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  1. I do not think so. At best they'll have one of those fake betas that are actually a free demo weekend on Steam.
  2. Passenger windows are not glass.
  3. Unrelated, what is the "Go Button"? What invisible hotkey does it reveal? Spacebar? What exactly are we "go"ing?
  4. It's amazing how few of them you see when you don't go looking for them. Don't play on random servers and don't watch their YouTube channels and you should be able to enjoy the game even though they are enjoying it too.
  5. Post it to an image site like Imgur, then get the share link to the jpg (not the web page) and paste it here. If you paste a valid image url it'll be converted to an image automatically.
  6. I will admit to not following the industry, but I don't really hear much about planes falling apart due to lack of structural integrity.
  7. UI looks different than KSP1. This does not mean it sucks. It looks completely functional. I'll have to judge it on how it works, when I try it. Adventure Mode, Career Mode, Science Mode... I don't care what it's named. They can name it Cheesecake Mode and if it's fun I'll play it. It sounds like they're going the extra mile kilometer to make it fun. No one is going to get exactly the game they want out of KSP2. Even Nate Simpson isn't going to get the game he wants. It's a fact of life. What matters isn't that you get what you want, but that you enjoy what you get.
  8. [modifier]-f12, contracts, active. Find your contract. Click "complete". You'll get paid and credited and everything. There's no easy way to determine which of the hundreds of things that the game could be wrong about, is what the game is wrong about. I don't even think there's a hard way to do it.
  9. Simple explanation: People didn't read the entire poll.
  10. Ships can explode for reasons other than the Deep Space Kraken. That was one specific bug that Squad did indeed fix. You can tell they fixed it because you can fly your ships at all. It was nasty.
  11. And well done on both counts! Keeping the engine on the way down was probably the best way to keep the materials bay even if the decoupler was under it. Those things love to blow up on re-entry. Looking forward to Minpollo and your first mission with an orbiter.
  12. Mun orbits Kerbin in about 6 days. Minmus orbits it in about 50. If you get your ship up to Mun's orbit with a low Pe, it'll have an orbit of about 3 days. If you do so at Minmus' orbit, you'll have a orbit of about 25 days. The higher you go, the longer it lasts. If you do the burn past Pe (and with a NERV you'll at least END your burn that way because you burn for so long) your Pe will tell you how long it will take to get there. Presumably (either through math, a website, or a mod) you know when to eject. So, just make your Pe time equal to how long until you need to eject. If you started too early, make it exactly 1/2 that time. But I don't suggest doing more than a single orbit. Mun loves to get in the way and screw up your plans (or your ship. BOOM.)