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Found 30 results

  1. Here's mine! ( for my friend and I's 'company', 'agency' and (future) Youtube channel) 'H2RE & CO' stands for 'H2 Rocketery Enterprises And Co.'
  2. Pretty self explanatory. Here you can share some of your own custom mission flags if you want to. Here are mine: Feel free to use them if you feel so.
  3. Have you grown tired of the stock flags? If so, then Legacy Flags is for you! Legacy Flags adds in to the game 4 new flags (there will be more soon), all of which took a full 5-10 minutes to make. Download in the link below! DL instructions: 1. Open Link 2. Download the folder "Flags" 3. Extract contents of "Flags" folder into your Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags folder 4. Open Ksp and enjoy! P.S. No pics because I dont have anything to host photos
  4. Hey There! I've recently created flags for every destination. I tried to make them look unique even tho some moons look very similar. JSA is the name of my very own space program. If anyone wants to use these flags i've also added an Imgur album with all flags without JSA in the middle. Feel free to use them.
  5. Saw this article regarding "Flags of Earth" I had never seen before. Includes these (resized for use in KSP)
  6. About I hope that the flag and decals is always personalized and flexible, so it is released like this. You can download it according to your needs. The flag is divided into general and national. There will be a section of NEBULA_Decals in the future. How to request a flag that is not there? You must indicate the country abbreviation or Normal; And provide a logo sample that can be easily formatted into various formats. E.g: CN : CMS : China Manned Space : I would make a flag or institution flag or decal. some flags flags normal cn de en es it jp ru decals 12 14 18 44 Flags Use Download the flag into the xxx\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags folder. Decals Use // TODO Some Flags License
  7. I have seen many a YouTube video where he/she has there own custom flag. i do not know if this is a copy and paste thing with the pc only. if there is anyone who knows how to get custom flags please tell me.
  8. Hi it is me cratercracker! I will start of a letter, that you must read before writing any evil comments: This is not supposed to be political, or offensive to the people of the countries whos fiction flag i have drawn, if you find those a disgrace to the actual flags, i am deeply sorry,please stay off politics and discuss only the art. These are made for your playthough, if you are trying to have your own alt-universe or something else. Russia Canada America (one star because "America is a song, that must be sung together" or just because because) China (i am sorry for this, if this offends you) France (hey, originality, where did you go?!) Germany (i am sorry for this one too) Italy (no, this one went pretty not bad) Japan (i am so sorry!) Very very WIP Great Britain (it will soon be done, but i am currently very sorry) ESA (cuz why not) Give me your opinions and other flags you have! And again SORRY.
  9. HELLLO! AND WELCOME TO MY COMPLITATION OF FLAGS YOU CAN USE ANY PATCH/FLAG PRESENTED HERE (just leave a credit please) So here it is- And that is all for now. I would like to know if you liked some. And mark the which is the best in your opinion!I will see what is the best style for drawing flags with your help! Also i would take requests anyday! (i know it looks bad, but what should i do in MSpaint with only my touchpad and no tablet!?)
  10. I have landed on the Mun. I have all my Kerbals gathered for a little flag planting ceremony, just like I've done dozens of times before. But there is no "plant flag" button to press! Any ideas on what is wrong?
  11. ATTENTION: The Curseforge link has been removed since I no longer have the time to maintain it. Anyone who would like to maintain the Curseforge page, please PM me. This is mainly a repackaging and expansion of DeltaDizzy's Flag Pack. It consists of 11 flags by me and 14 by @cratercracker. Now compatible with Decal Stickers by @blackheart612. blackheart612 had no role in this mod's development. If you encounter a bug, report it with the Github Issue Tracker. If you don't, it will be ignored! You can use it in 1.3, but it has not been tested. cratercracker's flags are marked with the prefix "CC". Mine are Marked with the prefix "DD". It is compatible with all versions of KSP that support PNG flags. It only contains flags and the config files for the Decal Stickers. My flags were made in, and cratercracker's were made in MS Paint. Examples: All code is licensed under GPLv3. If you have contributions or suggestions, comment here: DOWNLOAD: Github These mods can improve your experience: You will need this if you want to take advantage of the compatibility. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. These are are selection of flags, patches, and drawing made by me in Microsoft Paint. Feel free to use them wherever you want. I shall be accepting requests. Send me a PM if you want a flag/patch done for you. Hello guys! It's me, again. This is just a thread for me to showcase the drawings, flags, and patches that I draw using the simplest of imaging software, Microsoft Paint. I, as the above clearly states, shall be accepting flag/patch requests. Here are my first couple of drawings: This was my first ever drawing with Microsoft Paint: Very simple, as you can see. This was my second, an Apollo CSM with an SIVB, presumably performing the Trans-Lunar/Munar Injection Burn: This was my third, a drawing that I'm not too happy with - a Saturn V launching: My fourth, and my personal favourite, a Mercury capsule re-entering the atmosphere: And, my fifth, and, currently, my last drawing, an Icarus spacecraft while in orbit. The Icarus spacecraft was the spacecraft I used to put the first Americans into orbit. (More here.)
  13. I was bored, so I made a mod that includes all of Jacksfilms flags in this video. Download Here:
  14. I'm looking for somebody to make me a custom Mission flag. If you're Interested, its based ion my Save name, Knight Industries. \/My idea is to have it written out on top of Half a broad sword kinda like \/ but Kerbalized and correctly proportioned text
  15. Hi, I've seen a couple of these flags out there but I was wondering if someone could alter it to say XJSA instead, to match my save file name? Thank you so much
  16. Ukraine Flag A collection of flags from Ukraine history.
  17. Download here and install like a mod. Flags will appear towards the top of the global array of select-ables. Yes, flags. Not one but five! Images come at double-res (512x320) and with transparent background but will render as fine as ever in-game and are hence very fit for uses outside the game. Due to the highly wide nature or aspect ratio of the wordmark the 2nd and 3rd flags may tend to vanish on most capsules with their small flag spaces so the 4th and 5th flags which weren't planned for were also made. Honoring @max_creative the owner's impressive designs with stock I incorporated a vanilla flower. In addition, the first flag contains an interpretation of the atomic lander from profile cover image.
  18. Initial release includes 66 pseudo-random flags ranging from nation flags (and parody versions) to Jeb Kerman's personal flag. Simply copy the flags from the .rar file into gamedata/squad/flags and they will appear in game just like any other flag. I claim no credit for creating them beyond file formatting (GIF/JPEG -> PNG) and texturing where needed with the exception of the "Breaking Orbit" flag. Next update will include more historical space based flags ranging from Apollo to SpaceX logos/mission patches. Link:'s Flag Pack The majority of these were found on imgur and this site and were simply gathered into a single source. If you are the the creator of any if the images and do not want it to be included, shoot me a PM and I'll remove it. If you would like credit, I will be more than happy to accommodate you. Samples from this release: [image snip]
  19. Yesterday I started playing Kerbal Space Program again after a six month hiatus. I loaded my old savegame from before the last update and soon I noticed a weird problem: the flags I planted started falling over. I browsed the forum and apparently I am not the only one, but I couldn't find a solution. Anyone know what the problem is and if there is a solution? Does anyone know if it only affects flags placed before the update, or is it a problem with newer flags as well? I am considering revisiting the landing sites where the flags are placed, but I also have a backup of my savegame from before I resumed playing, so if there is a solution that prevents the flags from falling over in the first place I would much prefer that.
  20. A powerful motivation started coming over me a few days ago to try to create a flag in honor of @Kergarin and his Ultimate Challenge SSTO. I've come up with 8 ideas so far but none run as deep as these two finalist ideas. They are perfectly sized to download and plug into the game. The first is most suited for branding and hence contains his name. With just three reference objects, it tells the story "With this same Rapier, I have slain Eve, and I have slain Jool." The second is better for a badge or banner and clearly sows that his ship, the Excalibur, has been literally everywhere. There is significance to the display of moons behind the chevrons-- those moons and their kooky orbits. The plane below is not intended to fly.
  21. Is there anyway to view flags that you've previously planted? like for example, Say I planted a flag on the Mun and left, is there any way to view the site where I landed without having to physically go there with a craft?
  22. Hello again, Kerbonauts! I got back into KSP after watching Vaos' entire Solar Nations series(definitely worth a watch), and being myself, I had to do roleplay and Space Racey things. So, I made some nice flags, and plopped them in the >Gamedata>Squad>Flags folder. I load up KSP. No new flags, but I have all my flags I added from 1.0.5. Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or is it a bug with 1.1? Also I have Hyperedit, CxAerospace Space Station Parts, Kerbinside/KK, Taurus 3.75M Capsule, and some other base part mods.
  23. The theme is that of the greek god Hephaestus so there's a bit of gears and such in the art. ENJOY! Vanilla Flag Album --- Project Kerbol Moho Eve Eve Gilly Kerbin Kerbin Mun Kerbin Minmus Duna Duna Ike Dress Jool Jool Laythe Jool Vall Jool Tylo Jool Bop Jool Pol Eeloo
  24. Recently I had decided upon starting a Mun base, which already has two landed pods. It's all been going well so far, except for the fact that I've landed at the equator of the Mun. This normally wouldn't be a problem. Except for the really really annoying fact that, flags seem to only plant parallel to Kerbol, making it impossible to see the flag with light. I've attempted to solve this with many different solutions, like trying different planting techniques (It's a thing, I know.) to no success. I've as well tried to find a mod that did such a thing like I'm requesting, however I have yet to find one compatible with this version that is still being maintained. I think that this mod, though simple, could be very handy in situations like this.