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  1. 5thHorseman

    Complete graphical overhaul?

    In KSP, the framerate has never bothered me except that one ship where I got about 3 fps. I noticed it. Of course. I just didn't mind because I wasn't trying to 360 no scope some noob. (did I say that right?)
  2. *Austin Powers II music*
  3. In addition to the above, NASA also isn't getting paid 10x the cost of a rocket to put a useless satellite in a random orbit, an infinite number of times.
  4. 5thHorseman

    Is MechJeb hate still a thing?

    It depends on what you mean by "MechJeb Hate" Do people still hate on it? Yes. Is it a rampant thing that people leave in their signatures because they're so sick of spouting it every thread? No. Is it common to forbid it from challenges? Yes.
  5. 5thHorseman

    Great Shift - The Gram to Be Redefined

    Finally. What a stupid way to define something so critical.
  6. 5thHorseman

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    "We" did, on this here forum. Or maybe it was the old forum before it transitioned to this one. No matter though, it did happen. However I really doubt it had anything to do wiht Squad's reasoning. I mean, if whining about things ever affected their decision making we'd have had dV in the game since .24 and Porkjet would be the only artist allowed to work on the game.
  7. Very cool! Does the geame have a stage-by-stage dV too? That'd be awesome but I suspect no.
  8. I'd guess 2.5 months, seeing as they said they were going for a release every 3 months and were planning on doing a post then. I don't know if it'll be a "devblog entry" so maybe you won't consider it valid. In that case, I'd guess they will never do it again.
  9. 5thHorseman

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    IIRC 1.1 was steam-only, 1.2 was steam and store, and 1.3 onward did not do pre-releases. I don't think that "people whining" was why they stopped. "It was a huge pain and didn't actually help" had probably more to do with it.
  10. 5thHorseman

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    Good Old Games. They used to take (as in buy or license. It was all legit) old abandoned games, slap an emulator around them, and sell them cheap. Then a bit over 5 years ago they started selling new games but using the same web-based Steam-like-but-not-a-resource-hog system to sell and patch games. I don't recall right now but I think they also require the games to be DRM free. I am trying hard to not inject opinion on this but suffice it to say they do some things well and others not so well.
  11. 5thHorseman

    Does KSP have a time limit?

    Yeah it was 2^x seconds, where x is a number I'm not sure of that made the years big enough for most but easily reachable. I think 190 was around it. I'm not 100% sure what the limit is now but IIRC you can't reach it at full time warp in your lifetime.
  12. 5thHorseman

    MechJeb Abandoned?

    I just got the most hilarious vision of the Steam user numbers for KSP dropping by half overnight.
  13. 5thHorseman

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    IIRC the release that spent months in public beta had several patches shortly after launch, just like every version of KSP in recent memory.
  14. I do not think KSP without independent time warp is feasible and yes, I read the arguments. I wouldn't play it anyway though so I've no irons in the fire.
  15. 5thHorseman

    Antennas on kerbal suits

    They should do this or remove the transmit button from the reports when you're a Kerbal. That button implies that there is a way to make it possible to transmit.