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Found 14 results

  1. A TEMPORARY FIX FOR 1.6.X CAN BE FOUND HERE ATTENTION: Behaving quite stable now though, this stuff is still under development. Remember to read and follow ALL manuals below, and use it at your own risk. Naval Artillery System(NAS) is basically an expansion of the amazing BahamutoD's BDArmory, providing a set of naval weapon replicas and weapons used to attack naval ships from both side in WWII. It is still WIP, and not so detailed, we would improve that soon. PERHAPS The pack is now under development of a modding team named Kerwis, members of which are all from Chin
  2. Just post military related pictures that you created in KSP.
  3. This will serve as a Q&A for the Sea Iron Mod Post all Questions here and I will do my best to resolve the issues. https://spacedock.info/mod/2313/Sea Iron
  4. The Tomcat has always held a special place in my heart. As a child, I used to rewatch Top Gun over and over and build scale models of the famed big fighter. Even today, I still believe it is one of the most beautiful and innovative airframes ever concieved and constructed. Even if it won't take it to the skies under US Navy roundels ever again, I have decided to give it a second life in the skies of Kerbin. Here is my replica of the F-14 Tomcat - the most successful variable-geometry fighter to ever enter service. INTRODUCTION: The "stock" part of the title is actual
  5. Small Naval Vessels in 90s Modern naval weapons by BDA weapon Consist of: Class 054 type “jiangkai II” frigate hull with VLS Class 053 type “jianghu”frigate hull Class 037-II type “Houjian” missile boat hull Class 82-II type "wozhang"minesweeper hull 37mm Automatic naval gun 6 pipe 30mm CIWS HHQ-16 “red flag”air defense missile YJ-83 anti ship missile and launcher Fregat-MAE-5 radar Type 344 radar Big size FLIR for ships Anti submarine rocket launcher Recommend t
  6. A fully operational carrier hull and bridge. As opposed to Eskandre's excellent Nimitz, this one has a ski-jump. It's not actually based on any real-world aircraft carrier, but it probably most resembles the Russian Navy's Admiral Kuznetsov. The lifts and hangar are fully operational. The mod is actually just a single part that comprises the hull, deck, lifts and bridge. It generates its own power, but it's meant to be used along with other ship mods for engines, radar, antennae, defence systems, etc. [MOD - Download link removed due to missing license - sumghai]
  7. The Baltic Sea Incident A Cold War gone Hot story project. Back in July of 2017 I came up with an idea of making a relatively realistic, story driven creation consisting of multiple military craft replicas which would mimic a possible real-life tactical NATO-USSR skirmish as closely as possible. The scale was quite grand - The plan was to include as many detailed, full scale replicas of aircraft, ground forces and naval vessels as possible. Sadly, alot of the non-backed up craft files, about 100 carefully set-up screenshots and custom scenery got irreversibly wiped during my t
  8. I've always been fascinated with the idea of creating huge models piece by piece, especially replicas. Over my few-year long KSP career I've already built space shuttles, N1-L3s, at least a few not-really 1:1 Mriyas and some really big naval vessels. The projects got bigger and bigger ranging from 60m corvettes, through 90m rockets, to 130m destroyers. Once I hit 150+ metres i started getting into the aircraft-carrier size range. The partcount and KSP engines stability were the only limits. And just like that, the Invincible was born. At nearly 1700 parts this is a true behemoth. Running a
  9. INTRODUCTION Hi everyone. Ever since I've created my replica of the Soviet Tu-95K bomber with stock parts I have been thinking about taking the idea of stock propeller plane replicas further. And after a few months of hiatus, here is the fruit of this ambitious plan. This is one of the very few replicas of this magnificent superprop attack plane from the 50s in KSP, and, as far as I am aware, the only one created with solely vanilla parts. The propeller has some limited functionality in terms of actually propelling the plane, but is mostly here for the looks. The majority of power
  10. Well I have a fleet, sort of. Here is KSN 39, (BB39) Jool 870 tons of floating death makes 28 knots
  11. THE BATTLE BETWEEN SYDNEY AND KORMORAN 75TH ANNIVERSARY PACK This is the central project page for my project to recreate the Battle between these ships that occurred nearly 75 years ago (a sort of movie/recreation whose release i'm aiming for the date of the battle, November 19th, though that may be optimistic and I may fallback on other important dates (such as the finding on Kormoran's lifeboats for example). All the ships are mostly complete, although there are a couple problems to fix before filming. Unfortunately there are problems which are truly beyond my control and
  12. THE SATURNIAN NAVAL DOCKYARDS PRESENTS The Royal Navy Admiralty M Class WWI Destroyer This is the main project i've been working on the past few weeks, which once again shatters personal records at 804 parts and over 10K tons in weight. This is the first destroyer i've built. This is a replica of the Royal Navy's 85 Admiralty M Class Destroyers, which saw service during World War I. This replica doesn't have an decorated interior, but it has a very detailed exterior and travels at about the same speed as the real destroyers at about 34 knots, with working gun turrets and torped
  13. The Saturnian Naval Dockyards Presents A Higgins Class PT Boat (Based mostly off the PT-658) This is the fruit of my labor since 1.0.5's release (also doubles as a early Christmas present for some), smashing personal records by clocking in at 678 parts, with a complete detailed stock interior while being able to scream past at (35 m/s) 68 knots at it's top speed (with the Panther engine afterburner activated) while being able to conduct swift maneuvers to evade all sorts of weapons. The interior is based off that of the PT-658, the only PT Boat left in operating condition.
  14. Im looking for a naval craft that works in KSP 1.0.5 paramiters Less than 200 parts Easy to use Stock (may have BD armory)
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