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  1. Maybe I can go post the rest of Forgotten Space Program now.... ....... Still not on Team FaM myself, though I somewhat enjoy the show and most of the promise and idealism the series has displayed. I'm just perpetually annoyed when they have the opportunity to show some, any, even the slightest bit of a proper understanding of dynamics/mechanics and yet once again manage to screw it up.
  2. This came up in conversation on one of my Discord servers recently, and all of the pilots in the chat said that insurance will claim the entire craft and scrap it regardless of airworthiness. I know that doesn't really answer the question, sorry.
  3. Iron Eagle II is unbelievably horrid. Or at least the start of it is, I guess it gets a bit better after the first X minutes. IDK. The Wall Street sequel was bad and didn't need to exist. Speed 2. Ugh. Major League II. Even worse. I've heard rumours of a Men in Black sequel but for some reason I can't remember anything about it..... And neither WestWorld sequel should have been made: whether we're talking about FutureWorld or Season 2/3. Same story in both; botched in both. The Blade Runner sequel is very pretty and has some really great music, so I'll give it a pass. Still didn't need to exist and doesn't make sense along with any of the myriad cuts of the first film. As a sequel, The Road Warrior was terrible. Nothing at all like the psychological suspense and light-horror of Mad Max. On its own The Road Warrior is fantastic. Another bad sequel is Aliens. Has very little in common thematically with Alien. Great movie on its own.
  4. Those clouds are incredible! Guess I need to go find a new GPU...... Or at least one newer than my current 770.
  5. I'm not sure I consider Dune a reboot. Remake? Maybe. It's not really a reboot int eh sense that SpiderMan has had 8 reboots in the last 20 years. Nothing new under the sun though... look no further than the "original" remake of Ben Hur and other such films of the time for lots of remakes.
  6. Pretty sure the new Matrix Resurrected thing is just a two-plus-hour in-person marketing event to convince us to buy another copy of the original Matrix trilogy.
  7. Soon(ish). I've got the next post _written_ just haven't sat down to edit the images. The post after that is about half written, is a little complex, so I'm trying to massage it a bit until it's something that is readable.
  8. I'm just glad folks still remember this little old wandering tale. I'm still around here somewhat, though much less than I used to be. Now that KSP is "done" I'm working on getting a static group of mods and plugins put together to use _forever_. I was rather hoping for a 1.12.3 before I did that, but, c'est la vie. As for Forgotten.... I'm so very far behind things at this point, but I do intend to at least finish this chapter full of things at Duna. Requires I be in the right mindset and have enough free time to actually work on the rest of it of course. I may have too many irons in the burning dishwasher at the moment.
  9. Nyrath has signed off on it, and he's just about the biggest Foundation fan I know. I'm being cautiously optimistic about it, and assume much of the "chaos" in the first couple episodes will tie back into future ones. This is a pretty big story, and while I don't remember all of it, I'm ok with what they've shown us so far.
  10. Very fun little game. I'm short of time right now or I'd play some more. Also need to learn how to build planes again like MKI says, lol.
  11. I feel somewhat compelled to mention that when I started Forgotten Space Program five and a half years ago I had not yet seen the fifth episode of the 2021 Loki TV series. That is all. (Because saying anything more would be spoilers for both this and that.)
  12. Yes, and I can't take the survey or provide any other such feedback as a result. Also why I don't have an account on the new bug tracker and no longer provide any suggestions on this forum or do anything that in any way resembles what I do professionally.
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