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Found 14 results

  1. Hey everybody, Hypercore here, or better know as someone of the same name on the r/KSP discord, Today I am starting a project by the name of "The Case for Space". It will consist of mainly albums of screenshots, and maybe some stories! Information I had the idea for this project literally this morning This will be a kerbalised version of the real space race, but vessels will be original, people will be fake, and only inspiration is taken. The format will be an album every chapter, with high quality screenshots, some description, and possibly infographics and literature. This thread
  2. Disclaimer: I don't use the forums on mobile, all of this is for desktops. FAQ on functionality: Q: How do I embed images in my posts? A: The forums don't host images, so you have to use a photo-hosting site, like imgur.com. A direct link (i.e. xxxx.jpg, xxxx.png) to most images will auto-embed, or you can hit "Insert other media" then "Insert image from URL." Q: How do I embed imgur albums in my posts? A: You no longer can. Albums have always been kind of weird, so you'll see lots of broken embeds on older posts. Linking them still works fine though. Q: How do I tak
  3. The thread has been moved to a better home! You can find it here, under the command of cratercracker: Explanation for the move is here: Welcome to Screenshots Re-imagined! "Hey guys! Just thought I'd share something which I'm really happy with! I always like to imagine that my ships actually have colors and paint jobs on them, so I thought: Maybe I can draw a screenshot and put those imagined things into it! " This was the first attempt at some kind of kerbal artwork, of a plane I made: I really thought it looked rather cool (no bias), so I found
  4. i love the forums here but when it comes to customising your profile it becomes a pain to do, i see everyone with amazing profile pictures and because of it i want to get one of my own, so i decided to load up some mods, build a craft, send it into an elliptical orbit around kerbin, wait for the right moment and BAM screenshot, i wanted to post it to the forums and ask squad to put it in the 1.10 loading screen but i dont know how to insert image from url, i ran a test picture from imjur and decided to see if it would work but the box would just go red, im not a technical person and i know i
  5. Hi everyone , Sometimes , I just want to push F2 , but i push F1 , which makes me take random screenshots . Did it also happen to you ? Just check inside the "screenshots" file , you will be surprised . Well , I found some interesting (and strange) screenshots inside my screenshot file , I will share them with you . I didn' spent hundreds of hours on KPS , so I don't have a lot of pictures , I am sure you have better . I invite you to do the same with yours randoms pictures . My first station My station being refueled (do you see how it is twisted ?) , the station is possessed by
  6. So, when I was loading up KSP today, I noticed one of the loading screen pictures was taken by a player! I have a few that might be considered worthy of the loading screen, so, does anybody know if that's a possibility, and, if so, where to send them to?
  7. Even if you have an 1080p monitor you'll see that screenshots in KSP, especially after cropped, leaves a lot to be desired, and KSP DOES have an "hidden" function to help YOU out with your screenshots. Go to your KSP root folder, than open the settings.cfg file Search (ctrl+f it there to help you out) for "SCREENSHOT_SUPERSIZE=" The number you put in front of that statement is goin to be multiplied to your current render resolution. Meaning that, if you have an 1080p resolution (monitor) and you put 2 on the statement you are gonna have 4k screenshots, if you want an spec
  8. Hello! And welcome to the SRR thread! Here, you can get your screenshots re-imagined by (soon to join up) artists! Unlike the previous thread, i will make the waiting list placed in the thread, requests more personalisated and easy and as a bonus thing-presents for participating artists! ---------------------------------- -----------------Artists: @Three_Pounds Example of work: @esinohio @FTWG4M3RS @DeltaDizzy @Lo Var Lachland (and sorry i do only flags, i don't re-imagine screenshots) ----------------Waitlist (N
  9. new part of moon base is coming through craters and taking photos of rising sun Moon base, again, but now we have blackout last photo of old space station. I took it when debris was still rushing though modules Gen 2 new space station visitor coming for reentry . Photo of atmosphere diver before its maiden voyage into the Jool's clouds...
  10. I was flying a fuel tank with a Kerbal strapped on the front to Eeloo and back for the Fly to Eeloo and Back with 2 fuel tanks No Refueling Challenge. Since it takes alot of delta-v for a plane change I decided that a Jool flyby would do the trick. Since I am filming the submission to make a video I slowely warped towards Jool when I saw Laythe, Vall and Tylo. This is pretty normal around Jool since the moons are so big, BUT then I noticed the 2 small glowing specs above Jool. I moved my mouse to make sure they were moons and not stars, now I present this image: Here's the original s
  11. Hi, I get very horrible problems with supersampled screenshots from KSP. There seems to be strange dark gray squares when you zoom in, here is a 200% enlargen screenshot: Can I delete them?
  12. http://imgur.com/a/CPT0R This is a particularly pleasing (if it can be called that) screenshot or a mk2 inline cockpit sitting on the runway taken with fn + f1 on a mac with a slightly modded install. Normal command + shift + 3 screenshots work fine but screw up the throttle controls and clutter my desktop (which already gets messed up easily). A brand new install does the exact same thing without mods. It used to be more color-vomit, then organized like this one, then black most of the time (the example was just taken like 20 minutes ago). This has been happening since 1.2 released and still
  13. Could someone remove the time warp for this screenshot real quick? Thanks. http://i.imgur.com/VgXFVsB.jpg
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