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  1. Personnel parachutes too fast

    Hmmm.... I know mods that introduced chutes to kerbals previously would have to calculate the mass of the kerbal, else the chute wouldn't do anything. And a massless kerbal wouldn't be attracted by gravity. From the Wiki: Since the ECS was considered to be EVA, I think the kerbals always had mass.
  2. I have a bone to pick with you @Kerbart. I was drinking my adult beverage last night when I noticed when of my scientists was named Kerbart. For some reason, that struck me very deeply, and there is now AB sprayed all over the screen and wall. So that's where you got the name from.
  3. Docking more difficult since update

    I've had this happen twice in 1.3.1 last week. Went to dock a small CSM craft to a Class E asteroid with a variety of ports on it. Slightly bad approach, bounced off, and the CSM was fine, but the Asteroid went tumbling. Had to wait 20 minutes the first time before the SAS/RCS already docked on the asteroid could stabilize it again. Second time, time warp quickly nulled the tumble. So I don't know if it's a new bug, but maybe one that's been hiding and it takes a rare combination of circumstances to happen. The rest of the reports may be new to 1.4.
  4. If it's too hard or too easy, there are options for that. Settings can change the amount of returns on various things. You can alter your gameplay style to change the way it feels. There are a lot of mods that change the career mode style. Your TLDR is not a summary of the above text, but a separate paragraph altogether. You complain about the gameplay, but then ask then for Cosmetic DLC's. Squad is a smallish company, which would you prefer them work on? Gameplay mechanics that are not accessible to modders, or cosmetics that are? They don't have the resources to commit to major overhauls all the time. They have to choose their battles. TT is not going to invest major capital into a title that has pretty much run it's course in terms of ROI. TT will have Squad do what it can with what it has. Maybe for KSP 2 will TT make major investments, but not now. Any type of deep cosmetic improvements to the game would require a complete rebuild from the ground up, redoing how the engine works. That is not an update, that is KSP 2. Plus, the game was intended to be cartoonish. I don't want them to force out updates every 6 months. I want them to work on core updates, improvements to the game, and release them when they are ready (read thoroughly tested).
  5. Personnel parachutes too fast

    The people that do something very well in real life, find that game approximations of that activity are horrible. I hated wii bowling, it just didn't feel right. A lot of musicians hate Guitar Hero. You are a jumpmaster. So what is instinct to you, just doesn't fly in KSP (pun intended).
  6. Collecting Science (What Biomes are left?)

    I love doing this early on in the game. Get your first Mun/Minmus landing, and then reel in the tourism contracts to land there. Each time you go up with tourists, load your craft with expirements, take a scientist with you, and plan your landing site using the science archives tab. Then I use the FS mod to automate all the clicking. Depends on the design of your craft. Look through the craft forum we have for some ideas. Or just build your own and see if it works. Ladders are option. I always add them just in case (Like the time my kerbals bugged out and would not jump or RCS off the munar surface, but could still climb a ladder), but on places like minmus, you can actually achieve orbit just jet packing around, so ladders are not necessary there.
  7. [1.4.1] Smart Parts Continued

    We need a "lightbulb over a head emoji". Thanks. Now to figure out how to install the second EC controller.... KIS, and AGX?
  8. [1.4.1] Structural Tubing Restructured

    Stop, just stop LGG. You are addicted. Kudos sir.
  9. It felt weird reporting my own post, but they've been notified.
  10. Of course it has, and of course it will. I was only pointing out that thread in particular was very enlightening, at least to me.
  11. While I can fully appreciate the players to do the math 'by hand', it is a real chore for the ones that don't want to do that. I can get behind the game introducing the spread sheets into the VAB itself. Where the details of each part/stage are either manually or automatically entered into some chart window, and it helps you perform the calculations, in game. There's a lot of details to work out with this idea, but I think it would be a good compromise between the intent of the game forcing you to learn rocket science, and having some automation to help you along. And as you progress up the tech tree, the process gets more and more automated, as the build team would have 'junior' engineers doing the math for you, unlike when you started off, it was just you and Werner.
  12. And again, a 1.3.1 request, as above. No need to reply, just know that there is a strong enough base to make it worthwhile (at least to us ). If it's too much trouble, we understand. Thank you for all your work!
  13. [1.4.1] Smart Parts Continued

    Is there a way to have the EC detector stay active? I have a station with a Near Future Capacitor on it, with about the same EC as all the batteries on the station. The Soil recycling is sucking down a lot of EC, so the batteries run dry about 2/3 the way through the night. I added the EC controller to fire off and start to recharge the capacitor at 10% EC level, but I have to manually reset it each orbit. I looked at the resource controller, and it has the same functionality. If not, consider it a feature request. Thanks!
  14. Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    I know I've made it on some watch lists... I once tried to purchase (or at least get a quote on) about 4 kg of depleted Uranium to use in RC boats, and to see how feasible doing so would actually be. I never got the quote. :S
  15. These are all dead links. I dunno if the forum's wonky, or the packs are deleted.