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  1. Cydonian Monk

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    Somewhere in the Lamoille Valley in Vermont. Nice state. Lots of red shacks and farmhouses up there. Really wish I'd had GPS on my camera for this road trip though. (2014-07-11)
  2. Cydonian Monk

    [1.4.3] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.4.3.0

    There are other tools out there (some websites even), but on Windows I use GIMP and the old DDS plugin. You might need to use an older version of GIMP (2.8), as I'm not sure the DDS plugin has been updated for GIMP 2.10. If you're not on Windows, I think there's a .deb package for the DDS plugin for Debian Linux variants, and I've not seen a build of the DDS tool that works on any modern version of OS-X. As for using the plugin, you export to a file with the extension .dds, and select DXT5 as the encoding in one of the subsequent menus (I don't recall the specific dialog at the moment). Links: That's what I use. Others might have more insight or better options.
  3. Cydonian Monk

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Some days I just really miss Andy, even though I know he was never real.
  4. Cydonian Monk

    Forgotten Space Program

    Just a weird render. I used Scatterer's wireframe mode to get that screenshot.
  5. Cydonian Monk

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    And here's a "Sunrise" photo.... Or at least a photo taken near Sunrise Camp at Mt Rainier in Washington State.
  6. Cydonian Monk

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    Remember when we couldn't take random pictures of the sunset? (2017-08-17, Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Idaho, US.)
  7. Cydonian Monk

    Forgotten Space Program

    Folks, Time is an intetesting thing, and something we only have so much of. The time I once had available to sink into KSP is now mostly claimed by other, far more important and beneficial pursuits. I don't see that changing any time soon. (If anything those pursuits will draw in more of my previously free time..., which would be good.) So I'm going to put this whole Forgotten shebang on hold for a couple months and see what shakes out. Before I do that, here's a small sample of what I was working on in KSP v1.3.1: I'll still be around the forums; heck, I'll still be playing a bit of KSP anyway, but I need to be free of this Forgotten business for a spell. And I don't want to keep you folks wondering what's up or waiting for the next bit. Cheers,
  8. Cydonian Monk

    [1.4.3] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.4.3.0

    DiRT version is now available on GitHub: Change Log: - Recompile against KSP v1.4.3. - Removed code which prevented DiRT from running alongside TextureReplacer or TextureReplacerReplaced. Obviously this means you shouldn't attempt to replace the same texture with both DiRT and another TR-derived plugin.
  9. Cydonian Monk

    Thinking of switching to Linux.

    Socialism. (And I’m only half joking.) Mainly I switched because I was studying hardware design and I needed to be able to build C/C++ code for (what we now call) embedded devices outside of school. (I’m a computer engineer by training; though unlicensed.) And then I started cutting into operating systems in general and fell so far down the rabbit hole that the White Rabbit turned green. And because WindowsME thrashed two hard disks so badly that it caused head crashes. The second one of those failing was the final straw, my point of no return. Windows 7 was a perfectly serviceable OS though, so I moved back to PC (from console) for gaming after a decade or so. And I’m generally pleased with Windows 10. I only use them at work or for gaming at home though. My daily driver is still OS-X. (Which I switched to around the time Gentoo went through a major meltdown.)
  10. Cydonian Monk

    Thinking of switching to Linux.

    My photo library never really left Linux, but the frontend I use to work with it did. Adobe Lightroom is the one thing that’s really holding me back. There’s an open-source sorta-replacement out there, but.... OSS is seldom competitive with top-tier professional software and this is no exception. So I might end up moving my photography workflow to Windows (or see if I can get Lightroom to be workable in Wine; it wasn’t previously). High Sierra should be sent to the Mojave.
  11. Cydonian Monk

    Thinking of switching to Linux.

    I'm planning to "switch" back to Linux, to be honest, because UNIX (MacOS) these days is increasingly.... I can't properly describe it on this forum because there are children and those of ill health and timid temper about. (Never in my life have I seen an entire catalog of software products collapse as quickly and soundly as Apple's are right now. Pure rubbish, across the board. Can't even save bookmarks in the web browser now, because who the heck knows why....) Of course when I say I'm "switching" back what I mean is I'll still have two (three?) Windows machines and the [n^18] Linux boxen I already have scattered around the house, so it's not really like I'm "switching." It's more like I'm coalescing. Mint is good, I've toyed with it in the past. These days I'm mostly using a mix of Gentoo, Ubuntu, Arch, and, uh... CentOS? Maybe Fedora? I don't know. And some embedded Linux stuff that isn't really in a proper distro. I'm thinking of giving PureOS a shot here real soon like now too; perhaps even pick up one of their snazzy laptops.
  12. Cydonian Monk

    Working for SQUAD? :-)

    My QA department only exists to ruin my code and they will gleefully use my carefully designed tests to do so, so I most heartily agree.
  13. Cydonian Monk

    [1.4.3] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.4.3.0

    Sometimes the textures aren't actually where we expect them to be, or even where they really are. For example: The barometer texture you're trying to replace. While the model is located in the Squad/Parts/Science/ folder, the texture is loaded into the game at the Squad/Parts/Science/sensorBarometer/ path. If you put your file in the folder: "DiRT/Textures/Squad/Parts/Science/sensorBarometer/" it'll work. Such as here, where I've replaced the same part's texture with the Jool cloud texture: Best way to know where to put the replacement texture file is to grab the full path from the 'TextureName' in the ExportedTextureList.txt file. The string DiRT matches against to decide which textures to replace is the same as the 'TextureName' in that file.
  14. Cydonian Monk

    The Expanse Discussion

    Honestly, once it’s done with Book 1, I’m not terribly interested in it. At least until later on, but that’s not really the real thing, just a thing thing. (Made vague just to be extra confusing. ) I’ll just wait until S3 hits BluRay next year. Even the mild censorship practiced by SyFy bothers me, and the show is obviously shot and structured for no commercials.
  15. Cydonian Monk

    [1.4.3] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.4.3.0

    No problemo. Good to hear it’s all working.