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  1. Does that mean DiscordRP needs updating or is there something I can change? I'm not familiar with the problem details. I really liked using this, but I've uninstalled it for now. Update: Ok, Did some more online research and decided to reload DiscordRP. The last update, or the last few, of Kopernicus took care of the problem I was having. I'm now happily back to using DiscordRP. again. Thanks for pointing out the 'error of my ways'!
  2. After my update of Kopernicus to v1.7.1-4, DiscordRP causes KSP to lockup during startup when it gets to the DiscordRP DLL file. Blah, had to uninstall this to get KSP to work.
  3. Thanks very much, @HebaruSan ! I've downloaded the new version. KSP Breaking Ground just released, which I got for free as I'm an early KSP supporter who purchased KSP during the time when all future updates/expansions would be free forever. Now though starts the wait for Kopernicus to release an update, LoL. That's ok though, I'm looking forward to the changes in Breaking Ground and the things the modding community will expand on these changes.
  4. Updated Toolbar and Click-Through-Blocker to latest versions, and tried the Astrogatorversion I received from KebaruSan. No luck, I've got to get offline for a few hours, but will check everything again when I get back and let you know. Thanks everyone!
  5. I use all 3 of those and their up to date. For now, Astrogator v0.9.0 is working fine for me. Update: I'm wrong, both Click-through-Blocker and Toolbar have a more up-to-date version. I use CKAN, but I guess it's database needs updating. I'll manually update both and see if this helps. Thanks @Stone Blue and @HebaruSan for your assistance. I'll let y'all know if this fixes it for me!
  6. Awesome mod that adds a little fun and immersion to KSP. Thanks for continuing support of it!
  7. @HebaruSan I'm having a strange issue with Astrogator after I updated it to v0.9.1. When I click it's toolbar icon to open a window for it, there is no "X" to close the window and the settings symbol is missing too. If I uninstall it and install the previous v0.9.0, I have no problems like this with it. I have installed it via CKAN, but have manually installed with the same results. Any help if I am missing some step would be greatly appreciated. Oh, another thing, I'm opening it at the space center screen. I'm not sure if that is why it's occurring, where as if I opened it while controlling a spaceship in space it might not happen. With the previous version it did not matter for me.
  8. Blah, Spacedock website appears to be down. Guess I'll download from your Github site and manually install. By the way, thank you for picking up and maintaining this mod! Update: Ok, I found my download problem. I updated my DNS server used and downloaded via CKAN. All is well now.
  9. Ok, thanks for the info. Waiting for the release of KSP Breaking Ground sounds like a good idea. I imagine a lot of mods will be needing updating when KSP 1.8 is available. Update: Oops! Make that when KSP V1.7.1 is available, and available it now is. I'm eager to start exploring it new things!
  10. @severedsolo Does SY 1.1.2 still have problems? CKAN is still set to update Scrapyard to v1.1.2. If the only issue is using the (WIP) Funds override, I don't use that feature, so is it safe for me to use v1.1.2? If v1.1.2 is not ready yet, you might want to update Scrapyard's CKAN profile to reflect v1.1.1 as the latest released version. Just a suggestion. Thanks for your efforts with this mod and Oh Scrap! are much appreciated. I love using both mods.
  11. Good lord, the problem was I wasn't choosing a part via scrapyard. I kept using new parts. LOL, sorry, it was my mix-up. Everything is working great now. I wish i knew for sure what I was doing or what mod was keeping Generation counts from incrementing, but having gone through my mod list and eliminated mods I didn't need or were duplicates. I had 2 life support mods (i.e. USI LS and Kerbalism) and am now only using Kerbalism. I'm playtesting the new Kerbalism v3.0 for the Kerbalism team. Thanks for clearing up for me what I was missing. I really like using Oh Scrap! and Scrapyard. Kerbalism has some reliability built into it, but in Kerbalism v3.0, I can option that off in the Kerbalism config file. Kerbalism tracks things differently, so Oh Scrap! and Kerbalism v3.0 are playing well together. No problems.
  12. By "pad test", do you mean as part of a rocket I am launching, or something special? I've been launching rockets, but not getting "Tested: True". Perhaps I'm not fulfilling the "recover" them part? I'll check that. Perhaps they were blowing up on re-entry. I'm guessing you mean I need to recover them intact? Oh, thanks for the info!
  13. How do I achieve a "Tested" status with parts? The right-click menu for parts shows "Tested: False".
  14. @severedsolo Wanted to update you concerning my issues with Oh Scrap! part generations not updating. It's working again. I reviewed my installed mod list and found a few conflicts. For one, I had 2 mods that dealt wish life support... Kerbalism and USI Life Support. I'm now only using Kerbalism. I also got rid of almost all my USI built mods due questions about some of them having USI Life Support built into them.Oh Scrap! now appears to be working again for me. The generation count now updates with each time I build a new part. I also reinstalled Oh Scrap!, so I'm not 100% sure what corrected things for me. If I can narrow it down, I'll let you know.
  15. I didn't imply it wasn't working. You read that into my post, not me. Yesterday, logging into Module Manager on KSP Forums, I noted the mod's author stated it was working with KSP v1.7.0 with no reported problems. As far as being compatible with Squad's latest update, all I can say is that I've not seen any problems and Sarbian seems to agree. I can't and don't try to estimate of it's compatible. I'll leave that to the mod's author to announce. Any further ideas are yours alone, please leave me out of any speculation I'm not qualified to make. Oh, and do have a good day, sir. You are obviously a fan of both this mod and MM, as I am too. Peace ☮️! I'm out of town on travel for work at the moment. Once I return home later this week, I'll see about uploading the log files you need. Thanks for your work on Oh Scrap! and ScrapYard mods. I'll try my best to support your efforts. Update: I was just reading up on another mod I use, and just realized it has within it "parts reliability" functionality too. I use the mod "Kerbalism". I'll need to check and see if the two are affecting each other and may have to choose which to continue using. It's been a while since I played KSP and over been catching up with the mods and the modding community itself. I hadn't realized how much some of the mods have expanded. I'll definitely need to check what mods I use more closely.