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  1. I really don't know what happened there. It may be a problem with either deleting the group or leaving the group.
  2. It is the north/west of the same continent as KSP KSC
  3. The CoM at the back of the cockpit is intended that way. I've thought of changing it forward a little bit since I've been abstractly setting the CoM of the part where the average mass of the seats, electronics, etc. are located. I think I had some logic for the CoM being at the attach node, or I forgot to move it forward. Eh... i'll be probably be changing it next update.
  4. Sorry late to the party. I had been looking forward to this mod for some time. Sad i missed you releasing it @JadeOfMaar.
  5. There should only be the kerman atoll. I didn't create any new major land masses. There is however a crevasse in the shape of a smiley face underwater, but that is stock. Now I look at the picture, I have absolutely no idea. Hmmm...
  6. I'll talk to @linuxgurugamer about indexing it for me. I still haven't gotten the hang of CKAN. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, I'm working on some new anomalies! Some sci-fi nerd culture stuff, some weird stuff, some silly stuff, and some stuff to honor people. If you haven't explored Cape Kerman base in KSR, you should. If you don't know where it is, it is close to the Coordinates of the real Kennedy Space Center There is an anomaly there that is worth seeing and reading the plaque. Please pay your respects some time.
  7. It's not on CKAN because it's not on there yet.
  8. Yes I do, along with real life. I am hoping I'll get back to this since 1.9 is now up. There have been so many changes that I don't want to get a new version made and have to redo everything just because Squad changed something. There is a tremendous amount of work that need to be applied to the models, masks, wheel fixes, CoM / CoL fixes, etc. I do but KSOS isn't on there yet.
  9. As far as I know all anomalies should appear on scansat. I'm working on some new stock scanning aircraft parts for Eskandare Aerospace so that fly bois can use aircraft to s an for the anomalies.
  10. There sould be some on that continent and a few on the islands. There should be a bunch. I've tried to spread airfield out so it isn't over saturated.
  11. At some point I plan to make a JNSQ version but I haven't be able to get around to it. I've bee investigating how to make the O'Neill cylinder a reality for KSP, and some continued work on Eskandare Aerospace. Also I still need to update KSR to the new shader so that the roads blend.
  12. No not dead, it is merged with Kerbin Side Remstered... And indeed, still top secret.
  13. Hi @Stone Blue I've been off and on tinkering with a larger one so the rotation can be slower to maintain 1g. The original design did have a neutral orbital 'dock' but since it was originally designed as a static, it would have to have a KAS thing, or claw to attach a docking port and maybe mini station to the non rotating 'port.' Since she is so huge, a lot of work would have been needed for details and to make it pretty. Also cities and stuff on the rotating section. Maybe @Ger_space could make a simple rotator so that I don't have to use a bloated animation for the rotation. to make it a craft/part would be monstrous but rotation might be easier to achieve. I'd have to use some very simple colliders to prevent RAM and process bloat. I think, other then the BG DLC I think there is another mod that has rotations set up. The mass calculation would be massive, I'd have to be sure I didn't tempt the Kraken. I'll be pondering this whilst I study in my astronomy program. I do want to have this available in the future to add an element of futurism, and a port for those who have achieved a level of career advancement where such a thing would be reasonable to construct. If I made it as a part (ideally) then it would have to be made via a construction mod due to the size and mass. This would create a sense of realism as the player would have to get enough resources into space to construct it. Things it needs and hurdles to overcome: Enough mass that it cannot be easily knocked off course or out of orbit. A model with colliders that it doesn't kill the processor or ram bloat. Big enough that the rotation can be managed by the physics model/engine and provide a simulated 1g for a kerbal to stand, thus tricking the engine to think it was on the ground (this can only be done as a static due to the physics engine limitations). Ideally a part/craft so that interactions with the station can be intuitive fluid and allow for additional part building, such as docking ports, etc. Please note this would limit the size to approximately 2km in diameter for the physics engine to handle or else the Kraken will eat Kerbal kind. This is basically my goal with the O'Neill Cylinder or any station similar
  14. Thank you! I'm mostly trying going for stock-alike esque styled cockpits of the actual cockpits, with that, borrowing [citation and credit to the creators] a few IVA bits to achieve this. The nuclear aircraft propulsion engines will have a bit of a face lift, well, mainly new models and configs. KRX rotors are slowly returning with the more detailed models similar to the SH-3 rotor. I was debating on making ones that work like the new stock ones. the complexity looks like a fun challenge, but it'll come later. I'll Be adding more engines, a variation of @blackheart612's C-130 engine, mainly just a reskin for the blades. An engine based off the Convair B-36 Peacemaker engine, and maybe a few others. There are a ton of fixes I still need to make for the mod and still all the cockpits. So I have a lot ahead of me. May be a possibility in the future. I have a couple of civil cockpits and I may release them. I'll look into them after the MK-V is completed.
  15. I have partial work made on the Mk V fuselage, basically a Kerbal C-5. I hope to have that done in the near future. It should work in 1.8.x because it is just parts. Just update the plugin with @Angel-125s new version of his Kerbal Actuators plugin.