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  1. At 0.9 for the second one you should definitely see a third if you've got points available and an upgraded VAB. First goes up by 0.05, second by 0.10, third by 0.15 iirc. So for the third you should only need a rate of 0.20 in the second rate.
  2. It used to be tied to the upgrade level of the VAB iirc and that might still be the case. Each of the three tiers would add two slots, up to six at the highest level. A different preset would have different scaling rules, it'd be defined by one of the formulas but not in a way that's immediately clear, most likely a sign() function that causes the formula to go negative once the index of the build rate is too high.
  3. Not exactly. That other mod would physically move the KSC locations so it just whichever one you currently had selected. Launch sites are generally treated like launchpads, not a whole other KSC. Theoretically the support for other KSCs is still in there but I haven't perused the source in a few years at this point.
  4. Funny that you mention that because with KSCSwitcher installed KCT would treat each KSC almost completely separate. Different build queues, different ship inventories, different upgrades. Some stuff was shared though, like the tech tree.
  5. It's already in KCT, although only from the KSC and not other locations.
  6. Last I checked that was harcoded in the mod but not exposed all the way out to the formulas.
  7. You could adjust the formula to set it to just about anything, including setting minimums and changing the scaling (somewhat, you can't change it by distance unless that's been added after I left). The only limitation is that recovery and rollout are tied to each other and distance isn't an available variable. The one you'd want to change is the ReconditioningFormula. Recovery seems to have gotten to be a bigger feature than when I was writing it, I never really liked that feature because it was error prone to try to change an active ship into a craft file.
  8. If it's the same as a while back, it should be related to the rollout time. I think I wrote it as equal to the rollout time when at the KSC and twice the rollout time on the other side of Kerbin.
  9. Upgrades are normally gotten by unlocking nodes in the tech tree. Typically one upgrade per node. It should pop up a message in the top left indicating that when you purchase a tech node.
  10. Asterisk launchsite menu should be available prior to rollout when the ship is fully in storage. It stores (stored I guess) which site you had selected in the VAB but you should be able to change it before rollout in case those pads are in use. At least that's how I remember it
  11. Kerbal Konstructs support was always a bit flaky between updates because of how I was handling it. I'm not sure if it requires the DLC or not now or if it might just be broken since I haven't been keeping up with the development that closely. At one point the DLC launch sites and Kerbal Konstructs were both supported.
  12. That's something I'm thinking about with regards to a theoretical KCT2. Have all the mod functionality at one layer and a separate layer for interfacing with the game. Game versions only have to change in the interface layer and as long as the same interface is exposed to the actual mod code then that can run against multiple versions without issue. Also I'm pretty sure this thread is gonna get merged into one of the other KSP2 threads so hi other people!
  13. Alright, sounds good. We can maybe talk some more when we find out more details about whats already there and what modding support looks like
  14. Right, I more meant that there are a number of them that you'll probably have to basically remake. Unless you plan on only supporting them for KSP1 and leaving KSP2 alone. If you're going to "move" (ie rewrite) anything to KSP2 that's gonna probably be a lot of work so I wouldn't want to add anything more to your plate.
  15. At minimum I'd definitely want your, and the community's, input since it'd probably be something built from the ground up. I imagine you're going to be swamped with trying to move a bunch of things over so I wouldn't want to add to that too much . We've got plenty of time before then since it's not until the Spring and we still don't know anything about modding support other than "more things are open to modders".