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  1. Cool nav ball in map view. Cool looking forward to sending my probe to Minimus. Attempting to navigate through the clutter in map view, labels blocking interaction with the node handles and janky zoom, is beyond my patience and capabilities. Back to KSP1.
  2. Another navball issue. In the settings the auto hide navball ‘yes’ and ‘no’ buttons are both highlighted. No navball displayed in the map screen with either ’yes’ or ‘no’ checked. I have restarted the game many times.
  3. Its so exciting that Kerbal foot prints, vehicle tracks and rocket scorch marks on planets and moon surfaces could be an awesome feature for KSP2. Who agrees?
  4. Black screen and half an orange loading bar is all i can get with 1.12.3 for Mac?
  5. With the latest update I park both vehicles next to each other. Have an engineer attach a docking port to each vehicle and both within range of the engineer. Then widget one docking port to the other.
  6. 4x4cheesecske helped with this link to it. It works fine for me using it. No didn’t have GameData/GameData for BDArmory, the range extender or for the ModuleManager folder I was trying to use. Now with BD, range and ModuleManager.4.1.3.dll as I said it’s working great. I said fine but really it’s working great thanks for you help https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/ModuleManager/157/artifact/ModuleManager.4.1.3.dll
  7. Thanks again for your assistance. What you say makes a lot of sense. My some but little knowledge is my enemy in this regard. Yes generally I think I understand and the mm .dll ,being an exception confused me. Matching versions I am also aware of thanks. I was confused when on Sabian s gitHub page and the only one I could find named ModuslManager was in the master one. In hindsight 4x4cheesecake’s direct link to download the .dll and his forum page on modular manager would have help me. I have no complaints at all just trying the help my self and convey my miss understandings clearly as I can. And of course help help others that may be struggling like I was. Thanks again so much. Amazing mod. Lots of fun. screen shots yes I agree. I need to find a non log in image hosting site. I’m getting close to my total time in front of log in screens as the sum of my lifetime on the can.
  8. x.x.x.dll yes thank you this is what i was getting wrong. Copy and past the thing called ModuleManager.x.x.x.dill for BDarmory into GameData to function not ModuleManager. For KSP1.9.1 GameData/ModuleManager.4.1.3.dll this works for me. GameData/ModuleManager does not for me no matter how many times i try.
  9. Yes thank you, 4x4cheese cake also pointed out (and linked) that ModuleManager with the x.x.x.dll is the file needed. Thank you I am a bit confused why x.x.x.dll appears not to be mentioned or referred to when the mods require the ModuleManager.X.X.X.dll to function, not a folder called ModuleManager? on the other hand it could be my internet blindness
  10. Fantastic thanks 4x4cheesecake I'm feeling quite proud of my copy and pasting skills but only with your kind clear directions. .X.X.X.dll and that it is a file not a folder I was not aware of or had forgotten. Thank you.
  11. How does one know what modular manager file/folder to use for a mod? Should modular managers be refers to as the “ModuleManager.dll file” as this is what the thing to be pasted into the GameData folder as this is what is actually needed? How does one know where to find them? .dll ??? Do modulemanagers folders/files have these files in them because I can’t see a.dll in sarbians modulemanager in the master folder or modulemanager file/folder that I downloaded from github. There is a cat folder in there. just put the key in the slot and go. shhh it’s a key card ba ha ha ha and he is trying to start it with a door key I pointed to.
  12. Case 3: ModuleManager)One little thing is left to mention: "ModuleManager" (MM) is powerful mod on it's own and a common dependency for many other mods but so far, the install instructions don't fit for MMbecause it is distributed as a plain .dll file. Place the "ModuleManager.dll" directly within the "GameData" folder of your game....no sub folder or anything Where would these elusive thing/s be? now there’s my problem.
  13. "ModuleManager-master.zip" is the file that downloads from GitHub - sarbian/ModuleManager. When I unzip it, I get a Modulemanager-master file. Inside the ModuleManager-master is a file called ModuleManager. I pasted this ModuleManager file into GameData. GameData file now has BDArmory, ModuleManager, PhysicsRangeExtender, Squad, and SquadExpansion folders in there. I'll have a look at CKAN I haven't used it before does it have a compatible Module manager folder to go along side of BDArmory in GameData?
  14. Another fresh install and the same procedure above hasn’t worked. The ModualManager file from inside the master-modualManager folder into GameData. No moduslmanager warning in red still and it seems no bullet collision. Amazing Mod BDArmory I would love to play with again. I have read most of Sabian s forum pages and the fit hub stuff and still have no clue what where how modualmanager is needed for BDArmory?
  15. Ok I’ll try that again. Thanks edit fresh download of the ksp zip and installing from it then the same procedure got the same result?
  16. ModuleManager.x.x.x.dll is the file you are looking for! Find the latest version ModuleManager.x.x.x.dll and past it into GameData NOT ModuleManager I understand that mods need this. What is this, where is this, which one for which mod? I am wanting to use BDarmory but I keep getting the no modualmanager warning in red on the screen which for years seems to be a common issue form what i can see on the forum and reddit etc. Alas answers to these questions seem to say install the ModualManager with no description, link or any other information i can see. Analogy just put the thingamabob in and go, easy if you know what a thingamabob is. I didn't know that thingamabobs exist. help please.
  17. "Module manager is missing." message in red when I right click on the weapons Manager part and click the Open GUI button. My specific issue is the big red text and the bullet collisions do not seem be working, all else appears to be working from what I can tell. I have places sarbian's ModualManager folder from out of the ModuleManager-master folder https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager into the GameData folder with the BDArmory and PhysicsRangeExtender and the 2 squad folders. I cant find any reference or links to what ModualManagers to install or where or how to locate the correct one if there are multiple or a specific version needed. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  18. https://kerbalx.com/missions/161 Note Making History required.
  19. https://kerbalx.com/missions/161
  20. Success! Gold with a kerbal and g forces on. now to get a clip of it I guess.
  21. If it can get you gold around the Kerbin Mach Loop, it passes the test. https://kerbalx.com/missions/91 To complete the challenge get a gold medal time, with a kerbal piloting, and g forces on.
  22. A joystick also helps a lot as it becomes quite natural and quick to put a lean on the stick to cancel out the torque.
  23. I had a similar problem when installing 1.7.2or1 on my new iMac. It was the kerbal Space Program store version. The store launcher never worked so I didn’t use it ever. I tried the store launcher as a last resort, that worked. If I recall an extra permission box was involved with the install, but it worked on my iMac. For 1.7.3 I also used the store launcher and it’s installed no worries. Oh So if you have not tried already maybe give the launcher ago. Good luck feel ya frustration.
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