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  1. Gargamel

    Mods- How to...

    If you are having trouble installing mods, CKAN is the best choice for you until you get comfortable with the file structure of the mods. Not only will it install the correct mod version (usually), but it will install any other mods that the original mod requires to run. It makes it vastly easier to add and remove mods than by hand. For the first four + years of playing KSP, I always did my mods manually, but I finally installed CKAN and I'm much happier for it. Although, you will encounter the occasional mod which does not support Ckan, then you have to do it manually. Excellent answer Geo.
  2. Probably not, as we've both been in all the same threads like this. I'd do a search on "#autoLOC" and see if there's any other tidbit of info that might help. And it sounds like somebody has a crush on @bewing
  3. I don't know about debug tools, but... Normally, when trying to locate an offending mod, the technique is to do a 'binary search'. You remove half the mods and see if the problem persists. Then you know which half the bad mod is in, and do it again. It can be tedious, but it's mathematically the fastest way. But, your issue won't be resolved by this method. If you take out half your mods, then the CPU load will be reduced regardless, and you'll see improvements. So you'll have to do them one at a time to see which is the worst offender. And that's really not a practical solution. As a quick (possible, but unlikely) fix, try the mod memgraph. It changes when the game does it's garbage collection, and reduces stutter. It probably won't fix your issue, but then again, if it does work, Bob's your uncle. If it doesn't work, you can just get rid of it.
  4. I think this is what the OP is kinda asking for. If you mouse over the parameter, it will give a brief description of each so you can figure out what each does. Launch your deployment vessel to the intended orbital height, deploy the first satellite, and adjust it's position, and repeat for the rest. BUT... Do this, and get your satellites close enough to where you feel a sense of accomplishment in pretty much getting the satellites about where you want them, then imagine junior engineers are in charge of fine tuning the orbits (I hate fine tuning stuff like this), and use HE to tweak the three orbits to exactly where they need to be so you don't have to manually station keep every so often, only rarely. If you want a stock option, the first mod listed up there was originally a stand alone web site: Resonant Orbit Calculator (Kerbal Space Program)
  5. Gargamel

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    No No, I like the Bansky choice. Except we gotta land him on the moon with a bull dozer and a million gallons of paint.
  6. Gargamel

    Will YOU be on the first BFR manned moon flyby ?

    The older I get, the more I want to, the less I'm able too, so all the more I would go. Safe or Not, I'm going. Either I have a great story, or I die doing something (I assume) I love.
  7. I too read that 30+ years ago. I've read his latest, but I wonder how BHT holds up.... Nice link. Thanks.
  8. Gargamel

    Stratolaunch Problems

    Sooo... all we have to go on is the name of the ship. I don't think that's enough detail.
  9. Gargamel

    [1.4.x] Too Many Orbits You might want to look at sitting in on a meeting or twenty. Thanks again for all your work LGG.
  10. Gargamel

    Tell me about Homeworld

    Don't let it be a barrier. Like anything, new stuff will just take a little time to learn. Give it a spin, worst that happens is your out a few bucks. If you don't, you could regret missing out on something for years.
  11. I believe curvature is a value usually expressed without units. Kinda like the slope of a graph.
  12. Gargamel

    Need rover autopilot for 1.4.x

    I believe RealGecko said fare well over the winter, and handed out control of his mods to a variety of people. You might want to look again and see if anybody else picked up BV. I'd take a look at the last thread started by RG.
  13. Gargamel

    Can't place maneuver node

    Can MJ place the nodes?
  14. Pretty much, but after his response, I figured I'd be better off in other threads.
  15. Gargamel

    1 if by land, 2 if by sea!?

    Well, considering some of them got tazed by local police, I'd say the reactions were mixed.