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  1. I do, but since it's connected to a docking port, it still likes to wobble. Docking port joints are weak when it comes to rigidity, so much so that auto-struts do little to nothing to stop it. It might be able to hold outside of time warp.
  2. Oh, @CobaltWolf Been meaning to make a suggestion. Could you add a hidden node inside the apollo command models and make it to where the abort system latches on to that instead of the docking port? During launch, the tower likes to wobble during time warp and can affect the trajectory of the rocket. Not really anything big and not needed, but just thought I'd throw the suggestion out there. Would make the tower a lot more stable during launch. It also likes to wobble sometimes during normal speed launches, a little.
  3. Hey @Invaderchaos when you revamp Atlas V, do you think you could add an Atlas HLV (Atlas Heavy) noded decoupler like the Delta Heavy has?
  4. Ah, I see my problem. I was relying on KSP's stock D/V ticker to tell me if it was working or not. Sorry, my mistake. It does indeed work.
  5. @Pappystein Can confirm, Kerolox versions of engines on the Titan still use Hypergolic fuel and don't switich to LFO.
  6. Also something of note, I think the "Kerolox" versions of the Titan engines should put them back to LFO. Just something to look at. I know Tantares and SEP can have engines change, but not sure if that's B9 or a custom plugin. Mmmm, wasn't sure the right word to use was "Should" but okay. Maybe make an apollo gray version of the Mercury lab adapter?
  7. @CobaltWolf Hmmm, not sure which I like better. Also, @Pappystein Your RL-10 B-3 has the same exact specs at the A-3, even though it says it's an uprated A-3. Also, LDC doesn't default to Hypergolic, it's still defaults to LFO.
  8. Easy, your comment sounds awfully demanding imo. While I agree a short adpater would be nice, there is a 1.25 to 0.9375 adapter in game already. The Thor adapter. There's also the Mercury Lab adapter.
  9. Yeah, but there was no historic or concept or au mission module that used APAS on Apollo afaik, at least not the ISS APAS. I would suggest finding a short adapter that goes from 1.25 to 0.9375.
  10. Not sure which iva is Generic 3, but I have RPM which adds custom screens to most if not all IVAs and then MAS overwrites those to add custom IVA layouts, IIRC. So it's trying to add a screen or prop, but can't for some reason. I'll just install your MM patch, roll back to 2.4 or just won't use the elevators until the problem gets fixed.
  11. When I launch without any of the MLP's it works just fine. It's just MLP that causes the errors. Probably MAS trying to replace a non-existent screen?
  12. Why do you want to put a docking port on the door instead of the top where it goes? Or do you mean an airlock? If you want an airlock, just use LM Shelter.
  13. I think the camera has already been done with the TRS camera, but yeah, the other stuff would be great too. Oh, and maybe some tiny but high charge batteries, or simply put power generation into the main body kind of like how you did with Explorer 1.
  14. I didn't know/forgot that the Thor tanks had Titan paint. I'll check it out and see if it looks better. I don't mind the mutil tank core though, feels kind of Titany imo. With the exposed metal and all. All we really need is the main body and rhe lawn chairs. The folding wheels we can use the stock ones.
  15. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Titan II (Soyuz style). Was able to put Gemini into a 175 x 175 km @ 51.64° The second stage had a lot of fuel still, could possibly push Gemini to higher orbits, but didn't want to push it. Also, made this out of all Titan parts, safe for the stock radial decouplers.
  16. A tiny one, but yeah. I don't want to risk removing the gap and the two parts clipping on separation lol. It's not that noticeable in flight, so I don't really care about it.
  17. Looks like you're using a decoupler that's not 3.125. That's the problem. Us the BDB 3.125m decoupler. It's not perfect as you can see there's still a gap, but it's barely noticeable and more forming to the spacecraft and DCSS
  18. @AlphaMensae IDK why, but for some reason when I launch with MLP parts, the screen goes black. I don't know if its a mod conflict or a problem with the code. This is with the latest release btw. Here's my log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l3xjjs8ji17gfcw/KSP.log?dl=0
  19. Just took a look, the J-2S's b9switch is supposed to be the J-2 A2, but I think since they added the J-2 A2 as a separate part, they disabled the Part Switch, but didn't remove it. Maybe they are planning to incorporate all the J-2s into one part via part switch but are having trouble? Only thing I can guess.
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