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11 minutes ago, 2204happy said:

Now that DLC is coming. It would be nice if the old versions were made available on the downloads page.

You can find the really old versions stickied in the KSP Discussions subforum. As in 0.7.3 through 0.13.3.

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Okay, now that I'm home from work and can reply from my computer...

I bought the game back in December 2011 for US$10, and it has been the best $10 I've ever spent. Five years and change of delightful entertainment and hilarious failures.

That said, I'm not too keen on the whole DLC idea. There's a reason we have such a strong (and free) modding community.


Also, perhaps this is what sparked the Great Departure a few months back?

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I expected a DLC announcement sooner or later, and the "working on something secret" bits have hinted as much.

Seems nice, although I am not sure if this is exactly the kind of expansion I was hoping for. I hoped for more end-game content and some stock versions of parts I use mods for (electric propellers, nuclear reactors, fuel lines, more electric thrusters, more command pods and structural parts). The mission builder or historical missions do not appeal to me that much, then again I will see what the community does with it. More parts are always welcome.

I do agree with the people that wrote that some stuff from the base-game and some features need fleshing out. Planet surfaces most notably. Then again, after so many years the game was in development, it is understandable that SQUAD needs cash for further development as the number of sales on the base game is probably past its peak.

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I (think I) bought the game from the store before April 2013, but I'm glad I also have it on Steam so I can pay for this DLC.

Squad has given me so much more than I paid for over the years, it'd be ridiculously selfish of me to do anything else.

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My parents have gotten the belief that KSP is making me stupid and I don't have any bank account so I will have to buy this expansion in several years possibly.

BTW:  Makiig Histogcz Eexpaisioi


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2 hours ago, IllyrianTheGreat said:

I can read in Russian, but how...


17 minutes ago, Quantstar said:

Makiig Histogcz Eexpaisioi

That must be this localization thing they've been raving about.

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I rushed to check if i bought the game before April 2013,

My order confirmation from the store says October 2012, i had no idea so much time passed... man...

at that time it cost 18 USD, we came a long way... and considering the price it has now, and the fact i get free DLCs, it must be the best gaming deal i ever had.

Kudos SQUAD for keeping your promise.



Had a quick thought about it in my head,

I want to announce here that since i only had to pay 18 USD at the time, considering the amount of work you invested in this game and the current game price, i am going to purchase a DLC even if i can get it for free, i think loyalty from the devs for such a long time deserves this, thank you for an amazing game and years of fun!

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17 hours ago, metalmouth7 said:

AMD Users on Linux cannot play the game using official drivers.

Go blame AMD for that, they just can't into drivers and you just paid for excrements buying their graphics card.

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6 hours ago, DONTPANIC42 said:

NOoooooooo!!!!!  Purchased in May 2013 :0.0:

Well it was going to happen sooner or later. Looks interesting at least, but I'll wait and see how it goes before I rush to hand over my money.

Question for @Badie (and I'm not really expecting an answer) - are there any plans to introduce a "Season Pass" type thing, so those of us who bought it after the cutoff can pay for all future DLC?

Also, for those of you complaining you bought it x amount of time after the cutoff... I suspect I may win:


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Do you guys think this will present issues for the modding community? I can't tell you the number of times I've found a cool map or mod for another game that when I download says "requires xxx DLC".


EDIT- Also, isn't the Mission Builder just a fancier version of what we already do on the forums, except money is involved?

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Extra Question
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Given the huge amount of fun gametime I've had (and still have) with KSP I consider it amongst the best spend money in my long gaming life.

So I'll happily pay for the DLC.

The only issue I can see is that patch management can be a bit more hairy.

I remember the mild chaos with Civ4 when they had patches for:

  • Original game (plus localisations)
  • Original game with expansion 1 (plus localisations)
  • Original game with expansion 1 and 2 (plus localisations)
  • Repacked original game including expansion 1 and 2 (plus localisations)

Now add 3 platforms (or 4 if they maintain the 32bit version) and it will require a fair bit of organisation and logistics to be manageable.

But it's a minor worry, I know that I'll continue to have fun anyway for years to come.


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