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  1. I had a working version in testing... Then that hdd crashed. I'll check into doing it again. It's pretty easy
  2. Flew Ironman(Kerbal) into another player (better FPS in below link. GIFs is slower) https://gfycat.com/teemingevergreenamericankestrel
  3. It's all good. It's the main questions that even I had when I first looked at DMP and LMP. How can this EVEN WORK?? But there it was, the modders have taken multiplayer so so very far. At this point, Squad could probably pickup from what they have, or at least talk with them. They have some great ideas on how to make it actually happen with a bit less effort than we all think.
  4. All of this... Literally was already answered. Literally.
  5. Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeeeling
  6. All is fixed! Huzzah!
  7. It should be able to bypass the CRP install, I have a resource that I use that isn't included in it (Liquids). What version of Module Manager are you using? I am an idiot and was thinking the wrong mod and I also forgot to include CRP in the file because I pulled a dumb. I will have this corrected today.
  8. My apologies, my HDD died, so I spent some time getting back up and going. I can check into this now.
  9. No problem! I know many people play the game solo, I would hate to affect those that would want to play solo to have multiplayer options. But as a DLC, it would both fund the multiplayer angle and gauge interest. I think the best way to explain the vision would be the space station we usually launch. We start with a core, as people join the server, they can add a component to the station. Eventually, you have a station that is pretty awesome. Then branch from there to refuel depots and such at other locations, stations. Eventually, you can launch an SSTO, refuel at stations and adventure. Someone can rescue your craft ala Elite Dangerous style with fuel pods to get you to the next station. A KSP Fuel Rat type thing. With a co-op and some creativity, we could have a peaceful (or not) version of Elite in KSP, that could be pretty awesome.
  10. Time warp isn't really something we worry too much about. We fly to orbit and sync back up. Once we are synced, we go about what we were doing except now, we are all synchronized. We then burn to Minmus. When I landed, there were two others already landed nearby, I landed near the first guy, but his craft had technical difficulties, lol. So I re-landed at the other. When the next guy came in, he flew to Minmus orbit, synced, then landed near us. It was smooth enough so that we could watch the crafts coming in from orbit, then landing. No "OH HAI!" pop in. We didn't build separate bases, we built a Minmus base, each person had a segment. With polar races, we all synced while in the SPH, then spawned to the runway. There is a protective bubble (size is configurable) that allows you to not spawn on top of one another. So multiple craft can launch at the same time, but you have to agree who will launch first and leave that protection, else, you will collide. It happens on occasion. Synchronizing is literally a single button to press so you can sync to who you want, or all to one.
  11. I will let the pro answer that one, this is how LMP handles Time warp and it works. We sync and resync all the time https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/wiki/Timewarp We all basically launched and synced. Time Warp, refer to the above. Building a craft, build it. Ready to fly and sync up? Sync via the click of a button. That's currently how it works. To any with questions about Time Warp, read that link, it is really well done. What you are also seeing in the gif I posted earlier is Interpolation and low syncs working amazingly well so that we could fly low speed with little jitter. Read up on Interpolation here https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/wiki/Interpolation
  12. What I don't understand is, sure it would divert one or two people from the patches, but if you have one or two people that work specifically on the network coding aspect, it would be fine. Outside contractors could handle that IMO. Other than that, other than the employee resources, why people would be flat out "absolute no" and aggressively against Multiplayer? Not talking about forced online play Not talking about MMO servers AM talking about a Minecraft-esque set up where a player CAN play solo OR co-op AM talking about dedicated servers that would not affect solo play AM talking about cloning a solo game and making it accessible AM talking about Admin control, bans, restores, and simple Admin UI for dedicated servers What is interesting is, this is all possible in DMP and now LMP. I have been in both DMP and LMP and I have seen the both mods grow and do things I wouldn't have though possible. We've landed a craft on a craft in orbit and drove on it We've landed a craft on a craft We've docked in orbit and on Kerbin Made an underwater base Raced to Minmus and created a base on the surface Escorted a rocket to high atmosphere Flown a helicopter nearby a rocket liftoff Raced to the poles Had ground races around the KSC and poles Hover craft races Jousted with aircraft Flown people to various locations and dropped a kerbal so they could look around Stock weapons testing against aircraft and KSC buildings I understand, yes, many like to play alone. Many hate griefers, many don't want to be forced online. But for EACH issue, there is already a solution. Many of the questions being asked to here already have answers. I've sat and chatted with the Darklight and Dagger and what they have accomplished is nothing short of amazing. The only real issues I see are the same I see in solo play, high parts and calculation lag. If that can be optimized, then it would be more than feasible. If people really want to be separate from it, then it could be a DLC, participate if wanted, don't feel stressed about it. With some of the changes that may be needed, code changes would need to be applied, so as a DLC it would be fine. My counter-point is, if there was an update that people wanted, say a new SpaceX module that people were pushing for. The people that enjoy airplanes would want airplane parts, propellers to be specific. Would people say "SpaceX Parts are a sin"? SpaceX is a part of rocket history as much as propellers to aircraft and planned\theoretical explorers. Both are viable. Both would take resources. Both could still exist without affecting the other and ruining a gaming experience for others based on their own ideals. To many of us that have tried DMP and LMP and have enjoyed and watched how it has grown, the simple feeling of flying near another player is near exhilaration. You are no longer isolated trying to get X craft to Y location and back for a huzzah and pat on the back. After years of playing KSP, frankly, it needs more to do. Being able to share that experience with another player provides infinite possibilities, whereas solo provides a more limited ROI. Simply put, why let ideals of isolated solo play ruin the potential for others to actually enjoy the non-isolation and game together with friends without having to resort to methods of ages ago, save game sharing. KSP can offer much more of an experience than that. All questions have answers if we apply our collective minds and strive for them.
  13. Hmmm, doesn't take that much to run KSP, mostly make sure you dump RAM at it because on PC it means possibility for mods. 16GB would be golden. Newegg is in AU and I think Amazon. If you feel comfortable building one (or he does or there is a friend who can) I would say get the components. But many of the current stock systems on Newegg, TigerDirect, and even Amazon should be able to run KSP. Be it, Intel i5/i7 or Ryzen (I am an AMD fanboy personally) I run an AMD 8350e but a Ryzen 3 or 5 would be better for future upgrades. A Ryzen 5 would run around $150 USD, drop another 130 or so on 16GB RAM and a 256 SSD can be had for about 50~60. Will need a Motherboard too, estimate about 100. These are just spitball. Video cards...maybe a NVid 1060 or NVid 1050 would be good. Some would run a NVid 1030. I still use my 970GTX, I am cheap. BUT! this would be if you wanted to build. If you build, you would need an OS and all. The estimates for a build with cutting corners still leaves you without support. All together to build a cheap decent PC would be about 700 if you cut corners or Check for similar specs on Newegg and other sites. Two that catch my eye in the said price range are https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883289009 If you want to save a bit, but you would also be using an APU (less cost, shared resources, good for starters, may have problems with FPS later) https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAE4N7MS5099 If you all have more time, check out the other sites as well. Someone Intel savvy check the Intel world of things.
  14. Aye, if the controls for piloting the craft could be sent to one "Channel" inbound/outbound whilst the rest of the controls are sent to the second "Channel". Thinking crazier, the option have a toggle, Pilot\Co-Pilot that can be adjusted on the fly to give/take controls. For security, it could limit to LAN only and force uses to use a VPN/Hamachi to partake (unless you felt like coding public access pages)