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  1. They fixed the glitch. Not the rep. As they said in “Office Space”, we figure the problem will just work itself out.
  2. Hmmm.... sounds like they did their training on KSP. I'm going to add this thread to the Index for KARI, feel free to rename the thread, if you so choose @insert_name.
  3. As mentioned earlier in the thread, it used to be on GFN. There was some business decision, for reasons we are not privy to, made some time ago to remove the game from that service. I have not heard of it being available on any streaming service right now.
  4. It's always worked for me, but I've never tried it with OPM. That may be the issue. I see nothing wrong with this. Thread moved to Add-on Discussions.
  5. You have 60 minutes. Last person to click will their reputation increased by as much as I can as a moderator.
  6. It’s on sale at Steam again! (This is starting to feel like the Don’t Click this thread)
  7. I can't find it... but I'm pretty sure Mythbusters did an episode where an explosion slowed a skydiver or something to make a "survivable" landing. But in a sci-fi series... this would make for an interesting landing method for a troop carrying drop ship. Big boom clears out the immediate area around the ship, giving the troops an instant clear perimeter.
  8. How big was the Lebanon explosion again? 2kt? Something like that. And that was an entire dockside warehouse. Getting non nuclear munitions up to the scale of nuclear explosions requires including the logistics of bulk freighters.
  9. Yup, non nuclear Orion would just be a traditional rocket with really bad nozzle design.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-58960575 edit It’s at the launch site, or at least complex
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