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Found 15 results

  1. Sam67c created a KSP themed LEGO set (Kerbal space program - Modular ship system). I created this topic to help the creator to achieve his goal, to reach 10.000 supporters, so his set could be released. To support him, I leave the link here to his project. https://ideas.lego.com/s/p:7f69cc4b9fcf40c693e8aad1c9d3362e
  2. So I've seen some mods with Spaceplanes such as the X-15, DreamChaser, IXV, GOGI, ISRO,Hermes, and X-24. But these are not modular like most ksp parts which kinda is not right since this game is a building game and most parts are modular so I decided to draw a concept for a modular spaceplane parts mod which fits in with the stock cross sections. The mod would also need custom landing gear as the stock ones don't really fit in as much.
  3. I've designed this base for fun a few days ago and I was surprised to see it could compete on InSight challenge (rank 4 - unlimited !). As usual I've tried to come up with creative ideas and various modules to assemble a good-looking outpost, hope you'll enjoy it, too ! This outpost is made of 3 large habitations modules, one extended lab with full science experiments, a workshop with a drill and electricity storage, and a "power tube" with 8 large solar arrays. It also comes with a heavy rover to make some science on the field ! Overall this base is packed with 55 Kerbals and is designed for long-term stay. Here's how I deployed it : Chapter 1 : Launch The outpost is contained inside multiple fairings, above a descent stage, which itself sits above a Rhino transfer stage. There are 6 heavy lifters around this central core providing a high thrust (1.5G) and more than 3k dV so it's also a SSTO of some sort. Chapter 2 : On way to Duna ! Chapter 3 : Deploying stuff around, preparing to land Heres RoundSat 1 which is released just after capture. SurveyScan and main Relay is also detached. Chapter 4 : Ready to land ! Not seen on those pictures : RoundSat2 was detached just before retroburning the mothership to allow a sufficient communication along the descent. Chapter 5 : Undocking all the goodies Because Scarab would have lots of troubles to assemble the base on a slope, I had to persuade the whole craft to get low enough to reach a plane surface. Good thing I put a massive tank for those Thuds ! Scarab is set up under a module before it detach. Central core is installed a little away from the craft to allow easy modules installation. Now for the most fragile modules of all, not sure if the airbrakes helped but they sure looks professionnal. Final module is the workshop. Chapter 6 : Base is online and ready to partyyyyyyyy--- make science ! Someone said champagne ?!
  4. It's all experimental right now but here's the idea. Have a science vessel SSTO which can be used for Interplanetary transport of people and equipment. The equipment should be almost anything between two large docking ports. In this case I have designed a mining module which I launched on a rocket into a parking orbit. Now my SV-SSTO (Science Vessel) is going to try it out. First separate the command module. Dock onto the Mining module Then re-acquire the drive/science section It's a tight squeeze. I think I will call this particular experiment a success. Fits like a glove. (although it should fit like a mining module) I hope you like it. D.
  5. Greetings, kerbonauts! I've accumulated a sufficient amount of designs that I believe it is prudent to put them all in one place. Henceforth, I present to you Brightsong Development, where I shall consolidate information on my current craft and also post future developments. Before I start, I would like to give a very special thanks to @Rune, whose SSTO and Surface Base designs were in large part the inspiration for my own craft. If I mention that something is designed to fit into a cargo bay, chances are it was made with his SSTO fleet as the first consideration. And without further delay... Modular Mobility The initial offering for the modular mobility section is the Kentipede, a rugged mobile base. I have personally driven it off the edge of the Dres canyon and ridden it out completely intact. No word on the Mohole yet; It seems that my launch vehicle can no longer survive physics initialization, interrupting plans to test it there. Nonetheless, should you be able to haul it to orbit, each module possesses provision for landing, with aerospike engines, parachutes, and a fuel reserve. Kentipede modules are built out of Mark3 cargo bays, so they will not fit into them for obvious reasons. KerbalX Next up is the Katerpillar. While just as capable in terms of onboard facilities as the Kentipede, the Katerpillar is designed to fit into a Mk3 cargo bay, so it lacks the sheer ruggedness and the ability to self-deploy. It resembles earlier prototypes of the Kentipede, but boasts a much lower part count, as well as regular module length. so extant deployment solutions are much more feasible to use. The wheels were, of course, an issue, but I discovered that they still work even if attached at an angle. If you have an open-ended cargo bay, say, one with a ramp at the end, it can even drive itself out after decoupling. Quite satisfying to pull off. KerbalX After designing a base to fit in a Mk3 bay, the obvious next step was to design one for Mk2. Thus was born the Krawler. No driving out for this one, I fear, but it is rocket-powered, due to the necessity of using landing gear instead of motorized wheels. Thus, if your Mk2 spaceplane has to deploy it before landing, it is theoretically possible to land under its own power on, say, Gilly, though it is recommended that you just flip the cargo bay in the SPH. It lacks the power, of course, of its older siblings, but is still capable of research and ISRU operations. KerbalX And of course, the logical extreme of the preceding process is to make something that fits into a Mk1 cargo bay. Enter the Kreeper. There is not actually a Mk1 cargo bay in stock KSP, however, and the 1.25 Service Bay is too small and fragile to be much use in this scenario, so instead I used the Structural Fuselage as my design guide. There are very few 0.625m modules in stock KSP, therefore making an actual *base* was out of the question, but if you staff it with an Engineer kerbonaut it should be capable of gathering science indefinitely in any rocky environment, provided it doesn't explode on the way there. KerbalX That concludes the initial offering for Modular Mobility, but I have several concepts I wish to explore. Modular seabases? Modular aircraft? I'd look into modular orbital bases but I think that's already kind of standard. Landers, however... Miscellaneous Inspired by the "experimental aerospike" from the comic book series Atomic Robo, from which it draws its name, the Tesladyne is a "light chemical SSTO", that, while not of much utility, has proven quite fun to fly. It's design is not, in fact, based off its inspiration, but was instead an attempt to see how tiny and tidy I could make a Mk2 SSTO. I deemed it a success after making it to orbit and back intact, but I am not a very good SSTO pilot so chances are the veterans around here can do better. Any similarity to designs by a certain dropship dealership is purely coincidental KerbalX And that's it, for now, but I do expect that I shall continue to experiment, and at least some of those experiments will likely end up here. Brightsong Development: Did somebody order a bright idea?
  6. I want to make a modular engine mod. The idea is to add a group of parts made up of engine nozzles, combustion chambers, engine base plates, and some other engine parts which function as one engine when assembled. I know how to model and add new parts to the game, but I need help with getting the "combined engine" functionality working, hopefully without adding/coding plugins. Also, tips on texturing will help. Thanks for reading!
  7. Hello all. Here I will post up all my latest vehicle mods for Kerbal Space Program. Hope you enjoy. License: GPL 3 Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/profile/keslaauto Website: https://thekesla.wordpress.com/
  8. I'd like to ask the community for your ideas on how to design modular bases such that the docking ports easily align. I'll try to post photos of some of my strategies, but since mine never seem to work as well as I imagine, I'd like to hear what you do! I was inspired to ask this question after seeing a new "fork lift" that I hadn't thought of: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/5u6iys/a_simple_forklift_for_base_building/?st=iz7d0nx8&sh=92cf4f1b Hopefully this thread is not redundant. I did find some similar ideas in these threads: 1, 2. Thanks in advance!
  9. Several times, recently (in a sandbox game where I'm building up the knowledge and skill to consider taking on a career game, as well as putting together a library of my own rocket designs), I've wished I could take a stack of parts off an existing vessel and either convert them into a vessel in their own right, or mount them (or multiple copies of them) onto another vessel. I know I can stash removed subassemblies aside in the VAB, but they vanish when I load another vessel. Say I've got a booster design I really want to add to another, better core -- how can I do that without having to build the thing up from scratch again? Or I finally got my lander figured out -- but because I built the vessel down from the command pod, I can't take off parts to leave just the lander; rather, I'm stuck with the "lander and everything above it" or, if I built up from a booster engine, "lander and everything below it." i suspect, as is usually the case when I think there's something I'm not allowed to do in KSP, that there's a reasonably simple, reasonably efficient way to do this, else why would assemblies like landers appear in the premade vessels library in a freshly installed game? That said, I haven't seen any reference anywhere to the ability to do this. What am I missing?
  10. Table of contents (1.2): --------------------------------------- Original first post Hello, I am one week newbie in Kerbal. I was building few crafts and will share them all over time (when they will be finished), starting early to track my progress First goes... V - SSTO Phoenix class Designed as medium sized SSTO parts: 151 weight: ~60t
  11. So a topic I keep coming back to in my mind is surface bases. There is little practical use for them besides contract fulfillment, but the idea of building a long-term stationary extra-planetary surface habitat is fun, a good challenge to set oneself on. Most of the designs I have seen are modular, built up of several attachable pieces, and many surface base contracts require docking ports for I assume this reason. However, the real gordian knot of this challenge for me has always been how to attach all those modules together on the same surface outpost in a practical way. I have done a few experiments at KSC with modular designs, all of which were semi-successful, but none of which I have been able to economically and reproducible implement on actual missions instead of in elaborate practical prototypes sitting just off the runway. If it is not the putting together on the ground then it is the practical transport of the various modules to another orbit in a cost-effective manner and repeatedly landing them close enough to the same site to be practical. The stock game is a little limited in options when it comes to a lot of this. I am not so much asking, "How do I do this?" as wanting to see examples from other people. What are your preferred methods of designing, launching, landing, and assembling surface bases? I want to see how the community does it, hear stories about what other people found practical and what they found difficult. Come share your experience and let us commiserate our failures, celebrate our successes, and teach those of us lurking.
  12. Greetings! Time for me to introduce my first attempt at modding. The initial idea was to create the launch vehicles from Swiss Space Systems. The SOAR concept shuttle and the aircraft that will launch it. But then I ended up creating a whole system of modular satellites that would go with it better than the stock parts. Right now I have the satellite system and the A300 about 70% done. The SOAR concept is halfway there only. Keep in mind this is an early version. [0.72] Download from SpaceDock Content: Video preview of version 0.5 by KottabosGames. Thank you sir. Features Texture Switch - 8 colours as shown above Remote tech support AntennaRange support AntennaRangeRelay contract pack support RealPlume support TweakScale support ScanSat support Stack Symmetry (2) Thanks to @Hexicube Known issues (if you have a fix thanks for sharing) It snaps on the node next to the one I want - No known fix - Workaround: Place it on the snapping node then Alt + LMB your module to copy it and place it on the desired node that will be easy to get now. Delete unwanted node Half core top module snaps on bottom module but doesn't stack properly. It seems to be due to the side nodes being on the top modules. - Workaround: Stack downwards. First an half core top module then half core bottom module. Antennae animation problem: doesn't extend when transmitting ( still looking for a fix) / No animation in VAB ( seems like stock don't either) The science modules don't register for contracts on satellite. See MM patch and more info here and in archive file. Texture switch works in VAB/SPH for shrouds but not ingame. To do/ Road map: Changelog Credits: BahaSP BDAnimationModules by @BahamutoD Firespitter by @Snjo ModuleManager by @sarbian/ @ialdabaoth Part Icon Fixer by @xEvilReeperx Thanks to the french speaking community for providing early feedback/help and great ideas. Installation: Delete previous version if you had one. Copy the content of GameData in your GameData folder You can remove folders to select what you want installed or not. There is no dependencies between the manufacturer. NSS for the Octosat, Airbus for the A300, S3 for SOAR Concept. License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Thank you for pointing out mistakes and correcting my english in-game ( names and descriptions) and in this thread. Feel free to post issues, ideas, suggestions, thoughts, whatever you want to share.
  13. I'm doing some replica build, and hit a stud, that is, Kickback is no longer powerful enough. I really hope Modular SRBs are a thing....... What you guys think?
  14. JUNK HUNTER Download her now! Click for more images Click here to see the JUNK HUNTER in action on Krog TV! She seats 4, can withstand de-orbit using radiators, shes flyable, landable and can even split apart to 3 separate controllable crafts. She's down and dirty and she makes no claims to be anything but, The Best Interplanetary Tow Service this Side of Jool. Enjoy folks!
  15. Here are some subassemblies for making rockets and bases off of Kerbin. I am currently working on missions that use nothing but these subassemblies, so pics will come then (I cannot fit every subassembly in one craft and it launch). You can post your pictures of what you do with it. https://mega.nz/#!04VjRZSC!FFTEL_X69kHcgk2GqEPORhBcvqnAkAa9z0S2lV1TUkI Minmus, Gilly,or orbital Station mission 11 (Centrifuge, capsule seating five, science module, ore module, node, and bearings): https://mega.nz/#!J5UzSaaR!3clg_w1GnE33M8V3cC8PoIu8vEdqzTMK1h86Mf6SbRA
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