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Show off your drawings! (and other artworks!)

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Working on improvement BTW check out ma deviantart. Here



I used this reference that is rather painfull looking.




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That's from... 14 years ago?? :0.0:

*sigh* I don't know why is it, but I never again felt the hots for drawing like back then. I even tried to revive this deviant account after some three years not using it, but the drawings were sloppy and I never quite felt the rush again.


I still doodle, but I haven't really drawn anything since I was 20 :/



Ahhh! I loved this one! :D 2011, judging by the comments? Originals are probably still around somewhere, gathering dust...


edit - Hahahaha. Oh man, I feel just like Jesse Pinkman going through his old notebooks. These are awesome!

Check this one out: ugly-ass self protrait from 15 years ago, complete with one of those crappy titles your teenage self finds ingenious! :) Actually, my whole gallery is filled with crappy teen titles. So self-anthropological.

Don't ask me if I'm colorblind  :P I'm not, but I always had terrible taste for coloring drawings. I even knew it, back then, but well, I tried. Later ones are better, the ones I made 100% digital rather than coloring over ink.

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5 minutes ago, Spacetraindriver said:

Taken from my Mac's camera so its 100% GUARANTEED to be the right way!

Also...Uhhh...Bedroom wall reveal..?




Cool! I'm actually working on an 8-bit version of my own, based on the drawing I made. I'll post it when it's ready!

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A gas giant.


Now it has not-high-quality-at-all rings, and visible is the surface of a moonlet!


Another moon of the gas giant, farther out, and Pol-like (minus any spikes or slices of invisible terrain).


No, I didn't recolor the same ground as from the other moon!

Vertical phone wallpaper-compatible sideways versions of the ringed-with-a-moon gas giant are in the below spoiler, because they look nice as wallpapers on phones (such as my own). 



This is where there is truly no up or down.




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I will edit the video some other time.  I am too tired right now.  3am and I have work.





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21 hours ago, Spacetraindriver said:

Drew some bunnies.

The one on the foreground looks angry! :D


I have another abandoned illustration gallery, but this one is at least more recent. Nowadays, the most I'll draw is this:


Some thoughts on an algorithm for semi-spherical semi-Voronoi diagrams based on a halfedge mesh structure, some rocketry equations, a relationship graph between rocketry-related variables (TWR, dV, Veff, etc), work stuff... and doodles!


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So much beauties here since I left a month ago.

I just made something yesterday around 9 pm, just before the closure but it took me some time to "complete" it this morning :


I actually remembered the day my father and I went to look for Sierra-Charlie (the one which crashed) at Brest airport, it was less than a week before the fatal date in 2000... I will never forget the sight of this beauty, the sound and the smell. She just rose like a swan in the typical cloudy weather of Brittany in a thunder-like cracking melody, leaving this yellow fumes from her afterburner and smelling kerosene like nothing I have breath before.

About this scribbling I am really sorry if there is a lot of errors, as usual I made it only on memory... this is why the engines 1-2 nacelle is totally missed and the Olympus re-heat not well axed.

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I didn't know what to do at today's launch... by his drawings @Spacetraindriver inspired me to do that :


One T-62 from the Republican Guards keep on consuming, its turret having been expelled by an inner deflagration, while two U.S.M.C. AH-1W SuperCobra are flying over the Kuwaiti land, firing their wire-guided TOW anti-tank missiles to other targets.

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