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  1. [1.2] Carrier Vessel Expansion (CVX) [ver 0.12]

    Not that I know of, I'll have a look into that.
  2. [1.2] Carrier Vessel Expansion (CVX) [ver 0.12]

    Another Dev Pic Carrier for Scale
  3. [1.2] Carrier Vessel Expansion (CVX) [ver 0.12]

    New Dev Pic
  4. [1.2] Carrier Vessel Expansion (CVX) [ver 0.12]

    Once I have the files off of my other HDD, I'll be back onto finishing the Kuznetsov, Essex, and Wasp. The wasp was almost completed before everything went down.
  5. [1.2] Carrier Vessel Expansion (CVX) [ver 0.12]

    Coming Soon! This is the WIP TDD-1 Tuatha de Danann Super Submarine Aircraft Carrier based off of the one in the Anime Full Metal Panic!. In this image I have already cut the doors for the deck but the engines haven't been modeled yet. Plans are to add a small underside bay for a small exploration submarine like the one by @RoverDude, full functioning flight deck for VTOLs, and hanger with drag cube to allow walking around underwater. There will be torpedo tubes and VLS tubes for BDArmory.
  6. [1.2] Carrier Vessel Expansion (CVX) [ver 0.12]

    Right now it is only for version 1.2. Also 1.3 update coming soon. Airpark isn't needed anymore.
  7. [WIP] The Cities of Kerbin (Hex Blocks)

    Tuatha de Danann super submarine from Full Metal Panic
  8. So far I've been tinkering around with KSO a bit. The shuttles are flyable, but the aerodynamics are a bit wonky. Getting to space is a pain I'm playing around with some adjustment to the engines vector and managed to get somewhat a suborbital flight with no loss of crew. where are we at on an update? The land vehicles are working okay, they have some issues with a minor amount of bouncyness, but do roll.
  9. [1.3] SM Armory 1.3 [1.3] SM_AFVs1.3

    Hi @SpannerMonkey(smce) Speaking of KK odds and ends, I've got this old mod up and working. I may tinker with it but I'm not sure if I can post it due to its license. I had partially built a bridge to connect the city to the airport but never finished it.
  10. [1.1] TextureReplacer 2.4.13 (4.4.2016)

    That is an awesome suit!
  11. KSP Making History

    I may make an easter egg in my Top Secret! mod just to reference this post. For reference, Top Secret! adds a bunch of easter eggs and discoverable objects to the Kerbol System to promote exploration. Most of it refers to myths and sci-fi references, memes and NASA references. A white whale would definitely be a good reference to this thread and the TT , Squad procurement thread.
  12. YAY! @Shadowmage you are so wonderful!
  13. @RealGecko Warp drive doesn't load in KSP for me, it crashes due to thinking there is an empty part config file.
  14. I'd certinly like to make Kargantua, from the Kargantua mod, be at the center of the cluster. I don't consider the cluster a galaxy, more like a small globular cluster held together in a black hole's SoI. With all the really nice planet packs out there, it would be nice to procedurally plant other packs in their own stars. Also be able to chose which planets are used procedurally and which ones are to be fixed in their own system. What is the furthest distance that KSP is capable of placing a star system? I'd like to place stars between the vicinity of .25c and 1c away. Maybe have planetary visual effect to see them from Kerbin?