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  1. I do not believe he invented graphics, nor did he say how to say it. You do you though and pronounce it however you want.
  2. Nope. The actual creator of the format and the name said: "It's pronounced [soft-g]JIF, not [hard-g]GIF." That's a quote from when he received his Webby award. For making the format. You can pronounce it any way you want but if you don't pronounce it the way he said, you are pronouncing it incorrectly.
  3. Nobody AGREES. We all KNOW because the people who made the name said how it should be pronounced. Have you been diagnosed? Bring in some documentation and your physics teacher will learn what's important and not very quickly.
  4. I'd need to see a picture of map mode both before and after the Laythe encounter to know if you've encountered a bug or just orbital mechanics acting correctly but outside your expectations.
  5. Note an "out of control" space station will go exactly where an "in control" space station goes: Around in circles on rails. The only time you need to control anything in the game is while you're actively controlling it. Otherwise, what bewing said
  6. To expound on @GRS's absolutely correct answer, this challenge is open indefinitely and spans version numbers of the game. I'll run it, hopefully, even in to KSP 2
  7. I can but I won't, as I don't even have a development environment anymore and doubt I'll be installing one any time soon. Also, the height limit removal is literally the reason the mod exists. It's what I wanted. The extra time warp speeds were just easy to do. However, if you want to take a try at it the code is super simple and how to disable the height limits should be obvious. I can understand why, though I don't agree of course . But I've accidentally slammed into the surface of many many worlds due to either forgetting to slow down time warp, or because I accelerated it one more time than I wanted and the game happily let me. If I really liked the extra high speeds but forgot F5 quick saves a lot, it'd be a nice granular change.
  8. [snip] I've spent over 1000 hours in at least 4 different games this decade. Minecraft, FTL, KSP, and Darkest Dungeon. I'm pretty sure Steam is wrong about my hours in Rimworld but I'm not including it because I "only" have 600 hours in it. Each one of those games I paid less than $30 for (not counting the DLC I happily bought) and to suggest that any of them would not be worth $60 (to me) is ridiculous. I'm not "most people" of course but I doubt I'm that much an outlier around here. As to the OP @Humongusfungus1 I'd suggest, if you truly can only get one of the two games, do this: Wait for KSP2 to come out, read reviews and watch some LPs of people who like KSP1 and listen to what they say about it. Then decide which one to buy, the cheaper (in cost) original or the more expensive new one with (presumably) more. I'd suggest though in that case you only don't buy KSP2 if people tend to pan it a lot, as it's the one that's going to be getting support from any new (and a lot of old) modders unless it's utter trash.
  9. How did you get the asteroid in your banner o fly and what was the history behind it?

  10. Watched The Sound Of Music yesterday, for the first time in probably about 40 years. Surprisingly good movie for how sappily sweet it is. Anyway, of all the songs in the movie, THIS is the one I keep singing.
  11. 100% though for me it was about 10.
  12. 99% rockets, 1% planes launched on rockets to other planets, 0% planes of any other type.
  13. When I need to click things in a short time I open all the windows I want and lock them open. Then I drag them off to the side and sometimes even line up the buttons so they're all at the same height. Works for fuel tanks too, when I'm using crossfeed for an onion-staged craft and need to know when the tanks are empty because the engines will keep running even though their tanks are out of fuel.
  14. The first thing I'd look for is the thrust of the engines being blocked by the ship. Then I'd look in the log for any errors. It's 2019.
  15. I always put it at the top of my vessel, in a fairing. If for some reason you can't do that, I suggest you put it on an interstage node of a fairing, either like how @DeadJohn did it which is clever but not the way I do it, or all by itself with a docking port so you can dock it to your vessel once in space and don't care about drag. EDIT: For your ship as is, you could attach it to the engine at the top with a docking port, and then put a docking port on the craft where you currently have the scanner. Then, when in space (assuming you can do that without that top engine) you can do as I described above without using interstage nodes in the fairings as I think you're using Procedural Fairings and I don't know if they have interstage nodes like the stock fairings do.