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  1. Docking orientation problem

    As you orbit the prograde (and retrograde, and both radials) marker changes, because you're going around and a around in circles. The normal vectors, though, stay the same. If you align your docking ports on your station so they are facing in one of the two normal directions (the purple triangles) then you can align your ship to the other normal direction, and be sure you're facing the correct way. Though I prefer using one of the several mods that help you align docking ports:
  2. Reaching out beyond Minimus

    Yes, but you were nuts to start playing anyway so full speed ahead! I think you should go to Duna first. It is a bit easier of a target. Change your "Conic Patch Limit" in settings. I think the maximum is 6 which is probably enough. You can also go into your settings.cfg file in the root of your ksp folder and set it to any number. I personally prefer 8. I can't see it but ouch xenon. I'd go for chemical rockets or NERVs to start. They have burn times in the minutes, not hours. As far as mods are concerned, I think the three most important ones are: 1) Kerbal Alarm Clock - Because you're going to be time warping enough to want to go get some coffee or a sandwich. 2) Transfer Window Planner - Learn about porkchop plots, or for your fist time just take whatever it gives you and trust it. Don't worry about the numbers too much just warp to when it tells you and set up a maneuver node to burn to the planet of your choice. 3) Some Maneuver Node Editor: So you can change your burn by fractions of a m/s, not by tugs on pull handles. Traditionally I've used PreciseNode but many prefer Precise Maneuver. Lately I've enjoyed Maneuver Node Evolved. The trick is, get your ejection maneuver node to just tell you you got an encounter, or barring that just get the encounter markers for your ship and the planet to be as close as you can. Then do that burn, warp out of the Kerbin system, and in Sun orbit set up another maneuver and tweak it until you get a periapsis really close to the planet. For Eve, I'd go 150km, maybe 200. For Duna, I'd do 100km. Then do that burn, and warp to the planet. Then at periapsis, burn retrograde until you're in orbit.
  3. I don't know but it was probably something to get into orbit, it was probably 10x bigger than you need to get into orbit, and it probably failed to get into orbit assuming it even made it into the air.
  4. [1.3.1] GPOSpeedFuelPump continued v1.8.10

    I don't know all those mods, but you obviously have mods that modify the tanks themselves based on two (!) "Jettison Shroud" options on the tanks. I suspect something is loading after GPO that is removing all modules and replacing them with that mod's modules. But I don't know for sure. If you browse through the ksp.log and ksp_x64_data\output-log.txt you may be able to figure out what mod is erasing it. Or, you could make a modulemanager config that loads GPO's modules to all fuel tanks that don't have them, as a FINAL thing.
  5. Maneuvering maneuvering nodes!

    You can also go into the settings.cfg file (in the root ksp directory, one up from GameData) and find "CONIC_PATCH_LIMIT = " there. Put any number you want. I think ridiculously high numbers will cause lag, but I personally use 8 and never noticed anything.
  6. Naaw we've been there - what - six times? There are at LEAST 11 more biomes to get surface samples from before we've sucked the science dry. And then there's testing SRBs on suborbital trajectories... But more seriously, I agree with you on the permanent base. That's the next logical step, but we need such a base to turn a profit if it's ever going to succeed. Moon rocks themselves will plummet in value when they start coming back by the ton, so we need to find something actually worth all the cost to justify a permanent base there.
  7. All Ours Bests Of Moddies

    Frist Psot! KSP MOD BINGO B I N G O Contract Configurator Take Command Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Waypoint Manager Visual Enhancements (Any) Realism Overhaul Blizzy's Toolbar Real Solar System Extraplanetary Launchpads Precise Node / Maneuver Kerbal Attachment / Inventory System Docking Port Alignment Indicator FREE SPACE (ModuleManager) Strategia RCS Build Aid Kerbal Engineer Transfer Window Planner MechJeb Kerbal Alarm Clock Procedural Anything Distant Object Enhancement Life Support (Any) Editor Extensions Anything ending in -atterer Better Burn Time Use this card any time anybody asks any question about anybody's opinions on mods in general.
  8. Why are people against mods?

    I'm exactly the opposite. The goofy parts perfectly offset the seriousness of the actual gameplay. I don't really care when I'm designing a rocket that the text says it was found on the side of the road, so long as it works as if it was machined to perfection in a high tech factory. If anything, the added smile when I come across a new one or one I've not noticed in a while is *better* than sterile descriptions pulled from a tech manual. (Though I do like actual information on part descriptions. "A vaguely wing-shaped board" could be replaced with something actually describing the part a bit)
  9. Why does KSP need to be extremely expensive

    Not to mention "extremely"
  10. More Female Defaults?

    Yeah but you'd have to start your career with $100,000,000 extra.
  11. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    I can't get the Law and Order theme out of my head. And I probably haven't seen an episode in 5+ years.
  12. More Female Defaults?

    I don't know what it'd be like to start a space program without Jeb, but I'm personally leaning toward what @regex suggested. With the ability to allow the game to pick randomly for me. Then have a pool of 6 men and 6 women, for variety.
  13. Any chance this could be set to respect the stock priority levels of tanks instead? That way, I could land a small drilling station with a small ore container, a small converter with a large ore container and a small fuel container, and then a large fuel container. When I hook them ships set up like above as it is, everyhing stops because the ore stays in the driller until it's full and stops drilling, and if I manually move it the fuel stays in the converter until it's full and stops converting. If it checked tank priority levels, I could modify how the resources flow after landing and with more options and control.
  14. How many times do you encounter the kraken?

    Because danny2536. As for me, I've encountered things I called Krakens many times over the years, including the actual Kraken once. I've not seen hide nor hair (Does the Kraken have hair?) in over a year, though. I have a lot of mods but most don't add parts or change physics, and none add crazy parts or physics changes.
  15. help with setting up relay orbits

    I chose my words poorly. Imagine a cube around Kerbin, a D6. The 1 is over the North pole, and the 6 is over the South pole the other 4 sides don't matter, they're just all 4 over the equator. Your 6 satellites will be in elliptical orbits that each touch the center of a face of that cube.