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  1. That's something I'm thinking about with regards to a theoretical KCT2. Have all the mod functionality at one layer and a separate layer for interfacing with the game. Game versions only have to change in the interface layer and as long as the same interface is exposed to the actual mod code then that can run against multiple versions without issue. Also I'm pretty sure this thread is gonna get merged into one of the other KSP2 threads so hi other people!
  2. Alright, sounds good. We can maybe talk some more when we find out more details about whats already there and what modding support looks like
  3. Right, I more meant that there are a number of them that you'll probably have to basically remake. Unless you plan on only supporting them for KSP1 and leaving KSP2 alone. If you're going to "move" (ie rewrite) anything to KSP2 that's gonna probably be a lot of work so I wouldn't want to add anything more to your plate.
  4. At minimum I'd definitely want your, and the community's, input since it'd probably be something built from the ground up. I imagine you're going to be swamped with trying to move a bunch of things over so I wouldn't want to add to that too much . We've got plenty of time before then since it's not until the Spring and we still don't know anything about modding support other than "more things are open to modders".
  5. I expect that since they're still (probably) using Unity, Mac and Linux support should be included
  6. Happy to see it's still Unity based since that means I won't have to learn too much more in order to make mods for it
  7. Just saw the announcement of KSP2. There's a decent chance that'll bring me back to the game and there's a non-zero chance I would come back to modding as well. So there's a chance that I will be working on KCT2 for KSP2, perhaps in conjunction with @linuxgurugamer if that's something he'd be interested in.
  8. Could you please lock this thread, it now has a link to the new thread going forward. Thanks!
  9. The part inventory was moved into ScrapYard which has its own UI. The screenshot you provided looks correct to me.
  10. I believe @linuxgurugamer had expressed some interest but I'd rather not burden him any more so if anyone else is interested let me know. Failing that, it might be possible for me to try to make a super slimmed down version that's far more maintainable (per @theJesuit). KCT is both large and a total mess so I don't envy anyone who tries to work on it. It'd be reduced down to the core mechanic of making ships take time and wouldn't necessarily include times for things like the tech tree or building upgrades and definitely wouldn't have upgrade points or anything like that.
  11. Let me give this a shot (based entirely on the outdated wiki page): EffectivePartFormula = "1" ProceduralPartFormula = "1" BPFormula = "[E]*86400" //this will be the total number of parts times 24 hours (use 21600 for kerbal days instead [I accidentally said 14400 earlier, that is 4 hours not 6]) BuildRateFormula = "(([L]*[L])+2)/3*sign(-[I])" // 2/3 BP/s, 1 BP/s, 2 BP/s You may want to turn rollout/reconditioning off or adjust that as well since that's mass based.
  12. Those are variables that aren't being replaced properly. I don't think they're part of Sensible Screenshot or Dated QuickSaves. Might be KCT? I don't recognize the SN and SP variables so I don't actually know.
  13. Crap, you're right. I saw "Update to 1.4.0" and thought it was referring to KSP 1.4.0. Based on dates, I think this would be the correct one. I believe the version file is out of date and still was saying 1.2.2. You might just have to try it to see if it works correctly.
  14. I think that the last version for KSP 1.3.1 is this one: Construction Time/61/