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  1. Ground weather vs air weather. One is just slower. Amounts to the same thing, primary and secondary missions are complete, anything left is just residual (but still useful) data gathering.
  2. Brushes. Like on a slot car tracks cept the brushes point up in This case. The drone has a circular port with concentric contacts for the brushes to touch, allowing it to land in any orientation. Or some such “plugless” concept, perhaps landing on a guiding cone to line up the contacts perfectly. But of all we’re doing is cleaning some panels, we really don’t need a fan. Just rotate them sideways and a small vibration motor knocks the dust off.
  3. That was my first reaction too, but we do have a working flying drone on the planet, so maybe it’s not too far fetched an idea. But yes, as you mentioned, is the added mass worth the trouble? This is a stationary lander. It has probably done all then useful science it can, and is now basically a weather station. How actually useful is an extended mission for a lander like this?
  4. No, I don’t think Cherenkov radiation happens when something exceeds c. You said speed of light, which is not necessarily c. Please do not put words in my mouth.
  5. I might have the misunderstanding here, but by the way I read your interpretation, it completely eliminates the existence of something like Cherenkov radiation, which we know to be a real thing.
  6. @MechBFPisnt far off from the truth here. We get erroneous reports all the time on the forums, either people think it’s the reply button, or they don’t fill out the form to let us know what’s going on. Having a hot key to create a bug report is a bad idea. For a deeper look at why this is a bad idea, I’d recommend @Snark’s op-Ed in the recent open Beta thread up in the KSP2 discussion sub. Now, it might be convenient to have some sort of option, buried in a menu, that will bundle all the needed info into a single package. That way when you do go to the official bug tracker site, you can easily upload the correct info. This bundled package would also be very very helpful when asking for tech support. Our biggest problem in the tech support subs , and in mod threads, is getting users to provide the log files so we can help them. Having an easily uploadable package would Go a long way to fixing this.
  7. Who else would I have been talking about?
  8. Among the burning wreckage, no survivors anywhere, sits a slightly singed kerbal with an expression of glee. Given Boeing’s recent history, this isn’t too far from the truth.
  9. I highly doubt it's them, and since they haven't been on in 8 years or so, I don't think they'll even notice. But we do ask that you don't unnecessarily ping users out of randomness. We do have a game for that though.
  10. More off topic posts have been removed. If you want want to talk about the KSP plushie, you can go here. Do not repost material that has already been removed.
  11. More overlapping posts have been merged.
  12. Possibly. You’re probably just seeing the discharge of any static buildup that has occurred across the leads and possibly on the meat itself.
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