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  1. Moving to Modded support. Which mod? How did you install it? Since you said you already validated and reinstalled, it sounds like you installed the mod wrong and over wrote some files.
  2. I too am guilty of this, as having been on many different forums, I assume I know what's in them, and of course they don't apply to me! And having written a few posts with the sole intent of them being stickied, it does bug me when I do this and the info I needed was right there in a dang FAQ. Every few months it seems, one of us mods gets a bug and we peruse the stickies and start pointing out ones that are a little outdated. So we try to stay up on this.
  3. I'm a big fan of KW, been using this mod as one of my standard mods since .17. But there a lot of parts from MH that aren't in KW.
  4. If you read the announcement post (which, granted, isn't the OP, but we're working on that), you'll see a lot of your questions have been answered, including price.
  5. Official threads from SQUAD (and now Star Theory) are always stickied, usually in the announcements sub-forum. We have been constantly merging threads for the past two days now, as yes, people don't look to see if there is an existing thread on a topic. If you see a thread that should be merged, please report it, and include a link to the thread it should be merged into. And since this isn't about the game, but the Forums, moving this thread to Kerbal Network.
  6. Overlapping threads have been merged. This sub forum is only 24 hours old. If you have a question, others probably have had the same one. Check the short list of existing threads before starting a new one please.
  7. Couple threads merged into this one, apologies for any confusion.
  8. Unobtainium thread merged with "Questions that don't merit their own thread", as that is where most science-ish related author tropes go.
  9. @Treikan, I've had to remove the huge log file you posted. Even contained within a spoiler, it will cause issues for some users on some platforms. Please upload your files to a third party hosting service and link here.
  10. There are very valid uses of a DRM free KSP. Let's make sure we stay on that side of the topic, and not venture into areas prohibited by our Community Guidelines, thanks.
  11. Overlapping threads have been merged. Please look for existing threads in the correct sub forum before starting a new one, Thank You.
  12. And misplaced. Moving to KSP2 Discussion.
  13. Well, we could just keep guessing at what mods you have :D, or you could provide us with a list and logs, as mentioned here: