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  1. That only works if you're controlling the ship. Or maybe if it's in physics range. But it for sure doesn't work while you're at the space center.
  2. It's technically more efficient, but practically speaking it's not enough more to justify it. More important to consider is what you lose by not orbiting first, most notably the ability to pick your landing site. Energy conservation isn't directly involved. Imagine you're in a 100 km orbit, then change to a 200 km orbit. Changing back to the 100 km orbit doesn't get your energy back. There is a "best" way to do things to minimize dV, and a perfect horizontal burn to a dead stop at ground level is that way in this case. However, a single periapsis burn at say 10km over Mun's surface, followed by a tiny burn to intersect your landing site, and the final landing burn is so much easier, less prone to failure, and costs such little more fuel, that other than to say you did it (a valid reason, as this is a game and we're here to have fun) there really is no reason to do the direct landing.
  3. Yes. And once or twice I've even reached that limit.
  4. I like the design but yeah it should have some writing. And maybe lose 1 or 2 steps? I wouldn't want it to be too long, and have people not use it. I sadly have 0 time to work on something like this.
  5. Basically exactly this. If you can manage it, it's not just efficient but makes you feel like a BadS.
  6. Size doesn't matter as much as number of files. For each file the game needs to open and read values to put on the menu. No clue how to do languages. I thought it was mostly handled (from the user's perspective) by Steam.
  7. And very well done at that. Nice little 4-pointer there
  8. Rockets. With things dropping off on ascent. The way it was meant to be.
  9. That, and getting to Dres takes twice as much fuel than getting to Jool, mostly because you can gravity assist into Jool orbit from its moons. According to Alexmoon's calculator, and rounding a lot: Getting to Jool from Kerbin: 2000m/s (no insertion burn because gravity assists) Getting to Dres orbit from Kerbin: 4000m/s Getting to Jool from Dres: 800m/s (again, no insertion burn) Technically, if you don't gravity assist at Jool for some reason, you can do the whole trip with a ship that can only get about 4000 m/s (which is what it takes to get to Dres from Kerbin, and about what it takes to non-assist get to Jool from Dres) instead of 5000 m/s (what it takes to get to Jool from Kerbin), but that sounds like a lot of work to save 1000 m/s. And this is coming from someone who thinks Minmus refueling stations are a good idea
  10. Stock because when I do have the time and gumption to play, I'd like to actually make some progress.
  11. It's not. I blatantly refused to do my own challenge in Stock You are using a mod that tells you your dV. You are also using a mod that automatically collects science. This is nothing to be ashamed of, I use two different mods to do the same things, along with some others to do other things. However, these mods allow you to circumvent some of the limitations of stock. Essentially, if a mod changes gameplay at all (whether to make it easier or harder) you get the Modded flag. You don't have to right click your thermometer to get science. You know to the m/s2 how much dV you have at a glance. You can send a ship to Duna and do other things, confident that the alarm clock will tell you when to pay attention to it again. That's "modded." And it's a better way to play, in my opinion.
  12. Awww thanks. I have have about 5 years of experience hacking YouTube videos together, but this was a new experience for me. I recorded everything in advance without commentary, tried to only record the important things but generally got 2-4 hours of video, watched it all at 2x speed, jumping forward when necessary to skip big boring things that aren't worth commenting on, and jotting down comments with time stamps. 95% of what I wrote, I actually ended up saying verbatim. Rarely did I go off script. Then, I pasted my comment track under the video track and just cut the video down so the timestamps matched my script. I say "Just" but it of course took a lot of time. You can't do a KSP video without taking a lot of time. As you know
  13. Earth. I don't think I could live anywhere else.
  14. I've got the leaderboard back up. I am not going to say it's CORRECT, mind you. I'd be surprised if I didn't leave something out, going through all the posts in the thread. Feel free to point out where I was wrong. Two interesting points: @Jetski won this thing MORE THAN A MONTH before anybody else did. Then, within the span of 5 days, 3 people won (myself included). Everybody who has gotten over halfway done, has won (assuming I got the numbers right).
  15. Well done on that minimal ship to Ike and Duna. I'm working on the new leaderboard now, not sure how long it will take, but you're on it with 3 points currently, Kerbin SOI, Duna Landing, and Ike.