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  1. That "Godzilla v King Kong" movie is completely nuts. It's like somebody sat down and said "how many B-level monster movies are left that we haven't already used and how many can we cram into the same film?" It's terrible. I love it.
  2. Add Larry McMurtry to the list too. https://www.npr.org/2021/03/26/981592425/larry-mcmurtry-novelist-and-screenwriter-of-the-west-has-died-at-age-84
  3. 16k Earth, yes. I can't run RSSVE, or any of those visual overhauls. I have an older cloud setup that I use instead along with a default scatterer config.
  4. Similar to my experiences with RSS/RO lately. I set up a new install of it a few months back, and was hitting 24GBs pretty easily, at which point the whole game just crashes on me. (I have 32GB in my system.) And to think it hasn't been that long ago since we were stuck in 32-bit KSP land and 4GBs of RAM max...... In your case I'd recommend holding back on parts mods. You _can_ run RSS/RO on 16GBs of RAM, but not if you use every parts mod on the recommended (or supported) list. There are a couple very specific large parts and retexture packs that may look fantastic, but I'll never
  5. Amusingly the same can be said for gif...... Folks keep writing that it might be pronounced "jiff" with a "J" sound, which to my ears sounds like the typical Spanish/Mexican J, ala Jacinto or Joaquín or Jefe or etc., more of an equally confused gurgley hy sound. So... hiff? Except ghiff? Not to be confused with ghiff, of course, or hgiff, which itself sounds like gif but doesn't because it's not and shouldn't. Personally I'll just keep pronouncing it like a t-less gift.....
  6. First orbital rendezvous and docking, definitely. First orbit being a close second. Both of those events unlocked a different part of my brain, forcing it to go from mostly two/three-dimensional Cartesian thinking to multi-dimensional spherical thinking (because rendezvous requires an understanding of _when_ and _how fast_ in addition to _where_).
  7. I don't know if there's a forum rules violation in your post, but there's definitely a war crime of some sort.
  8. Debatable. Because English is weird and modern pronunciation of Latinized Greek words (and classical Latin in general) is horribly broken. So Hard C/Soft C, whatever works. Anglophones will usually say soft c "sigh dohn eee ahn" but technically a hard c "kigh dohn eee ahn" is more correct, given derivation from Κύδων and Κυδωνία. (Don't quote me on my terrible phoneticization there. lol) New-Key it is then!
  9. Sure. And until we have an actual working game and not just magical promised pixie dust (from two years and a different dev team ago) we have no actual idea if that statement has an ounce of truth to it or is just more of the same empty corporate hype noise we've been hearing for the last several years.
  10. It's not just the specific mods or modders that I miss, and there are quite a few on that list. It's the spirit this community had before release, and especially before the sellout to TTI. I suppose it was a natural progression for a released and "finished" game to take, but the gold rush of great new mods is over. Anything "new" that gets added is probably just a new part mod, or some intricate yet small mechanic somebody hadn't quite thought of yet, as every other corner of the game is either hamstring by engine limitations or the cold hard truths of reality. We'll no doubt see a couple more
  11. I've been on the "1 hour on / 2 hours off" electric plan for most of today. That's after having been off the grid for 38 hours and a dozen or so intermittent hours before and after. At least that allows me to get the temperature up to livable levels and recharge some batteries. Indoor temperatures had somewhat stabilized in the 40-45 °F range before the power came back, but that's really tough to sleep in. Thankfully had lots of cloth masks lying about for some reason..... Water is kind of back on, but sketchy. No burst pipes here yet, but it did get down to 13 °F Tuesday morning and we
  12. Fun times. 16 °F in Houston this morning, predicted to get down to 8 °F tonight. (Remarkably _not_ a record.) No electric here at the casa since 2AM, and everything is frozen over. Most of my house is in the 60s right now, but temperature is dropping both inside and out. This "vortex" has the very real potential to be more deadly than any of the hurricanes I've been through here in Houston.
  13. Height map as in planetary height map? No. You still need to use something like Kopernicus for that.
  14. No, no NavBall support. All this plugin does is swap one texture file for another. I've not looked at the NavBall replacement code in a couple years, so that's not fresh in my memory, but I remember there was something peculiar about it that caused a simple texture swap to fail. (Maybe that something was emissive textures....) I'm not sure about the emissive texture question. Can't say that I've ever tried. I'm not at all familiar with how Unity, KSP, etc, handle them. If they're like bump maps and just a texture file that end up with a unique name which is then used as a transform on a m
  15. Thanks! More soon. The next post is pretty image heavy, so I need to find some time to sit down and get those finished. And the last several weeks have been crazy busy.... Soon though.
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