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  1. I think they breed by splitting. When a Kerbal gets old enough they can split into 2 Kerbals, but only when they choose to. We don't see this in-game because they're very private about all that sort of stuff, and they'd never do it in a capsule that's just obscene.
  2. I did Eve by bringing enough (read: Drilling enough at Gilly) fuel to slow down almost all the way before going into the atmosphere. You still burn a bit and I lost some unnecessary solar panels, but I never exploded on entry. I'll probably do that any time I land on Eve in the future, it was so nice.
  3. "Need" is a strong term. I love to see 'em but if it's any trouble at all don't sweat it. Mostly I just want a picture of each milestone on the main missions.
  4. I have a pretty strong feeling that kind of thing will be abstracted away. Your colony will have a population of X, and from that pool you can pull a pilot or two or whatever from it. You won't be able to say "I want the guy who grew up in apartment 7B in block 8, his high school scores looked like he'd be a great engineer"
  5. Tiny QOL mods like mine don't slow down load times. It's parts mods and planet packs that do that. Also, I specifically made it as tiny as possible to get the desired effect. I understand the desire to lighten the mod load. I give every mod a stern look when starting a new save. But there are several mods that NEVER get the axe and WarpEverywhere is right at the top of that list.
  6. Note for future reference, you can launch a ship with the probe core upside down without changing anything so long as you account for that. Turn SAS on and lock to RETOGRADE, not Prograde. Assuming you use that to assist your gravity turns. If not, it's a bit harder but just remember what you're doing as you manually control the craft. Mechjeb and other autopilots will probably fail because they don't have brains and just follow code. I don't know about those as I don't use autopilots to launch.
  7. Organic and Life are far apart. It's like saying Minmus had metal on it so there must be an automobile factory somewhere.
  8. Sorry I mistyped. I said "arch" when I mean "monolith"
  9. For me it's seamless updates. I mean, I still have to copy them from Steam to my actual game folder but that's pretty automated, easier than downloading manually from the store. Not that downloading manually from the store is hard. Or even frequent these days.
  10. We don't use old, outdated systems here. Please stick to metric where a platoon is 10 tanks or a decatank. A tank may also be referred to as a deciplatoon but most of the time we just refer to the "default" SI kilotank. Soviet platoons were 0.003 kilotanks. NATO were 0.004.
  11. I bet they didn't also include otherwise ankle-deep water on perfectly flat ground everywhere else on the planet, and the wave's ability to move without disturbing that shallow water at all until it's there.
  12. I thought we were talking about making Laythe MORE realistic?
  13. All-time favorite is hard to pin down. Well, outside of KSP that is The big problem is - other than KSP - I can't really see playing my "all time favorite" game again, no matter which one I put in there. Factorio has been superseded by Dyson Sphere Program. Factorio is objectively better but I prefer DSP much more. FTL is a HUGE favorite of mine even to this day, 2-3 years after the last time I opened it. I may never play it again. Like Factorio and DSP, I much prefer its lesser cousin, Into the Breach. Going further back in time, Stars! (exclamation mark necessary) ate about 2 years of my gaming life and I loved the whole time. But it literally killed 4X games for me to the point where I returned Stellaris to Steam last year after about an hour playing it, because I realized that yeah, I still don't like them. Needless to say, I'll never try Stars! again. I could go on, and talk about Atari's Adventure, the Mass Effect series, Saints Row 3, Doom 2, Counterstrike, Tony Hawk 3...
  14. It's sad that the people who most need this (new players) are the least likely to find it.
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