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  1. Awww... Does that mean we aren't planning to send clockwork rovers to Venus anymore?
  2. IIRC, the flight computer is aware of the loadout and can make conditional corrections to, e.g., fly-by-wire. So it should be pretty straight forward to set up a protocol where the ground station queries it and adjusts IK constraints based on dimensions of anything attached to hardpoints. It is a solved problem in CNC used in manufacturing, so I would like to imagine that whatever system the AF is using is at least as competent as a 10 year old 6DoF CNC cutter.
  3. I'm not saying they have to generate differently for every person. You can use the same seed for everyone. It's just too much work to name every crater on every body in multiple star systems. A generated list is a far better way to go about it. That way, the names can be consistent and memorable, and people can still rename them in their own save game.
  4. I don't think you should be prompted to or anything. They should get auto-generated names that you can change in your save game. That'd be a good way to do it.
  5. The only thing I have to add is that energy and anomaly are two conjugate orbital elements. So slight changes in energy of particles will result in them spreading out along the orbit with very little impact on other parameters. Naturally, over long enough time frame, you expect the debris to defuse all over the star system, but diffusion along the orbit is the fastest process here.
  6. You can actually get this from just General Relativity. No matter how you stitch the space together through portals, you'll have to match up the metric, which will result in curvature, which introduces gravitational forces that compensate for conservation laws, and you'll have to apply, for example, a pressure differential to pump mass through portal if you're going "up hill". Of course, if you work out the math, you quickly realize you're just doing a special case of Noether's Theorem applied to the local Poincare symmetries of space-time. But then entire GR is just a mean field theory o
  7. It should be relatively easy to add a bit of a grace time after the device is activated in which the fault-checks are active and maybe even notify you that there is a problem, but don't trigger detonation. So if you are installing a demo charge you don't want anybody else removing, maybe you have ten seconds to make sure everything's working properly in which you can safely shut it off. Granted, we're now adding software complexity on top of circuit complexity, but IMO, that's still the way to go. You can test all your software separately in simulation. This isn't a rocket launch - there
  8. A physics exam? And on Friday? Truly, the most blessed of days!
  9. That's likely the target. But I don't think they're going to worry too much about letting it slip into holiday season. This isn't like an FPS or sports game that's going to be eaten by competition. I think KSP stands distinct enough that it will make roughly the same kind of sales regardless of whether it comes out in the summer or winter. So if they'll think they need more polish time, I don't think anyone in PD/T2 will object to a late November to early December release. Again, I don't think they see it as ideal scenario, and I'm sure late summer to early fall is the target, but if it slips,
  10. Even if you can't transport people through it, the moment you have ability to create portal networks, the concept of fuel for propulsion becomes meaningless. Drop a portal at the bottom of an ocean and just pump sea water through it at adequate pressure. Your SSTO's propulsion system can be literally a hose with a nozzle. I mean, we literally have jetpacks/hoverboards based on that principle that run off a jetski. The only downside is the really long hose you need, which you entirely circumvent with a portal. And this is without getting high-tech about it, which is a pretty big rabbit hole.
  11. They haven't locked down the features yet, so at least a year out on something this size. Based on what we've seen, I think quite a bit more. Fall 2022 is the earliest I'd expect it, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up slipping a bit. I mean, there's always an option to cut and rush, but it doesn't sound like there's any pressure to do so at this point.
  12. I like the idea of collecting a mixture of resources to be converted into fuels and other resources, but I would much rather keep things simple as far as specific chemistry goes. In the real world, just in common use for liquid fuels alone are kerosene, methane, several different blends of hydrazine, and liquid hydrogen for fuel, which can be mixed with almost any of the common oxidizers, albeit, some to better effect than others, among liquid oxygen, nitrous oxide, and hydrogen peroxide. And just to make things more exciting the two most common monopropellants are hydrazine and hydrogen
  13. I think they have a good opportunity to make it run well on gen 9 consoles (PS5/XBS) and it's possible to optimize to run just fine on gen 8 (PS4/XB1), but none of it is going to be "for free" or "out of the box" with Unity. It kind of depends on how much optimization Intercept manages to do. Realistically, I think PS5/XBSX are going to be target platforms, and Intercept will make all effort to make the game run well on these two consoles. This is why I have been using PS5 CPU as a benchmark for what sort of min spec the game will have on PC. But whether Intercept will be fully successful on t
  14. I haven't even considered the possibility of it starting out uncooked. But now I'm thinking that it depends on size of the rocket. Like, with the smallest ones, maybe it takes a few launches to even cook through. Which brings up a serious question. I wonder if we'll have any parts of colonies or KSC that require rebuilding due to wear-and-tear. In KSP we already had a possibility of crashing into KSP buildings and having to rebuild them. But it was always the same building in the same location. With base-building, it seems reasonable that you might rebuild differently. And given that you
  15. Yeah, Parallax looks amazing. I think, the way the mod achieves this look is pretty expensive and has very limited impact on physics, but it's all very doable to have in stock KSP2 with minimal overhead if Intercept goes with virtual texturing, dynamic tessellation, and compute for wheel and leg collision probes to allow for these small bumps to actually have effect on physics. I've seen something similar run on PS4 at very good performance, and it's no trouble at all for gen 9 consoles and most remotely modern PCs.
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