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  1. Your kUber Eats is almost here, so be ready The New Evepod is ready. It's stable on land and sea, and all its features are functioning. That includes cargo carrying and security. It has many science instruments, including 17 cameras, (6 engineering, 6 wide angle, 3 angled for publicity footage, 2 forward navigation, 1 extra for back navigation, and) including one which they bolted on at the last minute after realising the equipment lifting arm could double as a mast. KSP challenge idea: Operate your vessel only from IVA, and camera view There's something quintessentially KSP about having a weird payload, so launching it between two rockets stuck together. It was only once in orbit that I noticed Starbug's crew was smuggling xenon. They say it was "Ballast from balancing the engine thrust you forgot to remove", But I don't think I should believe them. I've decided to move my kerbals forward into the future, and establish on the Mun. Using Kerbal Konstructs, I set up a big radio observatory on the farside, inspired by a talk I went to the other night. No radio interference out there. When you have been waiting on the Mun for so long, They start settlement up without you, next to you.
  2. One last thing I should report in trying out the stock replacer configs: The big wheel model gets messed up, might be something to do with the scaling thing. These I might just leave stock.
  3. Huh. Sounds like it's time for me to go download whatever the modern equivalent of the old wielding mod is. The one thing I still find weird is I don't remember any of this happening with the older versions of KSP's stock wheels. I'd gladly trade some realism for wheels which actually worked.
  4. They work alright, they're not without imperfections though. Large rovers, like this one, often bounce with any physicswarp. 0 There are also struggles in low gravity, lack of traction (not that unexpected here), which ends with the wheels spinning and breaking, I end up just making the wheels really strong so they can be used. I've only really experimented with the two wheels above, this is the CFC settings I've got currently. /roverWheelTR-2L - truck wheels @PART[wheelMed] { -MODULE[ModuleWheelBase]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelSuspension]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelSteering]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelMotor]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelBrakes]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelDamage]{} MODULE { name = KSPWheelBase wheelColliderName = WheelCollider wheelColliderOffset = 0.125 wheelRadius = 0.58 wheelMass = 0.07 suspensionTravel = 0.125 loadRating = 3 minLoadRating = 0.25 maxLoadRating = 5.5 maxSpeed = 64 groundHeightOffset = 0.78 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelRotation wheelMeshName = WheelPivot rotationAxis = 1,0,0 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelSuspension suspensionName = SuspensionPivot suspensionOffset = -0.10 suspensionAxis = 0, 1, 0 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelSteering steeringName = SteeringPivot maxSteeringAngle = 30 steeringAxis = 0, 1, 0 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelMotor maxMotorTorque = 3.5 maxRPM = 2050 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelBrakes maxBrakeTorque = 12 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelDamage wheelName = wheel bustedWheelName = bustedwheel } MODULE { name = KSPWheelDustEffects } MODULE { name = KSPWheelSounds } } /roverWheelS2 - the probe wheels @PART[roverWheel2] { -MODULE[ModuleWheelBase]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelSuspension]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelSteering]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelMotor]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelBrakes]{} -MODULE[ModuleWheelDamage]{} MODULE { name = KSPWheelBase wheelColliderName = WheelCollider wheelColliderOffset = 0.1939 wheelRadius = 0.1575 wheelMass = 0.030 suspensionTravel = 0.195 loadRating = 0.3 minLoadRating = 0.01 maxLoadRating = 2 maxSpeed = 11.5 groundHeightOffset = 0.175 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelRotation wheelMeshName = WheelPivot rotationAxis = 1,0,0 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelSuspension suspensionName = SuspensionPivot suspensionOffset = -0.18 suspensionAxis = 0, 1, 0 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelSteering steeringName = SteeringPivot maxSteeringAngle = 40 steeringAxis = 0, 1, 0 steeringResponse = 10 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelMotor maxMotorTorque = 1.24 maxRPM = 1300 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelBrakes maxBrakeTorque = 2.5 } MODULE { name = KSPWheelDamage wheelName = wheel bustedWheelName = bustedwheel } MODULE { name = KSPWheelDustEffects } MODULE { name = KSPWheelSounds } } Apart from in low gravity, and the mechjeb thing, they are an improvement over stock.
  5. Has anyone got the texture for the breaking ground suits yet? I know this doesn't yet support it, but I'd like to be ready for when it does.
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    I stand corrected, it was correlation not causation. The same thing happened when launching from an apparently glitched Kerbinside base. Area 110011's runway is an instant portal to nan-space, which gives you this on reload.
  7. This is pretty much what I want, but the other way around. It sounds like it might work on the engines too, it also does sound like it can check if things are under water..
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    If you do, I'm pretty sure it happened because of an old version of Kerbal Alarm clock going into the current version of KSP. Or maybe there was a conflict. IDK. Similar, but different happens with the old Tardis mod This was filmed while setting up a scene from my 2019 apollo reenactment which only appeared in the tumblr version It's kinda beautiful. I want to use this image for something. Oh, and also, there's these : The shocking, unplanned twist of my original attempt at a full Apollo. Spoiler: He got better And I'm forgetting my favourite image ever. I'm not quite sure it counts as cursed, but there's definitely some powerful energies there.
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    My Space Center is ghosts.
  10. It would still be nice to attach it there. Technically, you can just stack attach the KIS container. The stock parts do have top and bottom nodes though, and as seen in the image I added, the game seems to position it fine, it just won't go through with attaching. Later experiments confirm this With the following modifications to the CFG, it will allow the small one to attach, just not the big one. MODULE { name = ModuleKISPartMount mountedPartNode = bottom sndStorePath = KIS/Sounds/containerMount allowRelease = true MOUNT { attachNode = top allowedPartName = KIS_Container1 allowedPartName = smallCargoContainer allowedPartName = cargoContainer } } I'm pretty confident the part names are right. Could there be something else preventing it working?
  11. Hi, I have a suggestion/ would like some help changing something. The KIS container mount is the perfect size to also carry the stock storage boxes. It would be nice to have them be interchangeable for different tasks. However, I tried adding the stock containers in the part file, but it didn't work. It still tells me part not allowed on mount. Have I missed something, or is that not changeable that way? I would like to suggest making them able to take both by default, now we have both systems.
  12. I have a very old water propeller mod (not mine) which I've been using and tweaking over the years. But a few years ago, KSP finally changed too much, and it stopped working. I've made it work again. (sorta) using firespitter to make it spin, and the stock ModuleEngineFx to give it thrust, but naturally, it gives thrust no matter the situation. I would like it to not produce thrust when the part isn't touching water. (Or at least if the center isn't in water). Is there a way, using either the stock modules or a common mod, to stop all thrust when not in water? If you wish to have a look, here's the part from the original mod. This should be the version I bodged to make work, but I might have the links the wrong way around. Alternatively, if you are able to, this is the source code from the original mod: Perhaps something here could be salvaged to make it work again? It also didn't support action groups, which was a bit of a downside... But even then perhaps someone could get this to work with modern KSP?
  13. I definitely need to do something with this thought some day
  14. I hope they give it a break for a while. I know I've been harping on about this, but I'm quite disappointed with some of the remade parts. Some are great, they've all been skillfully made, but some have lost what made the original part stand out, and be visually interesting in the first place. There are stripes on the radial decouplers, and doors, and similar colouration on other parts- yellow on the batteries and xenon engines, similar grays on tanks. It looks fine.
  15. The 2019 rebuild of the Amphibious Eve Ocean Explore-O-Pod (Evepod) now has usable wheels! As in modded wheels which can actually handle slopes. Built for Evian atmosphere and gravity, it's a little bouncy on Kerbin. But that didn't stop testing crews hooking prototypes one and two together and going on an overland trip of the hills South West of KSC. As this is an Amphibious vehicle, it was also put through its paces on the KSP race route. Made it to the end in (in game time) about an hour and ten minutes. Those water props needed their thrust aligned very carefully. Aquatic development has not been without problems. Crashed vehicles have left a few kerbals stranded along the way. They weren't too happy about it. The new vehicle's science capabilities were tested too. A technical error caused that arm to fail, and get stuck while retracting. The test was completed using the second arm. A few more kinks must be worked on it seems.
  16. Here we go: much improved cake: Really though, classic variants please. I don't get what they were thinking - that was the a recognisable part, the sort of thing that you can look at and say - "Ah yes, that's from Kerbal," That sort level of recognizability is helpful for doing fan made content. The new one is pretty plain. All it needs is those rings, then we could have the best of both worlds.
  17. Well, I got it working. This is much better, it took a little tweaking, and I did end up doubling the performance of some wheels in the config, but I can finally go roving through the hills again. Thanks! The Eve Explorer feels like a landrover again, not a pedal car. Setting it up manually was tricky at first, and while driving, having to adjust gears per wheel seemed a bit weird. But I made it work. The wheel scaling function is really clever - It's a great way to fit the wheel to your vehicle. I like the way it handles electricity. I demand higher performing wheels, it wants more power. Seems a fair trade, The dust effect is pretty cool too It's built for Eve, hence the large amount of wheels. Although I think someone needs to go sweep the paths around the space center... The only thing that's a little annoying is mechjeb autopilot doesn't seem to recognise the wheels, would be nice if fixed someday, but on balance I think the change is still worth it
  18. Well, let's fix that. I wanted to use the iconic RT-10 solid boosters, but someone <glares at the devs> removed its iconic look last year. And someone (me) does not have old versions to hand
  19. Nice. May I suggest the inclusion of this in the prominently first post? I did not read the whole thread, hence my post, but now I see others also are interested in this. Also, question: Is there an easy way to download these, or do I copy the contents to files manually?
  20. Hey, just wondering, has anyone made an implementation of this using the stock wheels, or something which looks very very close? I would like to have the look of the stock wheels, but they do do some pretty silly stuff, and I want a rover which can actually go uphill.
  21. And this is me now: Recent graduated from the time lord academy, now just got to find some work (designing things) and plan some further research. Might fight some daleks along the way. Despite this, I am yet to get my Tardis licence, and have to take the train everywhere.
  22. Welcome to the forums!
  23. I think it will include Docking Flight Planning Improved Map UI New Vessel Types and Vessel Renaming Automatic Fairings Much Improved Models and Textures A slew of new part types Unmanned Probes New Input Modes Two new celestial bodies New Resources System Electricity Lights Functional Air Intakes Music Much improved planets Performance Tweaks Just as long as they are Still recognisable, but not worse Still all different so you can identify them at a glance. What's wrong with the stripes though? Without little touches like that, most parts would be non-descript cylinders. If only. I always thought click to collect science and follow the instruction contracts were such shallow ways to implement career mode. They've slowly been changing career, which I never found to be worth playing. I never wanted a game which tells me what to do, like in contracts. I wanted a game which gives me reasons to do things.