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  1. Some very off topic posts have been removed. When posting in a particular mod thread, please keep the discussion relevant to that mod. Thanks.
  2. :S too early Dangit.... schedule a date already....
  3. Question has been split into it's own thread to avoid confusion.
  4. It's "local" for me, as if a 5 hour drive is "local". I can get through most of it in the time slot allotted, and could even hit it again on the way back. Hmmmmmmm..... Isn't the Texas down that way too?
  5. So now I'm starting to think this. Cleveland, Ohio NASA day 1 Wright Patterson AFB, USAF museum, Dayton Ohio, Day 2 Houston Texas, NASA, Day 4. New Orleans, Day 5 KSC, Florida, Day 7 depending on Launch date ( If ever) Daytona Speedway Day 8 Huntsville, AL, NASA Day 9 And then back home.... But it all depends on if they launch or not, and if I'd like to be back in the French Quarter of NOLA for New Years Eve.
  6. That is because there is only one game worth playing, soon to be two. There is only one forum needed for the one game. There can be only one.
  7. And having a name that I spent a few minutes trying to say out loud.
  8. Yeah, that possiblity would be fully expected. Just being able to do a tour and such would be fun, but I'm not heading down there just for a tour. If there's a planned launch, I'll go. Might head down to the Keys too.
  9. The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present Threads of the Month Awards, for December 2019! Welcome to the December 2019 Threads of the Month Awards! Each month we pick the best ongoing or newly started threads that you guys have nominated. We'll start of this month's awards with a thread from our Science and Spaceflight sub forum. @tater created this thread to chronicle the launches from Russia, and it has done a great job of doing just that. Thanks to all who participate in it, keeping us updated on the missions and launches from Roscosmos and other agencies. Next up, we have this "simple" one tank trip challenge from @Pds314. It's really simple. Just take the S4-512 tank, from the Making History DLC, on a trip. And only that tank. On any trip. Some of the entries are very impressive so far, and a couple are very Kerbal. @tehmattguy brings us these very impressive stock replicas of the Lunokhod 1 and Luna 17 mission to the moon, just in time for the 49th anniversary of the launch. Another great thread from the fanworks section comes thanks to @Stevphfeniey, in "What Goes Up". It's a reusability focused playthrough of the JNSQ Mod. Some great write ups and photos. Speaking of JNSQ, Team @Galileo, brings us this nifty mod. A planet pack that tweaks and expands upon the stock planets, it includes some gorgeous scenics, and probably the coolest looking dV map I've ever seen (thanks @OhioBob & @JadeOfMaar!) And we'll wrap up this month's awards on a somber note with a hilarious thread. How have you murdered your Kerbals? What crimes against Kermanity have you done? @crasher925 asks us that question. The Moderation Team would like to say a huge thank you for all those who love this game as we do, and share love by contributing to these great forums. Without all of you, these forums wouldn't be what they are. And without your nominations for TotM, we might miss some great threads. So click that report button, and nominate a thread for consideration. All winners are free to add the Thread of the Month badge (created by our very own @adsii1970) to their posts, signatures or have it carved into a bas relief and mounted on your front porch.
  10. Best course of action is to browse through the thread and see if anybody has reported anything. If not, install it and try. Can't hurt if you make some backups first (which you should always do when installing a new mod), and give it a try. If you do, please report back on your findings so others can learn.
  11. As you do resemble Azrael, you would probably know. @James Kerman?
  12. Machine shop? Us machinists were put out of business with the invention of the fabricator.
  13. I love messing around with Arduino's, and this is just the type of project for it. But I doubt it would be practical (a counter) for a standard "stick" style magazine, as most aren't big enough for the user to not have a general idea of how much is left. Of course, it happens, but if you are using a drum or box magazine, this device would be very useful. or In drum mag, as above, you could put a small sensor and some marks on the wheel(s) that rotate inside the mag, creating a simple rotary encoder. This would be fairly simple to connect to a display, letting the user know how many rounds have been fired / are left.