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  1. Mostly to keep the athestics of the parts matching. Tantares has a style that doesn't really blend well with Habtech's new Hybrid docking port. I've been thinking about using the ports, but they look kind of out of place. IDK, I'll continue to think on it. And I'm using the big tantares ports, not the small ones, so they are 0.9375, same as Habtech's ports.
  2. SISS 16: Universal Docking Module (UDM) - September 5th, 1990 Flown by Buran-Energia Buran delivers UDM to SISS. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Teaser:
  3. Where did you get the engine cluster part from? Also, I found that the shuttle has very poor pitch control with LRBs causing it to pitch downward faster than it should. If you had this problem, I found a solution, put all the elevons to max authority.
  4. SISS 15: Quest Airlock + PMA-3 + Expedition 3U - July 31st, 1990 Flown by Jupiter 130 in crew and payload configuration, and Orion. Jupiter 130 once again proves itself a work horse. Jupiter 130 not only delivers Orion into orbit, but Quest Airlock and PMA-3 as well. Orion finishes the delivery of the two new modules to the international segment of SISS, acting like a tug for Quest before docking PMA-3 to the nadir fore port of Supermodule. (Btw, no longer going to do crew rotations, at least not continuously. I might do one every now and then, but don't expect any more expeditions.) Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet (And I had to redo this launch 2 to 3 times, so you might see some discrepancies in the pictures. Like a change in the docking ports or color.)
  5. SISS 14: Columbus ESA Module - May 27th , 1990 Flown by Ariane 5 and ATV-T(ug) ESA brings Ariane 5 online with the launch of their Columbus module to SISS. This launch is also a test of their prototype tug based off their upcoming resupply vehicle, ATV. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  6. Yeah, the answer is on the screen. It's actually quite clear what the rocket is. I mean, I didn't hide the answer at all really. You should know beyond a shadow of a doubt what it is. Nope.
  7. SISS 13: Kibo ELM + Kibo Robotic Arm - May 1st, 1990 Flown by H-IIA + Prototype HTV Tug Kapan enters the SISS construction project directly with a launch of their Kibo ELM module and JEMRMS aboard an H-IIA 212 carrying an early prototype HTV tug variant. The H-IIA 212 is Kapan's is an upgrade for the original H-II. The H-IIA family as a whole features a longer core than its predecessor, better engines and better boosters. The 212 model has 1 core, an LRB made up of a core, and 2 SRBs which are derived from the Peacekeeper ISBM's first stage. The 212 is a unique design in that it carries only 1 LRB, meaning the thrust is asymmetrical, even with the SRBs, though, the SRBs are more powerful than the LRB and thus push the rocket to fly sideways at launch. Gimballing of all engines quickly rights the craft though and it continues on its way as normal. At SRB sep, the LRB becomes the dominant force, pushing the rocket in the other direction, but again, high gimbaling corrects this. Due to the LRB having 2 engines instead of 1, the LRB burns out much faster than the core stage, allowing the core stage to continue on a little further. 212 performed flawlessly, delivering HTV and her payloads into a high orbit, way higher than SISS. This allows SISS to catch up quickly with HTV for a quick rendezvous. After Kibo ELM was docked successfully, an engineer spacewalked out to Kibo to construct the robotic arm which was stored away inside HTV's cargo section. @Davi SDF @Royalswissarmyknife No more robotic missions... seriously, they are a pain... Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Teaser: No game this time, but feel free to guess as to the rocket.
  8. Nate said "within the next few weeks" So, another 3 to 4 weeks, possibly. If no big delays happen.
  9. Yeah, meant to tell you that you can actually use any rocket really. As long as I can make it with the mods I have. Or a part mod I can download.
  10. SISS 12: P4 + P5 Solar Truss - April 12th, 1990 Flown by DirectV3 Jupiter 130 + Aardvark With SISS 12, the international segment of SISS finally gets its own dedicated solar power generation after a delay with the P3 truss segment. The delay was due to the solar panels of the P4 truss and the solar panels of Mok-1 segment possibly colliding with each other. P3 was redesigned to be twice the original length to allow P4 to clear Mok's solar panels. P4+P5 truss segments were sent up via DirectV3 Jupiter 130 and Aardvark Tug. The DirectV3 Jupiter series wasn't chosen for the Mun missions, but NASA saw the potential of the Jupiter series to be a heavy lift LEO launch vehicle, able to carry the big and heavy modules of the SISS station. The possibility of crew rating the Jupiter 130 is also in consideration, replacing Ares I as a SISS crew transport. There are also 3 new shuttles in development. STS Blk II, Shuttle II and Munar Shuttle. NASA has yet to endorse any of the shuttles, but has high hopes for the three projects. STS Blk I will remain in service until a replacement has been chosen from either STS Blk II or Shuttle II. STS Blk II is basically STS Blk I, but with the SRBs replaced with LRBs for more abort scenarios. Shuttle II is a completely redesigned shuttle. Shuttle II also has two configurations. STS stack configuration and an experimental over the wing fuel tank configuration. NASA is skeptical of the over the wing tank configuration, but will allow it to proceed as Shuttle II will be able to autonomous and therefore, no risk to crew in case something were to go wrong. Aardvark and Payload were successfully put into orbit by Jupiter 130 and Aardvark delivered the truss segments the next day. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  11. Ugh... I think that requires me to relaunch Kibo then, not sure if the robotic parts are cargo compatible. I'll check once my KSP install finally loads. I also was trying to avoid robotics since they are a tad glitchy, hence why I don't use them on the shuttles and instead use tugs. Also also, I try to avoid orbital construction (Stock or KAS) since it too can be glitchy. Edit: Alright, the robtics are cargo compatible... ugh, that means I have to do orbital construction... *facedesk*
  12. Space Shuttle isn't a payload, so I don't think you have to worry about that and good lord, please pick a rocket that can actually perform!
  13. Probably should have said one guess per user, but I'm not going to change it now. Congrats @Davi SDF and @Royalswissarmyknife you both guessed right. It is DIRECTv3 Jupiter 130. Davi, you get to choose the payload. Choose any current or cancelled payload from here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assembly_of_the_International_Space_Station Swiss, you get to choose the rocket. Choose from any American or Russian rocket or concept from 2000s or earlier. I would prefer the rocket match the payload, i.e. International Segment payload on American rocket, Russian with Russian, but you can go ahead and mix and match if you want.
  14. Here's a teaser, and let's do a little game for this one. The first person to guess the launch vehicle will get to choose the payload for the next launch. The second person to guess the launch vehicle will get to choose the launch vehicle for said payload. If only one person guesses the launch vehicle, they will get to choose both the payload and the launch vehicle for the next launch. *payload restrictions apply. Launch vehicle restrictions also apply.* Okay, here's the image:
  15. SISS 11: JAXA Kibo Module - March 23rd, 1990 Flown by: STS Enterprise + Aardvark Tug SISS 11 marks the return to flight of Space Shuttle Enterprise. Enterprise had been the victim of human error and had to make a crash landing in the ocean. Thanks to some great piloting by the commander, Enterprise survived the ordeal, though suffered major damage to several areas. A heft rebuild and refit was carried out to bring the very first space shuttle back online. Although, Enterprise would not visit SISS herself, she did help launch the JAXA Kibo module into orbit. Aardvark took over duty of delivery once Enterprise detached to do her own mission. Enterprise's mission was to conduct on orbit experiments in low orbit. Aardvark met with SISS, in which she detached Kibo and let the custom tug take over docking. Due to Kibo's unique setup, Aardvark had to be mounted to the docking port meant to be used to dock Kibo to the station. A custom tug was constructed to allow docking. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  16. So I'm guessing the new Soyuz update has been halted? What about the fix for the bug with Priroda's SAR Antenna?
  17. Yeah, that's what I was talking about. I think it was only prominent on the Minuteman, but seeing as Minuteman and Minotaur use the same first stage, would be nice to have.
  18. Yes it is. It also still has the Apollo CM at the front. You can barely see it peeking past the ring. Also, are you going to include the first stage engine skirt for the Minotaur? Good god...
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