They show improvements to planet rendering, PBR and materials on ships and colonies, and some in-progress works on terrain, atmospherics, rings, etc. It's not state of the art, or anything, but it's solid work. If the whole game ends up looking as good as best-
  6. Which part? Here's one for velocity and direction of motion relative to CMB as measured via Doppler shift observed by Planck Satellite. Planck 2013 results. XXVII. Doppler boosting of the CMB
  7. If you have a consistent current in one direction, possibly. Even then, you have way more problems with things floating in the water, so you rarely see just a bare turbine. But in a lot of cases, you really do get things like waves or tides that constantly change direction, and converting that motion into rotational motion for generators tend to be more convoluted. So purely from perspective of visual appearance, wave or tide power generators tend to look very different from wind turbines, and be significantly more complex geometrically and mechanically if you want the representation in the ga
  8. Yeah, but also cost of adding a wind turbine is basically cost of making the model and textures, which are exceptionally straight forward for a wind turbine. Sometimes, decision for adding something to the game is basically, does it sound interesting and fits the theme? Yes. Is it really quick and easy to add? Yes. Is it going to break balance? No. Add it. The fact that it's going to be a niche tech for small colonies on worlds with sufficiently thick atmosphere is kind of secondary then. It's a bit of variety at almost no cost. Wave/tidal power, though, I completely agree on. If Intercep
  9. I only have two complaints. They tend not to do well when rolled up and, "Why don't you come with me, little girl, on a personal transport drone ride," doesn't have the same ring. (Context)
  10. I'd like to say that I'm going to be responsible about it, wait for reviews, then play it over the weekend. But realistically, I'm probably going to take vacation time for the day KSP2 comes out.
  11. Notably, if you don't mind occasional object clipping, which can be entirely obscured in a coral riff-like environment, boids can be done entirely in GPU, which is a big bonus for a game like KSP.
  12. CMB isn't coming from any particular source. It's not like a boundary or a medium we're seeing. It's literally leftover heat from the universe itself. Which, yeah, you can think of as every particle in existence having contributed to it, so it has a certain kind of foggy quality to it, but it also comes from the time that the universe was a lot denser, so right now it passes through without much scattering. In terms of whether we see all of the universe this way? Well... Everything we can observe, including CMB, appears to have come from what's as close to a single point in space as physi
  13. It looks like they're kicking it up a notch with procedural generation. Even adding procedural rocks would add to the looks. On habitable planets, some vegetation and corals in the shallows should be easy enough to add for some interesting environments at reasonably low effort. And all of that would run on the same tech they're already measuring for Kerbin vegetation and, hopefully, vegetation on some other habitable planets.
  14. If the game will ship on PS4/XB1, these versions will definitely have some cuts. Other than that, I don't know if any of the versions need to be different. PC will have mods and opportunity for better performance, so it can be made to play differently, but out of the box, it will probably be the same as PS5/XBSX versions. Odds are, even UI will be the same, since the game is now built from start to be cross-platform, and if you'll want to play with controller on PC, you shouldn't see any difference at all.
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