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  1. Very likely it's got thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lines with an error in it. Exit and reload KSP, play for about a minute and then exit out, that will hopefully generate a smaller log that contains the errors.
  2. I believe it's mass, speed of impact, and closeness to the device. I also think it's capped.
  3. Yes, though you need to transmit or store them in the little science storage box first. Yes. I believe all that would be necessary is to add "rerunnable = True" to them.
  4. That's one of the (too-few IMO) restrictions of using probes. There really is no way to reset them without a Kerbal present. It's mitigated somewhat in that you don't actually need so much science that you have to go for Eve surface stuff. If you really want it, I'd personally send 3 of everything. They're not THAT heavy, and are surely lighter than the fuel and engines required to get back off of the world.
  5. Not to mention an ice cream experiment
  6. So let's say you're unlucky enough to have snipers aiming at you with laser sights. How unlucky would you have to be - as in how many snipers would need to be aiming at you at the same time - for you to feel the warmth from the lasers?
  7. You could attach it to a known mass with a string and get them spinning, and the center of mass of the group (the part of the string right in the center) will tell you their ratio. You'd have to account for the distance from each piece's edge to its center of mass, which you can determine by spinning the object by itself I guess. There are probably better ways but hey it's not that much different than using a scale with sliding weights here on Earth.
  8. This is why most of my time is spent in the VAB instead of space
  9. Do what NASA does and throw the whole tank and engine away. That's what I do.
  10. Not who you're replying to, but my guess is that from the surface of Mun Kerbin would go north and south 23 degrees above and below the celestial equator each month, unlike Earth in our Moon's sky. @kerbnub if this is true, there is a mod that adds axial tilt but it's buggy enough that I stopped even trying to use it. The solution is more complex than it seems - and it already seemed pretty complex. is a
  11. At a guess, you're running out of memory. I''ve never seen that message before and am not very well versed in most of your mods, but at a guess I'd say anything you have installed that does any kind of automated control of he ship is suspect. It's like it's trying to tell you how long until you've reached orbit or space, and it can't.
  12. I like to think it's preundetermined. As in, it's already been determined before a thing happens that it's not been determined.
  13. Actually they've been closer to hitting an "every 4 months" timeline
  14. Track it in the tracking station, and then click Kerbin or use tab to cycle through all worlds until you're at Kerbin. You will see the asteroid's path. If you want to see it on the launch pad, put your ship there, then go into map mode and target the asteroid. Its orbit will show up when you hit ~ to center back on your ship. I actually do this in the first few minutes of my post popular video, linked in my signature, including an attempt to launch into the same plane as the asteroid. I don't exactly nail it but hey. Also don't try anything else in that video. It was before they changed the atmosphere in 1.0 and you can NOT do that with an asteroid anymore
  15. And if I ever feel like they're trying to milk people out of money for low quality updates, I'll stop recommending it. But not before.