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  1. I'm getting my CPU hogged by Snacks! too. My game has 4 space stations, 1 surface base and a couple of manned ships. To make sure it was the Snacks, I first renamed the .dll and launch the game again. I got about the double of the FPS. As a final test I changed SimulatorSettings.cfg. I reduced maxThreads to 3 (1 less them my CPU cores) and reducex maxSimulatorCycles to 500. Can't measure for sure but the game seens faster.
  2. Thanks. I thought the exactly opposite, bigger numbers, brake quicker. Now it makes sense!
  3. Tested in Sandbox? In career you may need to "buy" the tech first.
  4. You can find them west from the KSC. Just fly about 200m above terrain and keep the eyes open
  5. Baobab tree in Kerbin https://imgur.com/a/e5IEJHK
  6. To be honest, I bought the KSP late in 2013 (yes, no free DLC's to me) on the KSP Store Then I bought Making History last year also on the KSP Store. This year, thanks to exchange rates and a Steam deal, I bought again KSP, Making History and Breaking Ground, this time on Steam. So yes, I bought KSP Twice. Yes, I like this game a lot!
  7. Depends on craft. Heavy and fast shuttles are easier to land as they then do flare better with the lift boost of the ground effect. On the other hand, light propeller planes needs to bleed more speed, and it may make the landing a bit difficult if coming high and hot.
  8. Tested in 1.6, working fine and makes landings more interesting, but did not change things in a a way that disrupt my auto pilot. 10/10 will keep installed
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