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  1. The official hosting site is only official because SQUAD said it is. Modders are not (usually) part of SQUAD, and are not obligated to use Curse. Spacedock has been the favored hosting site for the last few years, there have been others before it. But not all modders use curse or spacedock, some only host their mods on github, some use other websites entirely. It's completely up to the mod author.
  2. You don't. There isn't a read receipt or anything. If we choose to act on a report, you may or may not see any effects on the forums. Sometimes we removed stuff that you guys don't see after the fact (like spam). It's pretty much a standing rule that we announce in thread or in a PM any changes we make to posts, be it edits or removals. That way there won't be any "ghost editing" of posts. If you think there might have been, please report the post to us, there is an option to hide edits done by moderators, and if we accidentally click the wrong checkbox, then the edit is done without a public notification. That is not our normal procedure and we'll quickly rectify it. It depends on the action taken. If it's a merge or move or something 'logistical' in nature, we always try to post in the thread. If it's an edit, we always try to use the "[snip]" notation to indicate where something was removed. We never add or change a post's content aside from the rule breaking parts. Even with the most obnoxious, stupid, ill informed stuff we sometimes see, we bend over backwards to try to keep the intended message intact. We normally don't comment on particular reports, but rest assured, all reports are reviewed within a few hours at worst (we are volunteers after all). If we deem there is action to be taken on a specific report, you will see such action as I described above. I believe that does answer your specific question without actually specifically commenting on it. And as always, if you disagree with, or would just like some insight into, the moderators action or inaction regarding a report, feel free to PM us, and we will discuss as we can.
  3. Offset Does it have any effect? When I first did it, I didn't move the offset, which would cause dragging a yellow handle to cause the other to move together. In addition, to make a full-moving wing with an offset shaft, it was simply changed to the current mode. is it you? I think the mod you posted on spacedock is pretty good. But it does not seem to be unlimited in size. After launch, there is still a limit of 40 and a thickness limit of 4 @CarnationRED, we ask that you post a translation in English in the forums outside the international sub forums. Feel free to post in your native language to allow others to see the untranslated version, but please include a auto translation at least. Thanks! 我们要求您在国际子论坛之外的论坛中发布英语翻译。 可以用您的母语发布,以允许其他人查看未翻译的版本,但至少请包括自动翻译。 谢谢! Wǒmen yāoqiú nín zài guójì zǐ lùntán zhī wài dì lùntán zhōng fābù yīngyǔ fānyì. Kěyǐ yòng nín de mǔyǔ fābù, yǐ yǔnxǔ qítā rén chákàn wèi fānyì de bǎnběn, dàn zhìshǎo qǐng bāokuò zìdòng fānyì. Xièxiè!
  4. Well, now there's a really good reason to send a floating mission to the clouds there.
  5. Last one to click before it automatically relocks gets a prize!
  6. I believe Miguel was trying to show you that it has been worked on since the 1.3 version, and if you read the thread, there are reports it still works in 1.10.x.
  7. It's usually best to ask such question in the thread it pertains to.
  8. This discussion about an Add-on has been moved to Add-on Discussion.
  9. Well, it was explicitly mentioned in the link I provided, if you had read it.
  10. Thanks for that @Entropian, we'll bounce that upstairs to IT.
  11. While I agree it wasn't the ending we all wanted, I think it was the right ending for the story. I might have to give the last season another watching to see what I think again though. The new Dune trailer looks interesting. I read the book a few decades ago, might have seen the original movie, but I never really got that deep into the story line. I think I'll be able to watch this one with an open mind, not clouded with the original story. Still might stink though.
  12. Thread moved to General Mod Development Help and Support