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  1. Top notch detective work there, Holmes.
  2. Call up the scipart kerbalism window, there will be a "force start" or "force run" (don't remember the exact words). That will cause the experiment to run regardless of whether data has been accumulated or not.
  3. No, you identify the module to be patched with @MODULE[]. Using 'name = ' would be to change the module name ... you DO NOT want to do that. REMOVE: name = ModuleEnginesFX Expected result: ModuleEnginesFX will not use AtmCurve and replace any existing velCurve with the KeyValue pairs you've provided. Note: If the velCurve doesn't exist nothing will be replaced. Change "@velCurve" to %velCurve" to create a velCurve if it doesn't already exist. @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @useAtmCurve = False !velCurve @velCurve { %key = 0.0000, 1.0000, 0.0000, -0.0039 %key = 0
  4. Concur. About the only thing that could come to making it more clear is changing the file names to read: Kopernicus-1.9.1-3 (DO NOT INSTALL THIS IN KSP1.10.1).zip
  5. Even tho I know I should probably avoid playing with it since I'm just starting with JNSQ buuuuuuut ... What's Principia like play-wise in JNSQ?
  6. This is for KSP v1.9.1 (Mine doesn't look up-to-date because I have BE28 installed)
  7. Hurrah!!! This is exactly what i was looking for. SR motors looked just a tad ridiculous in that big honker. Had to light off three at a time to make it seem someone okay-ish. (And, yes, image resize is my new catnip.)
  8. Good thing I have been playing this install sloooooooowly (more life-like doing: plan, plan, plan, cut, hammer (band, ow!), buzz, crap-crap-crap, measure, plan, measure, plan ...) and haven't gotten to a point where DR would really have an impact. (Though, now that I think about it, those sounding rockets didn't always exist as long as I had expected...)
  9. Contract Configurator has supported KSP 1.9.x since CCv1.29.0 So, if that is your limiting requirement, I guess there should be no problem.
  10. Take care of yourself first, then worry about your hobby-projects.
  11. When you do, it is best to upload your KSP.log to a file service like GoogleDrive or DropBox or GitHub Gist and link it It is acceptable to post a problem to the appropriate mod you believe is causing the crash. Your previous would have been a better topic for general support as it was not (even tho it seemed to be) mod specific.
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