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  1. The log, assuming you're on Windows and using the 64 bit version of KSP, is in the KSP_64_Data folder and is called output_log.txt
  2. It would actually be pretty easy to do since all of the passage of time in the editor is handled by Editor Time. I just haven't gotten around to it yet
  3. They do have that config installed it looks like, based on the log, so @FishBone please try out that updated version of Custom Barn Kit and let me know if you're still having troubles. I worked out a lot of kinks with KCT and CBK in some earlier builds so I'd be a bit surprised if there are still more (although, at the same time not that surprised). Also, thanks for the log, it's appreciated. One minor thing (kind of addressed to everyone), KCT's version file isn't updated regularly right now so don't rely on its version. The version in the file doesn't change between builds so all of the builds from the build server have version The real version is baked into the .dll and is visible in the properties if you right click it. In your case you're running, or just build 35. That's a more useful version number, but the log has it too so it's not a big deal that you get the mention the right one as long as you provide a log.
  4. I have a feeling the (int)(n*20) returns 6. I ran into that problem when supporting Custom Barnkit in KCT. So my guess is something along the lines of "Test 6 6.9999999"
  5. If you're using the Apply Parts button and it changes any of the parts, that will absolutely affect the build times. It will result in something that was already completed now having to be partially rebuilt so the parts can be swapped out for different ones.
  6. If you change the name does the same thing happen? Ships are identified internally by a unique ID, not by name, so the name shouldn't matter. But I wouldn't be surprised if the BP value got miscalculated when editing, since editing is a bit tricky internally.
  7. I have not fully tested it, but it should still remain in the inventory but you just can't interact with it at all. When I make it possible to view the entire inventory then you should still be able to discard/sell the part even without having the mod present.
  8. I realize it's been a while since I've posted any new updates on this, but I just committed some code that makes the part selector functionality mostly functional. You can't see what modules are on the parts yet, but you can see the number of uses and can select to use specific parts. It's definitely still a work in progress however. I am hoping to do a full release after I get that UI completely up and running and will have to work on overriding funds after release. Right now this new functionality is only in the dev builds.
  9. I did a little bit of work on NIMBY tonight but it's not quite ready for release, probably tomorrow. I fixed a bug where it was accidentally using a longitude instead of a latitude in an equation which resulted in incorrect distance measurements, and I also added a WIP module for mobile recovery beacons. Right now they require ModuleManager, a command pod, a science lab, and any antenna (including the built in one, I want to change that to a bigger one though). They also only work when within 2km of a vessel, in the flight scene only, and cannot recover themselves. I'm trying to get the flight scene requirement (they have to be loaded) eliminated since it also is causing them not to show up as the closest beacon when they're more than 2.5km away. You can grab it from here if you want to play around with it before I get it finalized: Edit: The NIMBY update is now released and doesn't require the vessel to be loaded to work, meaning it will work from the tracking station and will properly tell you if a mobile beacon is nearby.
  10. Jenkins is failing to load after an update it appears. Working on it now. Edit: So that was extremely frustrating. I have no idea why it totally stopped working, but I couldn't get it to work even if I went to an earlier version. I ended up using this as an opportunity to learn about Docker, so now Jenkins is running in a docker container on my server. I had to do some configuration changes to get it working, but it appears to be functional again.
  11. I should go back to that at some point... I was just thinking about it.
  12. No idea. The only thing with multiple KSCs I've messed with is with KSC Switcher and that physically changes the coordinates of the KSC. If you're using that then if CC lets you place them relative to the KSC's coordinates (or if you can get the regular KSC's coordinates) then you could maybe do it that way.
  13. Assuming Ven's doesn't introduce an entirely different parachute module then it should work correctly. Stock chutes are still fairly heavily approximated in what the terminal velocities will be, which is why I typically recommend using RealChutes as well since it usually comes up with much closer results.
  14. KCT overrides the stock launch button so it just queues up a new build in KCT, so they can't launch any way except through my (awful) UI (unless another mod, like a simulation mod, starts a launch). So you just need to know when a rollout occurs? Or specifically when they go to launch? The regular OnVesselRollout event fires since I'm just going through standard methods for that, but if you need to know before the switch to the flight scene then I can fire an event for that without you even having to use a reflection based API: KSP has cross mod events already implemented through GameEvents.
  15. It doesn't right now since I'd have to change a bunch of things on the back end. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but will probably be a part of a compete rewrite, which I don't have the time for right now. I can always hack something together in the mean time depending on what you need access to. I need to look into what exactly your mod does and if you have any specific requests let me know and I'll see what I can do.