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  1. The answer to the title is yes. Some mechanics will force a planet farther away, and some will drag it down.
  2. Get in line That’s been a request since before I joined the forums.
  3. @Foxtrot171, To comply with our add on posting rules, please select a license to go with your mod, make sure it complied with the original mods license, post it here in the OP, on the download site, and include the full license in the downloadable site. We also require a direct link to the source code of the mod. thanks!
  4. Threads have been merged. We really don’t need a new thread every time the player count changes.
  5. Yup @AlamoVampire, I saw the same, IT and friends are on the case already.
  6. I’ll have to watch later. Thanks for posting.
  7. Yet again, some off topic material has been removed. This thread is for what you did in the game. It is not for what happened around the game or elsewhere in your life. Please keep to the topic. We have a number of threads for the discussion of everything else.
  8. Some off topic material has been removed. We really don’t need to bicker about bickering on the forums, mkay?
  9. We’ll bump it up the ladder to see if some backwards compatibility can be restored.
  10. I’m getting the TLDR from this thread to be “Don’t explain the ubiquitous”.
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