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  1. I can do that. And so can you. In the part.cfg for the light tower (and you can do this for the searchlight as well) add the following line under the line that starts "node_attach": node_stack_bottom = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1 and change this line attachRules = 0,1,0,0,1 to this attachRules = 1,1,0,0,1 That should give it a proper attach node until I get the next version out. No idea what to tell you about OSE. Never even knew that mod existed till you just mentioned it. As for alpha/beta... well, it's just whatever you choose to call it. I think there's around 700 lines of code in the plugin so whatever it is, expect it to screw up at some point, which keeps it from being an actual release. Not sure what's going on there. The texture is on the parts in Unity so I did a re-export, checked the logs and didn't find that error. It's not much of a texture to begin with (I don't do textures really well) so I doubt it'll be missed till I get another version out. Thanks though. And for those who spend time reading posts buried in the middle of threads, here's something to look forward to: This will eventually be incorporated into KE but in a much different form. I'm going to look at combining it with @RoverDude's community resource pack so that you can attach a light to a part and have it display a meter or light showing how full that part is of a specific resource. What I'm hoping to do is have the light select the resource, much like you can select colors on the current light, by cycling through a list. I already have something very similar to this in the 1869 pack whereby the battery glows a brighter green depending on how much charge it has.
  2. That was just a one time delay. From now on miniavc should notify you when I upload a new version.
  3. Copyright laws allow for parodies. I'm pretty sure that qualifies.
  4. Uploaded the first beta to Curse. Unfortunately, I have to get ready to do some RL work and Curse is still reviewing it. As soon as they are done snooping into my .dll, it should be available for download via the link in the OP. Please let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions. *Edit Still being approved. Been 2 hours now. Double checked the link and as soon as it doesn't throw an error it should be available for download. For now tho, I'm off to work.
  5. Well, anything can be made portable if you use the KAS Module Grab. I don't have any plans on adding that into the .cfg files when it comes out but, you're welcome to do so, and for that matter, Some of them would work pretty well as movable lights. None of the lights will have a surface attach point nor will you be able to mount things on them. You're free to change that in the .cfg files and, except for the animated ones, It shouldn't affect them. If you stick something to the animated ones, strange things could happen. For now, the code is 98% finished. It doesn't do everything I want but, the things I want could take a while to digest. Right now, all of the .cfg files need to be gone through and updated to add in descriptions and such. There's probably a couple more lights I want to create and after that, once LiOn gets back with me on whether I goofed my code up or not, it should be ready for an alpha. So, expect at least a few days, possibly a week.
  6. Not exactly portable but... will collapsible work?
  7. A quick update on the progress. @Li0n has a very rough and very early copy so he can attempt to integrate it into his mod. Now, for pictures. This shows something I was hoping I could do. Some lights will have, by default, the blink ability turned off. They may have another feature, pan and tilt. Adjustable in the hangar will be pan and tilt speeds. In the hangar or in flight, you can open a popup menu that will allow you to rotate and tilt the light. You'll basically click the direction of rotation once to start it rotating and click again to stop it. This also means that, depending on how the light is set up, you can, for example, start it rotating and it'll keep rotating till you stop it.
  8. ModuleLight on/off???

    AutoDim won't be supported in the module I'm writing. I did a quick check and I think there might be 2 lights, other than stock, that use it. Here's why LightsOn and LightsOff won't work. In the stock module, those either play the animation attached to the light or they can use the autoDim to fade it in and out (stock lights use only the animation). If you're trying to simulate a blinking light that turns on for say 0.1 seconds, the stock light will still attempt to play that animation when you use LightsOn/LightsOff. But, by the time that 0.1 seconds has elapsed and you try to turn the light off, the animation has only played 0.1 seconds out of a full second (stock seem to be a 1 second animation). Therefore, the light doesn't fully come on before it gets shut off. My thoughts were, by toggling the useAnimationDim and useAutoDim to off that I would be able to either turn it on and off to achieve a blink or move the animation play head between the beginning and the end. With ModuleLight, that simply doesn't work. Even after setting both values to false, It will still attempt to use the animation.
  9. I guess I'm looking at it wrong. I assumed that the name of the animation component that I dropped into Unity would take on the name of the animation assigned to it. Yes, I used FindModelAnimator(s) to locate the animations it works fine, it just seems strange that the actual animation component would take on the object name. Thanks
  10. Ok, I'm not stupid. I have done this a bunch of times. But now, this is giving me results that... I frankly don't understand. foreach (Animation anim in part.GetComponentsInChildren<Animation>()) { Debug.Log("Found animation name: " + anim.name); } Ok, pretty simple right? Find me all the animations on the part and tell me what the name of the animation is. Or so you'd think. If the animation is somewhere in the hierarchy of the part, it's coming back with anim.name = the transform name (the one at the top of the inspector) and not the actual animation name. If the animation exists on the root GameObject, it's coming back with anim.name = the MODEL NAME from part tools. WHUT??? So somehow, thinking I've had a case of the stupids and all my other code that grabs animations is now junk, I decided to try this: foreach (Animation anim in part.FindModelComponents<Animation>()) { Debug.Log("Found animation name: " + anim.name); } And I'm getting the same result. Please explain as this makes verifying that I'm loading the correct animation by name rather difficult. Now here's where it gets really stupid. If I do this: List<Animation> list = new List<Animation>(base.part.FindModelComponents<Animation>()); int i = 0; int count = list.Count; while (i < count) { Animation animation = list[i]; if (animation[animationName] != null) { partAnimation = animation; } i++; } or some variation thereof, and tell it to assign the animation it finds to partAnimation by name (animationName), it's happy. It passes the correct animation over to partAnimation even though the name is wrong. I.E. animationName = lightsAnimation and animation.name = Model
  11. Yes, thanks, that's exactly what I did. It's not what I wanted but in 10 lines of code I achieved what was taking me hours and costing me money in pain killers. I was hoping for a set of 4 buttons with arrow icons to direct movement. After seeing exactly what it was going to take to achieve that... I mean I honestly tried. I got to the point I was adding the code into the KSP Asset as he calls it, and ended up throwing my hands up in disgust because it made no sense... all the references and callbacks. All this work for 4 buttons with arrows? It should not be this difficult. My end users will get stupid looking text buttons.
  12. I think I can do that. I'll send you a pm when I get something working. Now I understand. Ok, here's the good news and the bad news. The good news. A light like that would be easy to create. The bad news. I'm not going to do it. Sorry Here's why. You're asking for a part that will conform to a specific hull size, 2.5m in your example. Just off the top of my head, I can think of at least 6 different part sizes in KSP stock parts alone, maybe 7??? Now I have to ask myself, for the time and effort it would take to create 6 very specific lights, would they get used more or less often than a non-part specific light. Would I be better off spending my time moddeling 6 lights that fit any part, or 6 lights with each fitting a specific part? I think the former. I may change my mind in the future tho. Ah balls... you found my secret. In the world of KSP lighting, there's two ways a light can work. On/Off... basically the light on the model is switched on and off. In which case, the intensity can easily be modified. Next... animated. All of the stock lights and all of my lights use animations in order to create a bulb dimming effect. They fade in and they fade out. In my case, it's the actual intensity that's changing. I'm not sure if you've played with the lights I have in Maritime Pack but they work on the animation of the light intensity. And because of that, they can be a lot brighter than a light with a fixed intensity. Some people actually pull my lights out of the mod, ditch all the boat parts and keep the lights (Yea, I know a guy that does that). Now I have briefly considered this as a possibility. However, this isn't as easy as changing a value. This would involve digging into the actual animation curves, getting the values, creating new curves and... essentially... reworking the entire animation. And, to put this on a slider bar in the SPH/VAB, it would rework that animation every single time the bar was moved. Finally, I often have more than one light on a part. I may have a Unity Spotlight to cast the beam. But I may also have a Unity Point light to cast a 'glow' around the light. Each of those typically has very different intensities. So it wouldn't be as simple as creating one curve and applying it to every light. Long explanation but... no can do. Or rather, I ain't gonna do. Sorry.
  13. Nice tutorial. Definitely. And I got 90 percent of the way through setting up a GUI and decided my forehead couldn't take one more smash against my desk.
  14. @Li0n Let me know what you need for this to work with your mod. Basically, it's intended as a replacement for ModuleLight and many of ModuleLight's 'features' are already in there. Specifically, which calls to ModuleLight are you making and I'll make sure that's in the code. It already drops an action in the lights action group so that should work with your daylight on/off. Not sure if this still the same but being able to turn these off when they get automatically turned on would be a good idea. I watched Kottabos review and when I saw his lights turn off at night my first thought was, the battery went dead, not the mod shutting them off. That search light will eat up some battery power if left on. If you wish, prior to release I'll give you a test copy to play around with. The marker light already looks similar to the black one, just not angled. Changing the angle and direction of a light is not a problem. Where the issues come up is part of the way Squad coded things. Lights are only visible when they reflect off of a surface. So even if I do set an angle to a navigation light on an aircraft, if it's on a wing or some such, you won't know what angle it's shining toward as, in flight, there's no surface to reflect off of. Nextly, parts in KSP don't block light or cast shadows the way they should IRL. Therefore, lights end up shining through parts and out the other side. Yes, most annoying. The portable globe light, I can do something like that. I refuse to make it look like a clown balloon though. As for the bank of lights, show me an example of what you're thinking of. I get no mental vision from your description. it's possible to put probe cores, solar and batteries on parts, but that's kinda beyond the scope of this mod.