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  1. ^^^ It's not pumping much faster than any other heart, it's pumping more.
  2. You still run into issues of fluid dynamics. You can only move X volume of blood so fast before the pump starts cavitating. You'd have to come up with a really really funky design that doesn't make sense evolutionary most likely. This doesn't make sense in this context. Sleep is mainly a cognitive thing, and not so much a circulatory thing. Yeah, there's repairs and such that go on during sleep, but mainly it allows the brain to store info and reset. Perhaps, a normal sleep cycle that matches the circadian rhythm of the home planet, but the creature has evolved a fight/flight response that allows for sustained exertions over extraordinary lengths of time. Then they need an extended rest period, not sleep necessarily, before they're fully ready again. Humans survived well because they were relentless predators. They aren't fast are strong in comparison to other large creatures, but they're always there. The prey could sprint away and hide, but shortly after, the humans would turn up in slow pursuit, also nagging at the prey. It's one of the principals of the "Humans are Space Orcs" memes @sevenperforce presented earlier, although I don't think I see that facet of it in that particular link. Now imagine a prey species that evolved in an environment that had a similar large predator. The ones that survived were the ones that could run and run and survive for long stretches without slowing down. It's breaks down logically if you think too hard about it, but it'd give you a basis for the species. It'd be less about an insane heart rate, and more about the body's ability to deliver nutrients and energy to the parts that need it, and to manage the chemical waste products until there was an opportunity to properly dispose of it. On a long run? Then the arm muscles would have the ability to dump glucose (et al) back into the blood stream and absorb the acids that are building up in the system. You arms would start to burn before your legs would. Then when you are done with the activity you needed, you would need an extended rest period to recover and do it again. Edit: Heck, an extra organ that does just that would be ideal. It would dump adrenaline and glucose, and absorb the waste materials. Have it linked in the circulatory system right before the heart and lungs so it could regulate the amount of carbonic acids in the blood stream more effectively. Don't make the heart pump better, make the other organs and the blood better. Let the blood carry more oxygen than is normally possible (see also: Lance Armstrong).
  3. Problem with really fast heart rates, >200, is that the heart can start to cavitate. If it’s pumping that fast, the atria don’t have a enough time to refill, so they aren’t priming the ventricles, so your output is decreased. If they’re pumping as fast as @JoeSchmuckatelli’s movie claims, you’re actually not moving anything at all.
  4. Human bodies work on something similar to Boyle’s law, ie, if one value goes up, another should go down. Faster the heart rate, lower the Bp, usually. But all that is usually dictated by the ph level of the spinal fluid, which indicates the amount of waste carbonic acid being released by the cells, which regulates breathing rate, and increased breathing rate reduces the ph level, which assumes the cells are being delivered the appropriate amount nutrients and oxygen level. All of that is to say that if you start messing around with bodily functions in a fictional setting, don’t get specific as you’ll end up creating logical paradoxes, so keep it simple and vague.
  5. We have bumped this question upstairs to the people that know, and they should get back us shortly.
  6. Well heck, I've been playing for 10 years and I didn't know that. Cool.
  7. www.google.com/search?q=nasa+dart I was all ready to put my moderator hat on and yell at you guys for being jerks to such a simple question further up the thread. Well played Google. That’s cool. But let’s do keep it on topic please.
  8. Please host log files on outside sites and link them here. Thank you.
  9. Overlapping threads have been, and will continue to be, merged.
  10. I'd love to know what the thingy on the bottom left is.
  11. It kinda looks like a hard boiled egg rolled in everything bagel seasoning.
  12. Well.... technically it was already timelapse. But I'll post something if I see something.
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