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  1. I have not touched this mod in years and with the forthcoming KSP2, I doubt I could be persuaded to do so. I may be persuaded to do so for KSP2 though.
  2. Thank you sir. Your tips on TMPro are sweet!

  3. Steam has been used for a long time to attempt to make lighter than air ships. And while it's density is 0.6 which means it can produce lift, it's a far cry from hydrogen at 0.08. The difficulty with steam isn't just the condensation (and the resulting weight and corrosion), in order to generate steam you not only need to lift water but you need to lift the fuel to boil it as well. And neither of those are light. You could probably rig up a recapture system similar to what I described was designed to capture water from engine exhaust but the problem still remains that you have about 1/8 the lift of hydrogen with the same weight. I'm sure it could be done but you'd need some serious... serious volume and then, you'd be dealing with Newton's law of cooling which would be a nightmare to figure out. As aviators have discovered, hot air works well but even it needs massive volume to lift even small mass. Case in point is the Skyacht which has 205,000 cu/ft of envelope just to lift a small payload. Most hot air ballons (from what I understand) keep the air at a temperature of around 200 C. At 204 degrees, air's density is 0.7, which is close to that of steam at the same temperature without having to lift all that water. Now, if you could superheat that steam and keep it that way, you may be onto something but that's gonna take a lot of energy from something. GL with it.
  4. Dunno guy. I just tested it with a fuel tank and it shows LF and Ox fonts just fine. What happens when you try to change the fonts?
  5. Nope and nope. Sorry, Curse is the only place I'll distribute any mod.
  6. Yea. It would be possible. There are two types of lights Unity has for KSP that I know of, a spot light and a point light and KE uses either and sometimes both depending on the type of light intended. It would be possible to make an orb light as you suggest and I'm pretty sure it's intensity and range could be adjusted by UI sliders. I believe right now the tower lights do use a wide beam type spotlight. Creating another with a globe should be easy enough. I know in Unity it's also possible to do a type of masking so that these lights can be blocked from certain directions but I never played with it. In theory, it's possible to create even a "bat signal" with them. Whether that works in KSP or not, I have no idea. If you can find me a link to an image of the lights from that movie you referenced, I'll take a look. I've never seen the movie myself and have no idea what I'm looking for. As for changing colors outside the editor, that was simply a choice I made. My thinking at the time was that normally the lights we humans use have colors based on the type of filament or gas it uses and any lenses that cover them and that this should be something considered when creating the lights. Allowing them to be changed 'in the field' should be easy enough, I just chose that for more of what I perceived as realism. If enough people want them changeable outside the editor, I could do that. *edit* You mean these?
  7. Actually, just Curse. Download link in the OP.
  8. If you're talking about an MM patch, feel free. I'll even post a link to whatever download you feel like setting up. Do note though, I won't be distributing MM with the main zip file so you'll have to put that in yourself. Anyone who wants to make any MM patch changes to any of my mods is free to do so and I'll be more than happy to add links in the OP to those downloads.
  9. Update to the OP - The beans are burning In this installment I experiment with creating hot air (which I too am full of) and stuffing it inside an airship. Further research - How much more could you lift if you heated helium or hydrogen?
  10. If you look, there's a cargo bay in the submarine parts. Once upon a time, my intent was to make a mini-sub that could dock inside the bigger one. Hummm...
  11. Love it when you guys post screenshots. Thanks! Ingenious use of the bitts. I like it!
  12. Actually, not so much. While it's still amusing to have Kottabos review your mod, I think there's been one download since. While I like Kott's stage personality and his reviews can be entertaining, he has a tendency to find something wrong with a mod when it's usually a result of something else entirely. Like he claimed the fonts get buried inside parts when they're scaled down. Well... yea, they do. If you use a Squad part that has a collision mesh that doesn't match the size of the actual part , small flat fonts and anything else that barely sticks above the surface is going to get buried because they stick to the collision mesh. The connection node for the fonts are in the dead center so that half should be inside the collision mesh and half outside. In his example, they definitely weren't. Ah well. You'd think he'd have recognized that after reviewing so many mods. Then again, he reviewed a mod for lights once and blamed the mod for being faulty. In reality, he didn't even consider the fact that the lights used electric charge. He kept running his rover out of battery and the lights would shut off. Again, amusing guy but a bit of a head-scratcher at times. Thanks for letting me know about the review. I'll be interested to see if the downloads increase over the weekend.
  13. Then what you may want to do is lower those specific mass numbers and try to refloat them. I didn't spend a huge amount of time checking the buoyancy of the resized parts but I'm sure that added mass has a lot to do with it. The other thing to look for is the hull parts that contain LF. The resizer also recalculates the amount of fuel they should have and I did notice it could get to be HUGE. Reducing the amount of starting fuel may be the solution. Then again, I may have to rework the code to keep that from becoming unrealistic. Let me know if you come up with some numbers that seem realistic and work well for buoyancy and I'll take a look and if they seem good, I'll use them when I update the code. There aren't a lot of parts that do use them. I think the hull parts, cve deck parts and the catamaran deck parts. Oh, and one other trick you can try. Add that resizer module to the blisters and make the mass really small. That way, you can resize them and the low mass should add a lot of buoyancy.
  14. Glad you like it. Since this is a pretty simple mod that's easy to create, one of the things I was thinking of doing is creating a tutorial on how to make your own letters from any .ttf font built into Windows. Any interest in such?
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