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  1. Don't ask mods to downgrade or update their mods. Also, most mods won't work in 1.10. If you want to use these mods, you need to update to 1.10.1. No other way. Also, Kopernicus doesn't work in 1.10 either. It has bugs from reading the forum. KSP 1.8.1 is the only supported version of Kopernicus right now.
  2. Decided to make the ISS out of MOL parts. I give you, the ISS if it was made in the 60s/70s
  3. What if the MOL had been made? What would the ISS look like if it was built in the 60s/70s? Well, I have made the ISS using MOL parts.
  4. @Daishi I do notice that the icons in the parts menu glitch out sometimes. Not sure what causes this. Basically, all the models show up at once inside the part icon.
  5. @CobaltWolf Um... new lander parts based off Jamestown when you get around to remaking the Saturn parts? Maybe? Possibly?
  6. I'm not saying it does need a maintainer, just that it looks like @Paul Kingtiger looks to be taking a hiatus from KSP forums or even might have left, and any updates would have to come from a maintainer.
  7. @Paul Kingtiger hasn't been on the forum since April. I'm not sure if they will be back or not. Any new parts or support might not happen unless someone like @linuxgurugamer adopts the mod. I would actually love to see lander parts made instead of using the current parts to make a lander, but there's little way of that happening unless someone adopts the mod. As far as the current models you should have no issues. They do protect from aero-drag. I've actually tested the Gemini parts and found they can be used as air brakes. As far as the gap between the pod and parts, use the mod's decouplers, there should be no gap afterwards.
  8. The Aquila or Eridani nodes can be used in place or Prichal. Maybe we could get a white variant to mimic Prichal @Beale ?
  9. There's still a few centaur parts missing I believe, but the setup goes like this for the current parts: Centaur Avionics and Control System (The new part is hollow in the center) Centaur 1.875m Fairing Base (Optional, but if you use it, switch the Centaur 1800 tank from Centaur-D to Standard so you don't get part clipping) Centaur-D 1800 Fuel Tank (The new part has a nose cone like point at the top) Centaur Engine Mounting Plate (The new one has a lot of wires on it and is light gray/white instead of dark gray.) 2 x RL-10-A Cryogenic Engines (The new engine has 5 part variants instead of 3. To figure out which variant to use, hover over the variant button and a description will pop up telling you which centaurs used which RL-10 model. Centaur 1.875m Interstage (Make sure to change the part variant depending on which RL-10 variant you choose. If you use the A-4, use the long version so there's no part clipping during staging.) @CobaltWolf Do you plan on doing the Centaur Fairing Load Support thingies... Sorry, I don't know what they're called.
  10. They won't update. They were in the Tantares thread as well, and everyone was telling them to update, but they just ignored us, asking Beale to update their(beale) mod for their(Josh) version, which is impossible since 1.10.1 changed the fairing system to be incompatible with 1.10. Just let them be. If they cause a problem, mods have said just report them.
  11. Stop playing with us. You tell us not to jump to conclusions, and then you go and show Venera 1 flying by Eve which is the Venus copy. Stop teasing us already! Also, I think you messed up on the placement of the solar panels. They're supposed to face the same way lol. Also also, will you be giving us just one solar panel shape or both? The Venera 1 and Mars 1 had 2 separate solar panel shapes. Venera 1: Mars 1M:
  12. @CobaltWolf can't make the probe any smaller, and the rocket parts can't go bigger or they'll look wrong. The antenna don't have colliders iirc, so you won't get any drag.
  13. We all know it's Mars 1/Venera 1. You can go ahead and call it that.
  14. [snip] UPDATE YOUR MODS AND GAME VERSION TO 1.10.1. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY YOU'LL GET FAIRINGS TO WORK. And don't demand updates from modders. It's not polite and the moderators really don't like it.
  15. It's the same part, just front and back. It's the Mars 1M flyby probe or... it's Venera 1, a Venus Flyby Probe. Which are identical in almost every way really.
  16. Trying to take on @sarbian are we?
  17. Well, I have to use Autostrut on everything otherwise my fear of wobble makes me sweat. That's why I have Editors Extentions and have it autostrut everything to heavy. Any craft, any size, any time.
  18. Oh my gosh. It's the rigid link. WHY?! Why is that the thing that's breaking Tantares and can only be fixed by KJR?
  19. I've never had a problem with autostruting everything to the heaviest. It's only Tantares mod that has a problem with it.
  20. And have wobbly rockets? No thanks. I've never had a problem with autostruts with any mod, but Tantares.
  21. I auto strut everything, and still I have this problem. I've always had this problem with Tantares.