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  1. I like the little timeline notes between posts.
  2. Welcome to the finish line... a week late. If there was a challenge for maintaining challenges, I'd probably lose it. Congrats! Well done and well documented. It was a pleasure to read.
  3. Nicely done! Sorry for taking so long it's been a crazy... well 2020 but in particular this month. I believe the problem you have here is due to time. Eeloo and Dres move slowly, way out there away from the Sun. Even whips around the Sun quickly so nailing the timing is extra difficult. Read: expensive in fuel
  4. Well talk to me. I've only ever gone to Eeloo on saves where I've gone everywhere. Bop and/or Pol are must-visit worlds for most any serious any Jool mission due to their fantastic ISRU value.
  5. It was coded on a whim by a disaffected marketer in his spare time?
  6. Yes, you can get the rescue, rendezvous, dock 2 vessels, build a space station, transfer crew, and do a space walk contracts all done with the same mission. it's pretty great when they line up that way.
  7. I don't think I've ever had s problem detaching the inflatable heat shield, so long as I waited until after full parachute deployment.
  8. What @Wobbly Av8r said. You need to actually match the orbit they want, not just get some of the parameters correct In particular, you do not have the same argument of periapsis as they do. Which you'd know if the game told you. Frankly I hate that the game tells you any of this. They should just say "put your orbit where it shows the orbit in map mode, going the direction you see the orbit in map mode swirling." But because they don't, I will say it. IGNORE THOSE NUMBERS. Just go into map mode and make your orbit match theirs. This time and every time. It will save you so much heart
  9. White is too white. Whitespace is too much space. Font is... well let's just say they brought Verdana down from the mountaintop for a reason.
  10. "Relative to Mun" means "around Mun," basically.
  11. I don't know what a tripulation is. Post a pic of your ship in trouble, with all the gui elements up and we an probably help you.
  12. If you like mods (and you should) you could try
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