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  1. As @Cheesecake mentioned, this thread has been moved to Tech Support Modded, and the suggested READ FIRST is a good place to start when requesting help. Telling us something isn't happening, then saying we need to do the research for you before responding doesn't really help us figure out the problem. We don't have access to your computer, so we have no idea what could be going on. We're not psychic.
  2. That really depends on the material it's made in. Some material, like sand, collapses instantly. Rock may never collapse. I've seen people trapped in collapsed holes less than a couple meters deep.
  3. Yes.... apparently it was.... We'll fix that.
  4. Unless you have multiple ground sites turned off. I do this to force me to set up a relay network so I can operate in LKO.
  5. Was watching For all Mankind the other day, and they were using Stock footage of the shuttle. God those were beautiful engines.
  6. It doesn’t help very much If you ask one question, get a response, and then edit your post to ask a completely different ( I think) question. What exactly are you trying to ask?
  7. I disagree with this. While your points are valid, there's no reason not to update the game. If a bug has been introduced that really messes up the game or mods, there's nothing stopping you from not updating and sticking with your current mod set. Nobody is forcing the updates on you. While I do play the current version, I also still enjoy my 1.3.1 game with that modset. Keeping the game updated means player still get new stuff. There's no difference between updating and finding a game breaking bug forcing you to revert your version, and not updating at all. So why not update
  8. Welcome to the forums @BN2, congrats on the release. If it's still in development, would you prefer this thread be moved there until it's done? Also, please provide a license in this thread, as per our Add On Posting Rules.
  9. Sixty symbols just did a pretty good video on this. At least good enough for me to get a better idea of how the expirement works, and how they came to their findings. Part of me wonders though, since they’re using some of the same equipment in both excitements, if there is some instrumentation problems leading to these results.
  10. Standardized Numbering, Format, and Grammar. (Previously mentioned rule 1.1 became rule 2, and the rest below it incremented 1 number) Tweaked rules to conform to conventions currently in use.
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