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  1. Forgotten Space Program

    So many of its parts are down on the surface. Now it’s really just a “Jumble, Apart.”
  2. Forgotten Space Program

    Scary thought. Thanks. Although, there’s something coming down the production line that’s in many ways the opposite of simple.... And is perhaps a bit overthought.
  3. Forgotten Space Program

    At this rate, sometime in 2020. (Don’t worry, it’s on the list. Probably as the “Unobtanium” mission... )
  4. Forgotten Space Program

    Where There's A Whip.... The departure from Bop was routine and transpired without comment. All four members of the Sulphur 5 crew were glad to be free of the strange little moon, and each avoided discussing the severe anomaly encountered at the monolith. In an unusual departure from his norm, Macfred omitted mention of it from his daily report to Kerbin. They had learned their lesson from many similar events over their careers, and felt there was no reason to encourage other kerbals to taunt the dark forces at work on Bop. It was best for all that Bop kept its secrets. The Silicon fuel depot had just enough fuel remaining in its tanks to boost them to a highly elliptical Bop orbit. It was discarded once empty, and left in its lonely circuit around the tiny moon. Simulations suggested it would be ejected from the Joolian system many years later, after countless perturbations from Tylo, Vall, and Laythe. The Sulphur 5's engines burned a final time in a higher Bop orbit (mostly to account for inclination), and the conjoined shuttles were cast back into Jool's mighty arms. Thomlock had cooked up a nice surprise for the transfer down to Laythe. After experimenting with a few options, he discovered one which used a whip around Tylo and placed them into a near-approach at Laythe. Aside from the escape burn they had just finished, another short burn to gain 264m/s in space near Tylo was all they required to reach Laythe. (Thomlock had visions of writing a book entitled "Abusing Orbital Mechanics for Fun and Profit", only to realize the futility of it as memories of such a book to be lost to the Cycles.) This 238km approach to Tylo was the closest they would come to a Jool 5 award. Gletrix once more suggested they create a new award called the Jool 4.5. This suggestion was later revised down to a Jool 4.25, as they had only flown past Tylo, not captured into an orbit. (They were within a few dozen meters per second of a capture, but they needed to spend their precious potential in the opposite direction.) They all jokingly agreed this was now a Jool 4 and 1/4 mission. Observations of Tylo were limited, both by their high-altitude pass and by leaving in the moon's shadow. For a moment Agake thought she had spotted a face on the surface, but later examinations of photographs proved it was just another case of pareidolia. Of course there was no mysterious face on the surface of Tylo, alien or otherwise. The cratered surface of the moon suggested it was one of Jool's custodians, cleaning up all wayward debris and rogue asteroids that passed through the system. Landing there would require a great deal of planning, as finding a flat surface could prove challenging. And if the number of craters were any clue, there was a high likelihood of being struck by some piece of debris while on the surface. Soon enough their time at Tylo had passed, and the beast of a moon slipped away into the darkness behind them. (Whips cracked as the orcs and goblins disappeared into the ash clouds of Mount Doom....) -- ... There's A Laythe The burn and whip at Tylo had tweaked their orbit sufficiently to place them into a closer approach at Laythe. Their initial periapsis was a nice 150km, and was only 3.9 degrees off of the inclination of the Jumble of Parts. Unfortunately their station would be a third of the way around Laythe when they arrived, well ahead of them in their orbit. Catching up in a timely manner would require a periapsis inside Laythe's crust, so they opted to capture into a higher orbit and wait instead. This allowed them to adjust their nearly 4 degrees of relative inclination down to 0 from a far more efficient position high over Laythe. As luck would have it, their higher-orbit inclination burn took place in the pitch-black eclipse of Kerbol by Jool. As is only fitting and proper. The universe and their chosen orbital ephemera provided a nice view of a crescent Laythe and a thin limb of Jool shortly before they were plunged into that inky black abyss from which there is a ready escape. (1960x1080 version) Agake noted the cloud cover of Laythe had increased somewhat since they left for the outer moons. None of them were sure if this was normal, based on their limited observations, but still recorded the apparent anomaly. There was a good chance the heavier cloud cover was due to the increased volcanism they had observed while on the surface. The would check the data from the Laythe Calcium probes and the observations being made by The Forgotten. Their final two capture and rendezvous burns took place nearly a quarter of the way around Jool later. (None of them had yet devised names for the "days" of Jool orbits. Kers and Sols had never sounded right, and all other options trended towards difficult to pronounce or borderline obscene. So they settled on fractions of orbital positioning as their datum. What else is a kerbal to do?) Their "Little Hut at the Laythe" appeared as only a tiny speck when its communications systems linked up. The usual stream of past-due notices and junk mail filtered into the Sulphur's computer as the Jumble of Parts synced back up. No further communications had been received from Kerbin, which was not unexpected and no longer out of the ordinary. The station was so tiny to be nearly indiscernible from the other pieces of junk they had tossed into Laythen orbit, but soon outshone the other flares. The station seemed to each of them to be rather a bit smaller than they remembered, though none could quite figure out why. Nor could they recall when they had last visited the Jumble of Parts. Five Minths? A year? Longer? (A Minth being the synodic orbital period of Minmus, as all young kerbals know. "15 Minths makes 2 Years, high and low, and roughly so." Years, then, occur in pairs, with "High" years and "Low" years, depending on where Minmus appears at the start of the year. Only once in recorded history have two High Years occurred simultaneously, an unlikely event that remains unexplained to this day.) Near as they could tell all the "parts" of the Jumble of Parts were still here, and nothing seemed amiss. Nothing aside from that nagging feeling that something was terribly wrong and they should run far, far away. Gletrix brought them in to dock, the final time they would return to their tiny tent in its track around Laythe. There would be a bit of shuffling as they moved ships and science data round, but otherwise their tasks here were complete. They had a few days before meeting up with the Forgotten and their promised trip back to Kerbin. More than enough time to relax, take in the sights, pack up all of their belongings, and prepare to head home. Their vacation at Jool was finally coming to an end. --
  5. Looks good to me (not sure about orbit scoring, now that I read that again). At least the direct-ascent intercept works, or at least picks the narrative back up once you've docked the Olympus to the Kerbalev. I ended up with a final score of 150 on that particular scenario. I did forget to turn on the Olympus gear though. Ooops. Hope they didn't need that antenna. Spend Time Together: I was seriously tempted to bring the wrong crews home in the wrong capsules. I wonder how we would've reacted if Deke had swapped out with Leonov.... Our craft will blot out the Sun: "Then we shall orbit in the shade." The Final Score: 150.
  6. Cool. I’ll give this mission another test run sometime later today.
  7. Brotoro's Making History Replica Missions

    Another fine mission. ♬ “Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnyx!...” ♬ <...record scratch...> One of the nicest changes ever made to KSP.... I’m not sure what release that tweakable was slipped in, but it solves lots of problems. I had considered doing something similar, but decided in the end to just use the Pomegranate as the DM and the Mk1 lander can as the OM. Your ship looks more Soyuz-ish. What I ended up with has a serious Shenzhou vibe to it, which I’m ok with. <...record scratch...> ♬ “Slavsya otechestvo!....” ♬
  8. Surviving Mars-New Paradox Game

    I’m not sure about this game. After watching several folks stream it, my initial impression is it’s “Age of Empires” on Mars, just without any external competition. And every game seems to descend into a “lazy retired earthsick bum won’t work to keep from starving” death spiral. I think I’ll pass for now.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Yesterday I spent some time working on a 100% Stock+Ex Soyuz (because of course I did). It's not perfect, and it uses the Pomegranate ballistic capsule as the descent module (and a Mk1 lander can for the orbital module instead of something round), but I think it's got all the bits I care about. Blok-E is powered by the same RK-7 Kodiak as Blok-A and Bloks-B/V/G/D, just thrust-limited to 50%. The booster RK-7s are limited to 40% while the sustainer/center RK-7 is set to 80%. (And even then it has a bit too much oomph, but it needs it to compensate for the apparent complete lack of Stability-Assist SAS in v1.4.x.) I'm still fidgeting with the fairing and Launch Escape System, so that's likely to change.
  10. Yep. If you use the rotate gizmo and spin it about its main axis the alignment problem is really apparent. Lots of wobble. No idea if the thrust is offset too; I would guess probably.
  11. Brotoro's Making History Replica Missions

    That threw me at first as well. I can certainly understand why they made that design choice (we all know it’d be hard to fit two kerbals side-by-side in a size-1 capsule), and I’m ecstatic to finally have 1.875m parts in stock (including this capsule), but it just doesn’t look very Gemini without the two different slopes at the top. And the 2.5m parts look too big for a Titan. At least we can make a passable stock R-7 now, though one needs to use the old not-quite-correctly-textured 1.25m tanks at the base of Blok-A. In all I’m very pleased with the new parts (though I do wish we’d also received a 1.875m reaction wheel in the expansion, regardless of whether KSP uses such parts correctly). Very nice mission. Have you considered making historical missions for the Mission Builder?
  12. [1.4.1] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.4.1.0

    Yep. That’s the #1 reason why I split that out into its own file instead of dumping it into the KSP.log like TR used to. Those are the ones prefixed with “GalaxyTex_”: GalaxyTex_NegativeX, GalaxyTex_PositiveX, GalaxyTex_NegativeY, GalaxyTex_PositiveY, GalaxyTex_NegativeZ, GalaxyTex_PositivfeZ As for which way is X, Y, or Z.... I don’t really remember. I’m going to go through the new textures and normal maps this weekend and put together a list of the more-commonly used ones. (For the moment it’s probably best to just refer to the documentation for TextureReplacer/Replaced and their packs.)
  13. The mission builder _will_ make staging screenshots and videos much easier, thanks to the spawnable anythings. [Whistles coyly while avoiding the subject....] I don’t not know nothing about none such non-things, nope. Pay no attention to the beasties behind the [—redacted—]..... (No, really. I have no idea what Jim is cooking up.)
  14. This is tremendously useful when you have 600+ flights in progress. Thanks!
  15. Me too. Guess I need to bring the crews back from Jool first. Now if I can figure out how to get alternate launch sites from the mission builder to work in career mode without invoking the Kraken, I'll be set. (I suspect I'll have to resort to some hackery, which will make things a bit less shareable, but....)