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  1. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Decided to make a kitbash of a sized up Black Arrow. I call it Saturn Arrow.
  2. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet I forgot to get a final shot of after the docking... oops.
  3. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet The entire solar truss is assembled. There's a little bit of a wobble, but hope to solve that with a few more quantum struts. Also, @Rodger got this warning popping up.
  4. Iirc the answer was no, but you can delete folders of specific vehicles that you don't want. I.e. The Titan folder, the Delta Folder, etc.
  5. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Radiator module installed. Second one was installed as well, though same flight, so not posting it twice of course. And teaser:
  6. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet ETS Freedom Core Module "Challenger" is safely in orbit, riding atop a Saturn INT-S(huttle)
  7. New project station. Anybody care to take a guess as to what I'm building now? I'll give you a hint. The name of the station rhymes with "Read 'em." The real challenge is which one am I doing? There's two of them, a real and a fake.
  8. @benjee10 Found a bug. The top node on the new BOLE boosters stays at the 1 segment position no matter what length. Also, I thought BOLE was carbon composite black?
  9. The left one seems to be broken, might want to tear it up and throw it away.
  10. I think DALL-E needs a little work, those look nothing like Saturn V. They look more like sized down Sea Dragons. Hell, the top left one looks like a Saturn I without an upper stage.
  11. Staged SRBs are nothing new. Peacekeeper, Minotaur and Athena all are SRB only launch vehicles, with RCS boost stages. At least OmegAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA has a cyrogenic upper stage that resembles a smaller EUS/larger DCSS
  12. Planetary exploration with SLS | The Planetary Society I did a little looking around and this is the only site I can find the image from, so might be a site-specific concept art. Sorry, never mind.
  13. 7 days after the last major update, we get another one? Damn dude. Given it's only a few parts, but still. That's fast. What else you got in store for us? Extended EUS? I know this is Early SLS which isn't the same as the SLS now, but it would be nice to have a higher performance EUS if you would consider adding it. Also, side note: is it just me or are those J-2X's on the EEUS (Extended-EUS)?
  14. That's exactly what I was going for. SRB-X, but Saturn. *Realizes he could make it worse by using the AJ-260 SRBs.* *Starts cackling like an evil villian* Oh, as for how it flies, rather well once you add some reaction control wheels and fins. And you have to stage it like a Titan III/IV.
  15. Ya'll don't like Saturn I-X? Well, the S-II is hardwelded to Skylab, which doesn't make any hinge like areas. Now, docking S-II to a docking port will probably create problems. Yes, I could just use Quantum struts, but... Docking S-II to the front of Skylab? Would just look... off to me.
  16. Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet *Notices this is his fifth post of images on a single page* Oh no, anyway... Lab Module II is docked to Skylab. Not entirely sure what to do next with this... any ideas? Connect ISS to Skylab? Just keep adding more modules? Make Skylab into an ISS that doesn't follow the original?
  17. Enterprise flies up to Skylab and restores both the micro-meteorite shielding and the broken solar panel, allowing Skylab's thermal regulation systems to keep the interior cool. This also allows for the reorientation of Skylab to a more parallel with the ground orientation, which will simplify docking for future visiting spacecraft.
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