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  1. Those errors are the textures, shaders, and colliders being replaced. It is in fact not an error but a warning that a texture, or shader cannot be found because it is not distributed in GameData folder. The components are already a part of KSP. All KK does is assigns them to the mesh. The physX error is the mesh collider being replaced by the KK collider logic. This allows the mesh collider to be used as a baked box collider instead of using many convex colliders.
  2. @Galileo After I'm done with stock mode I'll be adding JNSQ compatibility to Kerbin Side Remastered. I'll include a patch for those who have installed @Omega482's stock alike structures.
  3. Ahhh I miss @nli2work we used to talk about our ideas. I'm glad his mods live on.
  4. @The White Guardian Makes my Kerbin Side Remastered lighting look far better.
  5. I left out a few annoying features like grain and vignette. It does make scatterer prettier.
  6. Oh there it goes, DOH! Oh there it goes, DOH!
  7. This doesn't seem to be working at all for me. It's like it will not post process period.
  8. I'll be shifting the COM to the cargo bay and adjust the COM of the tanks and boosters so the COM lines up. the COL will have some tweaks too so that the COM and COL line up as per standard aeronautic weight and balance. I'm still working on it around my other projects. I hope to get everything done in the next few months. I know it's been a while, but one has real life to deal with too.
  9. No... It's completely static. I debated making it open up or have an open variant. I don't have any VAB or Launchpad plans other then SLC-6 which will have roll-away animation.
  10. Here is a little album of me making the small hangars similar to the ones in the R&D at KSC. These will be used on some of the up coming statics. Making KSP Structures
  11. Next release, which won't be nearly as long apart as this one was. Also more taxi roads, another airfield, long range radar tower, dorms, research facility,, new dishes, and new observatory. Vandenberg SLC-6 launch pad will be some time after as i need to redesign a few things.
  12. Ok fixed Harvester Airfield, I'll roll out the patch with an additional airfield.
  13. @Ger_space just did a recompile of KK against 1.7.3, so all should be well. I'll look into this. Make sure you install KSR fresh, not over writing the old one. I'll check out the black squares issue too.
  14. Kerbin Side Remastered Ver. 1.0.0 release.
  15. Oh by the way... New release. Caveat: Both new dishes and new observatory are being worked on so the old ones are still in this version, but will be releasing in the next update.