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  1. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Yup, and it will be all week.

    Thanks, bruh.
  3. Working for SQUAD? :-)

    Haha! I didn't even notice that. I think we have Swype + inattentiveness to blame for that one. Also I noticed later that a lot of KSP play is testing things over and over for hours so it may seem similar to QA work, but in regular play you also get explosions.
  4. I deorbit but don't recover my debris. I almost never have a probe on it, I just make sure it's on a destructive (or system-exiting) trajectory when I decouple it. If money mattered more than it does I'd care more, but I'd also play (even) less because I want to fly spaceships not balance ledgers.
  5. Working for SQUAD? :-)

    He's right, you know I've never done QA, but I have worked for decades with the QA department in my company and it can be frustrating but rewarding work. I know people who have happily worked in our QA lab for years.
  6. Working for SQUAD? :-)

    QA work is not "playing the game." It's ruining through proscribed tests, sometimes over and over, for hours. And these tests likely won't be "land on Mun." They'll be "check all mk3 parts attached in all combinations to make sure they are aerodynamic." And you'll have a long checklist. And if you're really good at that you may graduate up to being the one who makes those lists.
  7. Taxes Taxes

    My favorite thing is how you pay tax where you work, but can't vote there if you live elsewhere. We literally fought a war over that.
  8. What I think

    No, they use the name. They also use the name for MEASUREMENT itself for length. How meta is that?
  9. The Equatorial Minmus Challenge

    You massacred that cake!
  10. The Equatorial Minmus Challenge

    Well analyzed! I'm willing to assume you could perform that last burn, as it's not the hard part of the challenge. Welcome to the top (and only slot) on the leaderboard!
  11. The Equatorial Minmus Challenge

    Minmus' tilt is not in line with its orbit. It's in line with Kerbin's axial tilt. So ejecting to Minmus from Kerbin will cause you to arrive at Minmus with a tilt relative to Minmus' equator.
  12. Difference between Time Warp and Physics Time Warp?

    Regular warp puts your ship on rails (like ships that you're not controlling) which allows for very fast warping. Physics warp allows you to still control the ship, so is limited to 4 times warp.
  13. The Equatorial Minmus Challenge

    Unnecessarily and expensively But in any case, that is immaterial here. The purpose of the challenge isn't to be elegant, it's to find a way to do something difficult yet simple to define. (Also, matching planes with Minmus first is totally allowed in this challenge. And it won't get you an equatorial orbit)
  14. The Equatorial Minmus Challenge

    I find that people tend to define "elegant" as "the way I like to do it." I personally find it inelegant to do an unnecessary and expensive (relatively) plane change, and I also find it inelegant to time warp to the correct time on the ground to launch into the proper orbit. Maybe if the game had tools to tell me when that time was, it'd be a little more elegant.
  15. The Equatorial Minmus Challenge

    Nope. For years now I just transfer to the next An/Dn point and burn higher than Minmus' orbit so I meet it on the way out or the way back.