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  1. Forum-specific question: I posted comments on this thread, like, more than a year ago. (I don't regret that.) However, I've been trying to unfollow this thread so that I don't have to contend with notification icons and emails every time someone else asks a question. Note that I have actually clicked the "unfollow" control in the upper right of the browser window here. I've also accessed my notification preferences on this thread to indicate that I wish to receive no notifications. What am I doing wrong? It seems to be specific to this thread, as I've successfully unfollowed other posts, and am correctly receiving notifications from the threads I do wish to follow.
  2. Already built, or already loaded to the Launchpad and in-game as a spawned craft and flyable?
  3. My experience is that the CKAN client (or possibly a backend dependency, such as mono / .net) just REALLY gets indigestion on longer download queues. My own solution, with 85% effectiveness, is to simply limit myself to no single download batch larger than whatever I'd select from a single pageview-length of the repository. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might even be the result of not even a limitation of CKAN itself, but an anti-DDoS feature of one of the download hosts, clamping down on too many rapid-fire download requests from the same IP. This could account for the remaining 15% failure rate I observe even with my own workaround.
  4. My point exactly. >:o I'll log into the gh nfr link when I get back to my gaming rig.
  5. Not sure if anyone has asked this before, but could we please require SOME minimum level of description and access-to-author BEFORE allowing a mod to be hosted on CKAN? Every time I run CKAN, I check for "New in repository" (note: it'd be great if we could expand this by allowing mods to be listed in chronological orderm or at least numerical order, by which they were originally indexed -- this would allow a power-user to find "new" mods more easily than checking EVERY time.) Anyway, just now, I see one by the title "Nice MKseries Body," by author "Bingo." Spacedock.info/mod/1644. Can anyone HERE explain this mod to me? Please don't tell me to install it and see for myself -- what if the mod changed a career-mode behavior that couldn't be glanced at in a sandbox career within 30 seconds of loading into KSP like an episode of Mod Spotlight from @Kottabos? And by the way, I run a very mod-heavy install that already takes nineteen minutes to load into KSP. And more to the point, why should I have to come HERE to ask such a question, when the repository really should have a hard-flag requirement of a forum thread prior to being listing-eligible?
  6. How would one go about contributing support for this mod for non-stock planets? Such as multiple star systems, GPP, RSS, or OPM?
  7. Recent adopter of this cute mod, I'm particularly interested in the engine but I also intend to focus in later career on spaceplanes. However, I'm still in early-career, and a randomly generated contract includes running "electronic report" at the Tracking Center at KSC. I accepted the contract because that's how early-career I am. I also run SETI, which offers "Telemetry Report" as a probe-core-equivalent of a Crew Report (separate Science, too, which I especially like since I have such hardmode settings with diminished Science returns from experiments.) Installing this mod doesn't overwrite Telemetry Report as an option on appropriate probe cores. However, I also cannot confirm that Electronic Report exists on any probe core, whether provided by this mod or otherwise. I have unlocked the tech node for the Falcon-RCS (can't seem to find the non-RCS variant in my part list yet) and while I haven't paid to unlock it in the VAB yet, the mouseover info doesn't show this Electronic Report to be available. Is this a bug? Is there an extra step I'm not seeing? Is paying the not-inexpensive part unlock cost required to even see this function, even though all other part stats are already visible by mouseover? Should I uninstall/reinstall? Or cancel the contract?
  8. Folks, I'm having a hard time figuring out what terms to search for. I'm attempting to set one of these up for the first time in a long time for KSC-biome science strip-mining and I distinctly recall from before that connecting the power cables between the base station and the peripheral modules required me to do more than simply surface-attach the cables to the texture locations of the power sockets, I needed to change to some sort of "node" system. However, the R-key reports an error message of the equipped power-conduit part only having a single attach node, and holding-H makes the cursor turn red when I place the ghost-cursor near one of the power sockets on either the base station or the peripheral. I've systematically pecked every key on the keyboard, what should I look for? Do I have a .dll mismatchsomewhere (very hevily modded early-career)?
  9. DONE!!! I read this in the CKAN description field and have already installed it before I could even load the link to this page. ABSOLUTELY INSTA-CLICK! We're complete, through, finished, complete, terminate process, control alt bingo, THIS IS THE MOD I NEVER KNEW I WANTED.
  10. Any possibility of in-game screenshots? Is this merely a cosmetic mod, or are you introducing new castes of kerbals the same way MKS does? I can think of half a dozen other questions too.
  11. I just installed, and I saw the prompt suggesting the Snacks! mod. I run TACLS, but I've pondered running Snack! as well at the same time. Do you have any thoughts on this? Also, how do you anticipate this mod would react if installed alongside MKS, Pathfinder, or PBS?
  12. Would have been an insta-install if I were on my main gaming rig with a decent connection. I will most definitely manually install this if it doesn't populate on CKAN by the time I get to my battlestation tomorrow!
  13. Fellow user here. Can you provide some documentation of a more-controlled recreation of this issue? Or, could you provide me with more info about your KSP install and the game scenario where this happens to you so that I might attempt to recreate it myself on your behalf? Pertinently, I'd at least need a minimum of a screenshot of the exact contract in question so that I can guarantee within my results that you and I were performing on the same contract. (Also, what other contract mods were you running? Was this a hybridized cross-mod contract that would require me to install other mods for testing purposes?) Could you at least provide the .craft files of both the hosting station and the contract launcher? I'd need more details from you, but preliminarily, I'm imagining creating a standalone KSP install on my system running this mod and no others. Since you're discussing an actual contract-career, I can't use Sandbox or ScienceMode to do so, but I might savefile-edit myself some funds and science to unlock the tech and actual-launch the station into orbit, and perhaps from that point even video record the contract launch. NEED from you: Screenshot or other data to absolutely-hard-confirm that I'm dealing with the correct contract for testing purposes. If apparent to you right away, also I'd need info on contract-relevant other mods to install. WISHLIST from you: Screenshot of mapview showing orbit of hosting station. Flight-scene screenshot of host station, pre-contract. Flight-scene screenshot of host station, during-contract. Screenshot series to document the steps to go from initial arrival with contract-relevant equipment to bug occurence. Video (or slideshow) of contract-relevant launch or launches. Screenshot of KSC-scene -- in case facility upgrade levels are pertinent to bug behavior. .craft for host station .craft for contract-relevant launcher and payload. Career savefile pre-contract. Career savefile duplicate for during-bug-behavior. Full modlist in your active playthrough that you were using to initially discover your bug report. Full modlist that you used if you decided to generate any of this info for me after-the-fact with a reduced modlist. Pertinent logfiles -- if multiple logfiles, please sort into well-labeled filenames or folders. Other items as the opportunity presents itself to you. NOTE: If you decide to run your own experiments and run into a scenario where, for example, removing a totally unrelated mod eliminates or CHANGES the bug from occurring, or a change you make sets it to occur but on a different contract, or it seems to randomly assert itself even on repeated triggers of the same contract, etc.... please provide your notes to that effect, I might be able to identify a detail that you could have missed.
  14. Well phooey. Thanks for taking a swipe at it though. Full disclosure, you've already commented on my modgasmic installs: better parts of a minute for basic scene changes, and this is early career with relatively barren savefiles. Initial load KSC-scene RAM footprint just north of 10GB, the largest RAM spike sustained enough that I've managed to catch with my own naked eye was tapping the underside of 30GB footprint (64GB system, KSP operates from a specifically-KSP dedicated SSD.) So, I speak past you to your predecessor to say, I mean, yeah, symmetry swaps are great and all, and I'm not being sarcastic when I say that they ARE (or will be, later-career) useful. But I run with (among other mods) KCT, which means it behooves me to have parallel craft constructions in progress in a multiple-unlock VAB and a low-tier single-unlock SPH -- to say nothing of access to the Runway-biome with a plopper-probecore science platter for early career boffin-spam with the meg-booms and pressmats and 2hots and the goo cans. It's ... *sigh* something I'll have to get used to contending with, three or four minutes of playtime interfacing, just to squirt out two or three craft-build orders for the Runway. *chin scratcher moment* https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9jzn4gyh7qrrfhw/AABvjBSlUUE9VAzxBujIBUxaa?dl=0 This dropbox link was prepared with another forum thread in mind, so some of the details will be less relevant here. BUT, I have a rather holistic view for you to consider my total modlist. Pertinently, I run K.R.A.S.H., NIMBY, KCT, Hanger Extender, and prolly at least one or two other mods that affect or entirely suppress the "build" button in the editor-scenes anyway, and I think any number of memory-culling plugins such as Janitor's Closet and I think I peripheral-vision saw a few popups at scene-changes to indicate that there's some mod that whitelists or blacklists or greylists certain parts or textures in order to maintain a tidier leash on RAM distribution -- the chief mod at issue here I think is KCT, where the button is devolved to be just a queuing toggle for the production garage and little else. I know nothing of moddery, so forgive my rather likely impertinence, but how complex would it be to reintroduce my described legacy-behavior for the mod? From a single editor-scene, symmetry-mode be damned, a keybind that could divert build orders at a whim (preferably with a toggle-popup alert in the screen upon keybind activation) as between a Runway or a Launchpad vessel order? Even in a lower-intensity modded install, even stock-game issues like memory leaks can be reduced in impact severity by consistently eliminating the overall need to drop-purge-load to switch scene-instances. So I imagine there's some actual programming-stability benefit to at least having such an option from within the mod, no? Fair enough. Though, I run K.R.A.S.H., with launch-reverts disallowed in superhardmode difficulty sliders at the front end. I admit that mine is a rather niche scenario, but... I dunno. The articulation is escaping me. I recognize intuitively that it's silly to suggest a cross dependency to K.R.A.S.H. or anything similar for THIS obscure of a modlet feature that until I'd asked about it here you'd literally never heard about, and according to your sleuthing that it was made extinct well prior to my archaeo-version find. I'm confident that if you need any other ideas for me, you'll tap me for them, so I'll be quiet and back off. Thank you so very much for entertaining this rather cul-de-sac of a train of thought.
  15. Just so I'm clear in my understanding of the sum total of this OP and the original release thread... "Plugin Workshop" includes Dynamic Deflection, yes? And if so, and since PW is now orphaned and inactive, that means the DD is also inactive right now? (I can think of no logical-seeming reason why someone would retire or now out of modding, in the way that this OP describes, but selectively choosing a few to continue maintaining -- unless certain ones were peculiarly low-investment to maintain, which is beyond my computing ability to ascertain without someone splaining to me, but...) Thanks for doing what you did as a modder.
  16. This was always such a cute little mod. Thank you for maintaining it for as long as you did. Sad to see it die off.
  17. Oof, this is a relief! Are the shadow parameters editable in any way? I suppose that it might be a function of aesthetic taste, as informed by video card capacity and screen resolution and monitor size, but the effect (while striking of competence in design, especially in light of your explanation) is somewhat.... I dunno. "Sharp" for me? I don't wanna turn it off, but I would be hopeful to dull it just a smidge. Like turning down the screen brightness on a smartphone kinda deal.
  18. I too run into the same mod-quantifying issue. My CKAN lists 348, with 273 GameData folders present (including Squad.) So... *shrug* Also, unrelated except as to audience -- SO STOKED that my truly poophole-retentive archiving practices allowed me to unearth and excavate that archeo-mod you and I were discussing in the other thread. Seriously celebrating that one. I'm moved to seriously consider config editing by your suggestion. Good to know the mechanical requirements of pod / lab / antenna / engineer. Note, is such a "beacon" craft then self-recoverable? Or must those be manually piloted back to a recovery zone? I ask because I run VERY strict-settings TACLS, and well, camping a kerbonaut on their home soil still incurs an ongoing life support resupply curve, and well... Oooh! Also!!! I run StationScience, which hard-deprecates the stock SciLab part as obsolete -- more like balance-cancerous, really, since the stock SciLab data processing function with the Station Science experiment-container system would create a positive feedback loop of essentially infinite science in a single highspace-Kerbin flight-scene instance if given enough EC and prolonged timewarp. For beacon-recovery purposes, does your mod here hard-specify the stock SciLab? Or will the base-tier modded SciLab also provide the same function? Because if it's hard-coded, I think you accidentally sealed a rather gaping hole in that other mod's balance! In fact, I might even suggest a cross-conditional MM patch where if this mod and SS are co-detected, this MM patch will remark-out any stock SciLab science-processing ability, thereby completely repurposing the SciLab as a mobile recovery workshop and nothing else -- hell, you could even rename the part within the parts editor!
  19. *sigh* Yeah... there've been not one, but two Nuclear Forum Holocausts, and there've been at least two or three links I've encountered that yield 404's because they lead to pre-nuke forum posts. STOP THE PRESSES, I think I found it!!! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/63hle7n5itgbaj1/AAA0liCPmCEAfdaw09-oGU7Qa?dl=0 This is an archived copy of an installed version from a GameData-only backup, KSP version-mute but hard-dated within my archive structure as being from December 2014 (MM v2.5.1 was active at the time.) Note within my provided Dropbox link that the mod carried a Readme.html that the mod was v1.4 recompiled October 7, 2014 for KSP v0.25. VERY clearly in not one but two extremely explicit locations it quite specifically speaks not of toggling between symmetry modes but makes specific reference to "SPH/Runway and VAB/Launchpad editor modes," and "Tab [...] toggles launching to runway or launchpad. [sic]" This archaeological find on my part carries the added benefit of exhuming for your inspection the actual period-appropriate .dll, and the readme.html hosts a still-functioning link to the original mod-author's GH page.
  20. I'm digging furiously, I think TheWhiteOwl might've exposed me to the original mod back in the day with mention of this, because he was major into spaceplanes when he was active. This link, however, is at least tantalizing support for the suggestion that I'm not entirely imagining things... but I doesn't answer your entirely legit question. :'(
  21. Sorry, no. While I should've been clearer that I was responding with questions specifically relating to the Editor Extensions mod, I think that you might be unaware that your described "quick go to" is absolutely not what I was trying to ask. The old Editor Extensions mod had a keybind (I want to say it was the Tab key) that switched the logical-flow of the VAB-editor to the SPH-editor (including Launchpad / Runway function for the stock "launch" control in the upper right) with absolutely no scene-switching of any kind.
  22. I've installed this mod, and I'm very early in a very-heavily modded very-hardmode career. I accidentally sent one of my "plop this probe core on the launchpads to gather some free science and then recover it" to the wrong Kerbal Konstructs launch site and, well, it took me a little while of progressing forward with simple static-fire-on-Launchpad contracts to figure out that NIMBY was the culprit. The mid-stage implications, especially for life-support issues and emergency-escape-pod-from-orbit ramifications are still dawning on me, and I LOVE this mod. One question, though... am I missing out on where the "beacon" part is? (Edited to note: I run at least one or two tech-tree mods, so maybe my part-search function is skafoozed, but "beacon" and "nimby" come up with no-joy when I do a search for the node that unlocks the beacons. "Electrics" is highlighted-red as a possible hit, but there doesn't seem to be any parts listed of appropriate description or function.) Going forward: Is my only option for recovering those (admittedly puissant and unimportant) items to send a craft after them? For future contingency planning (outside of .cfg-editing, which I'd prefer to avoid if need be) is my only option for rescuing landed emergency escape pods to have a trans-global-range aircraft on hot standby at the SPH at all times? Also, I might have to ask the KK thread, but now that that item is clogging another launch-site's spawn-pad asset, is that site no longer usable until I go to retrieve the item? Or would slating a new craft for launch to that location cause my item to despawn with no recovery? Thanks for your hard work! I was a very early adopter of KCT, and your devbuild for KCT is the only mod I'm running manually on my CKAN install that lists more than 245 mods active at the load screen AVC dialog.
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