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  1. Well, the models are so old and don't follow a lot of good practice, but AlphaAsh was learning at the time. Even the models made by lack was lacking. Nonetheless, that was the beginning. the styles and features have changed. An even now, the use of a mask for the ground texture is the now standard. KSR is in the process of upgrading and adding AO to the statics.
  2. KK works in RSS but you have to set up all the statics yourself. Kerbin Side Remastered is designed for stock KSP and does not work in RSS.
  3. Looking at this picture makes me realize I need to make some fixes.
  4. I have that submarine mod that I had been working on for a while as well as the under water base construction set. Very nice! I hope to have more water launch systems and maybe an oceanic base for launching sub missions. With the better hangar module, you can store your subs in the the sub pen. It is in planning stages at the moment. Currently Kerbin Side Remastered is undergoing a new art pass, upgrading the 'ground' to the new mapping system. I think I'll make a new lower dock as well for smaller vessels. The current dock was designed for the CVX aircraft carriers. Those carriers take a lot of work to make. I think I've done 5 or more art passes on them and i'm still not satisfied. The LSD Wasp class may also be a great craft for having a mobile base for water research. I hope to have enough goodies hidden for discovery in KSR and the carriers for that added fun, because carriers are fun.
  5. Hello, I've come to visit. You'll be happy to hear I'm working on a bunch of water based statics plus some under water anomalies for a future under water parts expansion I've been working on.
  6. Well, it's not damaged per se, just out of date and needs reworking.
  7. Hello all! Yes I had to rebuild my machine. The mother board burned out on me. I did a lot of 3d printing as well. I'm in the process of reinstalling unity and all assets need to begin modding and modeling KSP again. I also took a 3d modeling class. Humorously I already knew 99% of what was taught. As it appears Blender is starting to become an industry standard. Mainly because Z-brush and Autodesk aren't fixing some glaring bugs and blender can do everything in one package. I digress, I am back and modding. My back log and focus is KSR, EA, KSOS, and CVX. Hope to have some updates soon. It is a bit, since I have full permission to update, I have to work on fixing the models and there are a lot of parts. I hope to add rotating ports as well.
  8. Hi all this mod is back to being developed. I rebuilt my machine from the ground up.
  9. Hi everyone, back with new machine and currently reorganizing my folders for better work flow. I'll be updating EA hopefully soon.
  10. I haven't tested this with the current version of KSP. The main thing is to be sure that you have the current version of @Angel-125's plug -in. Some of them do, but since at the time I was using a legacy version of Unity they are not compatible with some features. I have to finish the work on the mod for 1,11.
  11. Hey Eskandare could you if possible please update 


    1. Starhelperdude


      ''No not dead, it is merged with Kerbin Side Remstered... And indeed, still top secret.''

  12. That is a great map! Mind if I use it on the OP? Credit given of course!
  13. Hi everyone, my machine has been out of action for a little bit. I should be up and running soon.
  14. Hi everyone. I hope to be back up and running soon. My computer has been down so I haven't been able to do any development at all. I hope to be up an running soon.
  15. Hi everyone, my computer has been down for a couple of months. I should be receiving new parts soon. Hopefully I'll be back in action shortly. Yes I am, but my machine has been down for a couple of months. I hope I'll be up and running again soon.
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