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  1. Would this count as one? Also so a Kerbal named Mike too..
  2. Yeah. Even hired him too. That is the first name of the dev who created (had the idea) of KSP.
  3. One thing I wish I had help with is when I have more then 1 manuever to do within the same time and I had to choose which burn to miss. I have had this happen more then once as there is no stock way to keep track of all the burn easily without targeting each craft. This would also help with sending a fleet of craft at once for interplanetary transfers as it would help keep them all arriving at about the same time and area. Expecially if all the crafts are out of physic range of each other. The other would be for docking two crafts that are supposed to turn. Having another help keep the port aligned the way I want would help too. But, if I was able to manage better and design stable large 500+ part crafts. Then interplanetary trasfers might go a bit easier as well as making sure to check before setting burn times. Docking there is a mod for that. Other then sending Kerbals up, refueling crafts and doing their own thing. Not much to do other then play Kerbals at War with each other.
  4. This can get a 250 k circular orbit around Kerbin and has docking port to allow refueling if need me: The Rapiers are used to give that extra boost to get my speed up to a decent speed so the nuke does not have to work as hard or long. The long static radiator makes a nice heat shield for the mk1 cockpit for re-entry.
  5. Simple spam sattelites that have relay antennas in orbit. Having 3 to 6 will be nice. But, today I played with SSTO planes in KSP 1.1.3.. No parts clipped abnormally. Just LF only tank with 2 400 elect batteries in cargo hold on a return flight back to KSP: Had to use about 78 units of LF to reach KSC runway. Landed and bounced a few times before being able to not bounce and stop. Was close to going 180 m/s first time tires touched runeway. Other then that it flies nice.
  6. I have no abandoned vehicles. They are all conveniently parked around Kerbin's orbit and other places..... Just waiting to be used by the Kerbals that put them there.
  7. Actually saw a streamer (DasValdez) last night send one from a 150 km Mün orbit down to Kerbin in with the Pe burried deep within Kerbin's surface. So no need heat shield currently. Just 2 droug chutes set to deploy when safe and the science box...
  8. Outside of doing it for fun. Not much reason to do so for the inner planets. Outter ones maybe. Beyond Eeloo might be intresting for sending things out beyond Kerbol/Sun SOI..
  9. Have not used mods in a long time. Will likely use them again at some point. Just not right now.
  10. Not much did take this nice screen shot:
  11. New KSP Version that changes the game play enough to warrent a new game. Kracken attack is another....
  12. Yeah. Have to agree with this and what others have mentioned in the past. Part of the problem with why I'm not using them much is. Needing to maintain high rep if I want to use any at 100% seems a bit silly with the other requirements when using the slider as well as not being able use 100% right away. Add in needing to upgrade the complex to use more stratagies as well as the variable rewards ( due to slider limitations on building size ) makes it even moar of a head scratcher. Think it would help to get Funds and Science into the negitives as well as getting rid of needing rep to use the sliders as well as being able to go 100% on the slider. Another thing that could help. Is having a need to use them. Besides the start once then forget about it stratagies. Strategies should be reflecting what type of contracts we get and can see. Not by rep or which place you have to visit first before getting explore x or fly-by x.... The only thing rep should affect is the pay/challange level of contracts other then the get only once contracts (fly-by x, explore x moon/planet ones, etc).
  13. Only if it is optional and can be toggled on or off. As well start in the defualt off for those that want to keep playing their save without Kerbals dropping like flies unexpectidly. Otherwise I would be intrested in seeing what Dquad comes up with. As I have always wanted to try the mods out. But, with the game developing as it had in the past. I kept puttign it off.
  14. Indeed. To bad there was not a strap going the other way to help keep her in. Then agains he might get broken even moar..
  15. My latest near miss and yes it has been a while since I last posted in this thread: Finally got into the mood to play again..
  16. Scott Manly has some decent youtube vids for new people. HE has helped me get into space. Streamers on twitch are also very helpful. Namey the Rocket Jockey group.
  17. The point I believe he is trying to make is. In NMS all ships can go to the same place. The only diffrence like is. How long it takes you to get there and how much you can carry. While in KSP you actually have to plan for it and design a craft that can handle the the planet/moon in question.
  18. I usually don't record my RUDs as they usually happen in Kerbin's SOI or nearish to the launch pad. I'm still capable of making basic mistakes dispite many many hours into playing the game.
  19. Would not Eve be an effective prison?
  20. I think only one undocking as been an option since before 1.0. Not 100% sure on that. But, yeah the last few updates it has been like this. Would be great if we could choose which one to use for undocking.
  21. Yeah. I got up to panthers. If I felt like trying I would upload it to let you play around in sandbox. Just really tired right now.
  22. I know that feeling. Till you get a plane that works it is annoying.... I do have a plane that is steady to fly and can reach half way around Kerbin.. Just not sure what tech level you have.