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[Mod Request] Parts textures saving in the VAB-list after reloading the game

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For example, I set orange-grey textures for 1.8 tanks in in the VAB-list, and I want them to stay that way after reloading the game


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The best you can do is to set the Variant Theme using the advanced mode in the VAB/SPH.  It will change all of the parts with that Variant Theme available to use it, but it will only last for that gameplay session.  There appears to be no way to set it permanently.

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There is no 'texturedefault' field, only

		name = ModulePartVariants
		primaryColor = #ffffff
		secondaryColor = #000000
		baseDisplayName = #autoLOC_8007122
		baseThemeName = BlackAndWhite
			name = Orange
			displayName = #autoLOC_8007123
			themeName = Orange
			primaryColor = #f49841
			secondaryColor = #4c4f47
				mainTextureURL = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RockomaxTanks/rockomax_16 [AlbedoM] O
				_BumpMap = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RockomaxTanks/rockomax_16 [Normal]O


So default color/texture is root of ModulePartVariants, all other  color/texture is VARIANT in ModulePartVariants. Target variant can be switched with root of ModulePartVariants, but it very unconvient.

Somewhere in there should be internal ksp values which it used after reopen VAB. saving and loading the values in a mod can solve this... 

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