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  1. It looks like you have RemoteTech installed. This is an old thread but it has the exact error you're getting. I don't use RemoteTech so can't really help past that.
  2. Amazing, but I can't help but notice that some major features are missing. This isn't *our* Mun. I'll get over it. I'm pretty sure. Probably. Probably. If it had been named "Time Zoom" for the past 9 years I bet everybody would be posting Rocky Horror references when they announced they were changing it to "Time Warp." I mean what is this, Star Trek? Are they adding warp drives? Warp drives confirmed. OMG I'm not buying this game they're adding Klingons. Etc. etc. etc. Not that I'm a huge fan of "Time Zoom." I just don't think it's inherently worse than "Time Warp"
  3. Minus the pay for the person to maintain the website. ...who is likely getting overtime right now.
  4. Just like in KSP(1) I think there should be a procedural INTERFACE to the static granular (Lego) part paradigm. Place a tank, and procedurally drag it larger and smaller to snap between all the tanks you have currently unlocked, both by length AND width. Have the nosecones auto change to fit, but also let me set them manually (and procedurally) too. And let me change what engine is on the bottom without having to take the engine off and put on another one. But letting me set the isp or twr or vacuum/atmo ratios of engines? No. No no no.
  5. I actually remember them because of Bill Nye the Science Guy and Bob the Builder. I just remember that they're reversed.
  6. I love the concept of a Punkpunk universe, in which every single -punk genre actually happened and the denizens of the punkpunk universe have all that collective knowledge and history.
  7. I'll go with Eve. You can't just slam into the atmosphere from interplanetary, or even orbital without planning. Once you DO slow down landing is trivial, but taking off again can be a chore. The only really easy part about Eve is the cost to get there, which is the cheapest ejection from Kerbin's SOI and cheapest encounter orbital burn. The plane change though usually makes it a bit more expensive than Duna. Another good candidate is Moho, because the need for a prolonged high DV burn both on ejection and encounter. once there though it's not much different than any other midrange a
  8. B will brake while you're holding it. In the top of the screen to the right of the Altimeter are 3 buttons, the bottom one is the brake and it will then stay on until you click it again, or tap B once.
  9. Wow how did I miss this for 4 days!? ... Oh, the video's unlisted.
  10. Yep. So long as you set your preferences but don't otherwise play in Steam it works perfectly.
  11. I just copy all the files from my Steam install folder.
  12. I'll admit I've got high hopes, after the past couple updates. I don't know what will be in 1.12 but I'm expecting it to be good.
  13. I hate to say it but yes. It allows you to not need SAS, the entire point of the rule. However if all other rules are followed that sounds like a perfect addition to the Rogue's List.
  14. As in "can you construct a rudimentary lathe?"
  15. This. I build my payload as small as possible so my lifter can also be as small as possible. For various definitions of "as possible" usually up to and including "as much as I'll bother to"
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