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  1. I much appreciate the info. I use Notepad++ and will edit the 3 config files to remove the FOR statements. I was hoping it wasn't causing problems, and didn't seem to. I greatly appreciate your efforts, LinuxGuruGamer, especially your support of mods that would not be available if not for your willingness to "adopt" them.
  2. I uninstalled the mod, then downloaded it via it's GitHub website. The zip file I get from the KerbalKrashSystem titled as KerbalKrashSystem_0.4.7_2019-04-26.zip contains these 3 CFG files... Configs/KerbalKrashSystem_Fuel_Leak.cfg ===> located in the folder ===> /GameData/KerbalKrashSystem/Plugins/KKS-mods/KerbalKrashSystem_Leak/Configs KerbalKrashSystem_Repair.cfg ===> located in the folder ===> /GameData/KerbalKrashSystem/Plugins/KKS-mods/KerbalKrashSystem_Repair/Configs KerbalKrashSystem_Science.cfg ===> located in the folder ===> /GameData/KerbalKrashSystem/Plugins/KKS-mods/KerbalKrashSystem_Science/Configs CKAN is being told to download this zip and install it. Is the wrong zip being posted? Because even my manually downloading this zip obtains the same zip file, containing these same 3 CFG files, that I gather should not be there? Uninstalling the mod and making sure it's folder in GameData is deleted, manually going to the GitHub website and downloading the install zip file, unzipping it, gets the same files for me, which causes KSP v1.8.1 to give me the "warnings" I've been getting. I'm really confused now and appreciate any help I can get. It's not causing and ingame crashes or problems, but I just thought I would report.
  3. Yeah, I've got several mods that are out of date, but that have simply not been updated and listed as KSP v1.8.1 compatible. Concerning the [WRN] listing, my understanding is it more than likely is not a problem, and hasn't been a problem for me, but I thought I'd mention in case it could help with the mod's support. I appreciate your taking time out to check into this for me. I regularly check mod forums that are outdated to look for updates CKAN might not be aware of, plus to see what other users like me are posting. I tend not to use KSP AVC override features, so as to not miss anything that might become a problem. I've continued to use Kerbal Krash System and haven't seen any adverse issues, other than these 3 warnings being mentioned by KSP AVC during game bootup. I love this mod and will be continuing to use it. Thanks for taking time out to insure I wasn't experiencing worse issues!
  4. I'm running KSP v1.8.1 with KerbalKrashSystem mod v0.4.7 installed, and during bootup of KSP, the KSP.log files gets the following 3 warnings listed in it... [WRN 08:41:42.020] 1 warning related to GameData/KerbalKrashSystem/Plugins/KKS-mods/KerbalKrashSystem_Leak/Configs/KerbalKrashSystem_Fuel_Leak.cfg [WRN 08:41:42.020] 1 warning related to GameData/KerbalKrashSystem/Plugins/KKS-mods/KerbalKrashSystem_Repair/Configs/KerbalKrashSystem_Repair.cfg [WRN 08:41:42.020] 1 warning related to GameData/KerbalKrashSystem/Plugins/KKS-mods/KerbalKrashSystem_Science/Configs/KerbalKrashSystem_Science.cfg I'll attach a copy of my KSP.log for you. KSP.log I've listed this as an issue on the mod's GitHub site. If you need any further help, just contact me here via GitHub. I've set it to email me. Thanks for creating an awesome mod! I absolutely love using it.
  5. My bad, I stand corrected. Also, you are correct about what CKAN installs. Thanks for that info. I downloaded your mod via the SpaceDock link and overwrote the CKAN install files. Everything works great now and no problems from TweakScale during KSP bootup. Looking forward to trying out your hab units once I advance that far. Thanks for your mod! Love the pics and info.
  6. I think the CKAN website points to the wrong download location for this mod. Downloading through CKAN installs DSSHU with 4 extra configs, one of which is for TweakScale and will cause it to freak out about this mod. I'm going to mention this to CKAN, but you might want to contact them too. Awesome mod by the way! Update: Ok, the problem is not with CKAN, it's with the TweakScale CFG file that you provide. Once I delete that file, TweakScale stops freaking out and ignores DSSHU and KSP v1.8.1 loads normally. The forum website link CKAN has is out of date though and links to the old [WIP] forum.
  7. Cool, I did not know that. Thanks for the info!
  8. The engine plume from the LV-T30 Reliant engine in game looks to be starting a good distance behind the nozzle. Is this due to a problem or conflict caused by the Real Plume patches for Missing History mod for the LV-T30 Reliant engine? Update: Ok, that doesn't seem to be the problem. LV-T30 Reliant Nor sure why I'm getting this. Any help would be appreciated. I can supply any info needed to assist. At least it's just a visual problem I suppose. Update 2: Just noticed @Galland1998 reply post above after re-reading it. I'll try... "When in doubt, I would just delete the "SQUAD" folder in the real plume stock config folder. ReStock has pretty good plumes for their own engines so you wouldn't be missing much." Update 3: Not sure I should try that, or whether it would apply to my "problem". Update 4: Ok, I got brave, or desperate, and remove the liquidEngine.cfg file from C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\RealPlume-Stock\Squad folder and the engine plume for the LV-T30 looks fairly close to normal now. I don't use the Missing History mod, so I guess the engine now uses the combined cfg of the Real Plume mod, Restock mod, and the stock cfg for the engine.
  9. Could the CKAN repository please be updated for Kethane Mining version 0.10.2? I really like using CKAN for keeping me up-to-date, but have noticed it has missed the update to Kethane Mining. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the info. I'll contact CKAN about updating. Not all mods like dealing with CKAN I know, so more than glad to help.
  11. @taniwha Not sure if you are the one I need to contact, or perhaps I should contact the CKAN group, but could you update what CKAN sees as the latest version of Methane Mining mod? CKAN still thinks version 0.10.1 is the latest. Thanks! If I need to bring this up with CKAN though, just let me know.
  12. Does that mean DiscordRP needs updating or is there something I can change? I'm not familiar with the problem details. I really liked using this, but I've uninstalled it for now. Update: Ok, Did some more online research and decided to reload DiscordRP. The last update, or the last few, of Kopernicus took care of the problem I was having. I'm now happily back to using DiscordRP. again. Thanks for pointing out the 'error of my ways'!
  13. After my update of Kopernicus to v1.7.1-4, DiscordRP causes KSP to lockup during startup when it gets to the DiscordRP DLL file. Blah, had to uninstall this to get KSP to work.
  14. Thanks very much, @HebaruSan ! I've downloaded the new version. KSP Breaking Ground just released, which I got for free as I'm an early KSP supporter who purchased KSP during the time when all future updates/expansions would be free forever. Now though starts the wait for Kopernicus to release an update, LoL. That's ok though, I'm looking forward to the changes in Breaking Ground and the things the modding community will expand on these changes.