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  1. Great topic! Mine is probably my first Mun landing considering I still remember out now, nearly 8 years later. Odd that in all that time, my favorite first was one of my first ones. I did it within days of downloading the demo. 2 of them IIRC. I hadn't even bought the game yet.
  2. A wild update appears! 1.11.1 - Update to KSP 1.11.1, adds support for mining comets (which I didn't even know was a thing). Available on Spacedock now, CKAN whenever they do that kind of thing. Thanks @flartfor the report!
  3. Interesting. I thought my code would automatically copy everything. I'll look at this tonight.
  4. Come on, it's a little funny. [snip]
  5. This is the best reason I've ever heard against pre-orders and will likely cause me to never do so again, even though I've never regretted it in the specific instances where I've done it. ...including BTW No Man's Sky.
  6. If you *just* leave Kerbin's SOI, then from Sun SOI burn to a planet, it takes more (and some times a lot more) m/s (i.e. fuel) to get to your destination. So it's better to leave when Kerbin and the target world are in specific places, such that leaving Kerbin in one single burn that reaches the target world's orbit will reach that orbit at the same time the target world is there. That correct time is called the transfer window. It opens when it's possible to do it kinda cheaply. It then tends to get better and better (though not significantly) for a while (a few days generally) and then
  7. Having lost many unattended Jool orbiters in the past, I can attest that gravity assists still happen even if you don't watch them.
  8. You are a wonderful human being. Can't wait to try this! Edit haha I didn't know I said this so many times over the years!
  9. Do it once. Prove to yourself you can. Then use Hyperedit to fill the tanks of all visiting craft.
  10. Pretty much what happens anywhere else. You get a little message and a science report with some points that you can transmit, bring home, or stuff in a lab.
  11. That sounds like a non-stock contract. I've never seen one from the base game that cared how strong your antennas were.
  12. They're the "Advanced Boosters" proposed for SLS.
  13. Note, this ends up giving you less total science point gain when the transmission is complete. I like the OP suggestion, though it does take away from the electrical puzzle a bit.
  14. I blew up a ship by dropping a part instead of attaching it, and the part (now a new vessel) was clipping into the craft I was trying to attach it to. Any chance that happened to you? As a rule I now quick save before any EVA construction.
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