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  1. Moved to KSP Discussion. Where Jeb wants it.
  2. He does custom contract work too. He's made a lot of stuff that is bespoke to the client's request.
  3. It looks like this mod contains an arm you can use. Plus, @Angel-125's mod listed above is shown to work in the latest release. You can build custom arms from that. I have also merged the two overlapping threads that were running concurrently .
  4. Dunno if this still works, but you can try, there are various fixes to various problems listed in the thread.
  5. I think the game will be expensive enough at release. I agree. He deserves the nod.
  6. In general, higher speeds would normally equal higher performance. There are others here with a more in depth knowledge of this, but it seems to me two things might have been happening. First off, you might have been running up a RAM limit. Seems unlikely with 16gb, but if you had a bunch of other things in the background, and a heavily modded game, you might have run out of space. Secondly, the new RAM might just work better with your specific setup than the old. There might have been some slight incongruities that were causing some slight instabilities that KSP was deciding to munch
  7. But to dock, you need to rendezvous, and there's some good stuff in that thread on it. Did you try reading it?
  8. Lots of good stuff in this thread that will help you out:
  9. Bob Ross is more famous than Van Gogh.
  10. This question has been moved to the Gameplay Questions Subforum. And there's no need to restate our Forum Rules. If a post doesn't meet our forum standards, it can be reported and the moderators will deal with it. Welcome to the forums @MrWookie2U! I don't think this is easily done in a stock game. The Ion engines don't have the thrust to get to Orbit, although it's been years since I've tried for that very reason.
  11. If there's a question you need one of the mod team to respond to, you can report the thread in question. There really shouldn't be that many situations that are outside of an existing thread, but if there is, you can PM any of the mods you do see around regularly and we'll get to it as soon as we can. If it's urgent, and doesn't pertain to a particular thread, you can always report any thread (one of the pinned locked threads is probably a good one) and any moderators that are on will see it.
  12. And so it is. Overlapping threads have been merged
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