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  1. Welcome back! I assume you're going to stop fiddling around at some point and make something BIG?
  2. I do to, in business. Regarding the second one, my job is intricately intertwined with a vast knowledge store that is available to every customer of our product free of charge. I create, edit, curate, and index this knowledge, but mostly I create it. It is both the least favorite part of my job and the thing that I'm most proud of. Of course this has nothing to do with my thoughts on modders.
  3. Two things: 1. Mod makers make mods for themselves. If they add documentation it's because they want to. That's just a fact of life.it's not elitism or anything like that, it's they only have so much spare time and they'd rather spend it making the game closer to their ideal than teaching others the intricacies of their mod. 2. I have had similar problems with Principia.
  4. You don't post anything here, you put it somewhere else on the Internet and then post a link here. Regarding the problem, you mean your fuel tanks are empty on the launchpad? Are they empty in the VAB? If you right click a tank it will tell you how much LF and O are in it. Post a list of your mods and maybe one will stick out. Any mod that changes fuel tanks in general is suspect though.
  5. It has nothing to do with "at periapsis" specifically, it has to do with moving fast. You're moving really fast when you're in Low Kerbin orbit, so burns there give you more energy than burns when you're moving slower. And yes, it saves you 800 or so m/s or between 40 and 50% off the inefficient burn. Oh! And welcome to the forum. As far as first posts go yours is pretty advanced
  6. If we're counting age in floppies, I'm "Why buy a 2-sided floppy when you can cut a notch on the other side of a 1-sided floppy and use both sides?" years old. If just storage systems, I'm "Listen to this cassette it's the program I'm writing." years old.
  7. You talk like scifi is alone in glorifying war. What about all other fiction, almost without exception, from all of time? And that's just restricting it to FICTION.
  8. Do they have a model of if we had treated it like we normally do the flu? Because this sounds to me like the precautions taken were akin to dodging a bullet.
  9. Okay I did it. MechJeb took far longer than GravityTurn in real time and also seemed to not like its own ascent profile (I like low TWR upper stages so I think it expected more at that phase of the flight. It spent the majority of the time locked at 5 degrees up from prograde). In spite of that, MechJeb blew us both out of the water. Beat me by 131m/s and GT by 142. And it auto-circularized.
  10. Ew then i'd have to install MechJeb. Actually I was thinking about it due to GT not circularizing afterward, but I hate the idea of installing the other 99% of of MechJeb for the 1% I want.
  11. Pfft amateurs. My birth year is closer to the start of World War 2 than the current year. By a significant margin, I might add. That means my birth is more "history" than World War 2 was when I was a kid.
  12. My manual launch. I used an entire 9 m/s of dV less than Gravity Turn. out of about 5100 total.
  13. Hello hello! Your video made me miss EVE and all the city lights. Nice job on Minmus, I hate going there without patched conics at least.
  14. Very well done! Welcome to the winner's circle and congrats on making it without admin strategies!