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  1. Concur. About the only thing that could come to making it more clear is changing the file names to read: Kopernicus-1.9.1-3 (DO NOT INSTALL THIS IN KSP1.10.1).zip
  2. Even tho I know I should probably avoid playing with it since I'm just starting with JNSQ buuuuuuut ... What's Principia like play-wise in JNSQ?
  3. This is for KSP v1.9.1 (Mine doesn't look up-to-date because I have BE28 installed)
  4. Hurrah!!! This is exactly what i was looking for. SR motors looked just a tad ridiculous in that big honker. Had to light off three at a time to make it seem someone okay-ish. (And, yes, image resize is my new catnip.)
  5. Good thing I have been playing this install sloooooooowly (more life-like doing: plan, plan, plan, cut, hammer (band, ow!), buzz, crap-crap-crap, measure, plan, measure, plan ...) and haven't gotten to a point where DR would really have an impact. (Though, now that I think about it, those sounding rockets didn't always exist as long as I had expected...)
  6. Contract Configurator has supported KSP 1.9.x since CCv1.29.0 So, if that is your limiting requirement, I guess there should be no problem.
  7. Take care of yourself first, then worry about your hobby-projects.
  8. When you do, it is best to upload your KSP.log to a file service like GoogleDrive or DropBox or GitHub Gist and link it It is acceptable to post a problem to the appropriate mod you believe is causing the crash. Your previous would have been a better topic for general support as it was not (even tho it seemed to be) mod specific.
  9. Balls! That's fantastic. There needs to be a thread of tips-n-tricks like this.
  10. You better make a lot of noise with your release because ... I WANT THIS Do you have a GitHub repository we can follow?
  11. If there is backward compatibility with 1.9.1, I'm game.