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  1. If you can't get the orbital tilt you want at your destination world, just get the periapsis near the target orbit (or the equator if you just want an equatorial orbit). Then - once you arrive - burn down at that periapsis to get an elliptical orbit. Then fixing your tilt will happen at apoapsis far from the world, and so will be as cheap as possible.
  2. how long of you been playing ksp?

    June 2013. Don't remember the version. .20?
  3. Supply and Demand

    Kerbal Spintires Program
  4. Blasty's No Contract Career

    Feel free to clutter all you'd like I hope you find the challenge as unique an experience as I'm finding it to be!
  5. The No Contract Career Challenge

    If you do not see the difference between that and this, then I can't convince you. As someone who has gone around the KSC dozens of times to collect science, I can attest to its presence and ease of capture. I can also attest to its not helping you buy building upgrades.
  6. The No Contract Career Challenge

    You may misunderstand the science I gained. It took no work, but with menial, unchallenging work I could have gotten it all the same. The mod allowed me to get the science but it came from the stock game. Blame KSP for giving you hundreds of science points on your front doorstep, not the mod. Or my challenge.
  7. The No Contract Career Challenge

    (Hey if nobody else wants to, I'll keep going my own self) https://imgur.com/gallery/DFg5x This time It's a quick Mun flyby, mostly to earn the money to upgrade Mission Control and the Tracking Station, so I'll actually be able to use Maneuver Nodes and Patched Conics on future missions.
  8. That's fair. I don't share your opinion on the worth of the game or the DLC but will not argue the points. There have been countless times where I've not bought DLC for a game because I felt it wasn't worth it.
  9. They work in bays if the doors are open. At least, mine seem to. Don't know about fairings, never carried one past LKO.
  10. I don't understand your question, did you purchase the game before the end of April 2013 or not? If you did, you get Making History for free. If you did not, you have to pay for it. You are not "out of luck," you're just "out of $15"
  11. How much time a week do you spend playing KSP?

    Lately not much, but I've spent extended periods (months) where I easily broke 40 hour weeks each and every week. Nowadays I'd say... 5? Tops? Main limiter is that I play other things. After 5 years even KSP loses its shine.
  12. The No Contract Career Challenge

    Here's my first mission for the challenge, an orbit of Kerbin with a surprisingly robust rocket thanks to the Kerbin Environmental Institute. https://imgur.com/gallery/zlwe2
  13. Biome maps help

    I can't speak for accuracy, but http://ksp.deringenieur.net/ seems to be a new/temporary home of kerbalmaps.com
  14. The No Contract Career Challenge 1.3.x You may not accept any contracts from Mission Control Yes, this includes "Do science on the launchpad." NONE CONTRACTS You can only make money from auto-completed contracts. (Though you may get help from the Administration Building) The Goal: Upgrade every building in the Space Center to Level 3 Rules: Rules? There are no rules! Actually, there are rules. Stock functionality for science, funds, and reputation amounts gained/lost is a MUST. Stock functionality for upgrading buildings is a MUST. You cannot use any mods that change the prices for buildings or upgrade them without the stock purchase upgrades. You can have mods that automatically collect currencies (mostly science) but you cannot add opportunities to gain currencies where they do not exist in the stock game. So no extra science parts, and no achievement systems that grant funds or rep. If you have ANY mods that change gameplay in ANY way (yes, this includes KER and Trajectories) then you will be in the MODDED category. Visual/atmospheric mods that do NOT affect gameplay (like Chatterer and EVE) are fine, and you will still have STOCK status. Play on any mode you'd like, however this challenge is really intended for NORMAL mode. State what mode you're in, and if you're in CUSTOM explain what settings made it custom. And don't just make a custom game with maximum funds and minimum costs. Feel free to add any restrictions you'd like, such as no Science Lab, no Strategies, etc. I'll note them on the Winner's Board when you complete the challenge. No points, just kudos for completion. This is a large enough endeavor to reward completion in any form. Winners: Pending someone completing the challenge. (I have not yet completed this challenge but do have all buildings on level 2 on NORMAL MODDED difficulty, after a very lucrative mission to Gilly. It was upon completion of this mission that I was convinced that - at least on Normal difficulty - this challenge is possible to complete without some cheesy science lab/admin building grinding)
  15. Should I buy KSP for PC?

    You play KSP on PC if you can, and on console if you have to. That said, wait for a sale. They're fairly frequent and in the meantime you can still play on the console.