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  1. Hahahaha that's awesome. Ok, i will set them to endgame. Maybe make a light version for earlier. More hungry and less powerful.
  2. Ark is MUCH better than I am at this. I basically just do some modding on the side when I get bored. There is also a modding discord for KSP, they have been invaluable in helping me sort things out.
  3. We can merge if you want, I was working on the update for PURE last night (finally) and have some sound (finally) and RCS going. I still need to do a few things before next release - remove spinny bits - Add in color animations (once I figure the tool out lol) So its good timing
  4. This is awesome and JUST what we need underwater. Things to see and adventure for
  5. It's totally fictional engines not meant to bring any reality, but to offer an EC game rather than LFO. It should work with any version of the game. I need to check the shades is all. The modules in use are all stock, so shouldn't be affected unless they change engine modules again. Feel free! I am about to update the mod. I haven't looked into BIGGER engines yet, I do have another mk3 engine I haven't released yet though.
  6. Thanks!!! Great work here! This looks fantastic
  7. Illuminaughty confirmed hahahahaha Nah they are cool people
  8. Yes, it will work. Let me know if you have any issues with it not. Also, be sure to always use the most up to date Module Manager. :)
  9. Heyo, this is normal for the Psyoclone. It is based on the ramjet. The Manleneto is the orbit capable solution
  10. I had a working version in testing... Then that hdd crashed. I'll check into doing it again. It's pretty easy
  11. Flew Ironman(Kerbal) into another player (better FPS in below link. GIFs is slower) https://gfycat.com/teemingevergreenamericankestrel
  12. It's all good. It's the main questions that even I had when I first looked at DMP and LMP. How can this EVEN WORK?? But there it was, the modders have taken multiplayer so so very far. At this point, Squad could probably pickup from what they have, or at least talk with them. They have some great ideas on how to make it actually happen with a bit less effort than we all think.
  13. All of this... Literally was already answered. Literally.