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  1. 5thHorseman

    Issue about map projection.

    BAM For those curious, all I needed to do was download a map of Kerbin, flip it horizontally so it was backwards from what it really is (for reasons that are mathy and I don't understand), then Filters->Polar Coordinates in Gimp. Then some quick resizing etc. It would probably look better rotated 90 degrees so KSC was directly south but you can do that part Okay I lied I wanted to see it and it's much better in my eyes like this. Again, click for larger version.
  2. 5thHorseman

    A shortcut to lock brakes

    As the original author of a mod that specifically circumvented the entire action group paradigm due to the fact that I kept forgetting to assign them in the VAB (and didn't like the mods that allowed assigning them in flight) this is as useful as mentioning after jumping out of the plane that I could have put on a parachute. Also, it's super clunky and prone to forgetting SOME wheels but not all of them. Just having a key (combo) is far better.
  3. 5thHorseman

    A shortcut to lock brakes

    I hate to tell you but we can quit from anywhere too. I'd love it if there was a way to turn brakes on full without clicking. Alt-B? Does that do anything? Can't do shift-B that would be like doing a burnout or something
  4. 5thHorseman

    Assimilating Mods Into Stock

    If they implemented the two (tiny) mods I still maintain (sporadically) I'd be elated. Less work for me.
  5. 5thHorseman

    Impossible Parts Ideas

    That's one thing I loved about Stargate. HAMMOND Just tell me the minute we can send a probe through. SILER That'll be 24 hours General, minimum. TEAL'C Captain Carter and Colonel O'Neill do not have that long. HAMMOND I'll give you half that. SILER No Sir, it doesn't work that way. 24 hours is the best I can do. HAMMOND Then you'd better get back to it. SILER Yes Sir! Come on, let's go.
  6. 5thHorseman

    Impossible Parts Ideas

    Pfft. Haven't you heard of reversing the polarity? It works on everything. I reverse the polarity of my toaster to unburn my toast every morning. It's extra work, sure, but it beats buying a new toaster.
  7. In my experience things don't get "not used because they're not widely known" but instead are "not widely known because they're not used." And they're not used because they don't work.
  8. 5thHorseman

    Deleting Parts In The Hangar

    Ship building doesn't work the way you think it works. Every part attaches to the ship by one other part, so you can draw a route back to the very first part you placed. No matter what you do (other than picking it up and attaching it to another part) that part is dependent on the part you attached it to. If you pick up or delete that "parent" part, or any other part up the chain, it will take the "child" part with it. What seems to be happening is you're trying to delete the parent without also removing the children. The solution is to rewire your brain. I had to do it years ago when I found out what you're finding out now The solution in this case is... you can't. The decouplers must attach to SOMETHING. I'd not pick those micro blocks (I'd use a girder I think) but you can't have them just floating in space not attached to anything.
  9. 5thHorseman

    Got A Twitch Channel!

    Do you use OBS? You can record AND stream at the same time in the settings, or by just clicking both buttons in the main window. If not, there is an option somewhere on Twitch to download your videos. Or at least there was. I've not used it in years, since setting up my account, before I knew the OBS option. Also there are hacks of various sorts to download videos that you can install as browser extensions.
  10. 5thHorseman

    whats UP with kerbal??

    In my headcanon this is now the name of the morning TV show that's on in the astronaut complex when everybody shows up each day. Nobody really likes the show but Jeb thinks the female host is hot.
  11. 5thHorseman

    "Junk" rocket part skins

    I like the idea in general. I'm in the never-minded-the-old-skins camp, just on the border of the missing-the-old-skins camp. The more skins the better. Until you start having memory issues, of course. Is there a reason we can't have every FL-T* skin available to every FL-T* part? With or without stretching and panning, as chosen by the player? This would cause near duplicates (esp in the smaller parts of sets), freeing up space for more whimsical skins. I like the idea of skins being available on a per-tier basis of the VAB. It's a far better upgrade option than number of parts on a craft
  12. 5thHorseman

    Impossible Parts Ideas

    A vacuum engine with a TEENY TINY engine bell.
  13. 5thHorseman

    Prioritizing Bugs in the Bugtracker

    All I can see is the "Register" link in the upper right
  14. 5thHorseman

    Still confused about biome science and orbits

    See this is why it's best to wait for Snark to answer
  15. 5thHorseman

    Still confused about biome science and orbits

    EVA reports and Gravioli data are the only stock science that you can get in biomes from above ground. You're not seeing that on other experiments because they don't exist. The person who told you that they do was wrong, or at least misguided because of the two exceptions.