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  1. If people are already deleting MiniAVC.dll (I'm one of them, though I also know what I'm doing and thus wouldn't bother you. :V) then it stands to reason they would also just delete this hypothetical new DLL also and you would be back at square one. I second Nertea's proposal of adding this as a new feature to .version files and plugins that read those files (MiniAVC/AVC), it accomodates your desire for directory structure checks without adding more bloat to the /GameData directory.
  2. I delete unnecessary bloat DLLs like MiniAVC because I want my /GameData directory to be reasonably clean and I can do the required upkeep myself, so I don't find the idea of looking out for another such DLL all that appealing.
  3. Took a while to figure out where the upvote thing was, but now it has one more upvote. :V This mod is a lifesaver, I really do appreciate your continued development of it.
  4. As I've always understood it, "climb" is the vertical climb stage of launch while "turn" is the gravity turn stage of launch. I could be wrong for all I know, though. :V
  5. Mojang owned Bukkit at that point in time according to what you linked, so yes Mojang got served (and would have gotten served even more had they not axed Bukkit). I see no problem of the referenced event, a license was broken and the infringing works were killed and the offending parties asked to cease or face further legal consequnces. So yes, file a DMCA takedown against Kopernicus. Go for it. If Kopernicus is in violation of licenses, whether their own or those whose code they reuse, they should be served.
  6. Duplication of effort. To rephrase what Nertea already brought up, why not directly contribute to the master branch if you're interested in working on the bleeding edge and the "never be fully stable"? You said yourself that you would "send bugs upstream" in your original post, if I remember correctly, implying your code would be written primarily separately from the master branch. Why not just work together with the original devs in the first place? At least with regards to Scatterer, I'm of the understanding it is being actively developed and maintained (I don't actually follow Scattere
  7. Consider how positively this 1.8 recompile of Planetshine was received (which you're aware of already): The mod was forked because a swift update didn't seem forthcoming, Valerian's earlier post notwithstanding. What prestja and you did are fundamentally the same, but what was different was the execution. Prestja's fork is presented in such a way that it is in support of the original mod, rather than a wholly separate fork. Courtesy and consideration was paid to both Valerian and Papa_Joe by making it clear that they have the right of way should they decide to follow up on further d
  8. Forking and releasing a mod that has been stale for merely 10 days is fine if the license permits it, but the community at large may or may not appreciate it depending on how it's executed. Most people around here who do re-releases like that usually do it as an interim measure in direct support of the original mod, rather than a full-blown fork. To reiterate, the only rule you actually infringed was the lack of a license visible on your forum post. If you chose to continue developing your forks, noone will have stopped you provided you were in compliance with licenses. As for Chromi
  9. Any mod release must be accompanied by a license named in the forum post, this has been the case for as long as I can remember and most people can accomodate this whether their mod is original or a fork. As for "hostility", I presume my suggestion to not fork Planetshine was among them. I brought that up because the original dev for Planetshine had mentioned interest in continuing support himself once 1.8 landed. It is simple courtesy to not fork mods willy-nilly, especially one that hasn't been abandoned or discontinued. Usually a fork arises to address abandonment/discontinuation (eg: K
  10. Planetshine had its original dev, Valerian, show up earlier saying that he intends on releasing an update for 1.8, so I would hold off on you forking that for now to save everyone unnecessary confusion.
  11. So I have a feeling this is something I've always wanted when I fly shuttles with offset thrust vectors and other such things, but the description in the OP is kind of convoluted so I would like to confirm: If I have "Control Point: Pitched" active and I set Pitch Angle to, say, 10 degrees, does that mean I am flying with a control point that has a 10 degrees pitch up offset? If the basic gist of this mod is "user-configurable control point pitch offset", then that sounds great.
  12. I am quite aware what I need to do to pick out stuff I want from Restock, no need to be snarky about it. It is really old that the slightest of disagreements evokes the white knights as if a great cardinal sin was committed. Seen it happen time and time again everywhere. Restock doesn't need you to defend its honor or whatever it is you think I've infringed. :V
  13. Given that the stock Aerodynamic Nose Cone fits both the Mk3 Cockpit and rocket noses, at least as far as I can tell anyway (and I use this nose cone a lot, it's my favorite one for almost everything), I'm not convinced that Restock has to make a compromise that stock never had to deal with.
  14. I voiced most of my concerns/disagreements over in the Restock thread, if you'd like to take a look. I don't want to detract too much from discussing Tantares here, though I suppose it's alright since you're personally involved in the discussions. I have never insulted Beale's work nor do I have a problem with his or Restock/Nertea's solar panels, please do not put words in my mouth. I have intended to be courteous and respectful to Beale during my discussion with him here, if this has not been the case then I ask a moderator to point out any problems so I may address them. I inqu
  15. I found Restock a mixed bag, some things were good and others were disagreeable or just flat out bad. I also strongly disagree with their marketing that Restock is a purely aesthetic change; Restock incorporates subtle mesh and collider changes (among other things), and because KSP takes such things into account for its physics they actually have a tangible gameplay impact unlike with most other games. Restock is a wide-scope parts pack mod masquerading as a 1-to-1 stock replacer as far as I'm concerned. So I've shied away from Restock. I selectively use some parts from it in my current p
  16. I'm one of them, I don't completely agree with what Restock does. :V Note that I made the query based on the assumption that the assets already/still exist, and that it would be a relatively simple matter. If it's anything fairly involved, then I understand if you don't want to bother with it as you unwind your development work.
  17. Could the original panels be kept as a variant for those that don't want to use Restock?
  18. Alright, here's my findings: * The timewarp EC cap did not in any way mitigate the "out of EC" problem in timewarp. Just for clarification, this is for inactive crafts. Active crafts have never had "out of EC" problems during timewarp with regards to Snacks converters. * The toggle to disable EC consumption for converters during background processing resolves the "out of EC" problem in timewarp. So overall, while the effectiveness of the EC consumption cap is dubious, the other workaround which involves disabling EC consumption outright does indeed work to fix the problem. Many
  19. Many thanks for the new release, will report back on whether the new workarounds help address the EC issue.
  20. I'm guessing it's an oversight, the source code was included in the download way back when. For what it's worth, the DLL as it is right now doesn't appear to be malicious (it never was, as far as I know; been using this since 0.25). The worst that could have been said about the source code was that it was a bit sloppy, and that's not really a problem. OP has a Github repo for this, but it appears to be pretty out of date: https://github.com/flywlyx/GN-drive Hopefully the source code gets re-added and updated, policy is policy.
  21. This was fixed in NFSolar v1.0.5 as mentioned earlier in the thread, be sure you have the latest release.
  22. Judging from how we're (still) talking about this problem, the workarounds you implemented back in v1.21 in July are probably not working as intended. If this is all too much of a hassle for you to tackle (it's basically a problem with stock KSP after all, not your fault), how about a workaround where the converters simply ignore ElectricCharge costs during timewarp and/or for inactive crafts? It's a very blunt workaround, but quite honestly I doubt most of us play KSP in a way where we need to budget EC by a razor sharp edge anyway; we usually either have way too much or way too little E
  23. @coredumpster I had a nagging hunch that the recyclers weren't actually doing their thing with how much soil is accumulating in my stations, but I'd never bothered to investigate it. That is concerning. :\
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