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  1. INTRODUÇÃO Como o título sugere, o projeto foi criado com o objetivo de criar uma história para Kerbalidade, eu irei criar uma história de como o desenvolvimento da civilização Kerbal ocorreu desde o seu tempo de caçadores-coletores ate os tempos modernos onde as viagens espaciais se tornaram viáveis e o KSC foi construído, eu irei desenvolver esse projeto mais como um passatempo. O diferencial desse projeto e que diferente da maioria dos outros, que apresentam países inspirados nos da vida real, eu irei criar países e situações originais, dando mais originalidade.
  2. Welcome to the development thread for [Before Kerbin]. This planet mod is set 2 billion years before the stock planets. You will begin your journey on Eden (Eve) and explore the planets in their older states as they are forming. Kerbin will be dry, dead and cold in the blackness of space. Since Eve is the home planet, the properties will match Stock Kerbin's. In the lore of this mod, Eve hasn't yet been impacted by its moon, killing the life on the planet. This planet mod is in its early stages of development so there will be no download until its first offi
  3. Help getting game crashed mistake while opening the game game crashed file link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6pNiIxsE7Jfd18wcks2bEx0LXM please help me
  4. I made a algodoo scene called Kerbal Space Program? and it was a tiny bit similar. Screenshots: After that, share your photos to me after you built your rocket.
  5. Did a few searches, couldn't find anything on the subject, so here goes,... We all know its possible using the stock game to align parts to the sun, due to solar panels; but does anyone know if it would be possible to align a newly created, pivot-mounted satellite dish to Kerbin, using only ingame stock mechanics/modules? So that when the part loaded, instead of facing the sun like a solar panel, it turned to face the direction of Kerbin.
  6. This is my Report in my Mid-Early Carrer and Late-Early Carrer, about my exploration of mainly focused on Mun. Some of mods i used are MechJeb, SCANSat, KER (Not used in main missions), KIS (not used in main missions, Charter (was testing, Rarely may find) and Stratergia, Contract Configrator, Taiser Space Tech, Dmagic's Maneuver Node Extended I was first determined to recreation of original Appolo Program and Gemini Program, with extension of SkyLab. But later, I found it Time consuming, Costly and very InEfficient so i Later Droped the Idea and Used the originally Abonded Plans, wh
  7. Hi, I'm new to Forums, asking. I have launched lots of Exploration Mission, in Early Carrer, Mostly were Science-Return and a small Parachute helped a lot. Now, I have started Crewed Exploration, and I'm facing Reentry problems, it's good at de-orbit, but I have plans to Direct Re-Entry like Appolo-Style, Controlled Ballistic Reentry. I have Tried It from Kerbin Stationary Orbit, Wirh 3 Drag and 3 Mains, Drags get it slow, but very high altitude, I'm planning such Entry from Minimus, with 1 Drag and 3 mains and after a long atmospheric flight at low angle. Can someone help me ca
  8. Hello Kerbanauts! I have a challagne for all of you! The highest current world absolute general aviation altitude record, propelled aircraft is 37,650 metres (123,520 ft) set by Alexandr Fedotov, in a Mikoyan Gurevitch E-266M (MiG-25M), on 31 August 1977. One of the leading test pilots of his era, Aleksandr Fedotov was a Major General in the Russian Airforce, he graduated from Flight School Stalingrad in 1950. He was a pilot in the air-force from 1950 to 1957,graduating from the Aravmir School for Military Pilots in 1952 and worked then as an instructor pilot. In 1958 he g
  9. Hello I can't finish my Mission. It tells me: launch a new unmanned satellite that has an Antenna and can generate Power... I did this many many times before. but since I got some new version here, what happens?: http://www0.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=15430220 The funny thing is that it was checked just before I had launched. and now I'm in Orbit and it's unchecked... This is the second time I'm bringing this sattelite up there. Apparently I don't know how to launch an unmanned satellite that can generate power anymore...I was actually done with this? what is going on
  10. Howdy, everybody! In this fancy little mission report, which, as of April 23, 2017 has undergone severe renovations, I'm going to document what I've been up to on Kerbin and beyond. My older reports on this thread have been about me flying around Kerbin to see different features that strike my fancy, and, while I don't plan on ending that anytime soon, I'm expanding the scope of this little mission report in order to focus on craft projects and other exploits as well. Without further ado, welcome to Here's a handy Table of Contents, for organizationally-minded people
  11. This is Brent Kerman, Reporting in from the Buffalo. We are on a journey to explore Kerbin by land. Here is the rover: It uses @Angel-125's Pathfinder as main body and Snacks for additional challenge. It seats seven, and has supplies for three years. The rover averages 20 m/s, because that's about top safe speed. It could go 40 m/s! If you have a location you want explored, message me the coordinates and I will do. I have all stock and DMagic science experiments. Report: Year 1, Day 1. Today we acquired the ability to use the Stereo Space Telescope, or SST,
  12. Good day all. I made a pretty decent rover and I have been testing it around the KSC on Kerbin and it got me thinking. Are there any special locations on Kerbin to go to, such as cities, monuments, craters, wonders of the world, etc. If there are, do they offer special science bonuses at these locations. Also, if there are such locations, as a Kerbal, shouldn't I know where these are at? It is my home planet after all.
  13. Well I have a fleet, sort of. Here is KSN 39, (BB39) Jool 870 tons of floating death makes 28 knots
  14. Hi all, I recently tried making a plane with a bunch of rover/probes (Provers?) in the back, to drop at certain locations, parachute down, then activated later to do the contracts for science on kerbin. I thought I had made them too heavy, or not included enough parachutes. But as I've read, space plane "Debris" is destroyed after the main craft is a set distance away. Is there a mod that removes this, and possibly makes terminating debris from the tracker easier?
  15. Probe Locations for the Kerbol System So I recently just came back from a Holiday in Tasmania, and I hear about the new updates, more importantly, the new CommNet network added in the game. So in game and in the tracking station, there is a green line connecting to all the online probes, landers, bases, rovers, space stations etc. The KSP team have also added in a bunch of new transmitters in the game as well. So the green line gets darker when you lose more and more connection with kerbin. This means that it is important to have probes everywhere in the kerbol system. You can
  16. "Beautiful Places on Kerbin" I'm not sure if there is one place that you can find pictures of all the Beautiful places on Kerbin, so I decided to start this Thread for that reason. If you could please join me and add one of the beautiful places you've been and how to get there, if you don't remember how to get there don't bother with it but show the picture for all of us to enjoy. I found this place almost straight off the Runway at about 130 degree heading, look for the snowy Mountains after a long period of flight over the water.
  17. We are launching rockets, planes, rovers and all kinds of different stuff. But how does this affect ecology on kerbin? I can purely say it affects it drastically! Debris form space falling into oceans, forests, lakes and rivers. That may pollute them and destroy ecosystem. This will heavily backfire kerbin’s society. Poisonous liquid fuel may evaporate and mix with atmosphere. This may cause acid rains and a lot more catastrophes. Plastic, metals from fuselages may decompose and spoil the soil it will lead to horrifying consequences like extinction of species. Danger in and from spa
  18. this is a first config for my solar system What it is? !Body,* {} or !Asteroid,* {}, explain me? then first planet as Home world (Earth) (i take this config from Real Solar System) this result is make earth as home world and without any other planet. Main menu body is earth then i am make config for Kerbin result is Main Menu body is Kerbin and cannot load save games or start new game how to fix. how to make Earth as home world and kerbin as other Planets? or How use kerbin as Kopernicus Templates?
  19. After some searching, I realized there was no repository of Kerbin's highest peaks. Lots of people have summited the highest peak at 6764m, but I wanted to find them all. Here is my list: A listing of the ten 6000m peaks of Kerbin Rank Height (m) Latitude (DMS) Longitude (DMS) 1 6767 61 35 54 46 20 17 2 6566 -74 23 43 -17 31 47 3 6433 -14 26 44 71 57 24
  20. I believe KerbalMaps is down sometime last year, so is there any detailed maps for Kerbin? Best with coordinates, easter eggs and all! Any help will be very appreciated!
  21. I was looking to make a rover for tracking across Kerbin in. I don't want it to be able to fly with thrusters but it can have thrusters to move it faster. So far, these are the parts I plan to take Kerbal stock tires (6 of them) Remote controlling system (disk) Battery (disk) Solar Panels (like Mark Watney) RTG's Fuel (mono and liquid) (disk) Thrusters (aiming down for downforce on hills) small rocket (for extra speed on flats) landing struts (Self-righting system for flipping myself) Mining drill Raw material to fue
  22. You Only Go Around Once Fastest Lap of Kerbin Wins! Rules: Stock Parts Normal Difficulty No Gameplay Mods No Cheating One complete, equatorial lap of Kerbin Runway/Rolling Takeoff Landing on KSC Runway (or close to it. The craft may slide off the runway so long as it touches it once) Must have at least 1 Kerbal. Pilot Must Survive! Craft does not. Time based on mission time. Clock stops when craft stops. No limits to stages, fuels, altitude, mass, cost; but these will be noted. Submission: Video is preferred
  23. The River Runner challenge is a stock and modded air race that goes along the river northwest of the KSC. You must stay below one kilometer at all times. The starting line is the second bump/ridge (the one at ~0:44). You must be under a kilometer by that time. Sorry if that was unclear. See video below for more info. Stock Leaderboard: theAvenGuard - 218 Aero Gav - 3:07 KrogTV - 3:25 Fireheart318 - 3:55 Modded Leaderboard: ______ - ______ FAR Leaderboard: ____ - ____ My editing software was acting up
  24. Calling all math nerds! So, I'm only a freshman in high school. That means that I have a pretty hard time with the equations used for orbital mechanics and things such as - in this scenario - Roche limits. I was thinking of using Hyperedit to put Laythe in orbit around Kerbin. I want to put it as low as I can to the Roche limit, so that I can reach it easily. Could anyone help me out?
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