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  1. Its really a shame that the KSOex never got the chance to materialize. It looked like such a nice craft. Anyway Id like to drop my hat int he ring for testing, if and when it gets to that stage.
  2. Its good to see that people still love this pack, and that its still got life in it so long after it was made.
  3. Glad to see things are going well, Cobalt. I need to get back into KSP and start building Saturn Vs again.
  4. You know... once... like a year ago... I suggested this on Discord... Im gonna take credit for this. Its nice coming back to these forums and seeing such great progress on so many of the mods I love.
  5. Could always see how well Cobalt's LEM fares before deciding on the foil style... (and then if it goes well "appropriate it" for yourself. )
  6. That looks good. Will this also help the Buran pack out (because LFBs could be interchanged)? Or is that after?
  7. Well... theres the Buran pack... or the Block II shuttle... or the Block II heavy lift stuff... like lots of things cooler than a 747. (Im really interested to see Pak's take on an Energia). I mean... its all in the roadmap.
  8. Just noticed that the Shuttle-C craft only has 2 STMEs on it, was this intended? EDIT: Also, would it be possible to get a flat Shuttle-C style butt (sorta like the Buran butt?)
  9. I wouldnt have even said anything but... if you didnt want the speech to be to be the dominant part, naming the video 'We choose to go to the Moon' evokes a different expectation, considering that is one of the most evocative lines from the speech.
  10. That was amazing visually... but the audio mix from like 1:35 onward is... less than ideal. The music completely drowns out President Kennedy's speech. I can understand the NASA ground control audio being quieter than the music, but the speech seems too important to be drowned out by the music...
  11. Can you try this texture: This is the right link I promise: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9kHaQ6-c9GxUnBZVzN3SUpwZ0E
  12. Your canadarm config still references the STS_Bay and not the CRG-150 or 100R.
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