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  1. Nice to finally see some progress on this project.
  2. You don't know who Nertea is? Hoo boy are you in for a treat.
  3. Oh snap, great job man. Downloading this right now.
  4. Wahgineer

    [1.6] Astrogator v0.9.0

    Will Astrogator work in a rescaled solar system?
  5. Good, cause all of the other replicas I have seen so far are atrocious.
  6. How did you build your Saturn V? Each stage should only consist of one tank (except the S-1C first stage). With the Mastodon, its price should be cut in half, cause it is WAY too expensive.
  7. Wahgineer

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I think it fits well with the rest of the plane.
  8. Hello, i am also standardizing my usernames. Could mine be changed to Wahgineer?
  9. Wahgineer

    KSP Weekly: A Jovian Pioneer

    @RoverDude have you considered cone shaped interstages?
  10. Wahgineer

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    <implying that TTI will go full EA when 1.4 drops>
  11. Wanna try to use a rescaled solar system, but afraid to do so because of the lack of Delta V Maps for the size you want? Well fear no more, for I have a simple equation for finding the Delta V for any rescale! 1. Get a delta v map for the system you're using 2. Get the Delta V value you need (ex: it takes roughly 3200 m/s to get to LKO stock) 3. Get the rescale factor (rescale factor is how many times bigger the solar system will be. ex: 5) 4. Multiply the "stock" Delta V by the square root of the rescale factor to get your new Delta V! 3200√5 = 7,155 m/s
  12. @RealKerbal3xmost plugin mods aren't very resource intensive