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  1. I have partial work made on the Mk V fuselage, basically a Kerbal C-5. I hope to have that done in the near future. It should work in 1.8.x because it is just parts. Just update the plugin with @Angel-125s new version of his Kerbal Actuators plugin.
  2. Hi all, just an update; I'm working on getting this updated using the new grass blending method in 1.8 soon.
  3. @V8jester I wondered where you'd been. Good to see you back. Thank you, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Cool! But be warned I'll be fixing a few things and adding a few IVAs soon. Work has been busy so I haven't had too much time, but soon I'll have more content.
  4. I haven't uploaded them to my KerbalX page yet. I should probably do that soon.
  5. I haven't put it on CKAN yet. Also it should work with KSP 1.8 as long as Kerbal Konstructs is up to date.
  6. I'll most likely have to recompile everything in Unity as the set up has changed a bit since last release.
  7. Tornado cockpit and F-101 Voodoo, and F-104 are being planned. I don't know if I'll do wings as they really don't do much as just an animation, the servos moving wings changes the COL and COM a bit and some of the drag cube angle a tiny bit. Freddy's KR-71 is finally going to have an IVA too.
  8. Mine are just an animation that moves the visual mesh and collider meshes into a folded position.
  9. Thank you for creating a FAR patch, the rotors are just engines generating thrust. I haven't decided if I wanted to make rotors based off of stock BG rotors. The main issue would be how the mast would move to fold the blades, and lack of sounds?
  10. Pretty decent looking build. That's a really good looking build. I don't plan on doing any changes or updates on the old KRX rotors.
  11. Don't worry, those are just warnings. I used my flag/logo for setting up the FlagTransform for the flag module. They are not game breaking.
  12. They should be there, try re-downloading the file. Oh, no, never mind, those can be ignored. Those where the textures used to set up the flag transform/mesh for the flag node.
  13. Where did you install the folder? The models and textures use absolute path addressing. Also other mods?
  14. New update coming soon, just maintenance.