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  1. I haven't tested this with the current version of KSP. The main thing is to be sure that you have the current version of @Angel-125's plug -in. Some of them do, but since at the time I was using a legacy version of Unity they are not compatible with some features. I have to finish the work on the mod for 1,11.
  2. Hey Eskandare could you if possible please update 


  3. That is a great map! Mind if I use it on the OP? Credit given of course!
  4. Hi everyone, my machine has been out of action for a little bit. I should be up and running soon.
  5. Hi everyone. I hope to be back up and running soon. My computer has been down so I haven't been able to do any development at all. I hope to be up an running soon.
  6. Hi everyone, my computer has been down for a couple of months. I should be receiving new parts soon. Hopefully I'll be back in action shortly. Yes I am, but my machine has been down for a couple of months. I hope I'll be up and running again soon.
  7. Hi everyone! My computer has been down for a few months. I'll be getting the new parts shortly. Hopefully I'll be back in action and start finishing some new stuff as well as updating the current structures.
  8. The only actual full face lift will be the cockpit being switched from Raster Prop Monitor over to ASET by @alexustas, and MAS by @MOARdV. I'll be doing the initial Alpha test, I'll release the Beta as soon as it is ready.
  9. I use the version of Firespitter in Air Planes Plus. Additionally if anyone is interested in making mod propellers, Eskandare Aerospace does not use Firespitter, but instead uses KerbalActuators by @Angel-125. It is easier to set up for making propellers with prop-blur, has a great hover controller, and returns the rotor/propeller to the start position for specific blade folding. Firespitter is the go-to plugin, and has been a part of the community for almost the life of KSP. Overall whether you use Firespitter or KerbalActuators it is a matter of personal preference. Again on my en
  10. Hmmm okay I believe that should be CKAN'ing from the SpaceDock repository, so you should be good. The only thought I have with the FPS drop in accordance with KSR is animations. KSR has a few constant animations like radar rotations.
  11. Are you using an old version of KSR? The only things that ate up resourced were some of my old anomalies recycled from my "TopSecret" mod, they had colliders that ate up a lot of resources. I used simple geometry and low impact colliders. I even remade a lot of the anomalies to prevent GPU drag.
  12. To my current knowledge KK hasn't been updated to 1.9.x yet, this is probably a PQS issue. If @Ger_space is available to chime in.
  13. I haven't updated the github release, I apologize. Use the SpaceDock release. I'll update github in a moment.
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