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  1. Gargamel

    Probability Puzzle

    Yes, I guess it would, but that is not relevant to the question.
  2. Gargamel

    Probability Puzzle

    This is incorrect, as the wording in the puzzle is key. It's not "what are the odds the other child is a boy", but "is also a boy". Veritasium is a great channel. Love his videos. Have not watched this one (lately), but if he refutes my answer, I can direct you to a few phd statisticians who agree with it (which is where I got the puzzle from). Interesting data, but we're looking for a simpler answer than that. But yours would be more accurate then a pure 50/50 answer. @5thHorseman Actually, no, a lot simpler, but alas, an argument will always happen, as the answer, when described makes complete sense, but is still somewhat counter intuitive.
  3. Gargamel

    Probability Puzzle

    Posting this in the S&S forum, rather than the Lounge, so we can have a intelligent conversation about probabilities vs Bayesian Probabilities. If you know the answer, or find this trivial, just don't blurt it out, let the others figure this out. When we've had a bit of good discussion here, I'll post up the second puzzle. So here's the Question: You are walking down the street, when you run into a friend of yours. She has her two children with her. One of them is a boy. What are the odds that the other child is also a boy?
  4. Gargamel

    A bunch of new stuff

    I went 4 years before starting a career game!
  5. Gargamel

    No TACLS parts in editor?

    Cheesecake has already shown the solution, but this is NOT the location for mods...
  6. Gargamel

    A bunch of new stuff

    But we already have automation in stock. It is easily assumed that crews are not at their post the entirety of a voyage. They have scheduled their work and sleep shifts so that when a planned maneuver is coming up, they are all on duty. Science from a Lab per day is the aggregate of all the science they have produced, on duty or off. But we're talking about stock here, so let's keep this and the following comment in their respective cubby holes. I would love to see a mod that implements an automatic crew rotation. Where if I wanted a pilot on duty all the time, I would need two of them, each for a 3 hour duty shift (assuming a kerbal is awake for 3 hours and sleep 3 hours out of the 6 hour kerbal day). This would cover all crew assignments, so you'd have to bring up a complete A & B crew for missions. If you didn't there would have to be some lag time between when you need a crew member to function at an unscheduled moment (like rotating the ship to orient the panels not near a manuever node), maybe 5 minutes of game time. Scheduled events would be known so they would be crewed. But Manually doing this forced crew rotation is a bad bad idea. Just for an example, send up a mission to minmus. Every three hours of game time, drop out of warp, manually switch your A& B crews between compartments, and then start warping again. You are going to spend a solid hour of real life time just moving crew around for the trip to and from minmus. Manual crew rotation is just not practical for long duration voyages.
  7. Until I tweaked something in the KSP folder, 1.2 would always ask me. Go into the... errrr.... security tab under properties under the right click for the folders and set the appropriate permissions for KSP. I had to poke and prod this for a bit to get it to work, might have to alter some perms farther down into the folder too.
  8. Gargamel

    Parts Missing

    The poetic Klesh is probably right. Since this is assumed to be a stock install (unless Val accidentally dropped it into the wrong sub forum), If you are using steam, have it confirm the integrity of the files. If not, just delete the files and reinstall from scratch. That should fix the issue. But also make sure you aren't in a career game where you haven't unlocked the nose cones yet.
  9. Gargamel

    Wind Tunnel

    I believe it was @ZooNamedGames had a neat suggestion for expanding the R&D dept to include a wind tunnel and other 'mini game' type things .
  10. Gargamel

    A bunch of new stuff

    It's an immersion killer if it breaks the smooth flow of game play. Example, Silent Hunter 3, a WWII u-boat simulation. You would go out on patrol for long periods of time, sometimes up to 6 months depending on the scenario. During this time, there could be long stretches of time where you would encounter no other vessels, days to weeks. But your crew needed rotated every 8 hours I believe to keep them functioning in their roles. If they started to drop in ability, the chances of missing a contact were increased (ie the look outs were nodding off in the sturm), or torpedoes couldn't fire, or the electric engines couldn't be started. So instead of being able to time warp merrily across the ocean, you would have to break time warp three times a day to rotate the crew. One of the most popular mods for SH3 became a no crew rotation mod, as it was assumed as a ship captain, you wouldn't be micro managing shifts, the other officers and NCO's would be doing so. So when an alarm was called, the crews would be in their stations, ready to go. Now imagine we're on a trip back from Jool (what 2 years?), and you have that science lab chugging away. If we had to break warp once a day to rotate out the crew, that would be horrible.
  11. Gargamel

    How to set up fire alarm panel

    A decent wifi repeater in the house located near the (coop/pen, whats the term here?) might save you the cost and trouble of running a line.
  12. Gargamel

    Tethers? Anyone?

    You mean this idiot? Bruce McCandless:
  13. Gargamel

    Part search history

    Add in Janitor's Closet (along with the above) and that should fill your need pretty well.
  14. Gargamel

    A bunch of new stuff

    Having played other games that have manual crew rotation forced on you, I can say it's not fun at all to play. It's a horrible game mechanic, especially when you are time warping. Every so many hours you have to drop out of warp, adjust your crew, then go back into warp. It's a complete immersion killer. A lot of games that have forced crew rotation, the player has to set crews to rotate on a schedule and they do it for you, and which ever watch/crew is active at the time is the crew you are using. In KSP, and other games that are crewed but do not force a manual rotation on you, it is assumed that the crew follow a standard shift rotation, but when you call on them to do something, they are active immediately. If your suggestion is merely a cosmetic one, I'll have to rank it slightly higher than "meh". If they added a sleeping kerbal to the expressions, then that's neat, but I won't lose sleep (pun sorta intended) over not having it. You are describing one outcome of Life support. There are a bunch of LS mods out there already. A whole LS system would have to be introduced to incorporate this. No.... just.... no.... I don't see any benefit at all to this, only downsides. We have probe cores and rovers. Robots are very bad at repairing damage. Replacing parts yes, but mending and fixing with what you have, no. Bad. How many spare tires or solar panels does your ship carry again? But without a life support system, kerbals are exactly what you describe.
  15. It's not about PC vs Console, not at all. It's about sales. They would have to look at the market shares of each platform, and then estimate future sales of a DLC on each platform, then compare that to the development costs for the DLC for each platform. If the end result at the end of that analysis is not a big fat profit, then the DLC won't get made. I totally agree that KER and other 'base' mods would sell like hotcakes as a DLC for the console, but there wouldn't be much sales on the PC end of it, and that alone might squash any hopes of if coming to fruition. If they aren't going to make money on a DLC, they aren't going to invest the time. If there were enough potential sales in the console market alone, then they would probably make a mod pack style DLC for the consoles. That might even spur more base game sales too, but I think the market share of consoles is so small vs PC, that we won't see any DLC coming to the consoles that we don't see on the PC first. I do hope I'm wrong though.