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  1. So then I could change my post to all complaint, instead of a love/hate post
  2. If it happens while you're still on the ladder, your Kerbal may be clipping into the ship. Physics tries to move them apart, so it moves the ship away from the Kerbal. The Kerbal follows the ship because it's on the ladder, which causes the clipping to remain. The only way to fix this is to make sure the Kerbal doesn't clip into the ship. None of the stock pods would do this on their own, but all of them could do it if you add parts in the right (wrong?) places. Making History's Eagle replica pod is particularly susceptible to this, but putting large things on the top of a Mk1 pod can eve
  3. I posit the IAU already figured that out and used it as the basis of their definition.
  4. Loving the ability to hide signatures on a per-user basis (was that always there?) Hating the need to on so many users due to ridiculously long signatures (definition of "ridiculously long": More than maybe 160 vertical pixels)
  5. Then I expect you don't have trypophobia. But if you did, it would have been. I don't either, but as someone without arachnophobia who lives with someone who has it, I can assure you, your opinion doesn't mean anything to them.
  6. It may be that the game doesn't let you re-scan the same crater twice. No clue I've only barely touched that part of the game.
  7. From the top down, nosecone, decoupler, okto with some solar panels on the side, whatever the contract requires, fuel tank, engine, decoupler, okto with some solar panels on the side, whatever the second contract requires, fuel tank, engine, decoupler, then the launcher rocket. Just make sure that each "okto, extras, tank, engine" by itself has - say - 2000 m/s of dV and you should be able to complete any contract Kerbin's SOI that doesn't require a retrograde or super tilted orbit. And even those you can do with planning. Note Okto's aren't exactly aerodynamic, but with the nosecone
  8. 1. Satellites are extremely light. Small tanks and engines can get them far. It's actually a bit difficult to design a satellite that can't get itself to its destination from LKO. So, I'd say design 2 satellites, with the dV to get to their destinations, and just launch them as the payload of your rocket that's just good enough to get them to LKO. Regarding 2 cores, the "root" OKTO will be the default, but you can change it at any time during the flight. 2. If you don't have fairings (they're in Payload) then your best bet is to just make the satellites as aerodynamic as possible and mayb
  9. I had a mining rig that I put a spider facing up on. then I ran it on as low of thrust as I could while the ship was loaded. Of course, once you unload the vessel from physics and revisit it, all bets are off... landing legs, engines, and actual expected physics be darned.
  10. The m/s dV to get from Kerbin surface to Kerbin orbit is a function of a LOT of things, including TWR at launch, gravity turn efficiency, engines used throughout the flight, atmospheric drag, and who knows what else. 3300m/s is indeed a good estimate, and has been since KSP left beta and 1.0 was released. If you are taking 4500m/s your rocket and flight plan can very likely be optimized. It does not take 980m/s to reach Jool from LKO. It also does not take 2800m/s. With a reasonable TWR it should take roughly 950+980=1930m/s. The first 950 will get you an orbit that just escapes Kerbin, a
  11. If no one's done it yet, there's at least the fun of proving the theory. Caveman runs - for all the talk about them being low-science - are all about using the scientific method of theory, testing, and discovery.
  12. Great gaming computer Portable computer Reasonably affordable computer Pick 2. If you are strapped for cash, pick 1.
  13. I like the little timeline notes between posts.
  14. Welcome to the finish line... a week late. If there was a challenge for maintaining challenges, I'd probably lose it. Congrats! Well done and well documented. It was a pleasure to read.
  15. Nicely done! Sorry for taking so long it's been a crazy... well 2020 but in particular this month. I believe the problem you have here is due to time. Eeloo and Dres move slowly, way out there away from the Sun. Even whips around the Sun quickly so nailing the timing is extra difficult. Read: expensive in fuel
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