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  1. Basically, it's the Portal Gun from Portal. In Portal, the device exists in the form of a futuristic-looking gun that works by shooting a pair of portals onto surfaces coated in moon rocks (and the moon itself) to instantaneously transport information and matter across space. Only two portals can exist at a time (save for co-op multiplayer, which will be ignored) and work both ways. In KSP, the portal device would exist as a large-ish part that could transport ships and their cargo (passengers, resources, momentum(?), across space to a duplicate of itself. To do this, both parts would require a large amount of electric charge, ore, and a way to refine it into fuel as well as a strong (green) connection to each other through CommNet (The two portals have to be able to communicate with each other and both have green signals. The signals can bounce as many times as needed but the route must stay green the entire way through). This would work only on bodies without an atmosphere, and in space. In order to function in-atmosphere, the portal part would need an airlock. Said airlock would be a deployable space made of "hardlight" or some form of tarp (textures would be interchangable for people who don't like scifi. Then again, why would they be using a portal mod if they don't like scifi. Whatever.). A ship would need to fit inside the airlock, which would need an increasingly large amount of electric charge to hold open (because it's hardlight) the bigger it gets. But what if you want to go somewhere else but you already have two portals set up? Easy, just switch the target location on the portal "here" portal to the desired "there" portal (all portals function as both "here" and "there" portals at the same time). Why does it exist? It's a colonization mod that I just thought would be a cool thing. Unfortunatley, I have next to no skill and would probably grow bored of maintaining the mod quite quickly, if it ever became a thing in the first place. That's where you guys come in. Anyone and everyone can make this mod, I'm simply bringing up the topic. Well, that's everything I have to say. Bye!
  2. Hey short Idea, I hope there is not add-on like this. I am planing a big Space Station with shipyard in Orbit of Kerbin. Therefore I need a lot of storage transports to the station. My idea: I build a test Rocket with an "Payload Container" on it. The Payload Container carries for example 1t of Cargo and has a specific amount of Space in it. Before I start the Rocket I have to Click record on an GUI. Then I fly the mission. If I reach the goal , I have to stop the recording. The Plugin saves: Stating place Amount of cargo ( e.g. 1t) How much fuel was used ( e.g. XX Lf+Ox, XX Monoprop) Assembly costs Target of the Cargo (Altitude, inclination,..., Docked/Landed,...) Target of the Rocket Amount of recyclable parts --> lower assembly Costs or deassemble by a Kerbal to get Material Kits Travel-time After that you can easily transport exactly 1t of cargo to the specific destination by clicking the saved flight. It will be delivered after the Travel time was counted down. I prefer, that before you can use the delivering support you have to fly a amount of missions with the same vessel. For Example: Runway to Kerbal ground (North Pole) with radius of 1Km by plane, unload the cargo, fly back an land, recycle 100% of the vessel (min. 2 successful missions) Launchpad to docking at Station at (120 Km hight and 0° inc), unload the cargo, fly back to Kerbal and land, recycle the landed stages of the vessel (min. 4 successful missions) Fly with a glider from Duna Station (With shipyard) to Duna ground, deassemble the ship, Cost will be payed from the MK and SK Cargo of the station (min. 2 successful missions) ... The costs of the service will be the Median of all manual flown Missions.
  3. Just a quick idea I had. Not sure where this goes..or if its even a thing or not. Basically I started a new science game. built the basic rocket with command pod parachute a flee engine and some science to start. my tech tree hasn't even been touched yet. Launch. well on the right side tool button menu for all the mods i have installed...there's well...all the buttons(for me theres like 15-20. I meen...i dont think ill need fmrs to land my srb straped command pod. would I? ive caught myself noticing im scrolling a lot on the menu to find a button or 2 I use more often than others. my proposal, is possibly a quick made MM patch or tech tree patch that unlocks the tool bar buttons as you get the required tech tree\parts to actually make use of certain buttons/mods. I have quick hide mod installed. but that really just hides the problem. id rather start blank-ish, and when i unlock the tech to recover a vessel for example. then fmrs will be available in the flight menu. A different approach would be able to hide whatever buttons on the menu or at least have the ability to place which buttons you want on top. so you see them first and dont have to scroll a bunch. thoughts? thanks for reading!
  4. I was wondering if there would be any lore due to the Duna sstv transmition if there isn't i guessing someone would have to make a mod for that.
  5. As probably none of you know, I am TheKorbinger, a huge fan of this game, as I have well over 1500+ hours in this game, tons of experience included. More recently, though. I have started building in-game replicas of planes that exist in real life. (Jets only) If you'd like to see them, view my profile and look at my posts. links for download, and pictures included. I would like to know more of what people would like to see so I can keep busy. (I need some ideas on what to build.) Thank you for giving me your time in reading this, and I hope you will give me some ideas. -TheKorbinger
  6. Hey all I was playing my KSP and in the middle of capturing an asteroid, when I had this idea. Why not make it possible to land on Jool? I was thinking that they should keep the green gas cloud totally around it to impossible to see anything but green, until it disappears like 150M from the surface and then give Jool a planet surface that always looks like it is night time. I thought this would be fun challenge to, not only make Jool a Kerbal destination, but to also make a cool challenge for someone to try and land on a planet where you can't see the ground until you've almost landed. Any thoughts?
  7. Ok, so, I was playing KSP one day, and when I turned my engine on in space, there was a flame, but without oxygen, no flame. So, can anyone make, or does anyone have, a mod that takes the flame out, but still makes the engine have thrust?
  8. so the general idea requires 2 mods we all know and love 1 is bd armory the other is the unwieldy red headed step child extra-planetary launch pads- thank god for the stock parts addon for this . iv seen sw denes add bd armory guns onto a single part model before so if and this is a big if you could take the craft file of the player made ship drone rover etc whatever your going to use to attack with and it takes the parts and aero data from it but turns it into a single part model for low parts count and adds in a bd ai then you should be on the right track for haveing a battle without murdering your frame rate the downside it's one part so it would have a hp bar so to speak rather than dynamic battle like watching a plane go down when it loses a wing. the other piece is bases and iv been thinking kerbin side can add in structures anywhere so why not make a centerpiece like a town hall piece that can be placed off world a part that can be constructed using EPL or transported to another planet it clamps into the ground and the model is replaced with a world part a persistent model like the VAB/SPH then you have a pop-up menu that let's you select the next persistent base model you would like to build and the base starts sucking up resources to build it once the tank stats are full for the building it saves ads the new part and either place's it in a predetermined spot or gives you a base module to place like you did the center piece so that every base can be individualized it would be posable to add in RTS elements other than battle like resource management by using something like the usi mods to manage the populace and usi has a nice warehouse system going for it that would work so that you don't have to directly link all your bases together to share resources i don't pretend to know how to even remotely start coding for this i can't even mod a texture with a tutorial thermal damage for the rts units would be a combined total of all the parts thermal resistance divided by the number of parts it has. example 2 parts thermal rateing is 1500 on one and 2400 on the other 3900 divided by 2 becomes 1950 total so i have no dought that getting this to work and getting the mods involved to work with kerbal multiplayer would be a nightmare but haveing this would bring so much more to the game it would make our dreams of carrier baced space battles real it would make building off-world more important to protect yourself from the rebel army's in the campaign as you head from planet to planet securing your bases against the attacking fleets the easy way to add in space battles with bots is to add scripted events into the game where they add ships in on a collision course when you pass altitude markers between planets they are advanced attackers so they can just warp in/spawn and encounters as for ground/air-based battles spawn in random script events a certain distance away from a planetary base that the player placed some random base's around other planets that the player can attack it adds substance into the sandbox and it makes advancing more rewarding when you actually land on a planet even if you take out the bd weapons pack it would make a nice base/resource management mod if not the best one. think of it like adding a mmo rts to ksp so advancing brings new benefits like money resources science maybe some kind of resource that the attackers drop to create your bases or units with it's just a thought but i think its a good one anyone is free to take my idea, in fact, i encourage it because I want to see this. ps upgrading to a newer cooler looking model would be just like creating a new base module so that we can go from like a first base made out of a shack and cardboard boxes to a thriving futuristic city it's almost a game in itself but maybe someone can run it by the devs and see if wee can't have it as some kind of DLC or something there's a pole as well for people who wish to vote and see what other people think is the best idea in all this I will most likely never look at this so don't expect updates its just an idea hopefully someone takes it and runs with it. so look for more on it if some one decides to pick it up
  9. Allright my idea is the following: A customisable hud in the style of mobile devices. When you initially setup your hud it's empty and you can choose a grid size matching your preferences and scrensize like 50 x 40 for a normal screen and 100x80 for 4k screens, all depending on how big you want your hud. Then you got a button to "add app/widget" and apps/widgets in this case are the different elements of your hud. Gameclock, App-Bar, Navball, Stagelist etc are all "apps" or "widgets" you can choose different sizes and styles and drag them on the screenposition you want. So for example if you want a big digital altimeter you choose "5x5 altimeter" and drag it to the position you want it in and if you then would also like that oldschool mechanic one you select it, maybe a smaller size (3x3 ...) and you stick it next to it. That would make your hud 100% customisable and also provide a good possibility for mods to add stuff easy.
  10. So, I want to create a plugin to add a wheel to the game to emulate a hovercraft.. The wheel should have the following properties: Invisible wheel, visible around the attachment point. Cannot be destroyed, even without cheats active. Does not affect aerodynamics. Has long suspension, meaning that too much stress can cause the vehicle body to scrape the ground. Has suspension in all directions, instead of just up and down, if possible. Constantly uses EC, otherwise the wheel will stop physical interaction, in addition to the EC required to make it move. Can slide more easily left and right than forward and back, if possible. Custom, or no sounds from the wheel hitting the ground. Can anyone help me outline the steps I should take to implement this idea? I've never written a plugin before, aside from some basic part cfg editing.
  11. I think it would be cute to see a kerbal zipping around the ksc on a tiny ( or gigantic), hover board. Once you get your results, I would love to see them down below. Look forward to seeing that soon, and have fun. Requirements for Challenge Allowed: Mods, sas, kerbal has to be visible in command seat, must hover above ground, must have video or picture of kerbal on top of VAB with hoverboard, can use jet or lift surface spinner, and you must have fun doing it! Not Allowed cheats, wheels( this is supposed to hover), must be intact after course is finished. Mission Guidelines 1. Start on runway 2. Go through one of the R&D tunnels 3. Circle the mk1 memorial in the center 4. Go to the launching pad 5. Align on top of pad 6. Hover up into the air until over VAB 7. Land on VAB helipad 8. Plant flag 9. Land on edge of runway where you started. 10. Have fun!
  12. I have a mod idea, and the title says it all - procedural systems connected by wormholes that unload the previous system and load in the new one to avoid the problems that come with ludicrous distances in KSP. Here's how it could work: Obtaining Parts In career mode, after you have visited all the inner system planets (Moho, Eve and Kerbin) and at least one of the outer system planets (Duna outwards) a mandatory mission will appear asking you to send a ship to investigate an anomaly detected near Jool. Upon arriving at the anomaly, you will be instructed to get within 100 meters (yes, meters) of it to analyze it. However, it expands and you are pulled inside, cue loading screen. Upon arrival in the closet procedural system, you finish analysis and fly back through the wormhole to Kerbol, and then back to Kerbin. The science team then makes some cool new parts for you to play with! New parts Wormhole Drive (WDrive) A part that can be used on ships that uses ludicrous (10,000+) amounts of EC to generate XM (Exotic Matter). The part can hold 100 units of XM, and each unit of XM generated allows one LY (lightyear) of wormhole travel, allowing for a maximum 100 LY range per usage. Opens up a menu to allow you to select systems and subtargets (planets, moons, WGates, WBeacons) within those systems. Can hold 1 crew member, a Pilot will provide better jump accuracy (arriving closer to subtarget), an Engineer will improve XM generation rate, and a Scientist will do nothing. Wormhole gate (WGate) A part that can be put in orbit that has the same capabilities and requirements as a WDrive, except it opens up the wormhole in a gate that smaller ships can pass through. Has subtarget capabilities. Useful if you want to transfer supplies to your colony but don't want to send one of your expensive WDrive-equipped ships. Can hold a destination queue, essentially allowing you to, for example, put three cargo ships in line and tell the WGate which ones are going where and in which order. It will automatically open the wormholes in the order you specified and send the ships through. Same crew bonuses as WDrive. Can send to other WGates and WBeacons. Wormhole Beacon (WBeacon) A part that can be equipped on stations to allow them to be subtargeted for travel by WDrives or WGates. Only requires a few units of EC/sec to keep it going. No crew bonuses. Wormhole Comm (WComm) To allow probe control and crew communication over interstellar distances, the WComm was created. It uses a micro-wormhole suspended within the radially attached device to communicate with satellites that are also equipped with WComms in Kerbin, or directly to KSC if no satellites are available. Uses a few units of EC/sec when active. Uses 0.1 XM/LY to open or readjust the wormhole to your target. Wormhole Inhibitor (WInhibitor) Should you ever want to prevent any sort of wormhole travel in or out of a certain area, the WInhibitor can be deployed, preventing inbound or outbound travel from occuring within a 10km radius. Any destinations within this area will be colored red on the subtarget menu, however ships can still attempt to jump to these locations and will be dumped just outside the affected area. EDIT: MORE PARTS Probe WDrive Just like a regular WDrive, except cannot generate XM (uses XM fuel tanks) XM Fuel Tanks Would come in a variety of sizes and capacities. Designed mainly for probes, but can be equipped on larger ships for travelling further without refuelling. XM Converters Converts space particulates into XM. Would be disabled by default - if enabled for an extra challenge, XM Converters and EC would be required to refuel, and if you were to add on more converters, XM would be collected quicker. DISCLAIMER: Do not let kerbals near an active converter - the magnetic field generated may pull them into the conversion mechanism, turning them into XM. XM Generator Can be equipped on a station or a larger ship - generates XM for transfer into ships docked to the station or large craft, used for refuelling small ships and fuelling probes. Other Ideas WDrives can be configured to hold wormholes open like a WGate at the cost of EC and XM for each ship that travels through the held-open wormhole. WDrives, WGates (except those with a special part) and WBeacons cannot be used in the atmosphere or on the surface of planets. (Configurable at extreme risk for those who want to jump into the middle of a mountain) Procedural systems will span out anywhere from 500ly to 10,000 ly. (Configurable) WDrives and WGates must be at least 500km away from the surface to be used. (Should be off by default) Surface WGates. This could be extreme, but an extra radial part on two WGates, one on say, Kerbin and one on Duna, to allow instant transit between the two. Configurable chance of drive malfunctions dropping you into interstellar space tens to thousands of LY away from your target system. So what does everyone think of this idea? Anyone think it would be cool if it were included in stock KSP? Cheers, UbuntuLinuxKing
  13. so I have had a few suggestions for mods in my 8 months of KSP, some I never shared with you because I've already debunked them and found them A) stupid B) hard to make but this will be my thread for stupid ideas for mods, REALLY STUPID IDEAS for mods, and if anyone wishes to add to this thread of stupid mods, just pile it all on! we can take hundreds of septillions of ideas of mods! so this is my list so far minor mods: a news bar at the bottom, like you see in sim city, or other stuff, that tells you what's going on in the world, and it gives you some depth of world, and another part I had is that it can show what happens inside of your space program, so it can be '100,000 fund satellite crashes into VAB' or some stuff like that, and this is where I go stupider, plus, you can have it so it takes some of your reputation or gives you some on random occasions due to the interest of the populace! medium mods: none yet major mods: A complete overhaul of the career mode, with new rep, funds giveaway, Kerbal government, and basically just part of it is KCT... yeah, I'm not thinking right now, but when I do, I'll add on to this list of add ons (see what I did there?) feel free to add on to this list of, I wont make that awful joke again...
  14. First of all,if this has already been mentioned/proposed in another thread, then I apologise. Had a quick look through recent posts and couldn't find anything like this. My idea for an expansion is basically a coming-together of various mods in one smooth experience. I would like to see the option to purchase pre-defined plots of land on Kerbin, and beyond, These plots can then be expanded (with cash or contract completions to there) to create other Space Centres/Aerodromes, in the same way as the KSC is now. These bases also unlock the CommNet for that part of the planet (on higher difficulty). Contracts are generated that go between them. Examples:- Fly x units of liquid fuel to the Arctic Base Fly a Secret Agent from point A to B, but stay below x metres altitude. Take 2 Kerbals to SW Crater Mun Base, then change them for 2 more, and return them. I feel that this will give aircraft more of a purpose than waiting for the dual-purpose engines and gunning it skywards, or those 'take a reading' contracts I've only just started properly learning how to create planes in KSP (after 150 hours), and feel that this is an opportunity to bring in another style of gameplay. Feel free to expand on this, or tear it apart!
  15. So, through the year or so I've been playing KSP, I've thought of quite a few ideas, and I would like to share them. Kerbals: Kerbal gestures and wandering First person Personal parachutes Walking through a space station using IVA Other last names or an official explanation on why they are all related. Diversity in hair colour, skin colour, etc. Random Things: Houses in the Grasslands, as the Kerbals reference them living there. Small towns and villages. A new version of the cancelled secret story. Outer planets, not all of them, maybe just Neptune or Saturn. Parts: Kerbal helmet. Kerbal statue Spacesuit (no kerbal inside) 50cm plates. Fuel tank that doubles as a battery and solar panel (for space stations). Big Stuff: A boat version of KSP, also set on Kerbin with Kerbals. The "boat hanger" would be on the other side of Kerbin, if you went to the Shores (location of KSC), you would find the space center, but shut down. There would be "boat hangers" on Kerbin, Laythe, and Eve (Possibly unlocks). There would also be a submersible hanger. A war version of KSP, also set on Kerbin with Kerbals. There would be the "boat hanger" from the previously mentioned idea, and the SPH, but modified for missions on Kerbin, instead of space. Kerbin would be the only planet, but you could still go to space. It would also be multi-player. If you guys have any other ideas, I would love to hear them.
  16. So I was thinking How about a mod that adds a Fusion engine, hydrogen Tanks, Exotic Matter engine, Exotic Matter Tanks, And a Exotic Matter Generator. So the fusion engine needs to have a lot of thrust and have a lot of Isp in it. It will use like 1.2 Units of Hydrogen. And the hydrogen is going to be a to be well light and like Xenon Gas so a lot of it in a tiny sized tank. And Exotic Matter engine is going to have a like 5X as much as the Fusion Engine, And not a lot of Isp. Some what like 0.5 As much as the Fusion engine's Isp. Exotic Matter is going to be heavy So something like 15 kg per Unit of it. And super dense so it will have a Ton of it in a tiny sized tank for Example a tiny sized tank would have 8,000 units of Exotic Matter. So the full mass of the engine is 120,000 kg. And the Exotic Matter generator will use 50 Electric Charge/sec to make 1 Unit of Exotic Matter. And Exotic matter is maybe what a black hole is made up of. But this is super charged Exotic matter so it will be unstable. So if it gets Zapped by anything it will explode. And what I would like if there is a Fuel tank for each Size in the game so they are tiny, small, large, extra large, Mk2, And Mk3. Can any one make a mod like that. If you do can you send a link of it to me?
  17. I haven't had the time or patience to write this myself, but I think ot would help with submarines and underwater cargo etc. to turn off buoyancy within a drag cube. I had an idea for a submersible aircraft carrier and thought it would be cool to be able to have kerbals be able to walk around within the bay while submerged, and also prevent parts (reads aircraft) from being floaty inside the cargo bay.
  18. I have what could be one of the most interesting suggestions ever created by man. The idea is, taking the KSP universe, and adding a Story to it, along with adding player choices and dialog(Subtitles) ETC. You could play as all 4 of the main kerbals(Jeb, Bill, Bob, Valentina) through their story of getting into spaceflight/the missions that they do. The player could make certain choices such as, add moar boosters, or add moar struts, or something else along those lines. And play through a select amount as missions as the kerbals from their pov. Some of the downsides to all of this is that it would be extremely linear(as a lot of telltale games are), as well as it would remove the sandbox aspect of the original game. But, some of the upsides to this idea would be, It would give the community a lot of backstory to each main kerbal. As well as it would expand the universe significantly and would confirm or deny a lot of speculation in the KSP universe. It would be an awesome experiment to attempt, as well as very rewarding, but it would without a doubt come with its hardships. Would it be a good idea on Squads part? Probably not, but I think that it shouldn't be completely ruled out for the time being. So what are your guy's thoughts on this? How would you make this idea better? Or, what other style of game would you have made?
  19. who else agrees they should add a dock to the space center, even though this is ksp
  20. I have an idea, maybe Squad can make that we can buy whole rockets design (akin stock rockets) for in game money. I just think maybe dev or we players can collects all best rockets design from Curse and other such website and than segregate them for potential mission plan (like MOR\Direct Ascent Munar Landing, best rocket for Duna Rover landing etc. And than allow buy such whole design trough in game money, because some of us are thrill seeking space Daredevil and are not so bright like Bob It would also be nice if we had something like the US Congress or the Kremlin, where a bunch of ignorant morons torpedoes our efforts conquest of space
  21. Hey Guys! Whos Bored in the water and wants to explore or you have the submergable parts mod but has nothing to do down there? i want stuff added in to the waters eg sharks fish ship wrecks were you can find money. it would be great! all we has is this pure darkness D:
  22. Hay, the_pazter here. My Imagination has gone blank, and I would like some ideas for things to do in Sandbox mode. Please don't make it to hard or have to many mods, I can't handle that much, and if there are mods that will help, please list them. Thanks
  23. In 1.1 each vessel will have 1 CPU thread to play with. In most cases, this won't load your CPU very heavily. I'm gonna cut to the case here, what if you could have multiple vessels rigidly connected, but not considered a single merged vessel according to the physics engine? I'm proposing a type of decoupler or docking port. This could be used for: 1. Dividing space stations 2. Dividing large interplanetary ships (i.e. propulsion stage and lander) 3. (My fav) Dividing payloads from their launch vehicles. Problems/solutions: P: Any time the ships are on rails they will drift apart. S: Don't allow time warp until the part re-connects all vessels. (This could be done in the background) P: Resource/crew transfer will be impossible S: Allow the vessels to be connected temporarily through the part's right click menu, although framerates will plummet. I have no idea how this would be coded, I do know it's possible to some extent through KAS's pipes, perhaps a variant of that could be used? Discuss! (I'm writing this on my phone, later today I'll probably update this with more info)
  24. So, I was watching King of Queens with my grandmother not too long ago. One of the episodes involved playing the stock market, and I thought "Why not have that in KSP?" I mean, there are different agencies, and then there's your own agency, most likely named "Default" for you sandboxers. The idea I'm pitching here is a stock market in-game that mostly depends on the reputation system. If your rep is in the neg, then there is no chance for investment. The higher it is, the higher your chance. If you buy parts from another agency, they gain the profit for the sale, unless your agency builds it's own parts, either requiring EPL, or just a simple toggle option. Of course, this could lead to a career mode that is just too rich, especially if you're the Astrogamer, Scott Manley. Perhaps there could be a button found in the Administration building to access the economy, or maybe even another building added in. Maybe RemoteTech's developers could have a helping hand in this, with certain areas of Kerbin needing connections because of where other agencies are located at. Maybe even some world record contracts for gaining however much money from the market would be a great addition to a great mod.
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