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  1. Yeah, I'unno where that idea came from either. They're fans—extremely dedicated fans—not modders.
  2. Xbox 360 launched in '05, and I think $60 was the typical price for a "AAA" game even before that.
  3. Ship construction at orbital colonies will be a thing, but it probably won't be depicted in an enclosed space.
  4. The group that went to visit Star.Theory all went to dinner later and discussed their visit; Scott Manley streamed it. Here's the VOD: [edit: replaced Twitch VOD with youtube upload] [EDIT] One thing I picked out from this video: when asked about the binary planets and how that will work in-game, the devs' response was that they have a solution, but they did not specify what that solution was aside from the fact that it is not n-body gravitation.
  5. More info from a community meet-and-greet/Q&A session Star.Theory held at PAX: (clickthrough for thread) Related Reddit post: My summary: Better performance reaffirmed no microtransactions--sticking to KSP 1 release style Trailer made with in-game assets Kerbin is geographically the same (albeit prettier). Other planets got facelifts. Same planets in the system. Engine now supports axial tilt. "No two landing sites should feel the same". Also better lighting and shadows (even from moonlight). New systems: multiple, exact number not specified. Better craft building--improved subassembly system, blueprint mode for easier placing and alignment, larger VAB. Physics/orbital mechanics/etc. not dumbed down, it's still KSP. Better tutorials tho, at least some fully animated. Build colonies anywhere. Expansion directly player-driven only. Meant to be springboards for exploration deeper into space. PC optimization comes first, but S.T are well aware of the problems KSP1 has had on consoles and fully intend to do right by the console community. Much higher part counts, but no specific numbers yet. Kerbals subject to G-forces. Affect animations; they can even black out. Also more animated in general. Also have emotes. Planetary rings include large rocks Explosions different for different situations (atmo/vac, fuel/empty, etc.). "Every explosion should be a special snowflake."
  6. There's a mod for this for KSP1. If it's not a feature in vanilla KSP 2, I'm sure someone will make a KSP 2 version of that mod.
  7. The SQUAD folks posting in here may not be part of the Star.Theory dev team, but their job (particularly those with the title "community manager" or something along those lines) is specifically to stay in touch with us, and they definitely have some level of communication with the Star.Theory guys.
  8. Is there a more precise way to set the parameters for the altimeter? I want to set it to trigger at 60km altitude, but it jumps straight from 50 to 75.
  9. Unknown at this time, but it's possible.
  10. As optimistic as I am, that statement doesn't explicitly say they won't ever charge real money for anything. It only says no in-game currency, and no lootboxes; those are not the only types of microtransactions. That said, my gut feeling is that their avoidance of saying flat-out "no microtransactions of any kind" is due to an overabundance of caution in not wanting to get legally bitten in the butt if and when they announce paid expansions. Dear Star.Theory/Private Division: Paid expansion packs that add significant amounts of content are NOT microtransactions; you can say "we'll never have microtransactions in this game" and still have paid expansions.