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  1. I would suggest you write a cfg file to change the "TechRequired = X" line to be "TechRequired = Start" for each part you want to use. I don't think you need to get into putting them all into particular tech nodes to use them. When you have the tech for the rockets, just assume you would have the tech to build the launchpads that fit them.
  2. I swear to the rocket gods I did, and somehow missed it. I'll look again. Thanks!
  3. This may have been answered at some point, but I haven't stumbled across it poking through this topic and the old SR one... I am playing with a rescakle of x6.4, and with the greater orbital velocity required (7500m/s for low orbit), every stage that makes it into low orbit burns up. I have added heat shields (didn't used to be necessary) and still get the same result. It used to be you could set the velocity settings, but now I get a "Settings are in the stock settings..." message. SO how do I set the velocity limit (DR_velocity?) to a level that is appropriate for rescaled games? There isn't an obvious settings file in the SR folder, there doesn't seem to be an SR scenario in the save file, so where is it hidden? I love this mod and don't have the time or patience to futz around with FMRS for every launch, and I'd really like to have the automated recovery feature of SR for my campaign. Thanks LGG for maintaining the mod, and I'd appreciate any help from you or the community. Cheers!
  4. I decided to play it safe, which is why I didn't offer to post config. But nothing is stopping you from making your own, if you know how. But I'm not sure about the legalities the first part of the cc by nc-nd 4 license summary includes the statement " You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. " Which would seem to imply you can make changes. But then later it says "If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material." So now I'm uncertain where the line falls. I tried reading the full length legalese but life is too short and it made my head hurt. In any case, it runs fine with KSP 1.4.3 as it is in case anyone asks. And rescaling is trivial for personal use.
  5. And @sciencepanda has kindly changed the license to CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. If you were to make copies of the pad and the "mast 2.5m" part configs, and then go into each and change rescaleFactor to be 2.0, you can make two new parts that have double the dimensions of the originals. I'm pretty sure that using those two doubled parts in combination would fit a 5m vessel perfectly. Of course, the actual tower might look small on the double sized pad, or look way to tall and thin if your rocket is tall, in which case you might want to rescale the tower slices as well.
  6. If you can't be bothered to scan just the last few posts before asking a question why would you expect anyone to take the time to answer? Only a couple of posts up from yours there are two posts mentioning engines and SRBs missing when you try the current stockalike with Real Fuels. But anyway stockalike engine configs are here... But Raptor hasn't updated for 1.4.3 and the current Real Fuels so back up your saves before trying it.
  7. Maybe 10% plus 10% per level of engineer? Even one fresh out of university and astronaut camp should make a difference. But more experienced Engineers shoud also make more difference. Scotty could probably cludge a fix for a broken transporter from a rubber band, two paper clips and and his pocket lint so a level 5 Kerbal engineer should make a major difference IMHO.
  8. They haven't updated the Real Fuels thread yet but RF 12.7.0 is up as latest version on their Github as of two days ago. Being an optimist I tried it with the current RF stockalike config and something is borked, most of the engines are MIA. But that was expected - there were posts on the RF thread reporting the same issue. Also mentions of lots of parts throwing nullrefs, method exceptions and the like. I certainly wouldn't expect to see an update this mod until Raptor has a stable release of RF to work with.
  9. I play 6.4x rescaled Kerbin, so I don't us RSS or RO, just RF with Raptor's Real Fuels stockalike configs (and Real plumes). I am also seeing most of the liquid fuel engines and SRBs missing as well. But RF Stockalike hasn't been updated for KSP 1.4.3 and the latest RF version so I expect that was the issue. If I remove RFSA but keep RF the engines and SRBs show up and everything works fine although the engines are back on a diet of liquid fuel and oxidizer of course.
  10. I did this myself a few releases back. But license is all rights reserved so while I think we can post a MM file it doesn't allow us to make new configs or parts except for personal use - no sharing! Can anyone familiar with the licensing legalities confirm? I join the refrain - Science Panda please loosen up on the licensing or give it to a volunteet custodian temporarily until you have time to give it the TLC it deserves. I'd hate for this mod to die like many other great ones have.
  11. Sigma88, first off, big fan of your mod, but I think it's a mistake to not have a forum mod thread for SD. I've known about Sigma Dimensions for a long time and being a fan of rescaled KSP, 6.4x specifically, it's a must have. But with no forum thread for it, how will newer players find it? I imagine you'll answer that it's used by other rescale mods, and that is true, but still, it's a mod and people should be able to get info.

    I'm not a huge user of GitHub, but there didn't seem to be any easy to find documentation that explains what it or your other mods do. You need to have a thread to draw people's attention, and I can't see why the original descriptive OP on the locked thread was removed. At the least, put something up to let people know the mod exists and announce upgrades. Make it clear you can't respond to forum comments and direct them to your GitHub site for support. The more experienced users can answer most of the questions for the newer ones.

  12. To be fair he didn't remove the poodle, he put the Wolfhound model on the poodle stats. I've always thought the Poodle engine model was the worse in Squads line up. The engine was good, it was just ugly and wrong. High efficiency vacuum engines have large engine bells for a reason. This thing looks like the PAM-D, a solid propellant engine used to boost satellites when it should look like the SPS engine on the Apollo service module. Put onto an Apollo analogue in KSP it just looks wrong. Butt ugly in fact. It's just one of many reasons to go with KW Rocketry to get a more realistic equivalent. Or Ven's Stock Revamp to replace it and other unsatisfactory Squad models with better looks. All in all I think this is a good simple solution.
  13. And again - official KSP content is supported forever, at least as long as KSP itself is supported. On the other had many beloved mods have disappeared when the modder drops out. To be fair those with open licenses often get new lives when someone else picks them up, but not all. I've been playing KSP since 0.18 and I've seen lots of mods retired. So I don't think "It's already in a mod" is a particularly valid argument.
  14. I prefer the clean white look of the new parts. I was never fond of the "repurposed junk yard parts" look of early KSP parts or even the cleaner grayish ones. Over time KSP parts have gotten better, I just see this as being the next stage. With the texture flipping function I think they should just add more textures so everyone can choose their preference. Kerbal grey, NASA white and black, bare metal and cryogenic orange at the very least should be available for all tanks.
  15. But yet you specifically titled it "Ditch the Royalty Free Music". Kind of a mixed message. Personally I love Kevin Macleod's music, I've got over 2,000 hours in game and I still like it. I even went to the Incompetech site and downloaded all the tracks and many more for my own listening pleasure and for use in my own RPG. I would not say no to themed music for each planet, but then I am a big fan of Holst . More is always good, having alternate tracks would be good, although I'd like to be able to switch out anything I don't like. Or flip back to classic KSP music at times. Hmmm, there was a mod that did this, and now I want to go find it. But having it in stock would be good. The "Hold a song contest" idea is great. They should put that up in the Daily Kerbal as something different than the usual challenges. I can't compose, but I will listen and vote if it becomes a thing.
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