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  1. 5thHorseman

    what with landed asteroid?

    You forgot that you could make a science car and get asteroid-specific science from each building in the KSC. Don't bump them too hard though! Actually that may be fun enough to try.
  2. 5thHorseman

    I can't delete a post?! Seriously?

    I don't know how to delete anything but imgur images still work. Though albums don't. Here's some random ship I made 4 years ago.
  3. 5thHorseman

    How do I get a huge asteroid?

    Oooh that's a clever use of the Mission Editor.
  4. 5thHorseman

    what with landed asteroid?

    Whatever do you mean? Yeah flying an asteroid with wings does NOT work in the new (as of 1.0) atmosphere. Yes, I tried it
  5. 5thHorseman

    Refueling after transfer burn?

    Yes you won't want thrust you want efficiency. Poodles or even terriers are the way to go if you don't want to go full nuke. And I don't blame you, I only use nukes for Moho.
  6. 5thHorseman

    Who is the most significant person on the forum to you?

    If I have to pick one I'm'a go with @Snark. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a question, seen a huge long answer, rolled my eyes and thought "Well let's see how THIS person got it wrong," then noticed it was Snark. And he got it all 100% correct in plain and simple language that never talks down while simultaneously never assuming knowledge. An irreplaceable asset to the forums and the game.
  7. 5thHorseman

    What tech trees are out there?

    Tech trees are a huge pain to make. I expect the day a full-fledged (and working) tech tree making mod comes out (with drag/drop or really anything but "draw it out on graph paper and then key all the numbers in to the config file") you'll see a lot of new trees but not a moment before. A couple modders have come close to getting this, but none have succeeded to my knowledge. I don't know what tripped them up.
  8. 5thHorseman

    Humble Gin (IMHO & GIF)

    IMO they should just drop the H altogether.
  9. 5thHorseman

    Science Checklist Kerbin

    While I tend to prefer the science-collecting mods, this could come in very handy the next time I want to go modless for whatever (likely challenge-based) reason.
  10. 5thHorseman


    2+2=5 for very large values of 2.
  11. 5thHorseman

    Humble Gin (IMHO & GIF)

    IMH(oly)O "gif" is pronounced like "gin." Though I also am one of the few who still pronounce "gigawatt" correctly (like Doc Brown) so who am I to talk. I actually pronounce "router" and "Route 66" differently, though I pronounce "route" however I feel like at the time. I think if talking about routes on a network, I'd tend toward the way I say "router" and if I recently referred to "Route 66" I'd say it like that. I also pronounce "Caribbean" differently depending on if I'm talking about the actual Caribbean or the Disney ride, "Pirates of the Caribbean." Gotta love English.
  12. It does not. Oberth doesn't ask where you are, but how fast you're going. Oberth helps less during launch than it does in orbit. No the whole argument for going sideways at launch is to avoid having to counter gravity's pull, and that only works because planets are spheres so if you go sideways fast enough, you can set it up so you never fall back to the ground.
  13. 5thHorseman

    Logical tech tree

    I'm always annoyed that you get an engine you can't use because you don't even have adapters to fit it to your current tanks, or tanks you can't use for the same reason, and I seem to always get the big Rockomax decoupler before anything else that size. But I've never wondered why Kerbal SPACE program doesn't let you build planes, rovers, boats, or anything else before rockets. It's also never bothered me that you don't get ladders until much further in the tree. There are like 3 worlds big enough to need ladders and even though 1 of them is (somewhat ironically) the only one you're on at the start of the game, you almost never actually need one there if you're doing what the game is about: Shooting your little green people into space.
  14. 5thHorseman

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    I had a whole response written but I, too, am tired. I don't agree with you and you don't agree with me. I won't even say what I was going to say so you'll get the last word and if you want the last word over this feel free to reply to this as well.
  15. 5thHorseman

    Mars 'impossible" to terraform

    Okay, fine. A couple thousand people out of 7 billion want to go somewhere that is infinitely more reachable and life-friendly than Mars. You got me.