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  1. Could you please lock this thread, it now has a link to the new thread going forward. Thanks!
  2. The part inventory was moved into ScrapYard which has its own UI. The screenshot you provided looks correct to me.
  3. I believe @linuxgurugamer had expressed some interest but I'd rather not burden him any more so if anyone else is interested let me know. Failing that, it might be possible for me to try to make a super slimmed down version that's far more maintainable (per @theJesuit). KCT is both large and a total mess so I don't envy anyone who tries to work on it. It'd be reduced down to the core mechanic of making ships take time and wouldn't necessarily include times for things like the tech tree or building upgrades and definitely wouldn't have upgrade points or anything like that.
  4. Let me give this a shot (based entirely on the outdated wiki page): EffectivePartFormula = "1" ProceduralPartFormula = "1" BPFormula = "[E]*86400" //this will be the total number of parts times 24 hours (use 21600 for kerbal days instead [I accidentally said 14400 earlier, that is 4 hours not 6]) BuildRateFormula = "(([L]*[L])+2)/3*sign(-[I])" // 2/3 BP/s, 1 BP/s, 2 BP/s You may want to turn rollout/reconditioning off or adjust that as well since that's mass based.
  5. Those are variables that aren't being replaced properly. I don't think they're part of Sensible Screenshot or Dated QuickSaves. Might be KCT? I don't recognize the SN and SP variables so I don't actually know.
  6. Crap, you're right. I saw "Update to 1.4.0" and thought it was referring to KSP 1.4.0. Based on dates, I think this would be the correct one. I believe the version file is out of date and still was saying 1.2.2. You might just have to try it to see if it works correctly.
  7. I think that the last version for KSP 1.3.1 is this one: Construction Time/61/
  8. That's ScrapYard specific behavior anyway, so any KCT changes wouldn't affect that functionality. I'm not up to date on if anything has changed within KSP or ScrapYard with that specific functionality, which required a bit of trickery internally to get working, that's the only reason I said "that's how it worked when I left it"
  9. Couldn't you just add your module as one of the ones that's checked for equivalency? The tracker is name based by default so that shouldn't be affected, but the individual generations should get split out in the UI and would show up within the scrapyard UI if they checked the modules on the part (not as nice as seeing it right away, but better than nothing). Then you can select different generations and scrap old generations that you don't want to use anymore. You should be able to do that entirely through a config added to Oh Scrap without having to physically modify ScrapYard. Mind you, that's assuming I remember anything correctly after not looking at anything for months
  10. This ^ Once you grab a part from that list the ScrapYard UI should update to show all stored variations of that part. You can either put the part in your hand back and select a new one from ScrapYard or you can take the one in your hand and click the apply button (while still holding the part) and it'll apply it to that part. At least, that's how it worked when I left it
  11. Hi. I'm the dumb-SAS that had the terribly stupid idea of deleting the CurseForge project for StageRecovery.

    I'm terribly sorry for even considering that stupidity, the CurseForge has 4 years of Project History, from the KSP 0.24.2 era! Would be sad to loose that.

    I would like to kindly ask you to lock down the project instead, and edit the front page to state that new versions will be available on SpaceDock only. I think this is a better way.

    I meant well, I was thinking on people relying on CurseForge only and that would be unattended of the change, but didn't though enough about the consequences.

    Sorry for the mess, I should had known better.

    1. magico13


      Not a big deal, but I didn't get the message until after I had already done it. Looks like I can still access the projects so I'll try to download all the files off there just in case they get permanently removed at some point but someone still needs access.

    2. Lisias


      I have all the release notes consolidated on a text file, if you need it.

  12. It doesn't affect the KSC upgrades, it affects the KCT upgrade points. When the pool is shared, upgrading rates at one site reduces the amount of points you can spend at all sites. With them not shared, each KSC has its own separate pool. Example: you have 15 total points and upgrade the VAB rate 1 at site 1 ten times, leaving 5 points remaining. If you swap to site 2 then with the pool shared you'll only see 5 points available, but with sharing disabled you'll have 15 points available. The tech unlock rate is shared among all KSCs (since tech isn't KSC specific) so in either case if you upgrade that it'll reduce upgrades everywhere.
  13. Just a heads up, but @severedsolo will be taking over development of ScrapYard! He's the developer of Oh Scrap!, a mod built on top of ScrapYard, and was a guiding force during most of ScrapYard's development. He's probably the second most knowledgeable person on Earth about ScrapYard, so I can't think of anyone better to take over development. He's a busy guy though, so don't expect sweeping changes at first, but hopefully some of the half-finished parts of ScrapYard will be able to be completed through his hands. Please join me in saying congrats to @severedsolo!
  14. Just a heads up, but @linuxgurugamer has volunteered to take over maintenance and development of the modlets. If you don't know who he is (do you live under an asteroid?), LGG maintains a countless number of mods (and has made a handful of his own). Additionally, all of the modlets will be moving to the MIT license. When he's got a thread set up I'll ask for this one to be closed, but for now feel free to discuss in this thread. Congrats @linuxgurugamer!