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  1. KSP is dead?

    Oops, my bad sorry. Summary of link: In 2007, a twitter user posted His first tweet "Tired Going to bed" In 2014 He posted his second tweet "%*&#! Overslept!" Now that's playing the long game.
  2. KSP is dead?

    Not as awesome as [Link removed]
  3. Kerbin's Radius

    That makes it sound so old.....
  4. KSP Making History

    Thanks, that's what I figured, just been a while, figured there might be some sort of news...
  5. What do kerbals do with their dead?

    I play with the "Snacks" mod, and I'd like to see an addition to it where if a kerbal dies, it increases the amount of snacks onboard by x amount......
  6. KSP Making History

    Dug through the thread a bit, but I didn't see any updates on an expected release date, just a bunch more of the "not fair" and "it's pointless" posts. Anybody have any new, official, info on a release date and or target? (Please quote me when responding so I get an alert, thanks).
  7. KSP Age Groups?

    The bias is strong with this poll..... Especially when I qualify for two of the answers, yet can only pick one.....
  8. While the Ti drive probably wouldn't cost that much, as most of it would still have to be silicon and copper, the other two might have a shot of reducing your profit margins to unacceptably low levels. I mean, if you are going to start a bespoke software company, you might want to work on reducing your shipping costs...
  9. I just realised something about Bill and Bob.

    This... Thanks... now I can't unsee it.
  10. Eclipse in KSP

    Well played sir! Sigh..... /facepalm
  11. Eclipse in KSP

    Now every time I see one of these threads, I start signing the song in my head.... Turn around.....
  12. Orbiter doesn't use true N-body calculations, it uses truncated versions of it to allow for ease of simulation. Reworking KSP to include even these 'simplified' systems would basically mean making a new game, from almost scratch. If they were to do it, it would be in KSP2, if ever. As buggy as this game can get at times, Imagine if they tried to work it into the game as is. At times of Jool/Kerbol Conjuction, light weight rovers might start lifting off the ground.......
  13. steam contoller for non steam owners

    Isn't the steam controller just a fancy game pad? Why not just get a cheap game pad for use in non steam games?
  14. There's tutorials?? While fixing the bug is an issue that needs addressed, if you have the basics down, go blow something up. Doing is the best way to learn.
  15. Ship shaking

    Are you making a suggestion or asking a question? The canon answer is to use more struts. Try autostrutting some of your heavier parts. Post a pic of your craft, there may an issue with the design.