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How do you stop playing KSP?

Dr Farnsworth

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I can't stop! 500 hours on the game now according to Steam (not all at one sitting). My eyes are tired, it's time to go to sleep. Actually it was time to go to sleep three hours ago. But I have to finish my landing on Duna...

Maybe there should be a support group for KSP addiction.

btw, new to the forums, hello everyone.

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To be annoyingly literal... if you can bring yourself to do it, you can stop in more than one way: the menu-driven way is safest and more polite... but when I'm sure my game state is safe, I like [alt]-[enter] to switch to window mode, then click the big red X in the upper right corner. No fuss, no guilt-inducing "are you sure?" prompts ;)

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Hello Dr Farnsworth

Steam says: "1637 hours". I usually exit the game via "Space center", then "Quit the Game", or in the VAB/SPH by pressing the red button, as mentioned above...

Sometimes i fall asleep. Mostly i wake up and decide to quit. Really easy.

Since i discovered KSP i cant play anything else anymore.

I consider me as KSP addicted.

Where can i get some help? :wink:

Fortunatly i have some interesting RL work where i can get some distance to SQUADs evil invention...:)

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Dr Farnsworth, the first time I played KSP I stayed up until 5 am trying to build a Mun rocket. Now I force myself to break my missions down into smaller segments. Otherwise I can spend a whole night doing an interplanetary mission start to finish. You're not the only one with this addiction!

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Thank god for someone finally adressing the problem. I have a Steam library with hundreds of games, but since i started KSP they all seem shallow and boring. I just cant stop playing KSP because i lack motivation for anything else. I bet this is a devilish plan, set in motion by Squad to ruin the lives of those unfortunate enough to get a taste of this electronic equivalent of coke they call Kerbal Space Program...

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I launch up my PS4, play a round of Witcher III, GTA V or connect the G27 for a round or two in Project C.A.R.S.... or i log on for a nice little dogfight in Elite: Dangerous... or read a book, go out with friends, watch a movie, do some digital painting... whatever. I just returned from a 3 months pause from KSP. It isnt that hard, really... it would be much harder, not to come back though.

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I got married. That helped a lot.

Not sure if I recommend it, though, it's a pretty expensive alternative.

That doesn't work, the significant other gets addicted too. And then the children. And the relatives. And the in-laws. All talking about dV and TWR and murdering Kerbals.

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there probably should be a 12 step program for weaning yourself off of KSP.


*explosion sounds*

Step 1: Realize that the completed mission is completed.

Step 2: Make sure to not check your tracking station to see if you have something unfinished.

Step 3: If you do decide to check the tracking station to see if you have something unfinished, make sure to not stay there for longer than twenty seconds.

Step 4: If you do decide to check the tracking station to see if you have something unfinished and stay there for longer than twenty seconds, quit the game.

Step 5: If you didn't follow step 4, R.I.P. in pieces nvr frgt ????-2015.

Step 6: If you followed step 2, quit the game.

Step 7: After quitting the game wrap your hands with tape and walk yourself into an enclosed room.

Step 8: Stay in enclosed room for ten minutes doing absolutely nothing, personally I recommend a handy Apple Watch.*

Step 9: After ten minutes elapse, get out of the enclosed room, untape your hands, and avoid your computer at all cost.

Step 10: Go to bed, do something without touching the computer, etc.

Step 11: After two to ten hours elapse, get back to your computer and open up KSP.

Step 12: After four hours of play time, repeat steps 1 through 11.

*Apple totally sponsored this post.

Hope that helped, make sure to leave a like, comment, subscribe, and as always, thanks for watching.

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