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  1. Nice! I would recommend using more of a shuttle entry profile though. No more than 25 degrees nose up and lower the nose to about 10 degrees once most of reentry is done. 40 is a little extreme, not to mention the lift you'll get off it!
  2. Quadrant 1 is to the right of the ladder if you're facing the front side of the LM, where the rover goes. It then goes counterclockwise around the corners. The Descent stage has a B9 switch to open up Q1 to insert the rover. Q1 is the only quadrant that opens up, so it's not that hard to find. ANd what do you mean the parts don't line up? Do you have pictures of this?
  3. https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=32675.0;attach=585531 Here it is. It's a downloadable PDF just so you know.
  4. 90 is a little low, that's just basically 5km away from the atmosphere. I never shoot for anything lower than 100km. Your PVG settings can also play a role. You can try shooting for a 75m/s gravity turn start speed and a 0.4 degree per second turn.
  5. I guess I should have just waited a day, huh? Also, drop tank agena with a centaur control probe... kinda cursed... I love it and hate it at the same time. You said you're only doing the engine mount and not the LNG stage right?
  6. It doesn't look good at all! There's obvious errors in the texture, it's too shiny, the color is a little bright. Besides, I have no artist talent. This is just a self-project mod. I know. Like I said, quick and dirty. Definitely not. Not unless I try to do a "Good" version, which I doubt I will. lol. Maybe if I learn how to deal with and understand DDS files properly. Like why are they transparent? Is that the artists doing or does DDS add transparency? I literally just opened the file, recolored all the red bits, saved it. Tried to load the game, wasn't in game, trouble shooted for like an hour. Found I forgot some brackets in the config file, fixed that. Still wouldn't load. Says the texture file wasn't found, saw I messed up the pathing. Fixed pathing. Still says can't find the texture. Cried. Googled DDS KSP, found out unity only supports DDS BC1-3, resaved the DDS in BC3. Finally got it in game....
  7. Made a quick and dirty Verdigris texture. Keep in mind, I have no artistic skill. I literally did this with the Recolor tool in Paint.net.
  8. Atlas J-1U flying MBsat 1 to geostationary orbit. Since we don't have the LNG upper stage or it's engine, yet at least, I decided to use Centaur with an MB-60 in Methalox mode. I had to use Castor-4A-XLs because by itself, the Nk-33 can't produce over 1.0 TWR. And yes, I am aware the LR-101s would swivel into the SRBs, but I had no overheating warning during flight, so I guess it was fine. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  9. Nope. I was assuming you had documents for the RS-83/84. I'm surprised you don't, since the 83 was due to start prototyping phase before cancelation, which means there should at least be technical resaerch documents right? I don't have any documents, but Google does pull this up: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/20020085363 Which is barely anything really. Doesn't even have a schematic which is really all we would need for the BDB team.
  10. Go to the link, provided by Cheesecake. Click the green "<>Code" button. Download zip.
  11. Looks like the Agena Atlas parts, specifically the SLV-3B fairing and interstage didn't get done, unless I just never noticed the update.
  12. I was talking about the Extension tank, but please disregard. I found it. I was just blind... and crazy. I thought the extension tank was just a generic tank and not the extension one. My apologizes.
  13. December 3rd, 2029 Angel Outpost HALO Module Flown by Orion and Jupiter 242 The crew of Orion bring the HALO module with them to the Mun. They also bring a temporary PMA that will be discarded when they return to Kerbin. (Also moved LSISS to an equatorial orbit. The polar orbit is too hard to do on a regular basis, especially with Orion who wasn't designed to haul modules.) Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Solar Eclipse seen from the Mun. Yes, they happen often.
  14. The RS-68 is definitely a hard engine to put on any vehicle besides the Ares V and Delta IV. It might work for Jupiter, but BDB's RS-68 doesn't have the SDLV/Shuttle mount ring like the Konstellation RS-68 model does. (And yes, I am aware the Konstellation RS-68 is just the BDB RS-68 with said ring, but since you need a separate mod to have it, I'm treating it as its own engine in those terms.) Hmmm. Only way I could think of to make it even more compact is to make it non-gimballing so you can get rid of the gimbal arms. Even with those gone though, the tubropump exhaust can't be moved inwards. At least not the brown(?) one. Yeah, a compact RS-68 would need a 100% redesign, and at that point, it's no longer an RS-68. Might as well make the RS-83, RS-84 or RS-800. You could probably just give us the engine bell of the RS-68 attached to an SDLV/Shuttle mount ring, but then what would be the point? At that point, just use an RS-25 from RMM. Yes, the RS-68 has a little more thrust than the RS-25, but that can be offset by using another RS-25. The RS-68 is really a hard engine to work with in terms of rocket design, huh? Inb4 Pappy jumps in with "I HAVE A DOCUMENT FOR THAT ENGINE!" in relation to the RS-83/84. Hmmm. Apparently, the RS-84 was Kerolox and a somewhat successor, at least spiritually, to the F-1. It was also reusable? Nice.
  15. That's a big engine bell for the second stage. Kind of reminds me of the Agena final engine bell upgrade.
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