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  1. I know that sometimes space stations fall out of orbit and crash onto Kerbin. But, has anybody tried to do that INTENTIONALLY? And even then, how much money can you get from debris recovery? Here's the story. I was preparing an interplanetary spacecraft (named the U.S.S. Enterprise) for assembly in orbit. Hours after I launched my first idea, I figured out a way to put in a station with more fuel tanks (and docking ports) attached to it. Since the first variant was very expensive and is currently unmanned (has a standard-issue probe core and MechJeb), I thought about cutting my los
  2. Welcome to the Kerbal Space Station Showroom and Market or the KSSSM. Post your Space Stations in the Showroom (add #Showroom to your post) or to the market for download (add #Market to your post). The KSSSM suggests that you post in the Showroom before you post in the Market so it is double the looks. Happy Posting ☺.
  3. Duna Base Camp & HOYO CEV expansion (Ver 1.0) Parts pack to build the Duna Base Camp orbital space station. Also features parts to build the CEV variant of the HOYO Spacecraft. This mod is meant to be used with the HOYO CSM & DADV Lander. You can use the AresV LonesomeRobots rocket to put parts of the station in to orbit. Find it here. Alternatively it will fit any 7.75m rocket. Features functional interiors for the command module and Lab module. This mod comes bundled with dependencies. Module Manager, TexturesUnlimited (For reflections and solar panels), RasterPropMon
  4. Hi all. I have the problem. Quest is to build orbital station for 19 kerbals then place it on solar orbit (at stable orbit station should have 6000 fuel) and one more condition "Place 3 kerbals with tourist prof. on the station" First I make station with 20 seats take additional contract with 5 tourists place 3 of them on station and launch it to solar orbit... Does not work Then I make 1 station with 6 seats place on it 5 tourists launch it to solar orbit then build another station with 20 seats and launch it to solar orbit then docked one to another and place
  5. Hello, I just launched a rocket into space trying to dock to my small space station. Now i managed to get there and also pretty much dock but i realised, that i put my RCS thrusters (Place Anywhere RCS Port) onto my Docking port on my Rocket which doesn't allow me to dock. I've tried it multiple times but it always got stuck with the magnetic force active but the vessels not connencting. Is there any way to solve this or do i have to do this mission all over again? Thank you in Advance
  6. Hey guys, I'm sorry if this was asked before but I'm just losing my mind. I recently started building my space station, it has living quarters and a science module, connected by a Rockomax Multihub connector. My problem is, because of the idiot that I am, I forgot to add docking parts to the remainder of the ports of the Multihub connector. My question is, is there any way that I can attach a docking port to the remaining ports of the Multihub connector? Or do I just destroy that space station and build another one? Thanks
  7. I may be entirely daft here - it's likely, but I have my space station set up, with its fuel tanks. I have 3 tanks for monopropellant, and 3 tanks for Liquid fuel and oxidizer. I filled them all up at launch with monopropellant. Now 3 are empty - i want to convert these empty tanks to hold Lq and Ox. How do I make it do this as it won't let me transfer LQ and OX into them Below is a picture hopefully explaining what i mean... P.S. I have interstellar fuel switch installed.
  8. It's not much, yet, but I'm quite happy with it so far: They grow up so fast
  9. The challenge is simple- Build the largest space station you can! Allowed mods TweakScale HyperEdit Any Parts Mod
  10. What seemed straightforward to me when I was using a rocket was to give each module RCS thrusters, a bit of mono (or more), a probe core and MechJeb, as I detached each module I'd fly them close and then have Jeb dock them. Worked fine. However I'm now trying to use an OPT spaceplane, and when I try to take off with three modules in the bays bound for the station, I start the spaceplane engines and the throttle goes instantly to zero; engines on but zero thrust and the throttle won't respond to any command. If I take the HECS/OKTO units off all of the modules, the spaceplane now star
  11. The X-Mas Station Challenge: The Christmas Station is a challenge in which, you will need to launch a 1.25m orbital mini-station in the shape of a Christmas tree. The spacecraft has to have at least 2 Gigantor-X solar arrays, 1 Communitron 16, 1 Stayputnik (as star and main control) and capacity for 4 crew. It has to be in an 80,000km-200,000km orbit around Kerbin. The cost restriction will be 55,000. Only stock parts allowed. Remember to show me your images! Example: P.S: Doing this challenge made me build my best orbital cargo ship.
  12. I want to build a refueling station in orbit of Kerbin with five of the big orange tanks. I want to do it in a 'x' shape, but i'm afraid it will be unstable due to the mass it will have. To fix this, i thought about using three Clamp-O-trons lined up. My question is: would this configuration work? Does the game allow for three docking ports to be attached on the same side? Here's an illustration of my idea.
  13. First, I have KER and KAC installed. Those are the only mods. I am running 1.3.0, but the station was made in 1.2. The issue I describe below began happening in the KSP version in which the station was started, so I know that's not an issue. Now, let me explain my issue and what I have done to try and fix it. In my career mode game I have put up an orbital station around Kerbin. I attached the first few modules, and everything was ok. However, once it got large enough, it would begin to wobble uncontrollable, and within 30 seconds it had torn itself apart (don't worry, I quicksaved
  14. Things slowed down here due to an update a while back, but it has been revived spectacularly here! This is a challenge for the space station builders out there. I have created a very simple Sandbox Stock savegame (I'll try to keep the latest link above the picture), and it has been added to by other players. There is a single orbiting station that started with 5 parts at about 100km over Kerbin, and a number of kerbals are inside. Your mission is to add 5 parts to the station by flying a mission and docking to the station. Do it in this order to complete the challenge: Post a not
  15. NFS "Intrepid" In Mid-April 2017, a disaster destroyed the NFSS Intrepid. Now a new station has been commissioned to replace it. It is very similar, but with lessons learned as well. It is made in KSP 1.2.2 with many mods. Core Module First version of the Crew Vehicle, made for the escape pod challenge. Going to the station Docked FURTHER IMAGES IN PROGRESS
  16. Curie Orbital Akademy and Gas Station has taken between 3 to 6 launches, thus far depending on how you count. I'm learning / messing with MKS, hence the akademy module, and power distribution module. The original launch consisted of an MSL and Hitchhiker Can as a habitat, along with a set of Nom-o-Matics. While launching the second module of the Ada Lovelace Munar Kolony, I stopped by Curie to grab a couple of scientists, and also brought along a small truss with an inflatable mini-habitat, and the newly invented Docking Ports (not Jrs). I attached it with the Jr. Port on board. This trus
  17. NFSS "Interim" (Formerly KSS Intrepid) This is a continuation of my space station originally built for the Space Station Week challenge(ON A 4GB LAPTOP), which can be found here. An album: -Delta
  18. So, I've been playing KSP for almost a full year now and have always loved building space stations. When I first started the game, my first big goal wasn't actually to land on the Mun, but to build a giant space station. The first one I built had no particular purpose, I just made it to look cool and have something to brag about. It wasn't until much later that I actually started using them for a purpose. I placed a relatively small station out near Duna before I sent my first manned missions there. Its purpose was to be able to act as a lifeboat in case one of the missions went wrong. It had
  19. I thought this seemed very Kerbal, and hope you guys enjoy watching it: Regards, Northstar
  20. HELLO! I have finally perfected how to build space stations and dock crafts, and now I have recently visited Dres! I have a new idea: First: Is there a Kommunity Space Station I could add a module to? If no, look at #2- Second: Can I MAKE one? If so... If so, I need to know a way I can download the files for your modules, and remember- NO MODS! KEEP IT VANILLA! I will only send up the main module with the 4 docking nodes, and the spacetug. The rest can be sent up by you guys! If this isn't possible, see if you can send me a video of your module
  21. In honor of love lost Place (or have) a space station in orbit of Kerbin in range of 100x100 to 120x130 with at least two docking ports Place a female kerbal in the space station. The method of doing so is expected to use up one of the docking ports. Send as a male kerbal to to the space station at high speed. In particular: * Have a TWR of at least 2.5 on the pad. * Get shock heating during ascent * Get a space station intercept within 2.5km while still suborbital (PE below 70km); use the velocity matching burn also as your orbital insertion burn * Do
  22. <|HE|> Low Orbital Station 1 +Launch vehicles for station / crew (single launch station construction!) https://kerbalx.com/He_162/LOS-1-Station-Launcher https://kerbalx.com/He_162/LOS-1-Crew-Launch-Vehicle
  23. It's year 11 in my KSP save. After finishing my Kerbalnational Space Station it was time to start a new project. I was looking for the Chinese Station that will launch somewhere 2023/2030. So I thought that, because not many people have tried it, to make my own. I'm not going to do anything too realistic. I use the launchers and parts that I think fits well in my world of KSP. Progress: My inspiration image for this project is: Mods I'm currently using: Mission 01 - Ghidorah 9 (01): http://imgur.com/gallery/VQtAD Mission 02 - SYS-121: http://imgur.com/gallery
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