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  1. Cydonian Monk

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    I have reverted/regressed into observing Dwarf Fortress while trying to convince tiny bearded extended-byte characters into doing something other than screaming at each other because it's raining and they don't like eating fermented giant elephant offal biscuits.
  2. Cydonian Monk

    Apollo 11 Movie

    So they finally made a prequel to Apollo 13? Nice. /s I'm guessing this doc will get a theatrical release and not go straight to cable? Otherwise I don't understand why it has the ratings panel at the start of the preview. There was some discussion recently from one of the archival crews who were working with this production about finding all manner of unprocessed or otherwise unknown footage from ground support, mission control, etc (beyond the 70mm launch footage the trailer mentions). Some of that appears to have made its way into this trailer.
  3. Cydonian Monk

    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    Looks no better or worse than the rest of the dreck Netflix makes. Brings to mind a similar question I had about Blade Runner: Have you considered the possibility that the "offworld colonies" are a metaphor for "human recycling chambers"? And that Blade Runner may be in the same universe as Soylent Green? Maybe it's the same with Io. Somehow these two missed the "shuttle" which would have otherwise turned them into delicious paste for the survivors / Morlocks.
  4. Cydonian Monk

    [1.6.x] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.6.1.0

    DiRT version is now available on GitHub: ChangeLog: - Recompiled against KSP v1.6.1 This is just a recompile release, and probably an unnecessary one as the 1.5.1 version seemed to work fine in KSP 1.6.1. Cheers!
  5. Cydonian Monk

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    LOL. We have KPFT. That's basically it for music, but half the day they're running far-left political propoganda and not playing music. One of the HBCUs here on the NW side of town has a low-power r&b/jazz station, and our "classical" radio station is buried in a digital side-channel. Otherwise radio in Houston might as well be dead. I too have several months worth of continuous music (at this point about half from CD), but I'm always finding new things. Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music (and whatever fifteen different barely working garbage services Google offered over the last few years) have literally saved me thousands of dollars. Five years ago I had no problem plonking down $10-$20 for an album to sample somebody's music... and maybe buy more if I could find it. Now I pay half that a month to listen to everything. "Legal" music discovery went into a dark age about 20 years ago (thanks to illegal fileshare services we all may or may not have used). These newer streaming services, plus sites like Bandcamp and MySpace (RIP), have just about become the only way to find and consume new stuff short of going to every local bar on the planet. If anything I miss the record stores, but their days are all but gone.
  6. Cydonian Monk

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Complain 'bout stuff? 'K. AT&T "LTE" service here on the NorthWest side of Houston is so bad that I regularly have to disable it on my phone while I'm at work. They don't really have a "4G" network anymore, because their "4G" network was actually 3G+HSDPA, which they're in the process of retiring to make room for their "5G" network which is really just LTE built properly to spec plus some other niceness. So I effectively spend 9 hours a day in the blind. (Except somehow the phone still works so I still get those twice-thrice-quarta-hourly "neighborhood" spam robocalls.) So... no music streaming. I've already unsubscribed from most of my music streaming services, because why throw money at them when you can throw it into a pit and set it on fire instead? This would be fine if I could remember to load music onto my phone or iPod before coming to work..... (Oh, and you apparently can't load music from iTunes onto your iPod if you've subscribed to AppleMusic and iTunes Match, because it replaces most of your music with the "matched" AppleMusic copy that's keyed to keep it streaming only / off of your iPod.) Is it too much to ask that things _just work_ like they used to? How did we get to a nice stable point and then mess everything up so badly in such a short stretch of time? (This is a rhetorical question.)
  7. Not a dev (obvs), but the Mobile launchpads are the ones you place in the MH Mission editor. And based on my experience with moving the Dessert and Woomerang sites, those also seem to be at least partial "Mobile" launch sites. (Are those two only added by the MH DLC?) I have no idea what that dev note / changelog entry is talking about though.
  8. Yes. It was an issue on my old Mac running Mojave though. I can't say for certain that it wasn't something caused by [High] Sierra that persisted after the upgrade.
  9. Agree. Amusingly the solution for me was to buy a new Mac. Fresh install of the game and it ran normally/properly like everything else (though admitedly I still had to alt-click open the first time to get the "Yes, I really want to run this dangerous program downloaded from an unknown foreign entity" dialog). Have you tried buying a new Mac? If you don't want to plonk down $3k+ just to play the new version, I strongly suspect there's something in a ~/Library/ entry related to either Unity or Squad/KSP that's causing it. Ie: cache invalidation bug or somesuch.
  10. Cydonian Monk

    what linux distro do you use?

    Sorta, yes. Could argue that creating your own distro is the real end of the tech tree (aka Linux from Scratch plus all the management headaches you could ever ask for), but if I've done that I can't disclose it. (Hint: I haven't.) Considering when I started into Linux your options were RedHat and SuSE, and that after six years I jumped from SuSE to Gentoo, I must be playing on an older version with a greatly simplified tech tree. (Though I really started out on Solaris, so..............)
  11. Cydonian Monk

    what linux distro do you use?

    Gentoo on my fileserver at home. Gentoo on my "netbook" (which is a 64-bit AMD K8 and so not really underpowered like most Netbooks were), but I never use it anymore and just occasionally boot it up to update software. And I have a handful of Ubuntu installs on a variety of RasPi, but I'm working on a Gentoo base image for those as well since Ubuntu is horrid on the RPI. My fileserver has flipped between Gentoo and Arch over the years (and I briefly dabbled with CentOS at home), I just prefer Gentoo as I've worked with it since 2002 (even in the dark years of 2007-08) and it's generally very malleable. I have no idea if what's running on my network equipment counts as a distro for these purposes. It's really just a bare kernel + BusyBox + some router software running on top of it. I haven't used Linux as a primary desktop OS since 2013. I also don't dual boot with MacOS (or Windows) anymore. I still have a few different distros I boot up in VMs when I need to test something in a "pure" environment... those are mostly Fedora or some flavour of Ubuntu. I can't disclose what Linux distros I use at work, but you've heard of them.
  12. Cydonian Monk

    KSP Loading... Preview: The Δv per Stage Display

    It's only present in Steam versions of the game. The rest of us never see that button.
  13. Cydonian Monk

    How do kerbals reproduce?

    They don't. There has only ever been one kerbal. All kerbals are that kerbal. They never die, they just get zapped back in time and change their name. At some point they were badly mauled and dented by an accident and that's when the "girl" kerbals started to appear.
  14. Cydonian Monk

    Advice required!! Python or C# or C?

    Ultimately the language doesn't matter as much as being able to get things done, so learn whatever is easiest and most accessible first. It's developing the thought processes and mindset for programming that leads to good code (and good job prospects). Doing _anything_ and learning how things work is more important than mastering any specific language when starting out of the gate.