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  1. I'll be testing this on 1.4.3 (or 1.4.4 if I don't get a chance before then ) but I was on 1.3 or maybe even 1.2 the last time I did this. 1.1 maybe even who knows. I do remember though that it was a trip to Moho, and the ship was a pretty standard interplanetary ship with Kerbals on board and a satellite on the nose. When I got to moho, I decoupled the satellite and sent it to its orbit and the contract completed. When before I was talking about having the Kerbal jump out to get the contract, that was a diffrent situation. In that case, I brought up a ship with a command pod and a probe core and all the other stuff that the contract needed, and when I got check marks in everything but the "new unmanned probe" clause, I EVA'd the Kerbal and instantly got the contract. One thing I thought of while describing it, I'm pretty sure you still need a probe core. It still has to be a probe, even if it has a(n empty) capsule as well.
  2. 5thHorseman

    The Summer Break Thread

    I'm working. 40+ a week and all holidays. Like all other times in the year.
  3. If this is true then it's changed some time in the last couple versions. I've completed satellite contacts by telling the Kerbal to get out of the command pad before. I've also many many times brought a satellite along for the ride to complete a contract on another world to help pay for the (manned) mission. This is so common for me that I want to test it to verify it did change. It's like if you had said Kerbin should really have a second moon.
  4. 5thHorseman

    [1.4.3] GPOSpeedFuelPump continued v1.8.13

    Yes, most definitely. I've set up a drilling/refining ground base, a fuel shuttle, and an orbiting refueling station. The ground base had all tanks set to 8 (or is the maximum these days 10?), the shuttle all set to 7, and the station all set to 6. Then all of my ships are 5 or below. That way as soon as the fuel shuttle lands and connects, it is automatically filled by the ground base. Then it launches and gets to the orbital station where it docks and automatically unloads all of its fuel (except the one tanks set to level 0 or -8 or whatever the bare minimum is, so it can get back down) to the station. Any passing ship that docks with the station will automatically fill all of its tanks. It's really quite glorious the first time you see it in action.
  5. 5thHorseman

    Including .craft files in a mod

    Contract Configurator allows you to spawn any craft file in the world as part of a contract. Maybe comb through that code (or ask nightingale) to find it?
  6. 5thHorseman

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Yup. Which is why (to my surprise) I realized recently that Solo is my favorite of the 4 Disney movies. Say what you want about it, it follows the Star Wars Universe's rules AND tells a decent story.
  7. 5thHorseman

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    But when the base shot half a dozen worlds, you could see the bolts flying across the sky from other worlds. That tells me the "galaxy" is about the size of a solar system. Kerbin's solar system. No I'm not using that as a valid argument for them not having enough X-Wings. I'm using it as an example of bad science. Nay, bad filmmaking.
  8. 5thHorseman

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    No never tried the mod, though now that you mention it I think I knew about it at some time. When it all comes down to it, I don't really like sharing craft files. Mine aren't worth it (to me) and I don't really want to just use someone else's. I've only ever flown one stock plane and one stock rocket, just for the novelty of it, and never loaded anybody else's craft for anything other than helping them fix a problem with it. I may have downloaded an Eve launcher once just to see what one looked like before building m own, but that was years ago and may not have even been from KerbalX. My KerbalX account is to put craft from YouTube videos up, where someone has specifically asked for it. I think that's happened once
  9. Fought with the UI and lack of tools in Principia. I can handle the physics. I can't handle the lack of tools. I won't play KSP without a decent interface.
  10. 5thHorseman

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    I'm the opposite. If there's a button in the VAB to share the craft to the Steam Workshop, I'm never going back to KerbalX again.
  11. 5thHorseman

    Between the gravity wells of Kerbin in the mun?

    While the only actual reason to have Lagrange points in KSP is that it'd be kinda fun to play around with, that's why pretty much everything in is KSP.
  12. My idea for this would be to have 2 SOIs, one with a point-source planet of the right mass to give the main SOI, and one tiny SOI with a 0-mass object that overwrites the point source. So, if you ever DO get on or near that point, you'll just be somewhere with 0 gravity. However, I have no idea how KSP would treat a 0-mass object with an SOI, no idea how it would handle an SOI covering the center of another SOI, and no idea how well it would even work in practice if mathematically it DID function okay. Also, I have no idea how to do it in Kopernicus
  13. 5thHorseman

    2x4 Solar Panel Array Breaking

    Oh really? Ok then your only choice is to replace or persistent edit.
  14. 5thHorseman

    Some opinions

    Tweakscale and/or procedural parts/wings/whatnot should be in the base game, along with something to swap what tanks hold (and swap textures to match). They should have a nice intuitive interface and the texture matching/stretching should "just work." In theory, there could be a single inline tank and a single radially attached tank, and the ability to resize them within a range proscribed by tech level. These should not be left to mods because reasons