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  1. For quite a long time, going back about 4 years, the KSP developers as well as the KSP Wiki have hinted at adding new planets and other bodies into the game. Countless mods have done exactly that, but I feel that Squad and now TakeTwo would be greatly benefited by adding more planets into the game by adopting one of these mods or working with its developers. An example of this is the Kerbol Origins mod, which adds several new planets and moons in the game that have been previously hinted at, all while keeping with KSP's current art style. What does the community think of changes like this? How about the developers?
  2. For several patches I have been using Kerbal Transfer Window Planner, which I believe is made by the same developer as this mod. Anyways, the Delta-V stats and phase angles that mod tells me to follow have always been correct assuming I complete the burns correctly. I recently installed Kerbal Alarm Clock to supplement this and allow to fly multiple missions at once. What I discovered is that the transfer window time that KAC and KTWP show are often hundreds of days apart. Is there a way to prevent this from happening, or do I need to manually set up alarms based on the dates from the transfer planner?
  3. Quick question: When you do get around to doing the patch, will we be able to turn back on ships' consumption (currently turned off TACLS) without changing anything else? The reason I ask is because I'm designing a base right now and I'm wondering whether I should bring LS supplies. Thanks.
  4. So I figured out the thing with BackgroundProcessing and electric charge with ships, but now I'm having more problems. When a vessel has upwards of 5000 or 10000 EC, and all of the batteries are full, why does the timer on Kerbals last getting EC go down? Even when I load a vessel, and have solar panels out and RTGs on, the vessel keeps full charge but the timer goes down. Why does this happen? At this point, I would like to disable EC consumption if that is possible in the files.
  5. JPLRepo, thanks for the help. I was somewhat confused because your wording and that of the mod seem different. On the front page of this thread, it says to INSTALL BackgroundProcessing for the current version. But I reread your comment, and did what you said and now it works great! Thanks.
  6. Although I only have the TACLS life support mod installed, I realized it had integration with hydrogen. This could be broken down or merged with things like electric charge and other things to make new materials. When viewing a scan for the mun I had previously made, I saw the multitude of elements and resources that are not integrated with my mod. I wondered about getting hydrogen however. Is "hydrates" the equivalent of hydrogen resource? And if so does a normal drill extract this from the surface? And if so to the second question, how can I switch hydrates to hydrogen?
  7. I can't find this, please help. Pictures/detailed information would be great.
  8. I am having a little confusion with the distribution and effect of resources on Kerbals. On the old mod description, the mod says that excess waste, waste water, and CO2 won't kill Kerbals, but I recently (using 1.3 and last TACLS version) encountered dead Kerbals that had perished due to "Airtoxicity". 1. Is this a bug? 2. If not, how can this be solved in the future if I don't have waste recycling modules? 3. Is it possible to turn off this feature to make it like the old version? 4. If not to number 3, can I somehow revive and automatically place the dead Kerbals back in alive state in their respective vessels? Also, as someone mentioned earlier, the electricity consumption is bugged. On many vessels, I have upwards of 5000 EC, but the color of the TACLS mod in the toolbar is always red and says Kerbals are low on oxygen. Again, is this a bug, and if not how can I solve this?
  9. I have a problem with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems and any help would be appreciated. For some exposition, I'm constructing a Mun Base. I recently landed my first crew in a Mk 1-2 command module from the stock game. I was easily able to explore the area with my rover, plant flags, and get back into the cockpit. When I try to put my Kerbonauts into the KPBS habitation module however, I can't seem to get into the vessel. Whether I attempt to enter through the airlock or side door, nothing happens. How can I get inside? Thanks for the help.
  10. Maybe I am completely lost for no reason, but how does one even enter the camera views? They have no action groups, and when right-clicked in flight the only options are "aim camera", "autostrut", and camera ID (+ or -). As far as I can tell, there is no button or control (not even on this page description) to tell one how to enter the camera mode. Please help.
  11. This mod looks really tempting. I just have a few questions. Is the current version compatible with KSP 1.1.3? How much does this mod affect performance of lower-end computers? This may be stingy, but can I get just the part of the mod that makes planets more detailed? I'm comfortable with the stock solar system so I'd like to keep the stock planets but upgrade their textures. Thanks.
  12. And if updating does indeed solve the problem, then will the space station issue be fixed or will I have to start over?
  13. How recently did you update? I hadn't played KSP in about two months. But if I recall there was a game update?