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  1. Easy question for me. Dead Can Dance: "Within the Realm of a Dying Sun". Bob Marley: "Legend".
  2. I experimented with giving them an "unowned" status, similar to rescue contracts, but eventually decided it was too much hassle for what I was doing. And I think the astronaut management process has changed considerably since. Treating them as rescues might work better now for y'all, so it's worth a shot!
  3. .... Swiftly fly the years. One season following another, laden with boosters and some struts. I moved to Houston over 14 years ago and I kinda want some of those years back right now, or the chance to change some of my decisions or take some actions I was too timid to take at the time. Not really sure where all of those years went. C'est la vie.
  4. No. Because the "unbreakable" glass this and other new cars use should be illegal. I've watched enough people roast to death while trapped in cars for one lifetime. Safety glass exists for more than one reason. Plus I'm happy with my (weak) 300HP/300lbft gasoline-electric hybrid that can move lumber just as easily as this Tesledge.
  5. I'm not sure what to think of FAMk just yet. I've enjoyed the first 4 episodes, but I'm really not sure where they're going with a couple things. Also interesting that many historical figures are present with their real names, others were sorta-renamed, while others are purely fictional wholesale replacements. I'm curious if that's an artifact of whatever event makes this an alternate history, or if the individuals themselves just didn't want to be involved in any way.
  6. Year 100 and something, don't recall specifically at the moment. 103? Maybe. Got there by wandering around like a lost duck, stranding bits and pieces of everything in some fairly odd places, and then Forgetting about them.
  7. Some sort of mutated Little Boy or Fat Man or something like that is in Texas this week..... No, wait, that's the Big Boy from my home town in West Virginia. Wait, let's see.... Ah. Here we go. UP 4-8-8-4 Big Boy 4014, the second heaviest class of steam locomotive ever built. Probably considerably less heavy than the C&O Allegheny now that they removed the coal bunker and the auger system and replaced it all with an oil tank and the bunker crude (aka "love potion #4") they use now. Still, I'll concede that the Big Boy was both "larger" and more powerful than the Allegheny... just not heavier. The 2-6-6-6's tractive effort was at least measurable without causing permanent damage, while the 4-8-8-4 managed to destroy the dynamometer cars that tried to measure it. (They tried and failed? No. They tried and died.) Lord save the drawbars and coupler knuckles of anything that dared oppose it. Anyway, here it was drifting into Eagle Lake, TX. Lots of crowds and school kids and looneys with cameras and cellphones and iPads and whatnot. Really great weather for November in Central Texas, and most of the schools let out early for the occasion too. Really cool experience. Yes, I was out with the foamer parade on Wednesday, chasing from just east of Schulenburg over into Richmond, TX and contributing to traffic and frustration and the general chaos. Some other folks' "perfect" shots were ruined by the mere existence of humans, and trees, and bracken, and clouds, and the universe itself. And there were yet more folks who had no idea what was going on and either wanted to see a big steam train or just wanted to get out of the way and go do their job so they could go home. And I won't talk specifics about those who should have been arrested for their antics, because they don't deserve the attention. Guess what? We all lived. In general folks were very Texan-ly and curious and friendly, especially out in the farmlands and on the prairie. Here's a parting shot at Richmond, where I gave up the chase for the day. City folk just aren't my cup of oil, and east of here it was all Houston crowds and congestion. There's a few more shots (14 total) in this here fancy Smug-Flickr album thingymajig, if you're so inclined to click or want to see more: 2019 UP Big Boy in Texas - Cheers,
  8. There is only one programming language: Logic. My advice? Use whichever tool is easiest for you to pick up. Doing is more important than endlessly analyzing which tool is best. By writing code you will learn the one true language, and can then branch out to others.
  9. I still have a good bit that I've played through to post; I'll get through that in the next month or so and we'll see what happens. I'd definitely do that if I decided to bring this to an end. (It'll eventually have to end anyway, even if it was designed to be somewhat open-ended, but I do have a general idea of where I wanted to get it to.) I'll give it all a bit of a test this weekend and see what I can get working. Cheers.
  10. Saw that on my list and thought it was just the Mel Gibson movie (which was also good). Was this the series from a few years back? I'll give it a watch in a few days when baseball is done.
  11. Thanks! Always good to know folks still occasionally read this. I've been away from this since very early August, and had thought about just ending it here. Things are too busy at the moment (the last two years in a nutshell), I've had almost no time for hobbies, and besides which it's unlikely I'll be able to continue Forgotten as it exists in KSP v1.8+. Most of the very very old parts I use are deadski, some mods I use are broken in ways I don't understand how to fix (and so need to wait for their maintainers or someone new to fix them), and the save won't load in KSP v1.8 on my MacBook. (And I haven't had a chance to figure out why.) Plus I don't have a working Windows PC at the moment, and I'm not sure if that will change. Even when it was running on my PC, it's been at a dead-slow FPS since about v1.5.x, and performance in v1.7.x was coma-inducing. That's mostly my fault for scattering several many-hundreds-part ships around the Kerbol system. But it also has a bit to do with the game being forced to deal with more than a half decade of persistence file cruft. That unfortunately won't happen. Squad wouldn't allow such things even before the TakeTwo TakeOver; and TakeTwo and the KSP corporate enchilada as a whole haven't felt any more welcoming to me since. I increasingly feel like I'm tip-toeing barefoot around shards of glass whenever I interact with this organization (and occasionally feel that way about this forum too). Sulphur relies entirely on some very possibly overpowered high ISP and high thrust engines from the long-dead AIES (Agencia de Investigaciones Espaciales Suprema) mod. (Or if it's not dead, the version of the parts I'm using haven't been updated in four years.) Even with the AIES engines, it was still very limited in terms of Δv. The Iron was developed to both use mostly-stock parts, and have a larger Δv budget to work with. It had slightly different mission profiles in mind too. The result was unfortunately something which resembles a badminton birdie (or shuttlecock). Assuming this continues into the future, it's very likely the Iron will also be superseded by a new design. (Though there are a good number of them now in service.) I still like the idea of a stackable transport with a continuous crew section running its length. We'll see.
  12. Excellent. I'll probably just build this in VisStudio on the Mac going forward. Makes my workflow a bit easier. Thanks!
  13. DiRT version is now available on GitHub: Change Log: - Recompile against KSP v1.8.0. - Updated references for new version of KSP and Unity. - Now using .NET 4.7 as the build target. - Removed a couple "using" statements which are no longer used. Also, this is the first time I have built this plugin entirely in VisualStudio on MacOS. It works and replaces textures as expected on MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave). As previously mentioned, my Windows PC is presently "down" (and in a few dozen pieces), so I haven't tested this new build on Windows, but I don't expect any issues. I am not planning to update to MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) any time soon, and I don't have access to a Linux box which is capable of running KSP, so I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone which uses DiRT on any of those other platforms would let me know it works. Thanks!
  14. Just wanted to drop in right quick and say DiRT does appear to work in KSP v1.8.0, at least on my MacBookPro using the version built for 1.7.x. Might be a different story on Windows and/or Linux, but my Windows PC is down at the moment so I don't have a way to test that. I do plan to release a version built against the latest KSP v1.8.x and targeting .NET 4.x+, and will update this thread once that's available. Probably this weekend. One thing to note - DXT-3 textures will no longer work, so if you were using those to replace anything you'll need to have them converted to DXT-5. *EDIT: Just as soon as I posted this, I noticed DiRT _might_ be causing some older stock parts to become transparent in certain lighting conditions (ambient lighting only, no direct sunlight). That might also be a MacOS or straight KSP bug (especially as I haven't been able to reproduce it either with or without DiRT after I first encountered it), but if you're using DiRT and experiencing oddly transparent parts, blame me first.
  15. Probably never? At this point there's zero indication I'll even be able to run it.