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  1. 5thHorseman

    So what is Serenity?

    You may be interested in Making Less History from this thread:
  2. 5thHorseman

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I hate how I have to keep telling Google News that I don't care anything at all about all the movie and TV franchises I actually do like, lest the HEADLINES spoil key plot points.
  3. 5thHorseman

    Do you know what Advanced Tweakables are?

    I won't pretend to know all of them, but that's just because I've had them on since they were implemented.
  4. 5thHorseman

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    I should point out, I've really been enjoying the per-command-pod naming though I wish it was a bit easier to do. Not EVERYTHING needs to go into the right-click menus Sadly all that means is I have more boring names. Jool 5 Reusable Command Chair Tylo Lander VallPolBop Lander Laythe Plane Orbiter You can lead a horse(man) to better naming schemes, but you can't get him to name his schemes better.
  5. 5thHorseman

    KSP Updates

    I have it from the store. All you do is go to the actual KSP website (where you bought it) at https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/ and then click "account" in the upper right. log in if you need to, and then you'll go to a page with a big DOWNLOAD button. Click that, and you'll have choices of the most stable builds of each version. 1.6.1, 1.5.1, 1.4.5, etc. Basically the same versions people who have it on Steam have (I know that because I also have it on Steam )
  6. 5thHorseman

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    This will not work. You must dock in orbit of Duna to complete the Duna part of the mission. you can then undock and transfer separately, but you must dock in Duna orbit first! Oh you at least suspected that already. Read the whole post before commenting, Horseman...
  7. 5thHorseman

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    I'll watch it at 2x speed, but not until later today or tomorrow. And yes you still have to land on Dres
  8. 5thHorseman

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    Welcome! A few pics is all that's strictly necessary. One of the ship on the pad or VAB, another landed on the target world(s), and a third docking afterward (when you get that far and have docking ports). Also the tech tree you used for each mission would be nice, to prove you didn't drill past the current level. For the first few not much proof is needed. For the multi-world missions a description of anything you had to account for or had trouble with would be appreciated. Everybody loves a good story, especially one with a happy ending!
  9. 5thHorseman

    Can't Update KSP

    Don't use the launcher. Run ksp yourself and update it from Steam or the store, or where you bought it.
  10. 5thHorseman

    So what is Serenity?

    That's what they call a rocket in France.
  11. 5thHorseman

    Is it possible to update to 1.5 on steam?

    Nope 1.5.1 is the best you can do. I see no reason you couldn't open his save files. I suspect he can't open yours, though just changing the version number in the file may work. "Can't update" huh? Makes one wonder why.
  12. 5thHorseman

    What was that mod called?

    That sounds like DOE.
  13. 5thHorseman

    So what is Serenity?

    Everybody knows what it really is: All that game studios are making these days... free to play persistent world battle royale with loot boxes and pay to win. "Serenity" was picked as a name for how serene the server will be after the first week and all the players stop logging in.
  14. 5thHorseman

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    Pretty cool! Three quick things: 1) This is in general and not directed at you directly. Be very careful with rovers with engines. It doesn't break the spirit of the challenge to use a rover with an engine on it, but it does break it to get any science in the air via jumping. You didn't do it, and likely didn't have any to get anyway due to the KSC flying being already farmed from your rockets. However, if you had driven to the grasslands and gotten some "big air" science, that would have been a no-no. It seems like a stringent rule, but it keeps people from unlocking half the tech tree with planes, which is not really what the challenge is about. 2) How did you get to where that eva report was done? That looked like perhaps it may have been from a plane. 2) You missed a bunch of "touching the building" science. Including the flagpole in front of the admin building
  15. 5thHorseman

    JoolTube: The Ultimatum SSTO

    I know how you feel. I can't tell you how strongly (though tongue-in-cheekly) I sometimes feel that KSP must get infinitely easier when you simply put wings on a space ship.