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  1. As deddly said, Invision, there is a link at the very bottom of (almost) every page to it.
  2. Without any pics, craft files, or logs, it's really hard to help you out here. Even a video of the build and the launch would help.
  3. That's ok. We were all new once. Please check my first post, I have made some edits to it.
  4. Moved to add-on releases. @DAXIN, all mods released on the forums must include a license on the forum post and in the download itself. We also require a link to any uncompiled source code you might have. Till then, the download links have been removed. Also, you need to confirm if the original mod's license allows for this type of redistribution.
  5. Moved to add-on discussions.
  6. Ummmm..... You're welcome..... ?.... Good luck curating this....
  7. HI @Susam, The MJ mod itself contains that module.
  8. I really don't think it will matter, it will go sideways either way. I personally as a player could do without MP, but understand the public push for it. But I'll be really disappointed if they do release without having a solid game. I've been playing this game for long enough that an extra 6 months to a year wait for the sequel won't bother me at all. I haven't paid for a thing yet, they don't owe me anything yet, I'm not getting bent out of shape if they wait to make it right.
  9. We, the early adopters of the game, got the game at a really good price compared to it's MSRP today, although you can quite often find it for far less than I paid for it back in the day. At the time, the low price and the "free expansions" clause was something they were offering to attract customers (ie funding for development). Eventually, I'm guessing somebody in legal or bookkeeping went "Hey, guys....ummmm" and the free expansion clause was dropped. Now, fast forward a few years, and the first DLC dropped. Us who were promised at the time that future expansions would be free were really curious if Squad would honor their promise. For the vast majority of us that were eligible, it wasn't about the money, it was about a company that we supported early on when the game was in it's infancy, and we were seeing if they would return that support. And they did. And we loved them for that. Now, ~7 years later, and a new game is coming out. Made by a different company. The fan base is there, so they have no need to offer such discounts. Us who showed our support early on aren't needed again. The sales will be there, they don't need gimmicks to generate revenue. It's a different game, the previous clauses don't copy here.
  10. Again, shielding =/= Hull. The was a hole in columbia's shielding, not it's hull. That's why it failed. Thick hull = more mass = less dv available to you. Thin hull with appropriate lightweight shielding = less mass.
  11. As AHH asked, have you upgraded the Tracking Station to unlock that feature yet? Which would be odd considering the tech you have available to you.
  12. @ScrapIron, to avoid confusion, I have fixed your post so your text is not buried inside another user's quoted post.
  13. Overlapping threads have been merged