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  1. Cydonian Monk

    [1.4.3] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.4.3.0

    Do you mean "can you replace non-Squad textures added by mods?" Yes, provided it's a texture applied to a surface (and not something like a menu texture). Or do you mean "can you replace textures that are outside of GameData?" That's a more difficult question, but probably a yes. You could probably even specify a path to LOAD textures from that's outside of GameData provided your config file is inside GameData and you use a relative path (../../, etc). That's worked in the past for things such as audio files, though I've not tried it with DiRT. The point at which DiRT (or TR or TRR) replaces the textures, it's working off of the list of objects loaded into the game by Unity regardless of where they were loaded from. (Specifically it looks for all "Materials" which have a Shader Property containing either a "_MainTex" or a "_BumpMap".) So any texture added to any surface can be replaced provided the texture name is a valid filename. This causes problems if, for example, you decide to replace a texture that has a non-unique name. (Let's say a texture named "dish", used by two different mods for the surface texture of their satellite dish part.) In that scenario all textures matching the filename of the "new" texture ("dish") will be replaced with this new texture. Without DiRT (or TR or TRR), the game doesn't have an issue with these name collisions as each model specifies the texture by full path. Such naming collisions are difficult to resolve (such as forcing textures to be in a folder structure under the texture folder that mimic the file paths of the texture they're replacing), and the solutions for resolving the issue are outside the scope of DiRT. Thankfully they're a rare occurrence. Edit: The replacement code doesn't behave quite the way I originally read it, so such name collisions are even more rare. The substring match between the material's texture name and the replacement uses the file path (relevant to the DiRT textures folder) and file name of the loaded replacement texture for a "begins with" substring match. As the material's texture name also includes the full path (for selected textures, specifically those loaded directly from GameData and not from AssetBundles), this meant most mod textures were only replaced if the full path of where the texture is in the mod (or as output by the Texture name export) is also replicated in the DiRT Textures folder. Interesting reflex that I'm not going to change just yet as it solves problems, though I will better document it on the next release.
  2. Cydonian Monk

    [1.4.3] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.4.3.0

    @Poodmund I just wanted to point out that using ModuleManager replacements for the DiRT Texture loading path already works with the version of DiRT that's released. (Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're asking for.) If you take a configuration such as the following: @DiRT_Config { %TextureFolder = CyMonk/Textures/ } ... it will successfully load textures for DiRT from the CyMonk/Textures/ folder (or whatever you enter there) instead of the main DiRT folder. The above worked when I just tested it. Also, FWIW, if not using ModuleManager, you can use the same type of config file without the MM markup (so, no @ or %) to load paths from a non-standard folder. If that's not what you're asking for, please clarify. As for your other request: ... I think I know how to get that working with minimal complexity. I'm hacking on something now that I should have finished soon, but I'm away from home and only now discovered I haven't installed git on my new MacBook so I'll be unable to push changes until I do so. Will almost certainly have something up early Sunday that works (say, no more than 24 hours). I will let you know once that's ready. Cheers!
  3. Cydonian Monk

    Harvester AMA on Reddit

    I'm happy to see Felipe is doing well. His first instinct was probably correct - he should have left and made his game (KSP) on his own. Except had he not stuck around and made KSP with Squad, he may not have had the footing or the reputation or the experience to make it work. And obviously having an employer that's in the advertising business helped draw in the crowds. So sometimes it pays off to play it safe. I'll have to check out Balsa whenever it makes its way to non-VR.
  4. Cydonian Monk

    Forgotten Space Program

    Here's the 1.4.5 version:
  5. Cydonian Monk

    Forgotten Space Program

    Titanium: The Next Generation That expert was none other than famous rocket scientist Wernher von Kerman. Jonbald had sent him and Gene into orbit to protect them from the usual cycle-based turmoil, and had hoped they would be able to work remotely until all operations had transferred to Copper Station. Unfortunately he needed their attention here, on the surface, their hands guiding the workers as they assembled their rockets and spacecraft. He had overestimated the ability of a mostly untrained populace in building and operating complex machinery. Jonbald himself was proof enough they could safely return and be protected from disappearing into whatever void it is that claims kerbals when the cycles hit. Of course he didn't really need to bring them back to have Wernher and Gene on-planet. He could always imprint another pair of kerbals at the crashed UFO, using the skills and memories of the long-disappeared versions of the Wernher and Gene who first discovered it. Do that and he'd have another Gene and another Wernher. Except that doing so would cross a line even Jonbald was wary of. It was one thing to give these new Wernhers their old memories, to give a fresh Gene his old leadership skills, but another thing entirely to destroy the mind of an otherwise innocent kerbal. He was already suspicious of the machine itself, an alien device of unknown origin which he himself barely understood after nearly a decade of use and research. Using it to imprint other kerbals was wrong, perhaps a crime, and was not something Jonbald cared to do. Unless another Wernher or another Gene showed up, that is. Jonbald had never fully understood the disappearances and other peculiarities, but throughout all of it there had only been one set of these two familiar kerbals at one time. He was aware of multiple Jebediahs and Bills and Bobs sometimes meeting their copies, but those three were so clueless that nothing much could bother them. How would an intelligent kerbal adapt to meeting its double? (He had wondered once what became of the army of Jebs Albro had at his command, but concluded they must have met a fate similar to the many kerbals Albro had stranded. Albro's many shadow projects, from OTS to OSD to Continuum itself, had always used kerbals as disposable. It was something Jonbald worked to change when he took over, but there was little to no accounting of what had gone before.) So here they were. At present there was only the one Gene and the one Wernher, and they were in the wrong place. Additionally, there were fresh kerbals on Kerbin who needed experience and flight time. Crews Jonbald had started training as soon as the space program restarted. These crews needed to go up, and the crews up there needed to come down. They could either keep throwing away capsules, or they could return to an older, proven design. A design which had produced three flight-proven craft: Titanium. Of the three previous Titanium craft, two were stuck in orbit at the Transfer One, while the third had somehow survived down on the surface. (It wasn't unheard of for such aircraft to survive the cycles. Jonbald's own personal jet a prime example.) They suspected the two Titaniums in orbit had been there too long, and didn't trust them to land safely. (Their chosen landing gear were no longer considered in-spec for a craft as heavy as the Titanium orbiter.) And the third one on Kerbin was little more than an airframe test unit. Still, he felt it could prove useful, and asked the ground crews to move it into the SPH and keep it protected and under cover. The overall design was good, but needed some tweaks. Obviously the landing gear had to be improved to the point that it could withstand touchdown of such a heavy vehicle. Older variants had limited flight capability, the two Juno jet engines were only capable of extending the glide post-reentry. Four Junos would be enough to make the Titanium an actual aircraft, capable of a runway takeoff and free flight when not full of rocket fuel. And finally the hack-job of a probe core was replaced with a larger, inline core, capable of flying the craft to and from orbit on its own. Once the initial changes were complete, Jonbald had ordered construction and integration of a new orbiter. They didn't have much in the way of production capacity - all of their tooling was designed for the more traditional rockets - but producing a one-off should be easy. The process resulted in the Titanium Y-series orbiter. The first (and so far only) vehicle in the series, Ti-Y-1, was being prepared for flight when Gene and Wernher started out for Copper Station. Both of them had spent all of their time in orbit at Manganese Station; Wernher running orbital science operations while Gene managed the day to day tasks of the agency (and occasionally remote launch and flight director duties). They both hopped into an Iron shuttle and used it to transfer to Copper Station, awaiting the arrival of the first of the new Titaniums. -- They needn't wait long, as the Titanium Y-5 was rolled out to the launch pad shortly after they arrived at Copper. As is usual for the design, the Ti-Y-1 orbiter was mated to a disposable nose tank. Only the tank would be discarded, the remainder of the vehicle (the entire Ti-Y-1) would return to the space center. Simple, reusable, effective. The crew was transferred to the obiter once it was safely on the launch pad. This first flight would feature a full crew of one pilot and five new scientists. The new pilot, Kadun, had been hand-selected by Jonbald from a large pool of candidates. She had completed a small amount of qualification flying to prove she could handle an aircraft, then thrown to the wolves aboard this flight. The scientists meanwhile were recruited from the top universities across Kerbin. They included Julwise, Lemming, Neloly, Wildan, and Haycas; all five of them respected researchers in various technologies that would prove useful to the continued development of Project Copper. The launch itself was a bit shaky at first. The orbiter ever so slightly bumped the launch clamps while jumping up from the pad, but Kadun and the flight computer were both able to keep it on course. They were well beyond hypersonic when the nose tank was emptied, the main engines cut, and the tank was discarded. Once clear of the tank, Kadun maneuvered the craft for its orbital insertion burn, and set up a rendezvous with Copper Station. That rendezvous took place a short time later, after less than a whole orbit. The other Iron shuttle had been moved to one of the radial docking ports, allowing the Titanium to dock at the docking port along the main spine of the station. (It would not have easily fit anywhere else, as either the wings, the nose, or the vertical stabilizers would collide with something.) The five scientists moved into the new long-term home while Gene and Wernher gathered their things and made their way into the Titanium. Elkin was happy to welcome the new blood into the ranks of the science corps, though the five new kerbals were a bit confused as to whey there were already other kerbals in orbit. This was all very new to them, and as far as they had known a couple munths ago kerbals had not ventured into space. Now here they were, witnessing first-hand that kerbals had not only been to space, but were living there quite successfully. With the crew swap complete, Kadun undocked the Ti-Y-1 from Copper Station, pushed away until they were at a safe distance, then brought them down to a reentry orbit. Once they were at a safe periapsis and aligned such that their reentry would bring them down near the space center, she completed their deorbit burn. Unfortunately someone had slipped up on the reentry math. They were still very much hypersonic and well over 30km when they passed overhead of the space center. "Don't worry," Kadun called out to her two passengers in the crew compartment, "this new shuttle is equipped with enough jet power to fly us to dry land somewhere. Just stay strapped in and we'll see what we get." What they got wasn't very good. If she allowed the glide path to continue, they would come down in the ocean halfway between the space center and the next continent. As soon as the craft was able, she banked hard north, biting into the thicker air. There was an island, roughly two thirds of the way back to the space center. From the charts it appeared she could land there, perhaps roughly so as it lacked any signs of civilization, and they might have to if the fuel didn't hold out. It was a bit North of a flight path that would take them back to the runway, but if their fuel ran out too soon they'd have to ditch into the ocean. Kadun opted for the rough island landing over the salt life. Turns out they had more than enough fuel to spare. Kadun opened up the intercom again, more to make a mental note than to share her thoughts with Gene. "If you'll look off to our starboard side, you'll see an interesting island featuring a large flat area to the north side of it. Based on our distance downrange from the space center, this island would make a good landing site in the event of a failed launch." A few moments later Gene was in the cockpit with her. "Wouldn't a return to launch site be safer?" "Sure, if you can make it back. If we fail on ascent the odds are good the main engine just cut out or died a painful death. At that point the shuttle itself will be completely full of rocket fuel and oxidizer, making it too heavy to carry with just these four jet engines. We could try to dump the ox, but to tooling for that all goes through the main engine. If the fuel lines are the reason the engine cut out, we'd have to take the nearest target we can glide to. RTLS might not be possible, and this is the only rock between us and infinity." "Do you think you could land a craft this large on that island?" "Absolutely, sir." Gene hmmmed. "Ok, I'll think about it. And I'll have a team look into preparing an abort to island scenario, work it into the training regimen. Maybe send a couple lumberjacks and ground crews out to clear a landing strip on the island itself." "Thank you, sir." The remainder of the flight back was uneventful. The orbiter ran out of fuel just short of the spade center, but well within their glide path. Kadun killed the engines with a swipe at their controls shortly before she adjusted the flaps for landing. The touchdown was buttery smooth, rotation placing only the slightest strain on the nose landing gear. The speed brakes were enough to slow them (though she wondered if perhaps they could use drogue chutes as well), and she unlocked the steering on the nose gear to drive the craft onto the tarmac in front of the SPH. Afterwards, they all three posed for the obligatory post-flight photograph. A successful flight, with one new pilot having proven her mettle, five new scientists deployed into orbit, and two of the most important kerbals in the program back on the ground. Titanium was back in business.
  6. Cydonian Monk

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Thanks, that's what I had gathered based on the current rules and agreements. The scenario in question of course would be beyond (most of) our individual control, and down to decisions by our various hosting providers and any local legal requirements.
  7. Cydonian Monk

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Does the forum or do the moderators have a position on linking to content (be it images, videos, or a normal link) that is not available to users in certain jurisdictions (such as the entirety of the EU)? Presuming the content, where available, passes all other rules of the forum. I don't recall anything in the rules that specifically discusses that scenario last time I read them. Not that I want or plan to blacklist an entire continent, but my hands might be tied in that matter depending on things outside the scope of this forum that are best not discussed here.
  8. Cydonian Monk

    [1.4.3] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.4.3.0

    I'll take a look at it this weekend. Answer is probably yes. Doesn't seem like it would be too bad, especially if only soft linked to ModuleManager. (It already loads configs and textures from paths outside of DiRT, so MM integration wouldn't be much more to add.)
  9. Cydonian Monk

    SeaFoam - Making New History

    Thanks! Don't worry - I haven't forgotten about this. Just suddenly a bit busy (which happens every August but I always seem to forget). Maybe more tomorrow?
  10. Cydonian Monk

    Vim or Emacs?

    There is only vim.
  11. Cydonian Monk

    What would be your plans if you had a trillion dollars?

    My actions with $1TT that I couldn't spend in a way that directly involved myself would almost certainly result in a war in Europe, so I should probably just abstain. That type of wealth can also snowball, if one is a careful shepherd. And then you'd have real money, not that $1TT isn't already enough to put a serious dent in the universe. If you had real assets like that and the ability to defend them and use them, there's really not much you _couldn't_ do. Buy up all the newspapers, build roads, replace government institutions such as libraries and postal services, move whole cities, rework entire economic systems, redraw borders, sell Belgium to Spain, buy Hawai'i, etc.
  12. Cydonian Monk

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Yes. No. Maybe. Most of the time. Well, maybe it is for the moderators here on this well behaved forum filled with friendly pseudo-anonymous internet folk. Moderating the hobby forum I'm partly responsible for? It's filled with folks that are arguably friends, questionably adults, all of which know each other, the vast majority of which would be well behaved in face to face encounters. Put two keyboards and the internet between them? And then try to get them to stay civil? (And then have to answer for your moderation actions in person?) Some days you'd think it was bloodsport. You folk here do quite well herding us cats.
  13. Cydonian Monk

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    I've been spinning Lush off and on for a couple of weeks now. Great album. I'm also partial to the Audiotree Live version of their Habit EP. (Which, as far as I know, is all they've cut so far. At least that's all that's up on the usual music services.)
  14. Cydonian Monk

    Possible Bug? Untagged Biomes

    I noticed this too. The KSC monolith is an untagged biome for most science reports. The observatory added by the ResearchBodies mod is too. Maybe a bug, maybe an oversight.
  15. Cydonian Monk

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    It's flippin hot today.