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  1. I'm on multiple Discord servers. Some are well-managed and use all the features and are passable - almost as useful as a forum. Others are messes and not really worth my time. Never have I thought "This is better than a forum" and on all of them I've frequently thought the opposite.
  2. Weird, I don't know what to tell you - mostly because I still don't have KSP2. In KSP1 and every other Unity game I've tried it in though -popupwindow just removes the border from windowed mode, so if the height and width are less than fullscreen you can see what is behind the window. If that doesn't happen for you then I've got nothing
  3. In addition to -popupwindow, you can set the screen width and height, but I don't see a switch to set the x and y coordinate of the screen. All the commands available are on this page here: https://docs.unity3d.com/2019.4/Documentation/Manual/PlayerCommandLineArguments.html This will make your window old skool vga sized: -popupwindow -screen-width 640 -screen-height 480 To move the window, you may be able to use a utility such as those listed on this page here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7977322/set-window-position-of-an-application-on-windows-command-line
  4. Haha the problem is you're about the 500th person to say something like that and the first 499 weren't joking
  5. Your math is fine. However... Software versions are not decimal numbers.
  6. I believe the term refers to how your rocket ends up looking like a bunch of asparagus. It's quite fitting, actually.
  7. So I hope that clears it up for you, OP.
  8. Don't even expect it tomorrow. EXPECT NOTHING.
  9. Aren't the tutorials just videos? For all we knew they were done in 2019.
  10. From that video it seems that you just can't warp fast enough. That was a problem in KSP1 as well. Go to the actual tracking station (I believe you can click on that thing you hovered over in KSP2, but in KSP1 you'd go back to KSC and then click the tracking station, or hit ESC and choose the tracking station in the menu) and then you can time warp faster. This is not a bug, but I find the time warp limits to be extremely frustrating in KSP1, so much that I broke down and wrote a mod for it (and I suck at modding). I thought KSP2 had removed those limits but I guess not.
  11. I would be shocked to find that's what happens to everybody. Unless you're the very first person to go interplanetary and not just cheat your ship there. If you can recreate it I'd submit a bug report.
  12. Earth has been decimated by aliens that started appearing a time X. So we build a time machine that can reach a time before time X. Let's pull all the able-bodied fighters to THIS time to fight the aliens here! Not try to stop the invasion before it even starts!
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